Traveling Cross Country Living In Our Tiny Home Van

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    In this video we traveled across the United States while living in the tiny home van that we built together. We were faced with extreme weather conditions and many other obstacles. Things... went down
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    1. Jaquai 316

      I’m from kansas

    2. Valentina Espinoza

      The only thing that stands out in that brownish mountain is Ethan with dis white hoodie 😂 (around minute 9)

    3. Valentina Espinoza

      Ethan: “last homemade meal” Last homemade meal= cereal


      Illinois is super sketchy when I was driving there there was a shooter close to us we thought we were going to die

    5. Kelli Swain

      They are so funny.

    6. Suzanne Gingrich

      Chill its -13°F here in Canada

    7. Life times two

      Grayson: so today we’re in the middle of nowhere. Me: then how and why do you have McDonalds?

    8. Life times two

      Grayson: I drove ten hours today, that’s the most I’ve ever driven in my life. Me: how did he get his license??? 🤔

    9. Isabel Angeles

      Why isn’t anybody talking about them not complaining about the trip and just enjoying it. Like James Charles could never

    10. jo o

      It's funny bc there saying quotes from the sister squad

    11. Joe

      Say hi two mattia for me

    12. Broodje Tafelkleed

      But how are they gonna get back??

    13. G-Ann Negrillo

      You could always shower at a 24 hr gym 😬

    14. Lorena De La Cruz

      Put solar panels on the van so that at night you can use the electricity for stuff

    15. Alexis Russell

      You guys should take a trip to Spokane ✌🏽🥺

    16. Gabe Rubino

      Wait are u kidding Ethan actually woke Grayson up that’s fricking crazy

    17. EpicPotato02

      Wtf is a vegan apple 😂😂

    18. Kaydance Wentz

      When there happy I just feel like smiling! They make me happy!!

    19. Kaydance Wentz

      I was so excited when they said that there driving through beautiful Missouri! I'm so happy they think that Missouri is beautiful! I live Missouri and I got so happy that they called it beautiful!

    20. ZM Channel

      Grayson at 18:01 ❤️❤️❤️🥵

    21. Yuliana Morron

      I haven’t had to pee this bad since 06 😂😂😂

    22. Claire McVeigh

      How are you cold it's 0° today

    23. Natalli Boldus

      I got thos Vegan cookie and this vegan apple Me:what ?????

    24. Pame Wister

      i loved that they danced with Ricky dillon's

    25. Joshua Erman

      Oh let’s avoid Arkansas we’re it was 70 degrees

    26. im_a_ goat

      Who’s the camera man ...

    27. Keekee

      Ladies and Gents... this is what we call CONTENT

    28. Bria Quezon

      i'm saying, why didn't they just brush their teeth inside the van and the step out once they're done to spit it out lol

    29. Michael Merrill

      That began apple lmaooo

    30. Lexi Hale

      when the cop pulled them over and they were confused as to why they checked them and their vehicle was so funny😂😂😂 that literally happens all the time where i live, i guess it’s different for them in the city lmaooooo

    31. Ella Kaye


    32. Xxgamerxx XxgamerxX

      Now they have to all that again because they have to get home 😂😂have fun ♥️😂

    33. Shauna R

      Okay but 'vegan apple'😂😂

    34. Giselle's Life!

      “this is going to be my last homemade meal” “Pours cereal into bowl”

    35. Ben Breeze

      I’m just saying “ vegan apple”

    36. Jana Amr

      The zoom tho.....

    37. iiAesthetic Bxtchsii

      No one: Ethan: Why are these lights on?!

    38. Kimmi Did What?

      Did, VanDwellers don’t stay in Hotels... What Posers...

    39. Alexana Perea

      Sooooo hawwwwt like ooooommgfg 😎🌻😂

    40. Libby Zech

      Am I the only one that gets super exicited when they mention the state you live in? lol

    41. Abigail Stanek

      i live in minnesota and the road is complete ice. doesn’t surprise used to it:))

    42. Lizet Valdivia

      Tell Alejandro and mattia I said hi

    43. The Galaxy Cats 2000

      I’ve never heard of vegan apples Grayson 😅

    44. lili

      25:21 “he was like, ‘are you transporting any large amounts of drugs?’ and i‘m like, ‘no, i’m just going to see my mom in new jersey.’”

    45. 💕TwightHeart💕

      I would have bought a van where I can use the bathroom and shower, sorry I don’t do nature like that. But then again they’re boys 😂

    46. lili

      kyle is amazing at filming and ricky is doing a really great job with editing too!! i’m glad the twins found people who know what they’re doing and are fun to have around as friends too

    47. Stash S

      dUdE i sLEpT LiKE A roCk

    48. Stash S

      the place where they had a wash looks so relaxing lmao 😍

    49. Amelia Fernando

      Another thought, since when is Ricky Dillon not his own thing anymore? When did he just become the camera man? Like, i think they have different camera men but he was in the last few so.

    50. Amelia Fernando

      This is completely irrelevant to the video, but right now I'm at 0:56 and I have just come to a realization. These guys are real people. Ethan and Grayson have been on this vine/ US-new journey for a while now and I don't think they have ever gotten a break. Now, i realise that we've helped them go on adventures and do cool things but they don't get any privacy, and the same goes for other social media stars. It sucks. For all we know, all they have is each other. I get that they're twin brothers and they obviously love each other a lot but sometimes you need someone you can share more with. I think they both deserve loving partners. Sometimes you'd rather be by yourself but I think we all need to be supportive no matter what. Stop being jealous and controlling because it sucks. If you want to get mad and be suspicious of anyone they be interest in, you're a horrible person. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

    51. brianna cowan

      I live in Nebraska right nest to Colorado

    52. Aiden Garcia

      Ethan: about to have my last home cooked meal Literally eats cereal

    53. cayden robertson

      I like how they have a bed/couch and Grayson goes to sleep in a seat😂😂

    54. Jay Brandt

      It might just be me but…Kyle is hotttt

    55. Suzanne van den Boomgaard

      But I mean... Kyle is fineeee 👀😉👅💞🔥I see u, Kyle

    56. Danica D'Oria


    57. Black Sunflower

      Good luck on the trip back

    58. Kai Robinson

      HOLY SHIZZZ! Van life content! Yes, I am so pumped!

    59. Jonathan Crane


    60. Prianna Dhillon

      They should go live with their mom because I feel like she lives alone because there dad passed away so...

    61. Haley Gardner

      When Grayson said "beautiful Missouri" and you live in Missouri... Hey Gray I'll show you around ;)

    62. Falling Star

      i don't freaking get wHY like eVErYoNE have their shoes on when they go to bed. i can't anticipate the crumbly feeling on my bed because of the dirt that fell from my shoe

    63. Alyssa Williams

      damn we ant make that much fried chicken here

    64. Teddy Ocean

      This van life adventure was craaazaaay and i love it 😊

    65. Desiree S

      That’s some good camera quality

    66. Leandrea

      I’m I the only one that got slightly triggered when he got on the bed with his shoes on 15:43

    67. Jayna Aaron

      love how grayson is just so proud of his biobegradable sope [i know i spelled it wrong dont hate]

    68. Aubrey Baker

      26:50 well that sums up Illinois for you ( I live in Illinois

    69. Barbara Williams

      If you were wondering why you were pulled over in the south is be cause the are child traffickers the drive vans that look exactly like your van

    70. Samantha Becker

      I just noticed that I have the same yellow water bottle at gray 😂