There’s A Lion In My Car! | BEAST BUDDIES

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    TWO animal-loving brothers have welcomed an unconventional housemate into their home - an adult African Masai lion. Hamzah and Hassan Hussain, from Karachi in Pakistan have been raising the beast ever since he was just two weeks old. The brothers fondly call him Simba, after Disney’s hit animated movie The Lion King and started looking after the cub after his mum stopped feeding him. The brothers share an intimate bond with the 26-month-old lion and he is often seen accompanying them on their walks and even driving around Karachi in their CAR.
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Baby Monkey Pink


    2. Alexandra

      welp, we all know how Hassan is going to die

    3. Usman Javed

      Number of tamed pet lions are almost present in every city of Pakistan...... So Pakistanis love to have lions as pets

    4. aloha-rosy

      This a accident waiting to happen

    5. Shabbir Hussain

      Inshllah one day it teach you a lesson

    6. Shahzad Ali

      There's almost no cases of Lions attacking their owner in Pakistan but still everybody in comments seems to be a PUSSY,,,hundreds of people here pet them,,,,if a wild animal is taken care away with love and respect it will rather choose to starve to death than bitting his owner,,,,i think it have something to do with the western mindset or they don't care about these animals as much or maybe feed them bacon which is disasteres for anyone who eat it,,,,

    7. Shahzad Ali

      Grow up people,,, Why are you Guy's so scared of these animals,,,There are almost no cases of lions attacking their owners in Pakistan,,,,i think in western countries people who pet these kinds of animals don't like them as much,,,i know it's a wild animal but if pet properly a wild animal can starve to death but will not bite the owner

    8. Hero of the Wild

      This guy likes playing with death himself, huh?

    9. Jacques Perreault

      This is the the point wear the lion kills them

    10. Riddhima Jaiswal

      from where did uh bought this lion

    11. Riddhima Jaiswal


    12. An0nYm0uS

      He lives in Pakistan he lives 2 house's away frommmy house and roars every night

    13. Michaels 1111

      0:39 I watched so many times 🤣

    14. mehraj khan

      Jab aa nhi rha bolna toh kyu aaaaaa kraaa

    15. mymak2015


    16. Drippy Montana

      He’s not 6 months

    17. Nb namshum

      This could be dangerous in the upcoming years . He is just a baby right now . You need to put him down n send him to his og home which is jungle.

    18. solo traveller

      This one Asiatic lion or African lion

    19. Ashish Pant

      Kitna accha hoga jis din ye tum dono or tumhari family ko cheer faad k kha jayega..... Salo kutto show off k liye wild animals ko paaal k rakha gulam

    20. Zee Hussain

      I see all these negative comments, yet his lion is well fed and always groomed and loved

    21. Monica Jenkins

      He's beautiful this is amazing. I only hope you let him be a lion he can't be happy riding in cars

    22. Yahu Yahu

      He will never attack if he got a loving owner

    23. keralas keralavoice

      Is he still alive???

    24. Jim Taylor

      So badasss

    25. Matt Stiles


    26. aarvi sharma

      One day you will become his dinner. Because it is best not pet😏

    27. sai tejesh

      Is it legal to keep wild animals like lions as pets in Pakistan?

    28. Creed 007

      00:06 hahaa

    29. Praveen Kumar

      5 feet 250 kg beast doesnt know difference between human flesh and animal flesh , it takes one slap to finish the story , don't play with fire . even lion man kevin richardson too is very cautious when dealing with these predators , he warns others not to do like him . just skip one meal in a day and you see their real blood . please leave that to forest . they are born wild and destined to be royal and independant dont lock them between four walls .. dont make yourself fool by doing so ..

    30. gk hunk

      Rip in advance..

    31. taytay dews

      Reminds me of starboy film clip with panther

    32. Acharya Tanay Roy

      I need a lion pet too

    33. Josh Edwards

      Oh the lion is your baby. Ok. Until the day the lion realizes he a lion and eats you.

    34. Josh Edwards

      People in Dubai always have wild animals its crazy this lions don't eat them

    35. Akshay N

      I guess, soon you will have to get the cat fixed or else all the testosterone rushing within him will make him what he is "a lion".

    36. Anastasia’s Gaming

      People shouldn’t be owning wild animals.

    37. Sp_ SINGH01

      only reason i can say pakistan is love

    38. raman banger

      Mad men

    39. sushma p it even legal..😲

    40. IT

      Unpredictable creature 🤪

    41. meals by mikey

      Thts amazing!♥️

    42. Sleepy Cobra

      Human Face is so tiny compare to lion

    43. Ahad Amir

      Where can i get a cub from ...

    44. InstaMania

      So much hate I don't know if it's out of jealousy or you guys really care that much. I have had and still have stray cats as pet and I won't be shocked if the Lion stays with him for life without any issues. What people don't realize love can change anything. And about people saying wait till he grows more you need to understand with growth comes maturity kids/cubs/kittens are much more unpredictable and dangerous than a grown cat/lion.

    45. Ghost102 CP

      Lions need space to roam and be lions. When he starts feeling trapped, he’s going to lash out

    46. 12on12off -

      Until his balls drop

    47. Rodrigo Leme


    48. CJ

      It's fun to have a lion until you wake up without a head.

    49. Yona Bindu

      I wont to touch it and have a pic.

    50. Indio Raj

      How big is this farm that you have? Eventually you'll have to take him back to the farm to avoid you buying the farm.

    51. RITU BODUU

      Poor guy would get lynched for eating beef in India

    52. Harut Marut

      Was that mofo applying jel on that lions hair?

    53. somya Gupta

      English !!!!!!!!!

    54. ashwarya Gowda

      Wild animals dont like the silly human lifestyle, but ur lucky u got good lion.

      1. Bharath Kumar

        Silly human lifestyle...

    55. ammararauf345x

      1. Cats shouldnt be in the house in such small space they need to be out in a bigger enclosure .. 2. Dont feed him everyday because lions dont need to be fed everyday.. 3. This isnt a circus where you have him for everybody to come and vist. Lions will attack even if they have been around people most of there life.

    56. venkat varanasi

      Any wild animal should not be treated as a pet. They should be only in the forest not with the humans. Everyone has a their opinions this is mine.

    57. Dark Side

      should be illegal

    58. Jay

      That’s a WILD animal, all it takes is one moody day and that’s lunch.

    59. Mohsinhaider Ali

      Hope Modi Bhakts don't see this

    60. mahesh hegde

      Abeee this is not pet

    61. Ankush Sawhney

      Sher ko bi paltu bana ke rekho toh kutta ban jata he 😂

    62. Chaudhary Sb

      What will you do when he is high on testestoran? Not to mention he kills cubs that belongs to his very species.

    63. dutty red

      Who the hell is getting in the car with those two?

    64. Ananthu As

      Its better for you both the lion and the owner to rehabilitate him back to the wild. It's a powerful wild beast . Lions has the behaviour of attacking their own pride members when they get matured.

    65. Yash Jain

      When he dont know how to properly speak english uk he is from pakistan

    66. sarbik de

      This family is gonna become his food,hope nobody from the local area gets harmed coz of this idiot's acts

    67. Bhutia Lhasungpa


    68. awal net

      Is it leagal?

    69. Ahsan Hassan

      It's all fun and games until he gets angry.

    70. sultan mirza

      Dont feed him for 2 days then put your hand again in his mouth .... its not a pet its so dangerous keeping a lion at home.

      1. Just Izzy

        I know right