THE TRUTH ABOUT My PUFFER FISH... why it has insane teeth



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    Today I give you an in depth care guide to the Green Spotted Pufferfish. Puffers are pretty hearty but require some basic care that need to be addressed. These replaced my Piranhas and I have really enjoyed learning and caring for them!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Mark McCall

      10pm: I should get some sleep 2am me: I need to know about these fish teeth

    2. moody fish

      I just bought a aquarium. Im starting with some neon fish.

      1. Cass Chapman

        Are you getting neon terras if you do their super delicate if something even horse wrong for a few minutes their gonna die Thais are not hardy fish at alll

    3. RR TV

      Can 1 puffer fish fits on 2.5gallons?

      1. RR TV

        @A Average Human being can i put a flowerhorn and bichirs in 35gals?

      2. A Average Human being

        RR TV Definitely not lol

    4. Felicia Smith

      I love that he talks to his fish, I do the same too with mine 💞

    5. Johann Salazar

      Would it be safe if I kept my green spotted puffers in a salinity of 1.022?

    6. Vader Whoop

      I had a 240 litre tank with three of these puffers and one of them bit out a section of one of the vertical silicone seal corners of the tank near the bottom and caused a massive leak, virtually emptying the tank. So.... I'd recommend finding some way to guard the vertical tank seams to prevent this happening.

    7. Theresa T

      cool video dude! I have two Figure 8 puffers in a 37 gallon tank and they are my babies! I wish my boys would eat more hard food though like your green spotted boys. I have to trim their beaks every now and then. lol

    8. Dank Mem’s


    9. Harley Me

      well least its not Fugu

    10. Owen C

      Would a 20 gallon with 2 be ok? Im new to brackish and I don't know if the inch per gallon applies

      1. Sunset Beach Ballers Reece

        Not a chance for two of these for a 20. I don’t even think one can fit once it’s full grown. I recommend 30 for 1 and 40 to 50 for two.

    11. CJ Blom

      Puffing in the air will almost certainly kill them "no" it's a defense mechanism it won't be if it kills it bro Sure it might float for a while but mine have always puffed out the air

    12. john keizer Rionda

      They are so yummy in Japan 😁 Love the Puffer sashimi 😍

      1. john maverick co

        Hope you eat the most poisonous fish in the world Edit:itt was fugu fish

    13. jesus ruiz

      Is it me or does he sound like mopi from 2 hype?😭

    14. Angelfish Of Texas 🐠

      Also leave the shell in the tank. They can nibble on them plus shells add to the water as well.

    15. Paige Moor

      I felt horrible when I lost my puffers. 😩 Always cycle your tank for at least a week, folks.

      1. Joanna Kowski

        4-6 weeks , unless you have a used filter

    16. Paige Moor

      Soooo I’m just gonna be brutally honest and let you know that this happens to all pufferfish- if you don’t feed them the correct diet (especially hard shells), this is going to happen and result in death. I would either introduce permanent snails to the tank or at least set up a separate snail tank for breeding because they need this constantly.

    17. marissa maxwell

      Can you come visit me. I have a crush on you 🥺 I’ll pay for the date. Let me take you out to eat.

    18. Melody Heartstone

      Wait are you from Wisconsin?

    19. Magic Unicorn

      I want to but I just like watching US-new videos that because

    20. WolfGirl Lynx123

      My pufferfish kept biting my gold fish tails and they where all like panicking and making a mess, so they kinda died cause my gold fishes had enough and just smacked it with its large tail.😹 #GottaLoveMyGoldFish

    21. Rupam Haldankar

      Bro just change that yellow( it looks like the water is dirty) led light

    22. Cody Plant

      Do you ever feed yours nerite snails?

    23. 侠帝皇

      “Ronald leave them alone” 3 dogs running around

    24. Luz Lapena


    25. Luz Lapena

      annoying orange clams lol

    26. postersandstuff

      Even a platypus can be dangerous , its poisonous

    27. tony _008

      nice vid! btw, why is the water yellow-dark?

    28. Epic Swordman14

      I'm in Florida and there's only one Culver's close to me and it's one of my favorite restaurants

    29. Gavin And Cole


    30. Fatz Leach

      Stop putting fish in your crappy 12 gallon tank that need larger tanks. You are by far the worst fish keeper on US-new. You shouldn't be allowed to own anymore fish

    31. Javier Rod

      When do you converted to blackish water please reply

    32. Bianca Ambal

      How could he be so handsome?

    33. Jennifer Crawford

      I put small amounts of salt in my fresh water. It’s good for them... even though they are fresh water... always done that.... I used snails a lot but they LOVED blood worms

    34. Jennifer Crawford

      I freakin love puffers.. figure 8’a and pea’s are great. Love their little personalities... I actually hand trimmed my puffer’s beak! But why do your tanks look so murky? I know it’s brackish.. I had brackish... but they were clear

    35. joshua alfieri

      Whoever disliked this video is just a straight up asshole

    36. Sweets Larsson

      You are such a good US-newr Idk why u don’t have more than a million subscribers 🧐😄

    37. Dustin Schiltz

      I've had these before they are extremely personal with the one who feeds them. They do have some specific requirements and being a softskinned fish you do need the salinity and a more or less neutral ph within .3 of mid range to make them really brighten up. still a lot of common topical fish particularly livebearers do like a mild salinity to their water so them being brackish was hardly and issue for me given i always used aquarium salt more heavily in my live bearers. I kept my pair in a heavy decorated tank formally infested full of apple snails with alot of smooth rocks with holes to give them places they can get away from each other. I started them in a twenty high then eventually moved them to a 55 high given their nature of hovering they rather like swimming up and down. (Advise heavily a long siphon and handled scrubber to avoid nips to the knuckles and fingers.)

    38. Nicole Isturiz

      2+2= potato

    39. Miriah

      I bought one of these from my local walmart when i was a kid, my little brother put aspirin in the water and killed it, but after watching this i guess it probably wouldnt have lived long anyways as i had kept it in fresh water. But hey good for me I guessed his diet right and he ate ghost shrimp all the time

    40. xAmelia Skyex

      OMG THEY ARE ACTUALLY SO CUTE BUT KINDA AGGRESSIVE BUT I DONT CARE I WANT ONE!! 😂 I own fish but changing there tank to there preferred stuff would be to much work for me as I’ve just started the hobby lol

    41. Adel Mohamed

      1:30 you need to make a human contact.

    42. Dayna McMaster


    43. Rin Okumura

      2 + 2 = potato

    44. Michelle Dietrch

      Lol is that the duck from the dark web box?

      1. KillingYoDreamSo


    45. suzanne lutje wagelaar

      pufferfish it loves to eat 🐚🐌🐚🐌

    46. Pamela Hardy

      I'm in Queensland Australia and we call these Toadfish or toadies. They are so annoying and you can't fish when they are around and they are everywhere! But I can see why you'd want them as a pet. I'm wondering if I can befriend one with my Murray cod, but probably not lol

    47. Evelyn Ambrose

      Look at the middle left of the tank. Why does it hut the side so hard XD 1:53

    48. lizzyyyRockstar08

      I have never been more interested in fish until now. 😏

    49. Victoria K

      ahaha I dont keep fish or have any interest in doing so, but you are just so fine jeeeeeeez

    50. Joseph Bird

      I like ur editing how you put funny clips randomly

    51. Joseph Bird

      Found ur channel today wanna go buy fish now

    52. Lacey

      Saw your video on snapchat where you bought fish from the dark web. Decided to look you up on US-new and instantly became a fan. When I saw your hoodie I thought "What a small world" because I live in Washington and I actually donated my fish and African Dwarf frog to Aquarium co-op.

      1. Wendy Yao

        I saw the video on instagram lol

    53. Brianna Rose

      I never thought I’d fall in love w someone who’s so into fish 🐡

    54. Jennifer Saintnelus

      Thank you. Very informative.

    55. Asrath Qathreth

      The only tankmates I would keep with GSPs are Hogchoker, Scatophagus and Mangrove Horseshoe Crab. Anything else will be chomped on by the puffers.

    56. Corey Worley

      Can you give them doritos

    57. Katie Gardner

      Feed them fish

    58. MrRedacious

      I hope you will be able to keep them. I want to see them fully grown!

    59. ThatCheetoGamer YT

      Subscribed because he likes Culver’s, Culver’s is the best 😂 but I live in Michigan

    60. Shah Esfelazi

      I would so fuck this guy

    61. Wig? Flew Hotel? Trivago

      The reason it has insane teeth is bc it needs to have tougher food like snails to wear down there teeth

    62. Ash Cinis

      That is so cool

    63. Keisha Bencosme

      I Love watching your videos because I learn a lot, I work at a pet store and want to give others good advice and feel confident in what I'm talking about. Although There's so much to learn especially in the fish keeping world.

    64. Zachary Livingstone

      One thing I noticed is got to have with a juvenile green spotted puffer is a common pleco because they have spines the puffer will chew on if he is too small for ghost or cherry shrimp

    65. HRV CR

      watching this video from france at 3pm, I realy enjoy

    66. Janiek Wildeboer

      I have a 10 inch goldfish😂Your videos are awesome💪🏼

      1. home Simpson

        I have 4 guppies

    67. Mr. PanMan

      HOLY SHIT, the volume of the music in your videos is way too high

    68. Michelle T.

      I have 2 green spotted puffers. Love them!

    69. Aiden of Greatness

      Love ❤️ your videos

    70. Mr Sneaky

      Anyone noticed... this guy talks to his fish 🐟