Traveling to the Happiest Country in the World!!

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    What country do you think is the happiest in the world? Well, after hearing from many traveler friends that it might be this small country... I had to go see it for myself. I am personally on a mission to understand the basic parameters of joy and happiness so going on a trip like this was a dream come true...
    Where should we travel to next?
    Thank you to Bhutan peaceful tours for hosting me
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    1. Yes Theory

      Thanks for watching! Despite what you might see in the video, Bhutan was actually quite challenging for me to travel to. The trip was planned very last minute so I didn't have time to do much research, I was still jet-lagged from the 14-hr time difference and the elevation was having weird effects on my headspace. But I pushed through even though filming alone in these conditions makes it so much harder to bring positive energy into it. Sitting down with the ex-Prime Minister and hiking to Tiger's Nest completely changed everything in the end however. I'm on a bit of a personal journey of understanding what the fundamental parameters of joy truly are, so going on a trip like this had quite of a profound effect on me in the end. Hope you got something out of it and looking forward to capturing more of the world's beauty. - Thomas

      1. Mathieu Harvey

        Brother. You're a huge inspiration to so so sooo many people, I really hope you find that joy in your heart, and in the depths of your soul. - Loads of love from Québec!

      2. Joyann C

        Hi, I just wanted to say I loved this video because it reminded me of a book I had to read for class and loved. The book is called Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. He goes to other less known countries and tries to find what defines their happiness. Bhutan was one of them! You basically portrayed the same message Eric did. I got a real sense of wanting to explore and see the world from the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore but may not be able to or just wants a good read.

      3. Dovydas Trinkus

        i dare you to try this atracion caled *WORLD FIRST* Nevis Catapult - Queenstown, New Zealand look up on youtube

      4. Max Hardtke

        Whats about a second try with the Elon Musk Holliday card?

      5. Collett Litchard

        Beautiful on so many levels🥰

    2. Iridious

      Im ready for that app

    3. Daniela Grajales

      What kind of human being dislike a Yes Theory video. This is the best channel in US-new, so possitive and genuine. OBSESSED!

    4. Casually StrollingBy

      Ehm according the the UN World Hapiness Report they are the 93th in the list. It seems the only reason Bhutan is mentioned as happiest is because the first UN High Level Meeting called Wellbeing and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm, was chaired by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Prime Minister Jigme Thinley of Bhutan.

      1. bilias hour

        food,that's what they need.

    5. Jan Liva

      I always thought Denmark was the happiest country! :0

      1. bilias hour

        Bhutan is one of the happiest country in the world because they are not yet being brainwashed by the west to overthrow their govt.,they live the simple life,fresh air,shelter

    6. Jeremiah Fitchett

      Hi guys i have a problem i got a windbreaker off of the website and obviously it came with a free necklace and after 1 day if wearing it the necklace had broken Id like some help as i was looking forward to having it as you guys have been a big part in my life

    7. dutcha mana

      That man who talked about buthan was so good, hes right about everything

    8. dutcha mana

      That man who talked about buthan was so good, hes right about everything

    9. Cheesecake Nakamura

      Bhutan has no right to call themselves like that. Happiest people in the world lives in COSTA RICA... just google it boy

    10. Mathieu Harvey

      Bro, i wasn't subscribed. I'm officially out of the 50%. Thank god. Ok, going to buy a t-shirt now.

    11. Trevtooicyy

      I cant find any website that says bhutan is the happiest country in the world, every source is saying either denmark or finland. Bhutan is number 95 on the list?

    12. Logan Greer

      I just watched the telling strangers I love them video, and the challenge at the end is to challenge youtubers to do something positive. I love your videos, and I love what you do. However, I don't appreciate the amount of swearing that you do, even if it is bleeped out. I have come to realize that I am happier when I don't swear. I challenge you to go a day without swearing. (No need to film it, just respond with your feelings afterward.)

    13. DanniJules

      your tour guide is so adorable!!!

    14. Franze Dhee Serdeñola

      New Subscriber here 😄 Lots of Love From PHILIPPINES

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    16. Spooderman 420

      Finland: am i a joke to you

    17. Ahmed Raza

      When will you visit Pakistan....?

    18. Gabriel Olsen

      I thought Norway was ranked the happiest, or maybe denmark.

    19. snoopyhov

      That ex Prime Minister Has a Trini 🇹🇹 Accent lollll 🤯 Nooooo Lie wtf

    20. Comrade Dog

      Wow 3th grade me would be evading evil like a boss thanks to the hundreds of penises I drawed

    21. Baby Lon

      Bhutan is one of the happiest country in the world because they are not yet being brainwashed by the west to overthrow their govt.,they live the simple life,fresh air,shelter food,that's what they need.

    22. Joanna Eloranta

      Thought this was going to be about Finland and I were so excited lol. But this was still great and I'm definitely going to add Bhutan to my dream travel destination list. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful country 😍

    23. 7 days a week

      Yo, did anyone else see this on right this minute or is it just me I'm literally watching it rn also love the video

    24. Tyler Sanada

      Wow.. I MUST visit that temple at some point.. speechless..

    25. kaizer bass

      This guy has the knees of a 14 year old indee girl

    26. Sueanne Sorrentino

      "value the populations and the environments overall well being over blindly chasing financial gain....!!!" If only the world emulated this practice how incredible life would be!

    27. LegoMy Eggo

      Got Far Cry 4 vibes

    28. Idle Sun

      Im starting the video, I'm guessing you're going to Finland, Denmark or Norway Edit: well shit

    29. Tanveer Atwal

      I live in India! Now I feel like visiting bhutan 🇧🇹

    30. Lundem

      Wasn't Finland the happiest country in the world?

    31. Bhutanese Bae

      Finland left the chat.

    32. Dovydas Trinkus

      i dare you to try this atracion caled *WORLD FIRST* Nevis Catapult - Queenstown, New Zealand look up on youtube

    33. Luv2grind

      Ex priminister, Tshering Tobgay, make the world great again

    34. Bri Marie

      I don’t know what it is about certain videos but Yes Theory has such an amazing way of filming and choosing music that is just so inspiring and beautiful it always brings tears to my eyes ❤️❤️

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      Come to Pakistan bro I assure you you'll like it

    38. Chanakya Pendse

      Apparently i did the 100kth like

    39. Sophie Wembridge

      Feel like a lot of countries need to watch and learn from this, what a beautiful little place

    40. The Poodipie Bacon

      The happiest country in the world is Finland not bhutan!!!

    41. Brooks Threatt

      What kind of sunglasses is Thomas wearing?

    42. drayggenn draygenn

      Looks like a good place we should all strive to be like

    43. RalphRare7

      With the penises, I thought you got pranked lmao

    44. Randy Marsh

      They certainly love their bunting.

    45. NessaNote

      This is incredible. Gives me a lot of hope. Thank you for bringing that conversation to us 😊 Also, so happy you had a moment with your grandad. Thank you for sharing such a vulnerable moment!

    46. Anthony Barcey

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    49. Bipin Bartwal

      One of the poorest countries in the world is world’s number one happiest country 🙃

    50. Elle The Shrek

      Thank you Bhutan for possibly being our most important country for keeping us alive.. *Oxygen*

    51. rockstarrachita

      Why can't every country be like this 😭 bhutan is beautiful ❤️

    52. Bibek Pandey

      Please visit Nepal!🙏

    53. freeezy

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    55. Duangsavanh Phimmasone

      "Penises protect from evil and curses" hmm I think we had that in ancient southeast asian culture too...

    56. Mazin -1212

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    57. YaCrackerJax

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    58. Yasir Aslam

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    59. Naro

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    60. Fight Vids

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    61. loftus cheeky

      The ex pm is truly an enlightened soul...amazing.

    62. Rob Rodriguez

      I did ecological research in Bhutan a few years back. It is absolutely a magical place and I cannot wait to try to make it back.

    63. Akwua

      Now i finally have a reason to tell my teacher why i draw alot of penises on my notebook. "to protect it"

    64. Tharun Shiv

      Had been to this beautiful place just a few months back! Awesome video, brings back memories!🤘

    65. maka colney

      since i live on the NE side of INDIA guess m the nearest to BHUTAN.......xD

    66. Ashley Morgan

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      10:40 is that the edelweiss flower ?

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