Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGE



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    Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya?

    Published on 12 days ago


    1. genevive

      mark is my last brain cell

    2. Dante Parnassus


    3. SaltyGamer 503

      Mark Play minecraft!!!!!!!

    4. Zerseon

      What is that compare thing website? someone help please EDIT: nvm I know now

    5. Noah Green

      Give in Mark.......

    6. Charming Vanderhall

      You should play Destiny 2 with Bob and Wade its a multiplayer game online fully rpg game it might be a bit hard for you at first but you’ll eventually get the hang of it maybe or even destiny 1 but destiny 1 is dead

    7. Titus Proctor

      Do it

    8. Ben/ I Love Anime


    9. Autumn273

      The return of Drunk Minecraft?

    10. mario508 vlog & gaming

      Play the game

    11. Aaron Rachiele

      What if you do VR? It's a WHOLE nother experience

    12. Baseball Guy01

      Hey you played Drunk Minecraft so technically if you don’t wanna just follow the trend, you’re technically not.

    13. Gerardo Becerra

      What about the try not to cash with Minecraft while keep playing it challenge?

    14. J3YOkaN

      Mark i aint gonna make you or anything but play one episode or two and youll like it im sure

    15. Diego Rosales

      0:51 what website is dat ? I have things I wanna try out

    16. Baphy1428

      I'm with Mark, I don't like Minecraft at all xD

    17. JMANIAGaming

      Mark now: I don’t fall to peer pressure Mark a few months ago: FORTNITEEEEE

    18. xX_Rai510_Xx !

      It’s official markiplier is now a square

    19. Akalambratic

      Mark to save your sanity you should probably play minecraft again

    20. Ramarak

      I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Thanks, Mark

    21. KillOBS

      DO IT

    22. TheAnxoiusHero 21

      US-newd tries to avoid money for 2 minutes and 34 seconds

    23. Willow Wallace

      🙏 Please Dont Do It 🙏

    24. E.W Labz

      Ex Minecrafters once Minecraft becomes popular again Notch: "You could not live with your own failure...where did that bring you? Back to me"

    25. Infinity Lord

      Minecraft: “I am inevitable” Markiplier: “And I am.......” Starts playing Minecraft

    26. Imjustdinoman

      You have played Minecraft before just look up markiplier Minecraft

    27. AMKB

      how about pay a dollar for you to play minecraft thats 2 mil easy

    28. Luuucce

      Never laughed so much omg

    29. Mc Donalds Guitar

      Do it

    30. Sir Reynolds

      so the fnaf fandom died, fortnite fandom died, all is ok...

    31. Darkimunus TruthHolder

      Hey Mark, we all loved you in Drunk series… Why not now?

    32. Abf Nizar

      Petition to make back and markiplier play sky blocks without teaching them how to make a cobblestone gen

    33. Broken Star

      Plssssssss play Minecraft Minecraft!!!! MINECRAFTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Pagan Hare

      Makes me want to play it now. Not played Minecraft in ages 🤣🤣🤣

    35. NekoIsTrash

      Do it mark you know you wanna

    36. Ozzie

      So can we expect you, Jack and Pewds to be playing sometime soon? 😁

    37. Vincent Valentine

      i watched it so many times and everytime you check roblox and say "its basically done" and then type yourself, well...youre basically done xD, and i love the router connect sound kills me everytime that you though minecraft beat porn over 9000!! xD

    38. Derpy Gort

      Play Minecraft

    39. Dre 511

      I love how at 2:08 there’s just cell vs Minecraft

    40. Aqua Gamer

      Do it join dark side

    41. GingerNinja 21214


    42. eric auman

      Mark you already played Minecraft

    43. Jetpack Demon

      Yes mark look at those know you want to minecraft

    44. Christineplays

      Everybody in the comments say "DO IT MARK, DO IT"

    45. Bob The Bone Boy

      Please Don't actually play it, good game, but too many man, too many.

    46. Hans Schrader

      Do it

    47. LUCAS BLZ

      Leave a like if you remember drunk Minecraft (Its apparently the only lazy way to agree instead of commenting)

    48. LUCAS BLZ

      Leave a like if you remember drunk Minecraft (Its apparently the only lazy way to agree instead of commenting)

    49. Sadistvert Alienastic

      I'm spamming him AND TEMP HIM FPR MINECRAFT

    50. Jason M

      Do it

    51. Ashlynita

      do it

    52. Kyrenaz Kanir

      DO IT! Just DO IT! Make your dreams come true!

    53. Imraan Lalla

      Please play minecraft

    54. A.R.Genix 01

      this video is just 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i'm in absolute tears

    55. Brandon Chan

      0:11 did he show Enes Batur's video? That guy copies other US-newrs. He's gonna get copyright striked by him.

    56. MrHands Memes


    57. Crazyman55

      Just do do it ..... do it lol

    58. Kindes Chrince Lee

      Just damn play it right now u lost ur mind buddy

    59. Diamond on Darkness

      Join us Mark JOIN US

    60. Le weeb

      Do it, coward

    61. proelium Incarnatus

      PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE MARK!!!! Come on man you don't even have to be drunk!!!!! so please go get the boys and and make a new minecraft series 😔

    62. Ezekiel Suarez

      Just look at those views mark. And look at the two other PewDiePies

    63. Erica Profit

      I failed the challenge. I bought Minecraft like 5 minutes after watching this video. 😂😂

    64. Pexxastar


    65. Matt Noudelman

      Play Minecraft.

    66. YellowDe_mon Studios


    67. Taylah Browne

      Do it

    68. lity fity

      Dont give in to them mark

    69. jaso n

      You don't need to play Minecraft cus it costs 29$

    70. john.

      for utah.