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    Our friends from Funhaus stopped by for an epic round of try not to laugh! Do they have what it takes to survive the yellow stool of laughs?! Let’s find out!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. RamseyLEL

      I still think about Elyse's Cheecho bit all the time

    2. Willow TV

      13:54 Ian had to laugh so the left wing US-new gods dont destroy this channel

    3. Ya Boi Tyronne

      my favorite member: mm

    4. Eric Shaw

      Elyse: yeah i swallowed it. Was i not supposed to? Me: 👀👀👀

    5. Max Hyde

      Elyse just saw a chicken hat and space suit and immediately knew what to do

    6. dweem2009able

      Hot milf

    7. vFlamme

      can u get David Lopez in there PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    8. Gibson Overweg

      Isn’t shayn from Goldberg’s

    9. MooshroomGaming

      Smosh is chaotic lawful, while Funhaus is chaotic evil

    10. Shawn Younkin

      This is the best episode

    11. Ziegg

      Keep coming back to this video just for the Elyse bits. She's qween

    12. Darkknight329

      I interrupted class because you guys

    13. Heather Ker

      Shane: alright, get ‘em. My favorite moment

    14. Jordan Wallace


    15. Thought.Matrix

      Adjust the white balance or turn the saturation up or something

    16. Aaron Harris

      13:58 Shayne: "I knew I had to go dark humor with you" Elyse: *you dare challenge me*

    17. Anonymous Critique

      Has Olivia been there the whole time?

    18. SuperChristopher2004

      10:36 Does anyone want to tell Ian that there was a home alone 4

    19. PC Master Race

      Adam’s Indiana Jones character was hilarious

    20. Alec Perry

      Elyse In James space camp suit?

    21. Danielle Whitlock

      You can’t kill children in vanilla Skyrim, ya noob.


      14:15 help, I didn't get it

    23. Hexa FreeZe

      Funhaus is in a completely different league comedy wise compared to these smosh schmucks

    24. The gaming Canadian

      Courtney is an easy laugh.

    25. Brad Boaldin

      I think I’m in love with Courtney

    26. LadyWolf 33

      And with that Skyrim orphan comment, Courtney Miller made my day and she is now and already was one of favorites. Her and Shayne and really the whole Smosh crew is great.

    27. Mariah Martinez

      I miss Keith

    28. Aaron Cotton

      Spit out my gamer girl bath water Rueban or face..Azeroth 😂

    29. EmeraldBeast

      16:12 gOd!?

    30. Lewis Murphy

      Shane: I knew I had to go dark Elyse: oh really? Watch and learn child

    31. powercookie m2

      One line I bet would get every one would be "is it a bird? A plane? What ever it is its heading straight to the world trade center"

    32. Sophia Mahramas

      i was asked for my bath water once in a group chat with my other female friend and like 12 other boys and they were like give us ur bath water (they were joking, they weren’t being serious)

    33. Nayan B

      Ian and Courtney are somehow basically father and daughter on every level

    34. p c

      i feel like everyone in california are liberals.

    35. Racheal Groce

      Yall should have Achievement Hunter on!

    36. AffableAussie

      Has anyone else seen that woodturning ad? Because I just saw it and I don't know if I can continue with life

    37. Monideepa Ghoshal

      When we getting Achievement Hunter??

    38. It’s Me

      10:51 me realizing there is a test today I have prepared for

    39. Candy Gacha

      Courtney: I’ve killed a few orphans in Skyrim. Me: *ETERNAL HAPPINESS* :D

    40. VEGETA

      I cracked when they showed the DEMONETIZED tag...

    41. Nathan Castile

      They should bring together all of the guests and have an hour long mega episode

    42. thesimsloverish

      Producer: "NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC!" Also Producer: "cue The Sims 2 Build Mode Music at 13:58!"

    43. Xzacter Gaming

      Hi i have depressin

    44. GacMan47

      Why was Courtney always on dates? I'm here for Funhaus. It was fun seeing the cast literally beat up the Smosh cast.

    45. Dandroid the observer block

      1:59 this reminds me of securirock

    46. JC Side

      I just got a Trojan add right before Adam /god said, “don’t f*ck in the ass!” and I feel like that’s a sign That I should go to church before I go on Grindr

    47. Matthewjim

      Wish James did it

    48. Ravardar

      I need to know what those codes were for!

    49. Simon Says

      I’m a 45 yo man... Not far from the truth.

    50. Puppetislive

      the home alone 4 got me the reason is bcuz I just watched the tntl with Macaulay Culkin in it and now much u had to bleep lol

    51. Baxty81

      so i wanna marry elyse

    52. Fabrobin

      Courtney's like a highschool cheerleader laughing at everything baseball player stud Shayne says

    53. Dane Hester

      I want to point out Shane made people laugh 8 out of 5 tries

    54. Gee Buttersnaps

      Man it’s a crime James was just an extra, he’s so damn funny but Elyse made up for it

    55. Whitney Rex

      Is no one going to bring up this lowkey awkward moment - 15:18

      1. Cait Face

        REALLY THO

    56. Orange Juice

      You guys need to do this with Jason Nash and David dobrik

    57. Axel Calderon

      14:00 that one moment when you make a new meme

    58. to2burger

      What was Bruce’s Batman and Mr. Wayne bit gonna be???

    59. Faithy Mae

      I feel like if Shayne were animated he would be Finn the human when hes a baby and Marceline sees him dancing in the bathroom. "I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man."

    60. Braddah Leeks

      Courtney shoulda stuck her horn into the unicorn’s mouth

    61. ally

      I literally love Elyse, she has the same humor as me.

    62. luni Wolf16

      Probably shouldn't be drinking tea while watching this☕☕😄🤣😂

    63. Bryan Morandarte

      0:12 - 0:13 I'm getting Smosh Live flashbacks Pokemon Go Addiction

    64. RebelForever Angel

      Get Jenna and Julian on here!

    65. VideoGamesAndGameplays


    66. Yeetus Deletus

      She's not a true skyrim player you can't kill the kids in skyrim they are immoral

    67. Blades 500

      Shayne pulled the first-ever 8/6!

    68. D Lira

      I'm glad that a wide audience now realizes that Elyse is one of the funniest people on the planet.

    69. Ab Emam

      Elyse is so cute and funny

    70. Shane Spikes

      I love that Elyse could full-on laugh without spitting lmao