The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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    Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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    1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

      Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

      1. adancho

        @Pierre Jonquères of course once I manage to record the voice and edit the video

      2. adancho

        @lopassociate It's just a hobby but the idea is for everyone to watch these amazing videos in Spanish


        I want a video on light pollution!

      4. Pierre Jonquères

        Will you comment a link to the next video here ?

      5. lopassociate

        Could we build a planet from scratch. What’s required to do so?

    2. WhYsO SeRiOuSe

      War ia natural. arm up boys!

    3. Alpha 222

      What an absolute social unit

    4. Guilhemar Caixeta Filho


      1. alisuo toko

        Thank you

    5. 1,000,000 Subscriber Without A Video

      Is it me or he is one of the voice behind how its made? Love his voice very much tho

    6. Thugnificent

      In The Grim Dark Future of The 21st Century, There Is Only War...

      1. alisuo toko


    7. Doom's Way

      Can you do a video about "What does Reality really look like?"

    8. José Manuel Rico Hernández

      Awesome. Waiting for part 2...

    9. Simon And

      A colony: exists An agressive colony: exists Agressive colony: sees that ither colonies exist Agressive colony's strategy: rush b

    10. Emily Pearce

      can you make a video on what would happen if the amazon rainforest was to be burned down completely, and how we and the world would be affected? In reference to what's going on right now.

    11. felis catus jr

      When's the next video

    12. RastDuarte

      An episode with a hook to the next, I love it!

    13. Motalux

      So army ants are like a zerg rush.

    14. akhi dot cf

      Truly epic

    15. Roberto Poletti

      Non ci sono i sottotitoli in italiano

    16. omg pico

      Pls part 2

    17. Muhammad Talha Farooq

      Nice animation

    18. KeRen Tan

      "We found another species! let's name it..." * hits keyboard with forehand slice *

    19. KeRen Tan

      love the music!

    20. Jan Matyka


    21. Batuhan Kaluç

      Thank you

    22. Patrick Reynolds

      TIL ants are super racist.

    23. Topy

      This video about ANTS was so epic. I liked it so much I watched it till the very last second to extend watchtime

    24. Overlord Naitzxu

      3:52 This is the ant that didn't show up when they said "be there or be square."

    25. T Pranith Reddy

      That is called TEAM WORK

    26. ARX

      Да это жёстко)

    27. Вова Бондаренко

      Pls who is reading my comment could you give me a link for a German version. Have a good day!

    28. Pavan Rampersad

      They say videogames cause violence, but look at what these ants have teached us.

    29. Pavan Rampersad

      Antvengers, assemble!

      1. monika laosi

        give more please

    30. Won 119

      Does anyone know what Kurzgesagt means I think it’s German but it could also be a tricky scientific word

      1. Iceloki

        It means "short review"

    31. Jess Evangelista

      When will the next video about ants

    32. You Neck Gerrard

      Are they kissing? hahahaa

    33. 弐管理人


    34. Garmagic2yFhenrakh9

      Could you make a video about God of Chaos, said to pass nearby the earth in 10 years?

    35. Teacup

      And yet us humans squish them with ease

    36. Taki gacha

      Merci pour les sous-titre en Français.

    37. Corbin DeVries

      Could you expose the possibility that the universe isn't infinite but very big and by studing explosions in space could help us with the Big Bang

    38. Hunter Wilde

      I would watch 100 episodes of this. Just covering as many species of ants as possible.

    39. stylefieber

      Wow, what a great video. Thank you!

    40. Juan Lucas

      My God! Your channel is asome, full of knowledge and interesting things! Suscribed, you deserve millions more!

    41. Juan Lucas


    42. Adam S

      Awesome video. Thank you!

    43. Dhiraj Layo Magar

      Came from jaby koay channel

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      Interesting video!

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      Waiting for the next 1 keep it up bro💯💯

    47. Trashley

      Kurz could you do a video about the fire in the amazon rainforest? I feel like there isn't enough awareness and you are good at finding accurate information

    48. Orion434


    49. Dan GleeSack

      It’s a topic I don’t really care about. I just love kerzegsgt

    50. Chysko

      someone should make a game "War of the Ants" lmao.. .make your own colony, wage war against other ants that have specializations... and not those shitty mobile games that force you to pay to be even with other people..

    51. Tyranid Sid

      Me watching the ants fight : Awwww, they playing. The ants : No, we slaying.

    52. Pedro Palma

      Then you cant enter a colony because of a big head *Now that’s an Avengers level treat*

    53. Arya Vart

      Until a human steps on them and restarts the whole cyclw

    54. Asosa papa

      make a video about what happend if the amazonas dissaper because the fire

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      could u do a video about “white holes”?

    57. Vlad the Impaler

      If gravity could be unified with the other forces then what would that mean for us? As imperfect as our understanding of physics is many technologies and sciences have been developed from what little we know. So if we could enlarge our understanding by unifying gravity what exactly can we develop from that breakthrough? What machine, medicine, or chemistry could be possible if the unified field theory was complete?

    58. YouTube Stop

      And they say war was made by humans Pfft...

    59. Yetek

      Me: no good internet for a few weeks Kurzgesagt: THE WORLD WAR OF ANTS

    60. The Destroyer 007

      As an ant keeper, I really liked this video. Waiting for the Argentine ants video. 😉

      1. The Destroyer 007

        Yep! The megacolonies...

      2. Juan Lucas

        Linepithema Humile! 😋

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      Army ant: Let's attack this colony. WASTED

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      Seeing this video remind me of USSR beat the Germany at eastern fronts

    69. Munch, munch, delicious crunch

      This is why ants should never be given nuclear technology