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Ben Azelart

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    I can't believe what the girls said to us...
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Ben Azelart

      Thanks to Sidemen for the inspiration on this! If you want to watch their video, the link is in the description:) love u guys❤️

      1. Maxwell Sklivas

        Swipes left on tall guys and right for mason, how ironic, hope in humanity restored

      2. Corgi Lover

        @Chloe Marcial touché

      3. lolitah October

        Ben Azelart jbfhfh gh cgsjqq47rgybjk. It,c. Irjjr y. 5

      4. Nicholas Syniahovskyi


      5. Oscar Neilson


    2. Jenn Boink

      *sans music plays* ohhhhhh shit a sans it's mother fucking sans.

    3. Tamara Henry

      I know I feel bad for him

    4. XCrazy GamingX

      Gia dated SV2

    5. Naethecatus Gang

      U Curse ben

    6. Scarlet Lucero

      Can Andrew be with my sis she 18


      The girls in this video r toxic

    8. SuprePlayzGamezYT Gaming/Animations

      Brent be up in my city lol

    9. Josiah Haangala

      P2 is the name

    10. Andy Shaffer

      I love in Pennsylvania

    11. Abheyjit Khaira

      Ben Azelart: Tinder in real life Sideman: Am I a joke to you

    12. Angel Naicken

      Do more of these please I love tinder in real life especially since you made a tinder in real life

    13. Maxwell Sklivas

      Swipes left for the tallest ones and right for mason, how ironic ,hope in humanity restored

    14. denica78

      Brent at 6:47

    15. Xx_Dogzforlove20_xX :3

      hehehehehehehehehtetetetetteteh ur a e-boy skskskskks and I oop.

    16. Ben said the same thing 2 times with someone who said your too Young an that is so cute

    17. That wasn’t Ben’s first time getting slight yes

    18. PRO_squash677 Pachipala

      Everyone is saying no to David cuz he is black

    19. Corgi Lover

      I'd say yes to Andrew

      1. fouoii gyhh

        That’s girl from p2 video

    20. Star_Gaz3r

      Didn't know sideman made another video

    21. Harmony Hilborn

      Andrew is fine

    22. Amelia Gossett

      andrew you are very very cute and funny

    23. Kristen Bailey

      I wish I would be there so I can swip yes on all of you because you guys are really cute and funny:)

    24. Africa Romina Oficial

      I will say no one cause I’m 8*dap*

    25. Carter Munson


    26. MADD AzYko

      sidemen did it first

    27. Dank rice

      when you copy the sidemen

    28. gacha wolf team smith

      Brent totally got the most dates to go on....

    29. aleera crow

      i 😍your vids please reply ben or brent

    30. Dexi Tofu

      Kanye west ray j

    31. Chayenne Tikai

      Why the fuck did they say no to ANDREW

    32. pandagloomy gaming

      i would do it on mason

    33. ThatGachaGirl 0-0


    34. Lofi.editzYT

      That’s girl from p2 video

    35. L David

      Andrew is always NO!

    36. Ben McManus

      Ad least ya said that it was sidemens idea

    37. bts water poh poh poh B x

      Awwww andrews so cute wtf

    38. Caragh Murtagh

      NOPE none of use

    39. فرقان العلي

      i ❤❤❤❤💕 brent

    40. bloop

      *y o u r e t o o y o u n g*

    41. Maya Benyaminov

      They gave andrew a hard time😂

    42. Fun Gaming

      Hey here is a pick up line girl you don’t need to put on makeup you already a masterpiece

    43. nanuka darsalia

      did eva and brent broke up?

    44. Saja Kamal

      I feel bad for Andrew

    45. Wyne Karl Eigo


    46. ItsTheOne

      There girls are rude

    47. Potato Pleb

      Arent you and lexi dating?

    48. Ruwa Naseer

      I have almost watched every single video of yours I love you Ben Azelert ❤

    49. Sam’sbookieparadise !!

      This was soooooo fun and interesting to watch !!!!

    50. Bria Espinoza

      Brent the first girl from Iowa you should have said hey I knew you were from Iowa because you are as fresh as the corn the grows there

    51. Young Suga

      This video idea is from the sidemen and no credit 🙄🙄

    52. Beans011

      Jubilee vibes 💕

    53. Finn Novis

      You cooped the sidemen

    54. Ray Atallah

      you guys can also say:I wich I am squint to see you 2

    55. Sania Baser

      "Just because you have a goalie doesnt mean you cant score"😂you go brent

    56. Klhous Elmund

      I would alway say yes to Andrew

    57. Andrade Vinesha

      Wait.....is lexi ok with ben using pick up lines on girls

    58. Andrade Vinesha

      Hey!!!!back off cause andrew is great

    59. Jeremy Cormick

      Sidemen did it better like if u agree

    60. Robbie

      *Just copying the sidemen smh*

    61. Catherine Bradley

      The house was a police

    62. Tinei Solomona

      Gia I'm telling p2

    63. CrystalEditz :3

      Hmmm...Does Lexi know how about this Ben?

    64. Jacinda Valenzuela

      Andrew tho👀😂

    65. Elky WONG

      Do more of this video please I love it and I keep watching it please make more I beg you this is how many people wants more | | |

    66. Xx_Stephanie101 _xX

      *Lexi has left the chat*

    67. The Kings Of Random Things

      Did anyone notice gia is p2isthename

    68. gamming flanker 34

      You stole the idea from the sideman

    69. Caleb Earl

      Thanks to Sidemen for the suggestion on this If you desire to watch their video, the hyperlink is in the description: love u guys