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    Today's episode we visit a hidden tropical fish farm in Thailand that is producing some of the largest catfish in the world, monsters Redtail catfish & Paroon sharks.
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    Our facility is located in Boca Raton FL, we import fish from all over the world, and sell them online at
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    1. Itzyaboi Charlie

      Hi from thailand

    2. Samurai the chosen 1

      That place needs lighting its kind of dark

    3. Jack Doty


    4. uhhxIchaa

      Bro that was like fail translation lmfao!!

    5. edward jorda

      Wat kind of fish in 1:40?

    6. aqua predator

      Take some snakeheads with you when you go back 😅🙏

    7. Shyjan Kp

      My tank has 11 inch albino tiger Oscar and 2 ,12 inch albino Pacu

    8. Khánh Nguyễn

      Want some rare guppies and betta?Come to Vietnam bro!!

      1. Khánh Nguyễn

        The guppies you saw in the video is red ear guppy.

    9. Raja Rajeswari

      Can u ship fishes to india

    10. Wild Fish Tanks

      Sweet facility! Awesome fish big and small, thanks for bringing it to us

    11. Ericson Cruz

      I'm late but Predatory Fins rocks!

    12. gobi venkatesan

      Can you please share the exact location of this farm

    13. Fengshui Aquatic

      Fengshui Aquatic Thailand king of monsterfish Thailand

    14. เด็กช่าง คนจริง

      ยินดีต้อนรับ บักหำน้อย

    15. Auto

      u should go to chatuchak in bangkok

    16. True Life Average Jane Vlog

      Im watching the guns..... not the fish lol


      😂 Rod - can you ask him how big does a redtail have to be to start breeding. Kevin - hooooooooooowwwww biiiiiigggggggg does a redtailllllllll have to be to start breediiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg?????????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Nivash Roopnarine

      Hey Rodrigo can you make a vidoe on breeding red tail catfish

    19. Barrett Agent

      Well it's a good thing you brought Kevin for 'translating' lol. Just kidding Kevin, great video guys, Thx for sharing from Thailand.

    20. captcide

      Go to Soi 6

    21. Michal Phaeton


    22. John DiFabio

      livin the fishy life

    23. Don

      10:46 all I see is black water

    24. Jorge Lopez

      My dream fish is arapaima.Btw love you're videos keep up the great work

    25. anthony areu

      😂😂 “I’ll see y’all in florida”

    26. anthony areu

      😂😂 “I’ll see y’all in florida”

    27. Ajith Kumar

      How do they breed redtail?

    28. Eva Parker

      This was awesome. Thanks for taking us along

    29. luner the gamer wolf

      Rod love your videos your fish shop is my favorite but you should try to catch the giant river stingrays I believe in you

    30. Adam Mason

      Well interesting I holiday in Thailand a lot and next time I'd love to check out one of these farms. I have seen loads of flower horns in Malaysia where they originate from.

    31. Daz_bc D

      That translation tho lmfao

    32. TUKTA TATA

      Ayyy Thailand I’m actually born there so great video keep it up

    33. tataa ta

      nice video, next time if you come to Thailand it would be awesome if I could be your interpreter ;)

      1. tataa ta

        ps. and about the place that I would recommend to go is the JJ Market and Sanamluang 2 Market, both of these are in Bangkok and another one is Ban Pong fish village in Ratchaburi province.

    34. lee smith

      How big does a Redtail need to be to start breeding? Thai translation: The Redtail, how big can start breeding? lol!

      1. Robin Dahlberg

        It was like a South Park sketch :D

    35. John Abad

      5:55 32 kilo “32 years old, yeah” 😂

    36. John Abad

      3:54-4:14 literally didn’t let you get a word in for 20 seconds 🤣🤣🤣

    37. Justin Van biljon

      My brother from another mother

    38. john aggson

      I fucking love your videos and sense of humor I wish I could work for someone like you.

    39. Broman1978

      Awesome video as usual. And im happy to see that im not the only one in the world that cant handle hot weather lmao

    40. Brad Rose

      Dude that place is fucking awesome

    41. Bearski Aquatic Method

      Wearing that beard doesn’t help either ha ! 🥵

    42. Josh Hibbs

      Pretty awesome place. 👍🏼

    43. Horror Gamer

      Love your videos brother and if you ever need info on genetics DM.

    44. Love of Pets

      This was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    45. Aim Arthasart


    46. JW Aquarium's

      Always an entertaining video 👍😎 keep up the great work

    47. Ethan Physique

      The thread fins look sick dude

    48. First Flight Fishing

      I really thought the ghost fish was a fish

    49. Alejandro marquez

      Freaken bad ass trip you went to bro!

    50. Paper

      5:11 LMFAO

    51. Tony Santamaria

      Hello boss I'm a customer of yours. Show me some shortbodys fish boss...

    52. Ray Cooper

      You should film at my great video, the tours. Love the facts.

    53. fernando medina

      Awesome video love the red tails can’t wait to be able to have one keep the videos coming

    54. neufy123456

      So they inject the fish with hormones or something to trigger breeding... wtf

    55. Smokey N Celly Cel

      Good video I loved it much love to you and lisa

    56. Jeanne Hollyfield

      Love this fish tour i am so happy ya'll get to travel around love your channel 🐟🐟🐟

    57. Warren Wall

      Like always I thank you so much, find an albino dat. or peacock bass, I know your all ready back. God bless.

    58. Mr.B

      That’s unreal the way that looks. Then they all full of fishes yea I would spend the whole day there. Thanks for the share.

    59. Peacock Bash

      That was actually interesting how they breed they peacock bass 🤔🤔🤔🤔 GREAT VIDEO BRO 🔥📽

    60. Emily Vandygriff

      Very cool!

    61. Jesse Arias

      nice vid as always ,working on setting up a tank my self but i dont know were to start

    62. Sang Tran

      I totally understand they talking about lol becuz I’m Asian lmao 😂

      1. TUKTA TATA

        Same here🤣 I’m actually Thai

    63. WikkidVyxen

      Get Endlers Livebearers! The most beautiful guppy like fish ever!

    64. PapaJim Jimmy

      you should come to Malaysia. go to the arowana fish farm.

    65. Courtz courtz


    66. Chomplern T.

      Thailand very hot

    67. Brynne Grant

      Is finatic going to monster fish bash?

    68. jay a

      so jealous, you have the good life

    69. sam chang

      If you still in Thailand you need to check out the Chatuchak Fish Weekend Market in Bangkok. It's the biggest fish market in Thailand. With 300 of the fish vendors there is definitely a lot of cool stuff to see that for sure.

    70. Zack Fong

      and i just live beside that country REDTAIL BABIES😍