Try To Solve in One Second Challenge (Hardest Puzzles)



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    Try To Solve in One Second Challenge

    Published on 5 months ago


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      1. SSSniperwolf King

        I am eeally good at maths


        @jaliyah durant Behind the scene?? Of what ?

      3. jaliyah durant

        @TARUN GUSAIN no bts

      4. Mike Jose

        11 squared (or 11 x 11) is very simple! 1 + 1 equals 2, then you put 2 in between the two number ones to get 121.

    2. kitty splash

      0:06 lmfao i just thought of someone being like: i'Ve SolVEd 5 SiDEs tO a RUbiK'S cUbE BeForE!!

    3. David Bergfors

      Believe o got 8 math problems, all the murder mysteries and I think that my personal best on the rubiks cube is 46 seconds.

    4. Santino Enrera

      Jordan: Everytime someone solves a Rubik's cube, they're cheating. 'cause I just can't do it, so that means no one else can. Moises: I can actually solve a Rubik's cube too.

    5. Anush Gopalakrishnan

      Sub 20 squad wya

      1. Yinong Chen

        HEEREEEE I sub-20 but I'm approaching sub-15

    6. Grace Ash

      Last is 214

    7. lurkerrekrul

      I got all of the murder mysteries, but only the easier math problems. I was never very good at math. I could never solve a Rubik's Cube on my own, but I did memorize a solution. Stores used to have a display of cubes near the register that people would play with and I'd go in there and solve them all. I never was never very fast at it though, plus back then, the cubes weren't built for "speed cubing" either. I also used to solve them for other kids in school. At one point, I had the 4x4x4 solution memorized as well, although I was the only person I knew who owned one. Unfortunately I've forgotten how to do the bottom layer of the 3x3x3 and pretty much all of how to do the 4x4x4.

    8. Selena Gomez Acapella

      Jordan being thirsty at 11:55 lmao same

    9. Keri N

      I used to take the stickers off when I was a kid and pretend I knew how to do it.

    10. N i g h t m a v e e e

      Have they ever heard of a script? (The first kid ‘math genius’

    11. Frostbite_wolf 36

      I did 100 math problems but I had 4 min in paper so it was brain and fasthands but it was 1 digit so it was eaay

    12. Rose

      elders lyric breakdown to yungblud

    13. kalopia bitqaar

      you know you are bad at math when you need a tutor for simple multiplications

    14. Black Raveners

      I’m a ten year old and my math is better

    15. zeph

      the girl who said skip all the time was such a fuckin MOOD

    16. Chase Haney

      Oh that's true he drove in the same car and they never told him where the crime scene was

      1. avaa

        Chase Haney what?

    17. Chase Haney

      No it's not 4 and 5 and isn't a number it's 405

      1. avaa

        Chase Haney ?

    18. SlipperyCats

      I missed 1 of the multiplication. The last one

    19. Marco Martorana

      For the math one i got 10 out of 10, and I am sick😂

      1. Diana Olivera

        Marco Martorana suree

      2. Alberto Ferrari

        Cool Marco

    20. ItzRazMan

      for the math one i got 8/10

    21. Lisselot Ovalles

      This is it: I see Jaxon I click.

    22. Green Goblin from cory in the house

      Do kids react to Myocardial infarction.

    23. •Kai _Animator•

      I can solve rubik cube when I was 8 cuz my bro teach meh and I was like this is so hard and stressing but I manage to complete it hehe Easy.

      1. kakekobo

        Good jooob! ✊🏼

      2. Kiwi Kød

        IcezGamingSnowball ;3 nobody cares

    24. Jessie Dos

      All these 10 year olds in the comments 🤣

      1. Santino Enrera

        Well yes... But actually *Y E S*

      2. Alberto Ferrari

        True tho

      3. Green Goblin from cory in the house

        This channel is all about 10 years.

    25. Jesus Defender

      Jaxon is sooo cute

    26. Kerlly M

      I'm always here for Jordan

    27. MikeNiaFaamausili Faamausili

      Love Jairs new hair style

    28. ade tuberu

      I CAN DO CALCULUS THO 😂😂 4:42

    29. Mert Bince

      The girl with the black top has 2 beautiful puppies

      1. Antoney Don

        What do you mean about puppies

      2. Antoney Don


      3. Antoney Don

        WAIT who

    30. Stupid Potato


    31. No Name

      I solve a cube by taking out each piece from the cube. Its more faster than solving

      1. 765 Cuber

        DeviantMistake jist clan is me

      2. Nator

        DeviantMistake thank you

      3. Rubriker

        i’m not trying to get r/woooossshhed but y’all non-cubers sound dumb. sounds like you don’t even know beginner method

      4. No Name

        It has no black sides

      5. No Name

        Its easy to put back each piece on my cube

    32. Na Re

      I’m 8 and I know all the answers

      1. mike A

        All kids think they have all the answers, So stop going to school and go for a job interview and see what happens

      2. Its_Tak 159

        Pfff lies

      3. alina 00


    33. IsaDalawaTatlo

      Any speed cubers?

      1. Jesus Martinez

        Right here buddy

      2. Rubriker

        yessir speed cubers unite

      3. Doubt Duh


      4. Carmyn Thomas


      5. Susan Gaytan

        Yeah Boi

    34. Rahul Daryanani

      I just realized how dump they are watching this video

      1. alina 00

        Learn how to spell first

      2. alina 00

        Dump lmaoo

    35. Doombot Fortnite

      I feel ya Kennedy

    36. Handi Setiadi

      Is this just me or the math problem is actually very easy?

      1. John Catalanotto

        They are under pressure

      2. Stupid Potato

        Its ez for me im 10 xD

      3. Handi Setiadi

        Jin aee lol... I wouldn’t disagree

      4. alina 00

        But most of us are...

      5. Handi Setiadi

        I mean... not all asians good with math tho...

    37. Legendary gacha

      I have slove a rubix cube since ITS WAS MY FIRST I WAS SAYING F***K YES

    38. Elias Jacobs

      We need more of these episodes! Part 2 please!

    39. Bermuda Inc

      dang, I wish I could be invited to solve rubiks cubes for them

      1. Rubriker

        same. feels good when you do a bad solve for non-cubers but they still think it’s good 😎

      2. Elias Jacobs

        Bermuda Inc ikr same for me

      3. gaming bros idk

        I can solve one

    40. Bubbins Lou

      2:23 omg im 10 and i can do it WAY faster then them

      1. MikeNiaFaamausili Faamausili

        Those 9 likes or 8 are just other 10yr olds

      2. EAGL3S

        *than (focus more on grammar)

      3. Bailey Barron

        Because they’re not used to doing this math and you are

      4. MikeNiaFaamausili Faamausili

        Ok do u wanna a cookie

      5. you stupid

        @Marianne Le Bail so we will be impressed? Idk

    41. John Laurens

      Is it sid ITS SID WOOOO

    42. Isabella Aimonette

      😂 I could do better than the react cats did 😂

      1. Isabella Aimonette

        Cast oops*

    43. Island_Kermode

      hate how you guys used the rubix cube video but cropped out the funniest part

      1. you stupid

        @Bermuda Inc read the title of the original vid and you'll know

      2. Bermuda Inc

        what's the funniest part?

    44. Total War Timelapses

      Jordan at 6:14 looked soo stunning wow

    45. Michael Megyeri

      I don’t understand the dead man one because he never rewinded the tape can someone explain thi

      1. Apple Bear

        @Selena Gomez Acapella wow, that's actually possible. Not in this case but nice thinking.

      2. Selena Gomez Acapella

        @Apple Bear - What if he rewinded it before he died?

      3. Apple Bear

        A tape has to be rewind. A tape has these little wheel things in the center and in order to be able to hear what was recorded you have to turn the wheels. If the man died then he wouldn't be able to do this. Also, I dont believe anyone will find the dead man and decide to rewind the tape for no random reason and then just leave it there.

    46. Michael Megyeri

      11 squared =22 wow

    47. Wilgot Beronius

      These guys suck at math

      1. GarbageDinghy

        Wilgot Beronius you spelled everything correct...

      2. •full of Sadness•

        Not all people have the same IQ like yOu ig

      3. Wilgot Beronius

        Mike Santos are you ok bro you can’t spell either so stop smoking

      4. •cotton bear•

        Wilgot Beronius soo what ARE YOU TALLKING ABOUT YEAH HUH YEAH

      5. Wilgot Beronius

        Thats becuase im from Sweden and i don’t have autocorrect

    48. Todd K

      You are giving them way more than a second

      1. Pøkərfacə

        @PenguinGamer yea

      2. PenguinGamer

        Spider khoa well a human cant do it but a robot probably can

      3. Pøkərfacə

        Not even the World record by solving a rubik is 1 sec

    49. Xs HuskyBoiii

      Any Cubers????? (Main Gan 360)

      1. Name

        Main gan 354m, single pb 15.43

      2. Beccaxoxo 19

        I know how to solve it but not fast

      3. noam masas

        her at 9.84 lol

    50. Dado Dado

      I am 12 and I new all ten math problems

      1. Dado Dado

        @Kezia Joy London i can't turn it of

      2. Kezia Joy London

        @Dado Dado you shouldn't need autocorrect if you know how to spell.

      3. Dado Dado

        @Exotic_Monkey ツ x autocorect

      4. Exotic_Monkey ツ x

        But you can’t spell knew*?

      5. Maggie and Jacqui

        Dado Dado good for you. I did not know them

    51. GarlicBread

      I got them all right but on the 933 is was like uhh what's taking you so long it's 1866. I'm 10

      1. Marianne Le Bail

        why do you gotta tell everyone your age? nobody cares.

    52. Pranav Mourouganandame

      I did so much better than them in first 3 questions but then wth was happening after

      1. Stefan Snellgrove

        Pranav Mourouganandame Same

    53. maniha zaffar

      the math part was like the best because I was just getting them all done and the rubic cube was like I wish I was solving it because I know how to

    54. Ali Berk

      im 12 and i did better then all of them exept form moises

      1. Ali Berk

        @Marianne Le Bail he did not correct me he said i made mistakes

      2. Marianne Le Bail

        why do you have to tell people your age? nobody cares about your age.

      3. Marianne Le Bail

        I think you should be grateful people are correcting your grammar.

      4. Marianne Le Bail


      5. Ali Berk

        @F8 Matham btw live in holland so my english does not have to be perfect

    55. Tyronnosaurus

      After the first one I feel real smart... I got them all right

    56. Audrey Tang

      All Asians are quaking in the math round including myself

    57. yan li

      I know kids and they can do these in a few seconds

    58. BibakPlayz

      1:14 little prodigy XD

    59. Tsukki's Universe

      6:08 I felt that

    60. Insert Name

      Lmao kid just watched the guy solve the Rubik’s cube and learned how to then and there lmao

    61. SnowKitty1415

      193 * 18 is 3474

    62. SnowKitty1415

      19 squared is 361

    63. SnowKitty1415

      it’s really easy to multiply but 9 what I do is put a zero at the end of the number being multiplied by 9 the take the original number out so 450 - 45

    64. fernando Jurado

      We doing dis crap in 5th grade

    65. Mariusz Bafia

      45 * 9 = 495

      1. SnowKitty1415

        Mariusz Bafia lol

      2. SnowKitty1415

        if 45 * 10 is 450 how is * 9 bigger

      3. RainbowFart Kitty

        Mariusz Bafia no lol it’s 405

    66. Kurosagi

      in grade 5 my teacher gave us 1 month to try and solve a Rubik's cube, at the end of the month we all had a race to see who could solve it the fastest, I came first with 25 seconds. teacher then says to all of us, if you can focus on this for a month why can't you focus on your school work. :0

    67. Luc A

      This math problems are for primary, idk why it was hard for this guys

    68. Illegal Trash

      If you want to actually know how to solve a rubiks cube check out the 3x3 beginners method by SergsB. Glad to see at least one person on the video didnt use a super complex beginners method.

    69. RainbowFart Kitty

      I got the first murder mystery one right away

    70. April

      Okay, but Nico is 😭

      1. Coldplayer vibes

        @Selena Gomez Acapella HIS FACE, what else? Oh, I was talking about the nico in the FBE cast.

      2. Selena Gomez Acapella

        @Coldplayer vibes literally where?

      3. Coldplayer vibes

        He kinda looks like hayley kioko and Im here for it