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    Trapped With The Prince Family Reality Show Will Air Here On This Channel December 28th, 2019!! Subscribe Now & Turn On Notifications To Watch This Amazing Show!!
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    Published on 7 days ago



      Trapped With The Prince Family Reality Show Will Air Here On This Channel December 28th, 2019!! Subscribe Now & Turn On Notifications To Watch This Amazing Show!!

      1. Unapologetically Tawanna Skyy

        THE PRINCE FAMILY I can't wait❤️❤️❤️

      2. JustMoney YT

        THE PRINCE FAMILY this finna be 🔥

      3. Krissy Jay

        THE PRINCE FAMILY sub to my channel y’all

      4. Kalissa Rogers

        THE PRINCE FAMILY omg it comes out on my birthday!

      5. Jaida Vance

        This show need to be coming out earlier osrs🤣 cause it looks like it’s cracking

    2. Emelia Pettigrew

      Ready for this!!!!


      Im from Connecticut

    4. NiKKi LeiLaNi

      Yessss i cant waiit

    5. HustlaWyfe

      ouuuuuuuuuuu im tuned in like a mf!

    6. dede Bradley

      I cannot wait!!!!

    7. Eliz

      This is amazing, I can't wait....

    8. Courtney Sanders

      Man I can’t wait

      1. Keekee's Fire

        What channel will it be aired on? ?

    9. kennedy cyl

      this show gonna be lit asf and thats ongg🔥🔥

    10. Miguel Television

      US-new really is the wave . I should seriously put my all into it and start uploading videos

    11. Hermit of the Ozarks

      Gen x buddy

    12. The Amanda Show

      Cant wait

    13. Adeyemi Oluwatofunmi

      Oh my God !!!!!!! Just the trailer alone and it's this amaaaaaaazing!!! I Seriously can't wait...if you were smiling throughout the video, let's know ourselves 👍😀🙋🙋🙋🙋

    14. Jadeen Pillay

      Whaaat? 👀😁😁😁 this looks absolutely amazing 😭😭😭 I can't wait to watch this 😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    15. Dorothy

      Ayeeeee but I know I’m late😂

    16. Felicia Hernandez

      Oowe it looks like it's gonna be a good show..I can't wait to see it.


      What Is The Show Gone Be About Though?

    18. Chrissy Laws

      Yesss I can’t wait y’all don’t see no US-newr doing this at all 🅿️❤️

    19. Unapologetically Tawanna Skyy


    20. Kyneisha Rivers

      I cannot waaaaaiiiiit😩‼️‼️‼️

    21. Olivia Pierre

      Whaaaat !!! Okaaay

    22. Justice Navarro


    23. Destany Crabtree

      Yall spelt experience wrong lmao

      1. Amanda Bosteder

        They spelled it like that on purpose lol 😂

    24. Zyeria Casson

      when y’all gone put it on here

    25. Jada White

      I love y'all

    26. Maria Weekes

      I'm readdddddyyyyyy

    27. Margaret Thompson

      Am ready gang gang gang bringing those bangers🤘🤘🤘❤❤❤❤

    28. Samya Washington

      Come to buffalo

      1. Samya Washington


    29. Morgz Vlogz

      Why they tryna act lkke the housewives of potomac at 1:18 😅

      1. So Chic

        Morgz Vlogz LMAO this show is a mess just like this channel

    30. Gloria Pecku

      Am readyyyyy....gang gang gang

    31. Asia Carter

      I’m here for it.

    32. Asia Carter

      I’m here for it.

    33. avii

      okay but what happened to the documentary😐?

    34. brainmare

      *Who wants some AirPods?* 💥 I will choose everyone who leave a Iike on my last song (Freestyle) they will get 6 AirPods

    35. mayra blazquez

      Defiantly tuning in

    36. jefony cort


    37. Faithe’s Channel

      Excited for this!!

    38. afutla qian

      This is where all the drama started...

      1. Beautiful Bee

        afutla qian exactly

    39. Alana

      Basically what jc done

      1. afutla qian

        No lie it looks dope

    40. Milonde Essy

      It’s here yay couldn’t wait btw I’m a new US-newr please show me some love

    41. Shannon Rodriguez

      Can't wait to see see ittt😩💯

    42. Ave & Nia

      Oh yeaaaa

    43. Sanata's life

      I can't wait to watch

    44. Caitlin Nepata

      I can't wait to watch omg 😍😍

    45. Alasha Acker

      Omg I can’t wait 😊

    46. BisexualGacha TeaQueen

      Can’t wait

    47. oiuet souiu

      Left my dislike and ill be on my way.

    48. Dark_ Winter

      I know this gon be 🔥

      1. oiuet souiu

        Can’t wait

    49. yamamalovesit

      Def stepped up from the 1st Reality Show.

    50. Aniyah Pup

      I'll be there 😂

    51. Aaliyah Higdon

      They ok some different shit okayyyy nowww🥰🥰

    52. Mandy Alfrey

      cant wait yay

    53. Brandi Boo

      Damn this looks good 😭😩😍

    54. Mollye Ivory-Bowie

      iiii cant wait ..............................................................

    55. Haven Chachere

      No lie it looks dope

    56. abbsnn cose

      Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

    57. The donika Show

      All the people who think this show is trash 💩👎👎

    58. Janice Brown

      I can't wait to watch this

    59. So Chic

      Another trashy reality tv show from the prince family.. great 😒

    60. Tony Lol

      Can’t wait

    61. s.v.g zyi ent

      When reality show comin

    62. tami morris

      CANT WAIT !!!!!


      Love this!! Can't wait

    64. Queen Deg_lewis

      Can’t wait

    65. Tavia M


    66. Laylatly Green

      Everybody was making it awkward but I can’t wait to see this

    67. Tarrynlee Stroebel

      I can't wait 😭😭😭😭

    68. Ena Vlog's

      The prince family is not ready they should biannca and damien should do all that I bet they lost that's why hahaha lmfao

      1. Lia Tv

        How did y’all understand that , honestly learn to spell boo before you come at somebody 💯 .

      2. JustMoney YT

        Britney Micaira 💯

      3. Britney Micaira

        JustMoney YT i was thinking that 😂😂

      4. JustMoney YT

        Ena Vlog's fix your grammar btw

    69. Ena Vlog's

      How come damien and biannca did do the challenge too gay asf

    70. Ena Vlog's

      Boo it sucks

      1. Jãsmiñe Mãrtinez

        Sis stop hating 😂

      2. Taleeya Thompson

        Hatter.stay in mexico💯😁