The Universal S



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    People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.


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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Frances Bacon

      I thought it was the superman symbol and my knew what it actually was and i got in trouble

    2. name's Zeus

      At school i was always told it was a gang symbol

    3. Dallas

      i drew this on the berlin wall before it fell

    4. goldybold

      yes I know the sun isn’t jello 🙃

    5. thedogefogx420 thedogefox420

      In my elementary school in Germany we Used It on Sheets in Papier and Made our own Money with It You could Trade one piece of paper with this on It against one yu gi oh card until some Kid that 'sold' The cards realized how stupid It was

    6. Adam Coppola

      Thank you for your time and effort in making this video. When I was in 5th grade (maybe like 1999 or 2000) I had a notebook with a different styled Universal S on each page as a character like a jester or an animal. Thank you for just about solving one of the world's greatest mysteries.

    7. Tyler Hayes

      Imagine going to Area 51 and seeing this on a door. And everybody looses it

    8. Polar Panda

      It doesn't look like anything to me.

    9. cwjalex

      Alien: "On our planet it means 'hope' " Earthling: "well, here it's an 'S' "

    10. John von Shepard

      It's not a S it stand for Hope.

    11. Nick McDonald

      Its the way that every student draws the block letter S. Ask someone to draw the letter S in block letters and I bet that's the symbol you will get %60 of the time even if they've never seen the symbol before.

    12. julian Eickelpasch

      What kind of keyboard is that?

    13. John A

      Overreaching looking for a mystery where none exists! Latest fad in US-new for click-baiting

    14. mrJonnyH1

      I all ways through that it had something to do with gangs or was that gust gta

    15. Asherii B Dragon

      naw thats a school s

    16. Jish

      Omg I was never able to properly draw these 🤣. I know it as the Superman s. It was a thing in like 2nd grade. Also this was SOOO interesting 👍

    17. Killer Raspberry

      I thought it was a The Ohio State University thing, that’s what I thought when I was in elementary school, that may just be because I live in Ohio.

    18. Mystical Moonstone

      its wayyy old, like kids in the 1700's made it too.

    19. Clint Richardson


    20. Brendan Kolehmainen

      Great video man, keep up the good work!

    21. HardlyFocused

      Say your intro of someone saying "just let me know" wouldn't happen to be Commander Sisko from the House Of Quark episode from Star Trek Deep Space Nine saying that to Chief O'Brian would it?

    22. Eugene Balfour

      I saw in one of Hitler's concepts for the Nazi symbol Edit: actually nevermind I checked it again and it was the lightning bolt rune S, not this one

    23. duder


    24. Bambega

      I think i've seen this symbol being drawn in school checkered notebooks

    25. DashedLength

      If i could i would smash your intro

    26. Reset_

      Remember the universal greeting from that one transformers movie? This is the real world application of that.

    27. Julieta Martinez

      Quality content

    28. ChrisGaming

      /\ / \ \ | | | | \ \ / \/

    29. RyGuy

      Cool S?

    30. Agam Kohli

      wow this was the best youtube video i’ve seen in a while! very well done!

    31. Dutch Van Der Linde

      I remember drawing this in 1899.

    32. Mark Soyka

      You’re a funny man

    33. Khaos KhaosKhaos

      My primary school decided to call it the secret S and I thought that was the dumbest shite I heard.

    34. Nugget Ő Ő F

      Could you make a documentary about the world wars?

    35. Renan gameex

      brasileiro é a coisa mais rara neste vídeo

    36. Taylor Brooke

      The penguins in Antarctica though :p

    37. Redwolf 319

      4:46 that comment that says they couldn’t draw it, I’m glad I’m not the only one 😂 no one would teach me!

    38. That 1 Guy

      what keyboard is that

    39. FF~CFG

      I'm impressed by everything you found, but after watching all 18:52 of this I'm dissatisfied with not knowing what the origin is. But I'm not insane and I know I couldn't do half I'd what you did lol great job

    40. Lambros25

      Here in greece we had a tv channel with the name smile written that way, and that's how most of us know the "universal s" I am refering to: 7:45 / \ | | | \ \ | | | \/ I tried

    41. legotroop

      5:00 this is like the Kronos unveiled scene from the Incredibles

    42. Anti communist

      huh weird I thought my older brother came up with it.

    43. ZicodaExodus

      What was the suspensful music during when the worldwide data was shown?

    44. Optillistic

      Literally it's just to tag like clown homie letters the homies from all around the world taought kids how to tag and so on it spread it some gangsta shit welcome GANG!

    45. Nathan Schied

      I heard somewhere that it was just the superman logo

    46. Giovanni Sierra-Moeller

      What the hell no one ever called it the figure s?

    47. Sean Rickerd

      Awesome video! Thanks!

    48. Marty McFly

      Not watching. Sussy. Goodbye.

    49. Dre Wolfshire

      Out of all those names there are none in my childhood called: The Super S

    50. Landen Mejia

      Haha nice

    51. moyee 64

      I called it the Cool S or maybe the devil s

    52. etaxalo

      No idea where it came from but we used to draw the chain version seen at 7:50

    53. Vincer

      its not just meme... there are way too many universal symbols- and they all can be explained by one simple thing, the one thing they all share in common: the human mind. Theres the patterns all of our brains evolved to notice, then only so many ways the brain can work with and fuss around with then- the most obvious ones become common ocurring ones. one doesn't need to have been exposed unconsciously to this s to come up with it in some bored doodling afternoon. Besides anyone who plays around with stylizing type or geometrical logos have a way higher chance of drawing it- and not just it, many many others. The S may be a bit more common as a meme in graffiti formed, but outside of that its on par with other common symbols to come up with.

    54. calebsone1

      I remember having this on my notebook in like 4 grade in the earlier 90's. when she was in school and my mom said she saw it in 60's

    55. Canadian Bacon

      Quality content as always

    56. Keenan Chitrin

      what keyboard is that?

    57. Alexis Harper

      In the midwestern United States, we called it the “Superman S,” even though clearly that wasn’t the S on Superman’s suit, but some kids even said that it came from one of Superman’s old suits. I learned years later that that wasn’t it.

    58. Alfredo Vazquez

      ehm. I know this doesn't have anything with the video, but what keyboard are you using? it looks slick. thanks.

    59. Wes Talmadge

      i saw that symbol made of particles during the big bang

    60. Yosyp

      This Universal S was clueless to me... until I saw the rope. I used to play around those quite a lot when I was a child.

    61. Kaizykat

      Thank you for taking us on this journey!

    62. berta112ify

      Holy carp. Check out the 1533 painting “the Ambassador”

    63. GodTheChaoticEvil Narcissist

      give a person a pen, some paper and a pen and nothing to do and they will probably invent this symbol if they don't know it already. this also how most people came across it. no special origin needed.

    64. Just How?

      Its satanic

    65. Kizue

      In primary school we called it the "Super S" and that's what it's always meant to me

    66. Drunkrobot

      1:59 When you try to find out if that weird thing you like beating it to has a term and community around it.

    67. Magimight

      I don't need sleep. I NEED ANSWERS

    68. Rafael Tavares

      Brazilians also draw these things too

    69. Chatian

      we had it in myanmar too lmao

    70. Nathan Straley

      thank you