The Universal S



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    People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.


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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Gato Lector

      Congratulations, you’ve become the triggering of tonight’s existential crisis

    2. Hafiz Aksana

      The big bang was probably the "S".

    3. HypnoCriticalz

      7:00 Boy, that makes my brain a mobius strip

    4. A-Surfin-Bird

      If you wondered what the game in the intro was it’s called Kingspray graffiti (vr only)

    5. ornge juce

      for whatever reason, i thought it was to represent the nc state university logo. i see now that its a bit different

    6. Gaming with Adi

      Just let me know ???? Or just LEmme no

    7. Juicy_Shitposts

      anybody still occasionally look up this channel by typing "top 10 memes" into yt search?

    8. mjgarrett9885ify

      My friend learned it in his art class and he taught it to me . I thought it came about from the snake . but someone told me a puzzle where the rolls or line's is Roman columns and you need to make a seal or build the roman colosseum using as many lines you want but the lines must be made in the same facing way . Also only two ways of drawing the line's . Confusing but that's what i was told i thought it didn't make sense but some how after he should it to me it made a little sense . I realy don't remember the the story or puzzle riddle , but it was something like what I've written above . I think is has to do with the pillars of Roman in architecture design of the colosseum and With the snake in the garden of Eden but not really positive .

    9. Kamyar Mazareei

      i remember this as 2 question marks eating each other

    10. offensive-

      so where did it come from?

    11. Asterisk

      just the logo of the universe nothing special here

    12. Vali Koest7

      7:50 my brother and I always extended this symbol vertically,

    13. BoredInIraq

      Hey what keyboard is that??

    14. GameGodZERO

      I'm not saying it's either aliens, or the illuminati... But it's totally aliens or the illuminati

    15. Greg Elizondo

      It’s funny, I always thought if this as the Stussy S but I’ve seen it around quite a bit ha knob the day. The weirder thing I was thinking of the origin like 3 or 4 days ago. It’s almost like it’s ingrained in our DNA.

    16. Schattenstolz

      I always thought it was a gangster style dollar sign

    17. Chief Somar

      Is it called stussy?

    18. Bluey


    19. Apoapsis Periapsis

      me to be the first person on mars: S: time to ruin this person's whole career

    20. Isaac Pastore

      I called it in elementary school the “savage s” XD

    21. Mr.BananaMan

      A: spartans. In Michigan

    22. Arthur123

      well 2019 and im still drawing the Kool S

    23. Muse

      I just want to point out that only you could have had the time and patience to create it. lol

    24. Bluey


    25. Chris Kokolios

      It is from Stanford university

    26. Jotaro Kujo

      In my country "Philippines" we called it "Tribal S"

    27. Nicolas Blazquez

      My school does a thinner S

    28. Jude Plummer

      shut up please

    29. MadHatter YT

      for some reason we called it the Steelers s. i never knew why. the first time i saw the Steelers logo i was like "wait wasnt it the s thing"

    30. Santiago Fernández

      4:33 in the bottom center u can read ''SpongeBob''. Nice detail man :v

    31. sean hobbart

      bruh thought my mom invented it

    32. Billy BoB

      Am i the only one who thinks it means Swag

    33. Ella S

      So... was I the only one who called it "hip-hop S" 😳🤪

    34. iCR Slayer

      Madman across the water album cover by Elton John 1971?

    35. The Aryan Empire

      I remember when we called it Superman s. I saw it as a dollar sign

    36. ThiccMcMustard

      what if the universal S is actually the answer for life the universe and everything and we just found it

    37. toilette pepper

      how can this guy make a documentary about a thing I draw when I'm bored in class

    38. Donkomatik

      you can hear the elevated caffeine levels in his voice

    39. Smlfan jeffy 357

      I thought it stand for super sexy furries 😹

    40. Dat1FnafGurl YT

      Every kid in my class said that was the "Chinese S" I, the only asian kid knew it wasn't true

    41. plus

      I've seen this in carvings, sometimes symbolizing a chain. This should be at least a few hundred years old

    42. LoL loL90

      Nämen va fan you actually did it

    43. Tristan Anatoliy

      At 11.00 theres strawhat pirates, sans, papyrus and others

    44. Arguinghen JIP

      The universal S is sorta like the rumour your friend starts who got it from his brother who got it from his cousin and his cousin got it from his teacher and etc etc.

    45. a lonely taco

      girl from greece here, when he mentioned the s being in the word smile with a palmtree as the letter L IT TOOK ME WAY BACK DUDE

    46. Andrés De la Oliva Guzmán

      I'm amazed he didn't touch the fact that humans are born to create symbols out of nothing because of their predisposition to patterns...

    47. yhbdanik

      never heard of it before watching this vid .

    48. Galaxy guy

      4:33 bruh did I miss an episode where spongebob became a gangster?

    49. Kane DidWhat

      Someone in my math class in graved this logo into the desk

    50. C0c0 n4tt

      10:52 THE GOD

    51. Adventure Fighter

      Maybe its just something we thought is cool, *no* story behind it

    52. Alex Choucair

      who miss the top 10 facts? likeee

    53. The BlackCat

      Even Aliens know this Symbol

    54. Jafezy JD

      11:47 isn't guy from Buzzfeed unsolved?

    55. Ricky Ricardo

      that s is actually just what god looks like nbd

    56. Eily Sheehan

      My school referred to it as the graffiti S

    57. Blaze

      5:31 what about the countries which has nothing to do with The S because of no english exposure or no use of roman alphabets, i am talking about japan, korea, china, or mainly countries with different writing systems.

    58. JoshuaXD

      Call me miSter worldwide

    59. Ash Heaven

      XD I thought this was going to be a troll. I love the sarcasm, though.

    60. Rosa

      People used to tell me it was super smash bros I’m from Australia

    61. ihateusernames

      I thought stussy was pronounced sta-see

    62. ihateusernames

      I thought stussy was pronounced sta-see

    63. ihateusernames

      We all called it the Chinese s and said it was a gang symbol at my school

    64. Sebastian Marquez

      -Everyone: The Universal S -Me, a retard: The Universal 🅱️

    65. Chiatastic

      This video was hilarious ahaha

    66. Two Wheel Motoring

      this video is brought to you by the letter "S" and the number "8" ah ah ah ah

    67. (Insert Name Here)

      bruh i drew this symbol 10 years ago along with my classmates at school and we completely forgot about it 'till i watched this video. I'm from Egypt.

    68. Brawlhalla Isaiah

      Like 3 of my friends practically worship this We’re in middle school.

    69. HMS Africa

      ah yes, the doogie s

    70. kawaiiDango

      I used to draw that too, just because my friend showed it to me, but he used to draw 4 lines and then curve the ends instead of making it pointy.