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    Ticket link: urltv.us/qotrroyalty
    Queen of the Ring returns with "Royalty" January 11th 2020 in Richmond VA, with a action packed card stacked with some of the battle rap's cultures biggest stars. Headlining the event is Boston Native and the self proclaimed "Queen of the Ring" 40 B.A.R.R.S. vs the Ultimate Rap League's 1st Lady, Ms Hustle. The event also features battle rap stars O'fficial, Geechi Gotti, Tori Doe, Cortez, Rum Nitty, Mis Fit, Chess, Coffee Brown, Ms Murk, Deisel, Casey Jay & Chedda! Event will be held at "The Top" located downtown Richmond at 10 Walnut Alley, Richmond VA, 23223. Tickets are $50 here on Universe but $60 at the door. Come out and enjoy the ultimate fan expereince live in person, you dont want to miss this event!
    Ms Hustle vs 40 B.A.R.R.S.
    O"fficial vs Rum Nitty
    Chess vs Tori Doe
    Mis Fit + Cortez vs Coffee Brown + Geechi Gotti
    Ms Murk vs Casey Jay
    Deisel vs Chedda

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    Smack Vol. 3 - bit.ly/SmackVol3
    Summer Madness 7 - bit.ly/SummerMadness7
    About Ultimate Rap League
    URLTV, also known as Ultimate Rap League is the home of smack URL on US-new and the world’s largest platform for the MC Battle Culture. You’ll find URL Rap Battles vs Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Chess, Charlie Clips, Brizz Rawsteen, Rum Nitty, and many more! Subscribe for more URL Rap Battles in 2019!

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    1. Ultimate Rap League


      1. JayBfromMV Tv

        Came back to see the Gentleman 30 by surf if ya think gecchi won y’all bugged out


        Ultimate Rap League 🔥🔥🔥🔥 LIVE AUDIO BATTLE

      3. Alval 24

        @Lavar Stark hiding behind trees

    2. LRrealest

      I'll be the minority, Surf 1st was garbage. Vegan he doesn't like to meet? Rhyming pictures with pictures. 'We don't care about that" but you doing the same thing 😂😂 on to Rd. 2

    3. King Khoda

      Tayroc such a fraud, yelling gang acting hard, never banged a day in his life. Relax kiddo.

    4. Mir BetterLivin

      Get comfortable

    5. Mir BetterLivin

      I neva seen a gun range, live targets how I test mine!

    6. Antoine Parler

      Geechi killed this man

    7. Rodney Pinckney

      2-1 surf

    8. Staci Rasmussen

      I respect both these dudes!! They both won in my book!!

    9. Virgil Levoux

      Tsu is just different!! 💯💪🏿

    10. Anief anderson

      This battle has so much replay value 2nd time watching and won't be the last. Gotti's 3rd is👌 surf's 1st&2nd 🔥

    11. Donard Chambers

      He took Arsonal approach vs Twork in the second

    12. William Wilburn

      Roc is the corniest fuck in battle rap, most annoying hype man ever

    13. Raphael Nelson

      I like geechi he brought it. But Tsu Surf a different animal

    14. Political Addict

      Bust a nut would of been harder than catch a nut

    15. marty mcfly

      This battle made me kinda not rock wit nu nu, the way she was side eyeing coffee because coffee seem cool and nu nu came across like she a hater

    16. Political Addict

      Surf got coffee droolin on stage

    17. young bebo1700

      If I would of knew that ur homie got shot right there on neighborhood I would of took a selfie shot right there tsssssss they should of ended the battle with just that first bar

    18. Shemor Mitchell

      Facts facts all real tsu let's go

    19. Lionell Jones

      Surf just different 🤷🏿‍♂️ 3-0

    20. Stace T

      Geechi Gotti 2-1...

    21. ratkins2780

      I've watched this battle about 14 times smh

    22. MR 1535

      Surf 2-1 I f--ks wit Geechi tho he was saying lines I heard him say before. They both had drums tho Geechi shit ran out.

    23. Vibe 1time

      48:35 Look at Arsonals face after Geechi dropped that Bomb!!he did not want him to win!!hahhaha

    24. Laron Whitfield

      After seeing that jakkboy and John John has to come back to real shit for a minute

    25. kenneth segarra

      Tay roc so lame lol all on surf ball bag

    26. christopher

      When Surf's crew thought Geechi was choking and realized they got played lol 48:22

    27. The Fock

      gotti really stumble and still got the bar for em 🤭

    28. F G

      Keeping it real!!!!! ( Surf ) your mom pressed 9 to speak to you but you won't say that your respond to her was that you'll be home by 7:25.Damn Surf always snitching on Battle stage and off the Battle stage... And he admit the shit saying it's all facts. Raps about murder and guns gets caught and never does time. Geechi 3-0.

    29. African BJ

      Had to double back. Again.

    30. T Rice

      Tay roc getting on my nerves in this battle smh lol

    31. gary lovingood

      This Tsu won't beat Lux...like at all...great performance nice rounds ...surf bars...kewl...he is going to have to step his shit to God level

    32. Yasin Özbek

      Es gibt kein Gegner für gotti. No one can beat gotti.

    33. paidxtra

      "Use your pupils pupil " Battle over one line

    34. Tywan James

      Geechi 2-1 🥶🥶

    35. Maysn Rodriguez

      Surf won 2-1 this was Legendary tho. For real one of my favorite battles ever!

    36. Malik Abraham

      Surf had Geechi up there doin laundry 🧺😂😂😂😂. Let me know if y’all peep

    37. Salim Jes

      Tay roc corny af

    38. Nicky johnson

      coffee shut the fuck please we don't need hype bitch

    39. Kgosietsile Kegakilwe

      This a classic 😌

    40. YellaFiivee

      But did y’all peep 👀 SMACK smacking NuNu ass when she had to tell folks in the back to hold it down 😂😂😆🤭

    41. Tyler Mylez

      It’s 2-1 surf Way Cause Of Hype Man Of the Year Tay Rock😭😭😭

    42. Tyler Mylez

      Aye That Elevator Bar Was Nice!!!

    43. don sky walker

      Eloquently pin ( pen/write) these bodies thats voodoo 🔥 🔥 🔥

    44. vBxndoo !

      When surf said shut up I damn near did to 😭😂😂😂

    45. Colton Davis

      GEECHI GOTTI 2-1 1st and 3rd whoever u call the first to gets it cuz Surf 2nd and geechi 3rd easily

    46. sillyman tv

      “When you a juvie you CAN’T bail home” 30% of the crowd:😳😳🤔

    47. Dajuan Simpson

      1st n 3rd geechi

    48. sillyman tv

      Honestly I never understood that “my dog died i turned into John wick” 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Then I saw the movie:🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱

    49. That Guy


    50. That Guy

      Geechi 3-0

    51. Raphael Nelson

      I think surf won, but geechi definitely ain’t get bodied

    52. Ochen Benard

      in this life u are labelled a snitch once u tell a story. FIREEEEEEEE

    53. Mike Robinson

      They say surf in his bag ... i know .. I’m the one who zip it up

    54. Charles Bennett

      My cuz had ps2, he still died. All he play is dreamcast now 🔥🔥🔥 hell of a way to end that third round. All 90's babies should understand that line b

    55. Max M.

      Tay Rock 3-0

    56. Dave Gordon

      Turf 3-0 Gotti maybe the 1st.... a very lo maybe

    57. dworkx1

      Set up Nunu n Coffee you can tell Nunu was annoyed af wit her!!!

    58. Dave Gordon

      Magnums at arms reach in case I gotta catch a nut!

    59. Dave Gordon

      I gotta give it to Gotti he stood tall but surf was in a different bag

    60. g0d of Detroit

      Surf is a better performer but by bars he Lost

    61. EveryTingPropperTV

      "Judge said I crnt get champion of the night, there's 15 body's on this tech 9" fyaa 🔥🔥🔥

    62. Shawn Wells

      When does surf say I’m back like 6 times

    63. Zyair Hunt

      Tsu got busy

    64. DeJae McBride

      Surf ain’t 3-0??????? Only debatable is the 3rd??? ....... “chase down the blocc & grab the steal????” 😤😤

    65. Keshawn Wickware

      Fire Cuz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    66. Keshawn Wickware

      m.us-new.com/online/video-LrpNQBU_5ZU.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    67. adrian williams

      Surf 2nd was fucking crazy!!!!!!!

    68. D Jones

      Tsu surf is definitely in the top 3 of battle rap. Arguably the top 2 .

    69. M. Shukz Boo

      I thought conceited hypeman is the worst until i watched this battle..

    70. Wayne Jones-El

      I love to see Clips vs. Geechi sometime tis year It would be a great battle and views for the url culture