The World's Ugliest Pets | TRULY

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    Picture perfect pugs, cutesy kittens and beautiful baby rabbits - the world is awash with adorable pets. But what about the ugly ones?! From cross-eyed Chihuahuas to hump-backed hamsters, animal lover Caroline Quentin has always had a soft spot for our fugly (fabulously-ugly!) furry friends. And now she’s off to the Mecca of mutt-ugly animals: The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California. Starting her journey in the UK, Caroline will meet some of the country’s ugliest pets, learning about their unique personalities and meeting each pet’s devoted and quirky owners, who’ll share how their unconventional animals have opened their hearts - and changed their lives.
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. pres d

      The one that one was the cutest one one there💀💀

    2. haley

      Those pets are ABSOLUTELY drop dead gorgeous. Except the tarantula. That one gave me nightmares

    3. Addt Drake

      They need to stop judging

    4. chauncygardner123

      Engaging video but difficult to hear the narrative over the music.

    5. Flipp Granit

      I had a albino rat once. They are so so so intelligent animals. LOVE them!

    6. Little Berry

      I thing that there all beautiful in their own way.

      1. Little Berry


    7. Mariah Kawaii LPS

      I can’t stand the way she’s saying things. “How could you like an animal like that?” Because, SUZIE! Not everyone loves corgis like you do

    8. Celine_equestrian 4408


    9. Ella’s Videos

      Do they have a ugly contest for humans to

    10. Kristen Wiese

      dont you dare call those beautiful animals ugly! god made them that way to be loved not to be called ugly!

    11. iixAngel

      No animal or living thing is ugly.

    12. steph

      If you're allergic to cats, you'll be allergic to hairless cats. The protein in the saliva is what people are allergic to. Some breeds produce a LITTLE bit less of the protein, but generally most people still won't be able to tolerate them. I was allergic, but forced myself to get used to it and over time I built up my immunity, which is probably what she did. Also, she'd get close to a spider and a snail but not a guinea pig or rat??? All of these animals are unique and precious but I have to say, Rhea was my favorite

    13. flaviu777

      The women in this video really find animals more appealing than English women

    14. SweetVkook

      These pets arent ugly, but cant say the same to you old women. Thats the reason your in the video 😂😂😂

    15. spook the k9

      She doesn’t like hairless animals because she’s hairy 😂

    16. Miriam Rivera

      Btw this video was very disturbing

    17. Equestrian Due Time

      They’re so ugly they’re cute

    18. woahitsmariana

      If they’re ugly well then the human race is also ugly.

    19. ok but like bts uwu

      they’re so precious and cute , how the hell are any animals “ugly”?

    20. ᴋɪᴀʀᴀ._. ᴡᴏʟғɪ

      They are not ugly dogs are dogs they have life too and feelings dont say they are ugly!

    21. Manic Beats

      Omg!!!muglys so cuteeeee!!!!!!

    22. Ahmd Esketit

      You guys really bent over them calling dogs ugly LMAO. go worry about actual world issues

    23. ladyandrea1985

      The black hairless Sphinx and Martha aren’t ugly at all! My cat is a mainecoon with a kitten face so of course he’s a cutie. I attended a dog fair while attending school for animals and Chinese crested have been PROVEN to be the worlds ugliest dog. In terms of animals for me it’s any form of rodent. To me a rat is simply an ugly pest. The tail is absolutely disgusting. Cats and dogs were bred to deal with rodents and still do today. They do us a favour as rats are riddled with diseases and are the worlds dirtiest animal. The cleanest? And google it as proof...hippos and pigs.

    24. Denise Gisselle

      Somehow she can hold a tarantula but not a rat 😂

    25. Tumblurx Msp

      Does no one this funny 😹😹😹😹

    26. Amina VLOGS

      u are mean and you arE DISGUSTING

    27. Dj Stalling

      "Not All Animals are drop dead Gorgeous" but all of them have beauty inside thats what makes them gorgeous not how they apear on the outside

    28. Ruby Neighbour

      Lmao she’s making conspiracies like “why do we like hairless pets, do we do it to make our pets look more like humans maybe that’s why we dress them up?”

    29. Shadow Blade

      Mugly looks so cute

    30. Big G

      Animals aren't ugly they're just beautiful in their own way

    31. Carletta Krause

      Nobody's ugliest because everybody's perfect the way they are

    32. BECCA BOMB10

      Why don’t u enter the competition

    33. stickyblood

      protect at ALL costs

    34. Popular Pugs

      All animals are precious! Fite me

    35. kaileygeez

      those rats are actually the cutest ever

    36. учебник русского языка

      Marfa is purebred (how I think) all her look is normal and there is nothing ugly in her. What's wrong with this world?

    37. учебник русского языка

      How can you call your pet "Ugly"? Pets can't be ugly, they can only be unique! Crazy people.

    38. RASHIDXGAMES النعيمي

      is not ugly is soo cute

    39. Elhussien Ehab

      well done

    40. abbagail Strange

      They are so cute and animal's

    41. TitaniaFlare

      CAN ANYONE IDENTIFY THE BREED!? Black and white dog at 38:23 the one that yawns! He looks exactly like one of my rescues and we are really curious to know what breed or mix of breeds he is, I have never seen a dog that looks like him :o

    42. Димитър Марков

      They are unique not ugly

    43. Eric Vasquez

      They are not ugly it rlly don’t matter what someone or an animal might look like they are all beautiful periodt

    44. dodger the pitbull

      Those animals are not ugly, there adorable. Why do people have to think everything looks the same the people calling pets ugly there ugly I seen American bullies that some people call ugly ad there adorable I don't know why people keep calling some pets ugly, especially dogs

      1. dodger the pitbull

        Oh and by the way I have a US-new channel of my dogs, dodger,jack max, and sometimes I put my cats on the vedio

    45. Shubham Kaushik

      *3:05* We all have one friend who has same beard😂😂

    46. Em S

      I feel so bad for the neopolitan mastiffs... Imagine if you had so much unnecessary additional skin that it would impair your sight it's just cruel. Breeders should be ashamed of themselves. This is where dog breeding has gone too far.

      1. jeremy smith

        So many dog breeds are an abomination

    47. Em S

      16:37 you shouldn't touch a snail with dry hands! You are imbalancing the pH on the snail's skin and taking off it's mucous coat and it hurts the snail. You should wet your hands before touching a snail!

    48. Peachy Mall

      It’s alright dont compare it to me though...I’m not ready to be roasted that hard ._.

    49. RogueK

      So many people getting angry at animals being called ugly, did none of you watch till the end??

    50. wolfie royal

      I don't get it they said ugly animals but all I see is ugly people I think there been a mix up 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    51. wolfie royal

      She's calling them ugly but has she seen herself I would of ran away from her if I was the animal

    52. DaniiHawaii

      Why add in licking sounds

    53. Isabella Perkins

      They are cute not ugly . why would you say that?

      1. wolfie royal

        Because they been called ugly so they have to take it out on animals because there superior and the animals can't do anything back

    54. Minnie

      I hate this video!!! The people who liked this video were prob watching it upside down! This is a disgrace!

    55. Derek

      Thats so bogus. Martha isnt even ugly. Also, (almost) everyone in this comment section is dumb. Not being "traditionally cute" is being "traditionally ugly." These dogs, for the most part, are ugly. There isn't anything wrong with that, as this video BLATANTLY shows. This is just a tangent, but people, especially in this comment section, need to learn the difference between they're and their.

    56. Kaya Probst

      The people who think these animals are ugly are incredibly rude these animals are all precious no matter what. I have no idea why they have a competition of ugliness I feel sick 🤒.

    57. Kate Lamb

      So sweet💘

    58. danshifackao

      the audio in this one is wild lmao the music is way too loud

    59. yung jose

      Disliked for calling them ugly

    60. william chilcote

      They are all good boys Brent.

    61. 5k,Subs,without,videos

      Their cute not ugly the only ugly animal here is that old hag

    62. Samurai Levi

      They’re not ugly to their mums...

    63. alderbunny

      all hairless animals are the best imo. esp the rodents!! this lady is so rude :/

      1. ivyshaolin

        alderbunny i think she just doesn’t like rodents, in general.


      There are no ugly pets only ugly people

      1. Samurai Levi

        UMBRELLA CORP. Well said. Hows Wesker and Redfield?

    65. Sindi Holman

      R.I.P. Rhea

    66. Cats Furrrever

      Love em all !! 😻😻😻😻

    67. Space Goblin

      Before I read the title I looked at the thumbnail and thought “that’s a pretty dog” So many of the “ugly” dogs I genuinely thought were cute.

    68. ツ停止玩我的頭

      I dont see any ugly animals lol.

    69. emma Plays

      Their not ugly! Their amazing and beautiful would you like someone calling you ugly would you like that?No!! It’s sad you will hurt it’s .feelings pets have feelings to like us! Don’t judge them just because they look weird don’t judge them be nice I think those pets are beautiful!!! Be kind and don’t judge them be kind to them every pet is beautiful!!!