The World's Longest Drink Waterfall? • This Could Be Awesome #1



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    We tried #TheTipsterChallenge from the top of our roof! Can we pull this off on our first try?
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    The only requirement for this challenge is to get the drink from the roof to the barrel on the ground, using nothing but The Tipster! How do you think the crew did on their first This Could Be Awesome video challenge from Jamie?
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Vat19

      How many cups could you connect with the Tipster? See some of our other challenge videos below!

      1. Golden Unicorn

        Vat19, I have one question... can I work here?!

      2. Basculinz

        @I hate you more than I hate myself your channel name is wrong its 'than' not 'then". Look up both words if you think im wrong

      3. I hate you more than I hate myself

        It’s amazing how much thought y’all put into this

    2. Rings

      dude it comes in a mesh bag? ill use that for my camp dishes and screw around with the tool

    3. Baghetti Spolognese

      3:43 Didn‘t he put orange juice in the cup ? Looks like water to Me

    4. Nouf Darwish

      They are very smart 😂😂😂smarter than me

    5. Deniz Erem

      whats the song?

    6. Blue

      This is so white i love it

    7. Riley Engstrom

      In going to buy snowball relaxer

    8. Emmily Gingue

      Roof beer

    9. Stella Koali

      Root beer? More like... ROOF beer 😂😅❤️

    10. MUCKRACUN Anonymous

      Bro alcoholics are triggered rtn

    11. troll4days

      See guys math is useful

    12. Abhi Gamer was taken

      c u p p

    13. Jaxon Dean

      You could say you got drinks on the house

    14. Project Clean

      that's 11 gallons jeez

    15. Dude Decent

      At 5:58 I think John had a cigarette or something In his mouth

    16. fadedsmile

      why didn't you guys put the cups in while you were attaching those things together

    17. Pinetree JR

      The music reminds me of Sam and Colby lol


      oddly enough I follow Brian Barcyzk also the creator of the tipster.

    19. ThorAndrew

      I just realized that this was uploaded on my birthday.

    20. Katakalysmic

      How does one get a job at vat 19?

    21. Rena’s Life

      They lost me at math

    22. Ayrick J

      I challenge you kill the elder dragon with a wooden sword in Minecraft Edit:ender*

    23. Landon Marriott

      What is that song at 6:06


      at the end: 10:32 the machine sounds like the song Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

    25. Lslice

      Just drink 6 jager bombs at once

    26. Rhonda Case

      :D. Um what?? 100 cups 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️😊

    27. Netballer

      I bet someone liked this.

    28. Mcsandw1ch

      Vat19, the only place were you get paid to drink alcohol.

    29. Fish, Game, And My Hobbies

      The beer is on the (ware) house.

    30. Andrew Hill

      Gosh no wonder their so stupid their always drinking champagne and beer and crap like that gosh their dumb idiots

    31. Ntxoo Thoj

      Who drinks water hoes?

    32. ItzSunnix _

      Working at vat19 puts 7th and 8th grade math to use

    33. Mung Daal

      I wish I was Joey at 6:58

    34. rocco cristallo


    35. TwinShocker _The_Swordsman

      That sounded like a frickin gun shot

    36. Rebekah Leander

      Go cardinals

    37. Santino Sanchez

      They played Sam and Colby intro song in the middle of the video

    38. Rigel Insular

      i love you kara eat mypennis

      1. Rigel Insular


    39. Jack Williams

      Vat19: A very successful business Also Vat19: Let's make a liquid zipline

    40. brawl site

      Was i the only one that heard the beat for the pi song as background music.

    41. Kayllamma Makee

      3:56 Did anyone else here Danny say “I’m gonna go to the hardware store and see if I can’t find the ...”

    42. Ethan Huang

      Why did the thumbnail look like a gun for me

    43. 360 Gamer

      Stupid chanle

    44. Melissa Barnes

      U guys have cracked the hippocampus and use 100% of ur brains to create fun ads and giant cereal

    45. Crazy Dayz

      “If this doesn’t work we’ve got a keg, and a boss who’s not here.” -Jon


      Bud light lime is liquid ass

    47. Giraffe Animations

      Hahaha 6.9 million subs

    48. NyteBlayde 904

      Has to be the best job to ever exist...

    49. GrungeLemon

      Adam: while you were all making a cup fountain I was taking pics for instagram

    50. Autumn Johnson

      1:21 this is the only time that ive seen people use trig in real life😂

    51. Kim sisters

      Adam has the same glasses my sis has

    52. T S

      Why didnt they put the cups in first?

    53. tony cee

      Your thing could work better if you don’t have it leveled it right, you see your cups worked better when you were able to hold them in a line that matched where you would be drinking, your guys sorta transformed into a U.

    54. Strainger DANGER

      I just have to say Joey is my favorite person

    55. Epic Fifi

      For some reason the word HIPOTNUSE gets on my nerves

    56. comp lexity

      My question was how drunk where they gonna get

    57. PellowKityAt

      I just got a turkey dance ad 😓 really weird but I had to watch it it was too interesting 🤣 Elisabeth wykert ad

    58. Plasticgamerkid YT

      This makes me want a beer fountain... even though I can't drink beer.

    59. Ryan Johnson

      I ship it

    60. ABC. slurpy

      How they use alot of plastic cups are unbelievable... save the environment 😔

    61. Aden Yu

      Adam looks weird without glasses

    62. Gwaunch

      Anyone know the song at 5:20?

    63. Dilly Mackey


    64. Zachary Johnson

      3:31 💥

    65. XXX expanio XXX

      RiCe KrIspIes Big shaq - 2017

    66. Butterscotchtrap

      I wish I was high on pot n noose 😂

    67. Jr Pueyo-Morales

      Should have putted the cups as you assemble the tipster... But it's too late now, ain't it.

    68. snokkfam

      Hey just to tell yo I think you were just drinking water

    69. Nexus FX

      This isn’t a challenge! This is getting drunk at work!

    70. Giovanni Dorsey

      3:56 see if we can’t