Things you have been doing WRONG



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    Things you have been doing WRONG! What do you guys think of these "life hacks"? I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hiiiiii guyssss did u learn something

      1. ramen餅

        more like have YOU learned something?

      2. One Punch Man

        no but i enjoyed the video

      3. Melanie Dukes

        SSSniperWolf yes

      4. Cha-Ralle Fields

        You are so fine

      5. Allison- da cookie

        Btw on the cupcake part you don't have to cut it with a knife just put your fingers around half of the bread and twist it that is what I did in school on the last day of school ;-;

    2. margarita delay

      lol i use a spoon for Cheetos

    3. Lillian Hutt

      you don't cut the cupcake in half, all you do if pull it and it rips in half like perfect, and then you just put it on top and smush it a little

    4. Gacha Låññïï

      I've always used that strawberry straw thing it does take some practice to know what to do

    5. Another_Random_Person 1

      The dude who does the cupcake thing is duff Goldman

    6. Its_Divi_Here

      0:44 lia you may need a plaster for ur thumb

    7. Kitten Gaming

      I also like cold pizza

    8. carleyr 130

      5:40 wacha mean? I ALWAYS do that!

    9. hiba karaghuli

      I lovve the frosting I always eat it last on. my cupcake

    10. Aubrey Grycko


    11. Wanna Be Chef

      I actually do eat cupcakes like that but I just break off the bottom the best I can and mush it on top 😂 I also eat Oreos with a fork and it usually works really well

    12. Connor Millis

      I did the pistachios one a long time ago and it didnt work

    13. Angreyjaydeena oof

      I hate when the toilet paper is under I get so annoyed

    14. layla brooklyn

      this top of the scratch out says "cross this out"

    15. moosi2a

      Oooooor u can microwave the pizza

    16. gamer boy

      0:05 its show to much

    17. dixie chick

      I like my toilet paper to go over.

    18. WolfGoober5

      Me when I’m called out for how I hold a juice box. 😐.😑. Well..... SO WHAT IF IM DIFFERENT

    19. Gabriella Novak

      I don’t like frosting

    20. Gamer Troller

      I like it under just me?

    21. Riverdale Edits

      For the toilet paper idc I’m just using the restroom it’s not like a life death Thing

    22. Janyece Weaver

      Girl please nobody going in the kitchen and getting a knife you break the bottom with your bottom hand and hold the upper side of the cupcake with your upper hand and then you break the cupcake and then you put it on top I'm going to 4th grade and i m 9 year old

    23. mealo the otter

      I do the strawberry thing

    24. Kaci Spiker

      As a girl I have to say this politely since I'm not there to tell you my self. Your bra is showing. Just an fyi.

    25. Hania Jasnos

      I have messy hair too

    26. Delilah Perez

      what about the last pistachio

    27. Hitoshi Shinso

      0:24 I don’t really have nails so I just use my fingertips- it hurts but it works

    28. Savannah

      Girl you ain't gotta cut the cupcake in half I just rip the bottom off that bad boy and squish him on top, doesn't take longer than two seconds and minimal effort 😂

    29. iris Bremer

      Im allergic to cashews so i don't have to risk my nails

    30. Cat Surgeon

      What happens when the cupcake has filling?

    31. Mickayla K

      I love to have it over but if I really have to say I would say that 40% not over and 60% over

    32. moe and hanin

      Don't buy chopsticks if u don't know how to use them

    33. Kaeana Stewart

      7:48 thats what my dad does with ketchup at McDonald's but expands it all the way

    34. Patricia Sasser

      I knew the one about the ketchup one. Like if you did too.

    35. Morgan Jemison

      Cupcakes, little frosting....regular cake, hecka frosting.

    36. Agares Luna

      My mans eat cheetos with chopsticks and Im like you uncultured swine

    37. Gahca Kitty 1221

      SSSniperwolf you are the funniest youtuber I've every seen!🤣🤣🤣

    38. Gahca Kitty 1221

      I eat mah cup cakes with sooo much frosting!!!!

    39. Rohit Niroula

      You know i put my toilet paper vertical

    40. SuperJeffyLane I Like Plush Toys

      Lia I put more frosting on cupcakes

    41. Benjamin Webster

      Back then they used corn on the cob to wipe there butt

    42. fordalolsss gaming

      No frosting

    43. hoop life

      I call them but peases to can I get a like from you please

    44. Olivia Lizon

      Love your videos

    45. HANNAH RAY

      A lot of frosting

    46. queen D

      Over I always have it over

    47. 8 upopps


    48. Zayvion Games

      I went to the Beach yesterday too

    49. Cindy Ayala

      You know what I have been doing wrong: *Pistachio boxing.*

    50. Cha-Ralle Fields

      Like that sucking on the dust

    51. Cha-Ralle Fields

      Me to

    52. Natasha Santana

      I have to have it over no doubt no question about it

    53. Sebastian L

      I do the Oreo one

    54. Ciaramaya Mae

      You literally just rip the bottom off u don’t need a knife

    55. Charles Casab

      I do not mind cold pizza

    56. Brooke Szymanski

      One time at my brother’s graduation party me and my sister snuck in the laundry and ate the cupcakes and my sister ate a cupcake like a sandwich

    57. cassandra saucier

      Hey you should try a plan taco and put in icecream

    58. Lesley Buchanan

      when i have strawberries i just eat the stem too

    59. Dalena Nguyen

      When I have a cupcake I make a sandwich you have to rip it from the bottom

    60. Emily Peterson

      I learned that cold pizza is the best pizza, I absolutely LOVE cold pizza, It taste so good

    61. Nina The Gacha Girl !

      I like the cupcake whenever thair is barely any frosting

    62. Kayla Genest

      All my life I’ve been doing the cupcake

    63. xXDawnlightXx

      I do that with Apple sauce sometimes even tho I have spoon

    64. Maddog Maddy

      I do have it over lol I have to

    65. Marissa Vlogs

      my b day id dec 22

    66. Kai VS JoJo

      Over cause i ain’t leaning over

    67. Isabella Martinez

      Omg i AM the only kid that microwaves their cold pizza ;-;

    68. Minibear Bustos

      My fav part of Cheetos: LICK MY FINGERS!!!!

      1. Jazmyn Boyd

        Le spice mah dude

    69. Ethan Cow

      This is an edumacational video, ya learn somethin new every day

    70. RJ Alpacaparka

      Not parralel, but perpendicular to the ground.