Third Party Controllers - Scott The Woz

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    Scott plays with garbage.
    Music Used:
    "Main Theme" from Trauma Center: Under the Knife
    "Main Theme" from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    "Spark Man" from Mega Man 3
    "Star Light Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog
    "The Dark World" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    "Toad's Turnpike" from Mario Kart 64
    "Bianco Hills" from Super Mario Sunshine
    "Sweet Mountain Act 1" from Sonic Colors
    "Aqua Star" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    "Game Select" from Super Mario All Stars
    "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. R1sky B1z

      I am in drugs, am crying whilst I jerk off and vaguely approve

    2. VLGappy

      I bought that Nyko PS3 controller at the end of the video when I first got my PS3. I was thinking “hey, it’s wired, so i bet it’s better than a wireless one because of input lag.” That was before I learned that third party was shit. I later bought a “P3” controller that was $15 and holy fuck the sticks were literally so stiff you could count them as extra Dpads.

    3. Jason Valdes

      I have a Super Mario Bro’s 3 Swtich Pro Controller

    4. Elijah Mills

      11:29 What about the N64 Hori Pad Mini? It's great.

    5. Justin Time

      Rock Candy 360 controllers fall from the hands before you even start playing so cheap

    6. Justin Time

      3rd party controllers were for when you wanted to beat friends at games.

    7. Abram Botello

      The thumb stick fell off of my mad cats Dallas cowboys ps2 controller yesterday

    8. submaniac93

      10:44 .... I have this controller. I hate it.

    9. MrSupersonic2012

      Only ever had one 3rd party controller. For the PS3 it lit up and had the fan. Was a nice controller until it broke after a few months. 1st party controllers are expensive, but at least they're built to last.

    10. Chloe P

      I’ve only ever had third party wii remotes because those things broke easily, the colours were more fun and we needed a full set of controllers cause there were always people over playing the wii. I think my brother might have had a third party controller for the PlayStation three because my Mum was so sick of forming out the big bucks every time he broke controller. He was maybe 7 when he got his first play station three so he wasn’t the best at taking care of stuff, broke that console and it was replaced. Now he’s 16 and knows to take care of his shit better and he hasn’t done anything bad to the ps4

    11. candyman101

      I have a power a controller and i love it it feels good in my hands and i will never look at the joycon grip the same again

    12. That Guy

      Scott, you aren’t the only one tricked into buying a bread box.

    13. Andrew Sine

      Even though the games are as much or more than a game once a game is developed it's easy to copy it to tiny plastic carttriges while the controllers are actual working physical things.

    14. Blaze Saber

      I had a wired 3ed party 360 controller that was probably one of the best controllers I ever had. the shell had a rubbery feel to it and that sounds off putting at first but it made it very comfortable to hold. it was also slightly smaller and for me personally made it easy to use. I don't remember who made it I was hoping to see it on hear so I can buy it online somewhere for PC gaming.

    15. Nick Jeffrey

      The marshmallow 😂😂😂 I’m laughing so much 😂😂

    16. Adom Ali

      Late comment but my Wii U (With 6 things) is the same price of those Switch Pro controllers Yes I have a Wii U in 2020 and not a Switch. Get out your pitchforks and beat the thing to death what ever.

    17. Chase the Champion god

      I have the superpad 64

    18. wallbert

      4:55 crickey

    19. TNTMinecart54

      8:54 I remember going into Best Buy back in the day and seeing the Airflow Controller. It was actually able to be played with on the 360 setup there. I think I was playing MW2 as the demo was on it

    20. David Soler

      i have a red rockcandy wii remote

    21. Shocked Pikachu :O

      I have that fake controller Costs me 25 euro's 1:47

    22. darren maguire

      Funny guy, but you missed out 1 actual gem. Gioteck Sc-1 ps3 controller- the only good 3rd party controller.

    23. PlainDelight

      want a thrid party controller that's 1700 bucks? Then i've got the controller for you! The Fanatec V2.5 ClubSport Base + Fanatec V3 ClubSport Pedals + Fanatec V1.5 SQ Shifter + Fanatec Official 918 Wheel enhance your gaming experience today for 1700 bucks! (but, seriously good products tho)

    24. APC106

      I loved Mad Catz

    25. Jonas Grill

      I own 3 rock candy Xbox 360 controllers and that EXACT PS3 Nyko controller. The Nyko controllers joysticks make ear bleedingly loud squeaking noises and it shows up as 4 different controllers when plugged into a PC. I think it was a great buy!

    26. Magic Rainbow Elf

      if you ever need a pc controller, a dualshock 2 with the scp toolkit by nefarius is cheap and works perfect

    27. Bradley Noble

      0:02 Don't you think you're a little young to be on life support? 11:48 Oh never mind.

    28. Springy Coyle

      *"the back is a soap dish"* Great quote

    29. chaos0205

      My mom got me a madcatz GameCube controller when I was younger. It lasted a whopping 2 weeks before dying. The entire controller just stopped responding to any inputs and didn't even register on the console when plugged in.

    30. C Bros Entertainment

      Well tbh with the switch I’ve thought of third party controllers opposite then usual see many consoles have very good functioning or at least well built 1st party controllers but this is not the case for the switch...the joycons develop drift....and cost 50 dollars, the pro controller which costs 70 still has been known to drift so why waste money on a shitty product when you can get a shitty product for much cheaper?

    31. Mr. FlipFlop

      6:34 *or they take a Nintendo GameCube controller, take off the shell, and put their own GameCube controller shell on it*

    32. alex nobody

      eat your cereal

    33. Muckelchen

      I play with a Xbox One controller on my Switch.

    34. peepee nibba

      Wait wouldn’t the fan just blow out hot air from inside the controller

    35. Kyle Haney

      MadCatz made some good 3rd party Xbox controllers (OG Xbox). They had slim controllers with good grip and build quality (The Microcon) while Xbox was still only offering "The Duke".

    36. Eggswardon

      i really do love the 8bitdo controller you mentioned it’s really good for 2d games

    37. Jazzy uhh

      The worst problem with some of these is input lag ive experienced with a lot of them and drift :/

    38. Quet00

      Hey can you send the link for the mattress? I need one and I don't feel like spending more than $70.

    39. Fernando Production

      Can you do a video of the history of racing games(please)

    40. ninjamammoth63

      I acually kinda like the beboncool switch controller

    41. Nicky cky

      Everyone i knew as a kid had a spongebob ps2 controller And if they didnt then i No longer knew them!

    42. Butterscotch BAG -

      I had an off brand ps3 controller and had no idea it was identical other then the button symbols

    43. TheFalseKingslayer

      2:03 still have that exact ps2 controller to this day and it still works like new

    44. Thalanox

      Oddly enough, Mad Catz had a fantastic reputation for making great fighting game arcade sticks.

    45. Caroline reilly

      I got a pre-roll f from a guy reviewing third-party controllers for Mario, the US-new algorithm sometimes works creepily well

    46. Lwijysuepro

      So what’s a second party controller

    47. Luigi Games 22

      Here in Argentina we use to have our own MadCats named Noga on the ps2 now they only made "gamer" keyboards so they made normal keyboards with some LEDs but those shitty controllers are always in my heart...

    48. MikeyDaPineapple :D

      Does scuf count as a third party controller?

    49. Aiden Scovel

      I think the noise time started with was, and I quote:"hey y'all, time here!"

    50. Jessi Gutierrez

      Laughed when he said oh god sensor that!

    51. Mememan 420

      I have a mad catz rumble pack for the Dreamcast and it works pretty well lol

    52. LosAngeles822

      I really liked the power a "xbox" ps3 controller. The. Wireless one.

    53. Autism And Gaming

      Today, Scott's on life support bought to you by madcatz

    54. KaiKoBoXIe

      0:00 11:44

    55. How Do I Make A Username?

      I've had a MadCatz PS2 controller for years and has never failed me as often as the Sony ones do. Check and Mate, Wozniak.

    56. FintendoYT

      I’m happy I live in the uk so I don’t have to deal with these.. Ad: NINTENDO PRO CONTROLLER WIRED MARIO £25 Me: OH GOD NO

    57. The RoGus

      The Turbo Touch is to the gaming world what kit-cars and LCD displays were to the car scene in the 80s. Badass, futuristic and barely functional! Man i would love that controller. Would fit perfectly on the dashboard in my DeTomaso i built on top of a Yugo from Lego blocks... 80s Lego blocks.

    58. MR GATO GRIS

      How come you didn’t mention the hori pad mini for the N64.

    59. A Random Person

      Xbox controllers are only 20 dollars now

    60. Ashley

      When your nunchuck has a little bulgy-wulgy~ uwu

    61. Hero Draws

      The GameStop PS3 controller isn’t very durable. Either that or my sister squeezed the hell out of it, and both are viable options tbh

    62. 🅺ɪʀɪɢᴀʏᴀ

      _During my PS3 days, I had a third party controller because my original one broke, and actually, it wasn't so different from a first party one _*_(weight aside, as it was considerably lighter than an original controller),_*_ it did the job just as fine and matter of fact, I still own it to this day and it still works perfectly!_

    63. Rocky

      They have a controller on Amazon for 9 DOLLARS

    64. Stephen Raines

      I remember when I still had my wii, I had to buy a new controller and nunchuck so i went to game stop and got an official wii controller with the built in motion plus for $20 plus the nunchucks.

      1. Stephen Raines

        They were pre-owned of course but still

    65. Obloms

      Logitech wireless PS2 controller was indeed pretty awesome. Most of everything else is trash though (8bitdo is cool).

    66. Raine

      "the only madcats product i own legitematley without thinking twice about it being made by madcats was my gamecube memory card" me: wait a minute... that logo looks familiar..." *looks at my own gamecube memory card* "well ill be..."

    67. BattleWolves 2006

      4:45 Aye Mate! Is that a Boomerang 64? Yes.

    68. yash mandla

      I bought one of those third-party GameCube controllers a while back, it looks so right, but it just feels so wrong, the z button has a really loud click, the y button is taller than the a button, the triggers have way too much resistance,I can push down the whole D pad, and the c stick is super stiff

    69. Alex Piatt

      I have both an afterglow wii remote and a rock candy nunchuck. Afterglow works fine, but the rock candy nunchuck didn’t last a day before the extremely poor wiring failed. Wow, look at that, I can actually see what screwed up in my controller!

    70. RogueNote

      I’ve got a hyperkin n64 controller that is just a regular n64 controller with an analog stick that’s similar to a GameCube’s analog stick... so it’s a massive improvement in my opinion