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Ben Azelart

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    I can't believe what the girls said to us...
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Ben Azelart

      Thanks to Sidemen for the inspiration on this! If you want to watch their video, the link is in the description:) love u guys❤️

      1. Kaya Mills

        Cool, you're from texas!

      2. Cillian Rigney

        Andrew is so so cute

      3. Cillian Rigney

        Ben Azelart Andrew is so cute

      4. suzanne kato

        @Chloe Holtzclaw zoey and Alysia

      5. Fatuma Shego

        I like u yes

    2. Rachel Taua

      I’m only servants

    3. Sam Tran

      I love your videos 😄😄😄😄😄😄

    4. Destiny Guzman

      OMG 😎👌🏽

    5. Aisel Fadhil


      1. Aisel Fadhil


    6. Ari Em

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even the bed bugs: Brent: 5:57

    7. Wolfmoon Gaming

      That Stef just wanted to be famous and get attention

    8. Diego Ochoa

      Aye I know Gia from P2

    9. Jully Ponce

      Andrew is so cuteeeeeee tho why reject him why

    10. RoseyIsabella365 365

      Poor Andrew

    11. Gerardo Pena

      Im going to swipe none because I'm not a girl and I'm not gay

    12. Mahdi Rahimi

      The first girl use to be p2 girl

    13. Ja kia Pandy

      I counted the points and Ben got 3 Andrew got 2 Mason got 6 Brent got six ans Davey got 4

    14. Teo Ryhl Sånnaskolan 8B

      Shit version of sidemen

    15. Kayleigh McCall

      My favourite persons one was Davey because he said Diarea and my brother has diarea haha lol xd😂🤣

    16. Martaysia Jenkins

      Hi hotty Andrew😘

    17. MARLEE DAY

      i did not no that ben cusses

    18. Ella Mae Pasumbal

      my pickup line is are you a magnet cus im atracted to you

    19. Vicky Truong

      Brent stole a pick up line from mild n out U R A Q T

    20. Justina Sharp

      Would andrew mind if i date him even though i am nine

    21. Breezy

      Andrew is so bad at this

    22. cLEHRly Awesome 2

      If I were a girl I would've said yes to Andrew and Ben, MAYBE Mason.

    23. babymcMcfadden Baby 2158210860 pait streteMcFadden

      So you don’t like lexi

    24. babymcMcfadden Baby 2158210860 pait streteMcFadden

      You betrayed Lexi I’m telling on you

    25. Naeemah Pathak

      I would swip right on Brent♥♥

    26. Lara Antoun

      Ben you are Young

    27. Cassidy's Toys&Crafts

      Pls do a part 2

    28. Madyson LaMay

      I feel sooo bad for ben! He only got one swipe to the right.

    29. ayana warren

      I love your shows

    30. Kelsey Brown

      i would swip yes to andrew becase he is so hot,cute,he's sweet and he stole my heart

    31. Kelsey Brown

      i would swip yes becase he's ho and cute oh and he's sweet and he stole my heart

    32. Sarah Lech

      Hi i am Madison Lodato and i am 9 years old and i would swip awsome for Brent

    33. Lucia and aliyah Squad

      Andrew is so funny

    34. Jessica Wigmore

      for the twin girls someone should have said," Are we at Walmart, because it looks like it is buy one get one free"

    35. Justina Bariseviciute

      why? Andrew is prettyyyyyyy

    36. Justina Bariseviciute

      wooooowwww tinder in real life! i love you so much! niiiiiiiccceeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeee

    37. Gacha_WeirdoSquard0 121

      I thought Ben was like 20

    38. areli joachin

      I would swipe up


      Every one who says Andrew is cute you guys are right He is cute Super cute

    40. Patricia Yellowhair

      I will swipe yes on andrue

    41. ahmed ghare

      Gay version of sidemen?

    42. Raeanna L

      I am going to go to graparis

    43. Mirab Shamrez

      Poor andrew

    44. Leyla Baltra

      I would swipe yes on Andrew

    45. sushila mahto

      You r so cute red one but u r minor💓😂

    46. Ricardo Rivera

      My last name is Rivera it Ricardo Rivera Rico

    47. Ashley’s Roblox World

      umm ben I hwve a question do you prank people]

    48. Shannen Smallwood

      I would swipe yes on Andrew because I felt bad almost every girl he got swiped left and he’s like an 😇 Angel

    49. Abigail & Isabelle

      I think Ben is the cutest and Andrew too No hurt feelings

    50. Haroun Conteh

      Gia is p2 girlfriend m

    51. Sara Smith

      I would tie I would swipe yes for the one in the white shirt and black pants

    52. FOP _sam

      Hi peeps

    53. Elizabeth Shosola

      I have a crush

    54. jessica li

      Wow... Brent just peed his pants

    55. Shailvi Bang

      Masan is like the pro person in the group who just goes with the flow and steals hearts😂

    56. Radd Raddish

      If I was a boy(im not) i would'v say "Can I have a picture cause I wanna prove my friends that angels exices

    57. Aaliyah Perkins

      My crush is andrew

    58. Mk- Dog5

      Did leix get mad

    59. Jackson B

      change the title to Me getting rejected for the entire video other than 3 rounds

    60. Montayne Randolph

      Ben has a girlfriend 😏

    61. Maddison Snyder

      Im a kid

    62. Davit Sahakyan

      Ben are you really 17 years old

    63. Hayzael Rivera

      I am from Texas to I want to meet you but

    64. Ne'vaeh Palmer-Thompson

      I would say yes but I'm only 6

    65. Lydia’s Gaming World

      Y’all spelled right wrong 1:58

    66. Chas Kakakaway

      Andrew 1

    67. Adam Alvarez

      Sorry but didn’t like it cuz u said if I would swap yes on any of u guy give a thumbs up and I’m a boy sorry

    68. Chas Kakakaway


    69. Gloria Gusha


    70. Casey Newman

      Yes on Ben ♥️