Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGE



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    Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya?

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. ZFighter Ghost

      2:08 BBS ARMY

    2. Not Diana

      Hey Mark Wanna play some minecraft?

    3. Gacha Niles

      Close your eyes while watching this, I dare you-

    4. TriTrophGamez

      0:12 WTF Enes Batur?

    5. Danika Jowers


    6. Fallen GuardianLR

      I love this, he doesn't need to try

    7. Gavin Henson

      He has been playing this challenge for years

    8. Snakob J

      I love the editing on this, it really is amazing and funny to watch. Shout out to Lixian! Amazing at editing these!

    9. PokeA Liptic

      Mark Jus Bring Back Drunk Minecraft Again

    10. Kaylee-jo Zontok


    11. Thatoneguy

      Do it

    12. •HeartDroid Bun Bunz• #SamIAmCult

      Try not to *WOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH*

    13. you like jazz

      Drunk mincraft anyone

    14. Landon Wigington


    15. Angel jrtugfet

      Come on Mark you know you want to

    16. Titan 3709 Gaming

      Play ittttttttttttt

    17. Titan 3709 Gaming


    18. Titan 3709 Gaming

      Play minecraft

    19. Johny George

      Hey Mark you should play Minecraft

    20. ZuperPiplup13


    21. OREO Gamer

      0:12 enes batur the pewdiepie / mr.beast turkie clone

    22. Nazir Alnahas

      Do it

    23. AJ Hernandez

      Hey does any one know what name of the statistics website he's on

      1. Sybato

        AJ Hernandez google analytics

    24. StutteringStoryTeller

      You can fight it!

    25. tHe CraZyhaMmer/tCh


    26. Dixie Reynolds

      Play Minecraft

    27. Josiah Sims

      Do it

    28. Lazy Sans

      P L A Y M I N E C R A F T F O R T H E V I E W S M AR K ! ! !

    29. Miamicra

      I just love the fucking captions.

    30. V Leath

      PLEASE WATCH WITH SUBTITLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. SPC Samhain_

      Play Minecraft :) play Minecraft :) play Minecraft :) Play Minecraft :)

    32. m o o n l i g h t

      Subtitles have me weak lol😂😂

    33. Gee Dub

      Porn wins

    34. Mini Craft panda

      Do it please

      1. Sydney 1410

        please lol

      2. Mini Craft panda

        Do it

      3. Mini Craft panda

        Do it

    35. BlueRaptorLea

      Porn = gross

    36. Laz3rTaz3r

      you should play minecraft

    37. EpicMinecraft Gamer

      Play minecraft

    38. EpicMinecraft Gamer

      Play minecraft

    39. EpicMinecraft Gamer

      Play minecraft

    40. EpicMinecraft Gamer

      Play minecraft

      1. EpicMinecraft Gamer

        Sydney 1410 lol

      2. Sydney 1410

        this is sad but funny

      3. EpicMinecraft Gamer

        Yeah I agree he should play minecraft!!!! Your the best

    41. EpicMinecraft Gamer

      Play minecraft

    42. Toni Markovic

      Markiplier luk my name is Ivan you Ken play minecraft and friends you si a new minecraft izi bid good vrait you good laiket

    43. alvin santillan

      Play Minecraft Markiplier

    44. Jjacob8600

      *_this guy should play minecraft._*

    45. Quackly The Duck

      Do it mark give in to the cube side

    46. Dovahheimiik

      Mark, you should just mod the everloving hell out of it, play it that way. I and probably many others would love to watch that. And, frankly, it would get you views, and thus money. It's kind of a win-win, ya know? You get more views and more money, and we get really fun and enjoyable content that everyone is begging for.

    47. TheApex Predator

      you know you want to

    48. Amy the goat

      p-please don't play Minecraft ;-;

    49. Toast-Kun

      Do it

    50. BloodTrinity

      welp, I guess I'll just go rewatch the old drunk minecraft videos

    51. Aiger Akabane

      Markiplier: does not play minecraft even that he played drunk minecraft Also markiplier: plays roblox me:WTF!!!!!!!!

    52. Megabosszzz Amon

      Just play minecraft already

    53. Elena Duranggo

      Oh hey metro man i need your help to save the metro city.......oh wrong person hmm

    54. GoingViral

      Do it

    55. Colin Storm Larsen

      Woah. This is the hardest challenge anyone can imagine, but Mark took the challenge. Wish him good luck..

    56. Ocean Kennedy

      PLAY MINECRAFT MARK🤑🤗!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Hay Hay

      "Utah loves digging" .. "that makes sense" yes it does mark

    58. Tye Wit Tan


    59. 101fronow101

      there is no minecraft do not, just do

    60. VIPKILLERX23

      *T A C T I C A L S H O V E L* + Minecraft = iron shovel

    61. TheSergeyPlayRUS

      What's the site for comparing games?

    62. Red Dead

      Pls play Minecraft I would love to see it

    63. tommy Conway

      Pleasssse Mark play Minecraft it will be fun🤩

    64. xdMelanic

      Ur mumbling made Me sweat

    65. Hannah wolf_101 Hannah


    66. Princes of Spades / FuriousGames123

      it shall happen, and we *all* know that

    67. foreverkurome

      Ah I haven't watched a Markiplier video for ages though I've really wanted to. I Watched them when I was in last year of high-school now I'm a second year mathematics student in university and that (along with Minecraft and jigsaw puzzles takes up all my time) Your videos are still as great as they were when I was in high school studying basic algebra PS: you look sec(xy), that is all tan(ku) (awful maths jokes are the best)

    68. Emerald_ Gamer

      pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it

    69. ChapCanai

      Here I'm just hoping for more Skyrim

    70. Nanner Dunlocke

      So drunk Bob and Wadecraft when??