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    Published on 50 years ago


    1. James Roach

      Why is #3 built like de-hop

    2. Deyluvvjay

      am i the only personal that seen number 3 on there head

    3. gery is litty

      yo its number #3 lemme 1on1 u

    4. Elijah Patterson

      whats his username for play station I already tried Deelight

    5. iiET

      14:31 pray for #3

    6. B Wilson

      I am going to add you deestroying

    7. sublimegreen440 ttv

      Yo destroying, your boy daemon hill, number 3, goign to Central Michigan

    8. Rhodes Benn

      September 6 is my birthday

    9. Jesse Clark


    10. Koby Mcclinchey

      you need to post more often

    11. Sara Bex

      Palmetto is G-O-A-T

    12. JellyKidMatt

      14:31 number 3 ANKLES GOT ROBBED

    13. Ben

      What is #3 @ on insta?? I wanna follow him he gon make it

    14. Super5 Dog

      Dee really what could US-new ever be without u? Nothing I tell u

    15. Moises Tiscareno

      Show some love to lineman😭😭

    16. Douang Houston

      I Had madden nfl 20 before you

    17. Juan Campos

      Bro i don't even watch football but this shit amazing asf man

    18. Izik Moreno


    19. Sportsbeast569

      I hope everyone knows you can’t pause superstar ko

    20. Jasir Denard- Wlison

      Bloody Pham make more videos I want you to make a video of you playing football in real life is a real team

    21. Aaliyah Davis

      come to northridge ohio basketball game

    22. Zachary Sedberry

      Was the band playing avengers in the background

    23. Dominique Morrow

      This is how many times he fumbled👇

    24. Dominique Morrow

      I see ya got slick mad on dat madden my boy lol!

    25. Rydell Nathan

      I’m happy because I play middle school football and I’m #3 and I’m a corner and I have dreads

    26. Rydell Nathan

      Did y’all see when #3 got juked and then did like a whole handstand

    27. Ryan Weiss

      The cornerback is still good as shit but the third one is incomplete

    28. Alan Estrada

      Heard of the Logan high grizzlies in Utah

    29. Dusty Davis

      I went for the white team

    30. Jeremiah Boatwright

      they scared to throw it because of number 3

    31. Luis Montano

      Number 7 took anklez that made him flip

    32. Christian K.

      Who da fuq likes 533 times, girls . . . He got haters, sorry fiance.

      1. Christian K.


    33. XxV3NNOMxX Clapped

      I like how he said tetoturone instead of testosterone

    34. Ace Hi

      Whach a Wagner game in Texas they good good

    35. jzmaster23 jzmaster23

      bro the person who has curley hair is so anoying

    36. TPMFaded

      We’re my Kansas City Chiefs fans at ⬇️ make this blue if you are a KCC fan

    37. Cheaster

      He chooses dot city with no run d 😐😬

    38. Sierra Burnett

      I was cheering for the palmetto he catch 3 picks

    39. FA Jay

      play me ill beat you in madden 20 ps4

    40. BrazilianCuber

      18:21 it was the holders fault

    41. Beast Games

      Number 12 looks like the dude from Waterboy

    42. Mikayden Mar

      I thot it was easy

    43. cool jay

      Girl please

    44. Amarion Kirby

      Come to my game at 12:00 in Smith vill texas

    45. MrBeast

      go to alderdice

    46. Jordae Crow

      I always play the pro bowl

    47. Sion Robertson

      friday night light is the best and he have to be o a friday and he got game play go

    48. Zachattack0704

      Deestroying you should pull up to rolling meadows highschool next playoff game its the same school jimmy garaplogoat went to

    49. Amanda French

      How do you play on rookie on Madden

    50. heather ahlf

      Why does somebody has gold chain below

    51. Tyler Willey

      Number three should be the wide receiver for the team

    52. James Cmelak

      00:19 that is brett farve

    53. Bryce Lucas

      Destroy u should try to go to a Brockton High School game

    54. CurlyHead K


    55. CurlyHead K

      Go to Grayson in GA

    56. Isaiah

      What is that little kid even saying

    57. Kayden Exantus

      You gooooo for the black team you tripe

    58. Bean

      14:33 number 3 got broke and tryd to play it off💀

    59. Aidan Medina

      People be sleeping on the single digit numbers We be eatin too!

    60. Electric _ Animal

      Did u see number 7 juke number 3 he landed on his head that shit was funny 😅😂🤣

    61. ish thekid

      Your teeth is yellow destroying

    62. Zion Allen

      You the bast

    63. Il Padrino Chiarla

      Come in France, best players in europe


      The face mask was true i saw it

    65. Sluglife Jig

      shit look like a pop warner game😭😭

    66. Milk The j


    67. todd durfee

      Hashtag ea

    68. Marcus Lindsey

      I’m watching my dogs cage that’s really am sorry and please like I never get any likes please I’m not begging but please can you guys have a blessed day

    69. random fortnite player hg


    70. tooninja Playz

      Pinellas park high school bruh patriots