Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Risso melany


    2. Chantal Frozen

      I like this your voice and I love you so much

    3. Hannah Shafer

      Oh man I feel old

    4. alisha genevieve

      comment if you find your country/city! australia britain canada denmark egypt france greece hungary iceland jamaica kansas london malaysia netherlands oman portugal qatar russia scotland thailand united states virginia washington xingtai yemen zimbabwe

    5. alisha genevieve

      hello i’m back from 7 months in 2020! greetings from london ♡♡

    6. karrie grundy


    7. Adiekins The Editor

      I did not click off because I love your channel. 😊

    8. Kynley Williams

      No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Grayson: "that's a f*ckin anchove bro"

    9. Kaylani Dicks

      I'm still shocked how there only 19 make the button blue if you agree they look 26😮😮😮😮

    10. GabbyGirl 345

      Wait why in the first vid that they watched I got them mixed up. They looked the same?

    11. Min-Min미니

      Who remembers the fanfic recreations AHHHHH😂😂😂

    12. Min-Min미니

      I'm just gonna go watch some of there old vids because why frickin not

    13. jk. moon

      12:22 look at Ethan’s face, you won’t regret it.

    14. Rita Rain

      When you get irritated with yourselfs 😂😂

    15. Kaybbq Crackhead

      Does anyone remember the video where they made a fan mail castle in there basement and opened all of them, they also had to wear any clothing item that they open, and the other video that they asked there little cousins questions

    16. Potato Hope

      🟣⚪️ ⚪️🟣 🟣⚪️

    17. Justin Bieber Swag

      Omg, THEY ARE VSCO. ::::::::::::::::/

    18. Shawn


    19. sylwester Ciecierski

      Grayson forgot he’s blonde hair thing

    20. Kayty Nash

      Their voices were soooo different

    21. Christelle A

      12:12 ethan held that face longer than he should have 😂

    22. Duh Fuq


    23. *sigh* *sigh*

      I don’t know why but , gray’s facial expression was really making me laugh , he was just not having it 😭😂

    24. Makenna Boulding

      They look like 2015 Harry styles and 2015 Liam Payne

    25. Makenna Boulding

      Anyone else think that they act grade 8 f-boys ?? No ? Just me? K .

    26. Alfea Stella

      How about skunk boy

    27. Suyen Aguirre

      7:00 nice Ethan has entered the chat

    28. Pete P

      I love greysons laugh

    29. Jazzie Mace1216

      i actually liked e and gray back then. like when they wore skinny jeans and stuff, idk if its just me but i thought they were cute, i mean they still are.

    30. Alexa Rae

      Grays laugh🥺🥺

    31. Alexa Rae

      Just watching this now😩I’m behind lol

    32. x.aphina.x sks

      When they started naming fish to compare Ethan to 💀💀 07:25 lmao

    33. x.aphina.x sks

      When they started naming fish to compare Ethan to 💀💀

    34. Liv Loeffler

      Omg i just realized that i accsidently disliked this video like 4 months ago! And now i’m watching it now and i feel HORRIBLE that i disliked it:(( I’m sorry! Ilysm i would never dislike one of your videos lol! Love you guys✌🏼

    35. Tony Denman

      21:26 that laugh though

    36. David Mash


    37. Skya Staeheli


    38. McFlee

      Grayson didn’t change a lot but Ethan looked like a 10 year old in his young videos

    39. Joelle Whitlock

      18:15 IM CRYING

    40. Akshita Chauhan

      anyone here in January 2020 😐 no one? just me? cool

      1. Tony Denman

        I am

    41. Joelle Whitlock

      grayson looked good in the hat ngl lol

    42. L2dopee Rose

      There is no opposite of improve

    43. Be gone

      22:51 the whole thinking spot moment actually made me feel so soft🥺 and gray’s little giggles😭

    44. Freya Burgess

      Is it weird that I can tell them apart and how do they know so many types of fish?!

    45. jenny lin

      I miss skunk boy...

    46. Malika Serir

      Who else was their when their old vids came out / o.g

    47. xo_sj_xo

      honestly they act the same. the only thing that’s changed is their hair

    48. Gia Gianna

      POV: u hear them yelling and screaming when ur trying on clothes next door

    49. Gia Gianna

      Am I the only one who thinks they’re actually rlly good at dancing .. 2020 anyone ?

    50. Jenna Mccann

      I miss Ethans colored streak in his hair😞I miss 2016 actually

    51. Shaun Justice

      Ayee manbun gang ☝️

    52. chickalata a game

      15:56 grayson looks genuinely disgusted.... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    53. chickalata a game

      No joke, when they were rewatching videos and the first one gray looked RIPPED

    54. Khloe Grinnell

      what they dont realize is that they still kinda act like this

    55. Rae Faber

      they got glooks

    56. Marifer Vallejo

      Gray: “Come hang out with us” HAHAHHAHAHAHA

    57. Erin Dibley

      I kind of wish I was watching them back in the day because I wanted to really share the memories with them when they were in the thinking spot. Like it’s not the same just re-watching them. I wish I was there since the beginning (yet I’ve only been here since October this year)

    58. Cat XD

      TO THIS DAY I will never understand why they think their old selves and videos were so "boring" and "not entertaining" Back in 2017, I'd literally watch their videos during that time for HOURS and I'd never get bored. Their energy and personality levels were through the roof and those "cringy little goofballs" are what made me fall in love with them and continue to keep me entertained probably for the rest of their youtube careers.

    59. Mercedes Hernandez

      Why do they say “back in the day” it was only 5 years ago 😂😂😂

    60. SlothyBear

      who dosent agree there sexy af 😉😍😍😍

    61. Kori Radley

      No body: Not a single soul: Ethan back then:🐠🐠🐟

    62. cherry mood

      Dolan twins bully them old selves for 27 minutes straight

    63. Olivia Reeder

      😂😂 but also ringe😬😬😬😨😨😨

    64. Ruth Jones 79

      Lol that laugh!! 😂

    65. Erica Parker

      who else loves every stage of them no matter what--- if u guys see this I love u so much

    66. Xx Flawn xX

      Old gray looked like Justin Bieber

    67. Alisha Greene

      No one: Grayson:I’m so disappointed in myself

    68. Vedika Sharma

      10:21 don't make an edit of that........jk

    69. B&R Vlogs

      you'd be suprised that when you look up what the opposite of improving is DETERIORATE i was laughing my ass off when i found out grayson was right!

    70. Sims for life

      You guys sounded country mostly Ethen