The Wild World of Inuit Folklore

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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Jonah Braun

      Hey Sam just wanted to say that your content is great and I hope you keep at it man. Best of luck from Jonah

    2. Shadow Killer

      Teacher: what is your favorite holiday Student: oh the annual bladder fest

    3. Ellie Tyson

      Ever since I watched this video, I’ve never looked at the Moon and Sun the same way...

    4. sam johnson

      Can I get an f in the chat for my fellow Delaware folk

    5. Bakugou’s Tiddies

      “Go ahead, eat my disembodied quivering titties”

    6. emarskineel

      Lore as valid as any other religion

    7. Srah Lisabeth


    8. Freddy Centrella

      Do a video on Rube Waldell

    9. Pagan gods

      Havent heard that intro in a long time, glad i was able to hear it again

    10. BP PrettyTreeYT

      Hey SamONella, can you do “non famous scientists to prove they were right all along” in the next video?

    11. Soft Potato

      I love how he teaches me more about history than my actual history teacher

    12. Everybody 48

      Oh my god only 15% of your fan base is female? I mean I know people lie about that stuff but I’m a legendary

    13. Sucker_punch3

      samonella? like the uncooked chicken disease?

    14. Precog FaKe0utFlash


    15. Tropicana

      (Hi I know you won't probably read this comment but you are) Can you do research on the lost boys of Sudan and make a video out of it thx for reading this

    16. chding zuure

      Sun if she hadn’t lopped dim off: ummm my eyes are up... aaand he’s blind, ha that’s what you get for looking at ( • ) ( • )

    17. Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter

      Hey, I know about Sedna from Containment

    18. Rowan Balfour

      Is Sam o’nella permanently sponsored by skill share

    19. Lysander .O.C.

      Sedna mode

      1. chding zuure

        Slicin' and dicin' them teetas ... Just chilling maxin' and relaxin all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school

    20. Tophat & Mustache

      “WHaT’s A NiGga GoTta Do tO GeT SuM EEL DIC-“ Salmonella

    21. PizzaManLufi

      Oh so its not just some random scp

    22. Golden penguin 123

      Here Eat them 😂🤣

    23. Golden penguin 123

      I love your videos so much you are hilarious

    24. ProbablyNotZack

      sam could make a good video on the waco texas massacre

    25. Madeline Peyton

      When you learn your icon is three years older than you....

    26. Madeline Peyton

      Well. I've officially watched all your videos now. Time to go... do... something i guess. Any recommendations? Specifically fun channels to watch?

    27. Tobin Kistler

      Sam should do a video on Warhammer 40k lore

    28. George Moore

      Wait you’re from Delaware! I live in Delaware!

    29. Anjounet Leavell

      Do you have merch?

    30. Anjounet Leavell

      What the fuck did I just listen to! Omg! People are fucking crazy 😂

    31. The Paisley Swan

      Dude posts one video and dips

    32. Soviet Russian


    33. Tunnel Rat

      Sam o nella is technoblade


      Slicin' and dicin' them teetas ... Just chilling maxin' and relaxin all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school

    35. Ak. 3x

      What's his theme

    36. pastell dia

      waitwaitwait if i heard him right, sam o’nella lives in delaware, which hypothetically means that i could’ve seen him once in my life and never noticed it.

    37. Ryder Balay

      Imagine this guys search history

    38. That one violinist

      Yo. Mozart. An absolute musical genius who was pretty much neurotic. Pulled some crazy stuff. Definitely "special" in more ways than one. Thought it might interest you.

    39. Starboard Lines

      uncultured swines: eat my shorts me, an intellectual: *eat my disembodied quivering titties*

    40. Mistery Bacon -_-

      I just noticed how salmonella looks like a roblox character

    41. Foop The Hoop

      That’s how the sun and moon was made **in the drawing the sun is on it as they were children**

    42. ThePopeyesMaster

      I like these 😆💪🏾

    43. Corpus Gaming

      Lets get 69 likes

    44. DIO Brando

      I just love these videos

    45. Maria Pinzon


    46. G TI888

      You live in DE?

    47. The Iron Gopnik

      “HONEY! Why does our baby boy have dark skin? We’re both fair skinned! What have you got to say for yourself woman!?” “Uhhhh, I drank directly out of a soup bowl.” Seems legit

    48. Jorden Lyall

      Man, I am an Inuit person... so many other bits of folklore you could have pulled from! Like Mahaha the demon who kills you by tickling you.

      1. Jorden Lyall

        Also if you wanted to do a fallow up to this video I’d be happy to help with your info

    49. Melvin Merkelhopper

      You should really do more on Icelandic folklore. I want a Yule Lads and other Icelandic things part two!

    50. miki0778

      What? Salmonella?

    51. Deuxor Cl

      Wait What was that ending? It spooked me

    52. roouit patan

      I feel bad for the Inuit parents that have to answer the question where did the sun come from to there children

    53. Mystical Spoon

      Always wondered why the son didn’t have tits

    54. John Jones

      "iLl FuCkIn dO It aGaIN"

    55. Groovy

      Inb4 angry twitter arrives

      1. roouit patan

        As an inupiaq could you teach me about the folklore

    56. The Legate MC

      4:20 is the best part lol

    57. Anton Körs

      Yo do a vid on why eating raw chicken is unhealthy

    58. Nonya Business


    59. Aaron Wernz

      Just watched all your videos and learned almost nothing, but was thoroughly entertained. Thanks.

    60. Jason Miller

      Too bad they got nothing about Inuit pies

    61. Erik Anderson

      Ay Sam you go to UD?

    62. Pink Lord

      Face reveal at 2 mil

    63. Dave Moss

      Holy shit, you are from Delaware!?!?!

    64. Bill_Mac

      Wait is he a fellow Delawarean? Is there actually a successful Delawarean?

    65. Pyrodamix


    66. TobleRune

      Man, you we’re very accurate, extreme respect to that ❤️

    67. Craig HAGENBRUCH

      *next night goes back in and I'll fucking do it again*

    68. tree the traveller

      This was too funny. But listen, in South India folklore, there is mention of a similiar incident. The upper caste(india has caste system, sadly) levied tax upon the lower caste women if they covered their breasts in ancient India. So this one woman didn't pay tax and covered her breasts like any decent human has the right to. And the upper caste lord sent his goons to teach the woman a lesson. She came out of her house and cut her breasts and threw them at the lord saying you keep them i aint paying no tax tho. And she soon died of blood loss but she's revered as one of the first voices of women's rights in india.

    69. chlorine-l

      You ever noticed every thumbnail it’s the same drawing of him and he’s standing in the same place

    70. Alex Franklin

      As an inupiaq could you teach me about the folklore