THE TRUTH ABOUT My PUFFER FISH... why it has insane teeth



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    Today I give you an in depth care guide to the Green Spotted Pufferfish. Puffers are pretty hearty but require some basic care that need to be addressed. These replaced my Piranhas and I have really enjoyed learning and caring for them!
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    1. Victoria K

      ahaha I dont keep fish or have any interest in doing so, but you are just so fine jeeeeeeez

    2. Joseph Bird

      I like ur editing how you put funny clips randomly

    3. Joseph Bird

      Found ur channel today wanna go buy fish now

    4. Lacey

      Saw your video on snapchat where you bought fish from the dark web. Decided to look you up on US-new and instantly became a fan. When I saw your hoodie I thought "What a small world" because I live in Washington and I actually donated my fish and African Dwarf frog to Aquarium co-op.

    5. Brianna Rose

      I never thought I’d fall in love w someone who’s so into fish 🐡

    6. Jennifer Saintnelus

      Thank you. Very informative.

    7. Asrath Qathreth

      The only tankmates I would keep with GSPs are Hogchoker, Scatophagus and Mangrove Horseshoe Crab. Anything else will be chomped on by the puffers.

    8. Corey Worley

      Can you give them doritos

    9. Katie  Gardner

      Feed them fish

    10. MrRedacious

      I hope you will be able to keep them. I want to see them fully grown!

    11. ThatCheetoGamer YT

      Subscribed because he likes Culver’s, Culver’s is the best 😂 but I live in Michigan

    12. Shah Esfelazi

      I would so fuck this guy

    13. Wig? Flew Hotel? Trivago

      The reason it has insane teeth is bc it needs to have tougher food like snails to wear down there teeth

    14. Ash Cinis

      That is so cool

    15. Keisha Bencosme

      I Love watching your videos because I learn a lot, I work at a pet store and want to give others good advice and feel confident in what I'm talking about. Although There's so much to learn especially in the fish keeping world.

    16. Zachary Livingstone

      One thing I noticed is got to have with a juvenile green spotted puffer is a common pleco because they have spines the puffer will chew on if he is too small for ghost or cherry shrimp

    17. HRV CR

      watching this video from france at 3pm, I realy enjoy

    18. Janiek Wildeboer

      I have a 10 inch goldfish😂Your videos are awesome💪🏼

      1. home Simpson

        I have 4 guppies

    19. Mr. PanMan

      HOLY SHIT, the volume of the music in your videos is way too high

    20. Michelle T.

      I have 2 green spotted puffers. Love them!

    21. Aiden of Greatness

      Love ❤️ your videos

    22. Mr Sneaky

      Anyone noticed... this guy talks to his fish 🐟

    23. Mr Sneaky

      I remember when u got them

    24. AntiGravityGoat Yee

      Nice vids stumbled upon by accident

    25. craig jackson


    26. craig jackson

      It's like your the father cuz the fisheye are babys

    27. tonyg41

      This video makes me want to take my African cichlid tank dump it in the local lake and destroy that ecosystem so I can buy myself some puffers.

    28. Mooshai

      My dog did not appreciate the barking, many concern.

    29. Rachel Marie

      They do alright with bumblebee gobys and look great together

    30. Grace Park

      I don't like the random loud songs and noises....

    31. Carnage

      I had four green spotted puffers, I found they do really well with bumblebee gobys, seemed to be the only fish they didn’t go after. Also be careful they can jump out of the tank if there’s no cover

    32. Dante Welch

      Wisco born N raised here

    33. Everyday How to with Sparrow Lester

      I put my lobster in there and shuge at my lobster I love my puffer but I thought for sure since the lobster was larger they wouldn’t collide...

    34. Carrie Shea

      wow this was the perfect content for my night

    35. Kyle Langlie

      Ghost shrimp are not hard shelled lol. And clams won't help them keep their beaks trimmed. They don't eat the shell. It's way too thick and hard for them Also, the reason pet stores typically keep them in freshwater is because they are typically sold young. They start in fresh, and as they grow they move to brackish and eventually full salt

    36. kaden porter

      Yo mama's so black she was counted absent night school

    37. John Mendoza

      I used to have one when i was getting into the hobby and put one in my tank with a goldfish and it killed in a instant.😐😑

    38. Larissa Erickson

      Ill be moving back to Green Bay WI tomorrow! I’m so excited to eat cheese curds again!! :)

    39. follow the money

      Why fresh water?🙄🤔😑

    40. MELOWN Gaming

      is it just me or is the word potato the funniest word I've ever heard

    41. Idk Ok Just give me a random name

      Lol first well he thinks the clam meat is gonna trim their beak because it won’t just get pond snail or something because unlike an opened clam they need to bite through the shell and that’s what trims their beaks

    42. 420Cash Money420

      Girl:What do you do for a living. Guy:Make US-new Videos about Fish Girl:ohhhh *dashes our the door*

      1. Jamie Aguilera

        Def not me

      2. Adan Jackson

        420Cash Money420 out

    43. Zdragon137

      I live in Appleton Wisconsin and I've been getting into fish tank stuff but I'm not that good at it

    44. Nathan Oh

      I used to have a goldfish for 5 years but it was killed by a different fish.

    45. rianneglen jaraula


    46. XXXTRIGGER30

      Its just like looking after bunnies

    47. Helveteshit

      @CoralFish12g , you can try feed them a mealworm.

    48. AGIK kun

      *2+2= potato*

    49. Zane Greay

      I can help you out with a larger tank if you need help. In GB!

    50. Persian King

      Honestly i don't even know why i watch these videos. I don't even have fish or care about anything of the sort.

    51. super A-Typical

      the fish look happy

    52. Gingerellas

      trim that beak

    53. Jonny Quest

      Mr. CoralFish12g: multiple cycled and planted tanks of different salinities, many amazing and interesting fish, super knowledgeable Me: literally only has one little 5 gallon freshwater beta tank...with silk plants and a snail...way too broke for anything more, STILL can’t seem to get my nitrites fully under control and just doin my best... 🤣🤣🤣 love this though! Subscribed!!

      1. brit ney

        Make sure you're doing your weekly 25% water changes and using aquarium salt ! That will help . Also make sure your biofilture isn't damaged that could be the problem, if your filter is still new that could also be the cause

    54. Gracie George

      Just got GPS and I’m glad I watched this I’m definitely going to be getting them food to file down their teeth

    55. DJ F

      What's up from MKE, you have really great video super informative! I hope your puffers do well!

    56. Adam, Tahlia Virgo

      Naww cute lil guys

    57. still laughing

      How are fish so cute and funny 🤣

    58. yasiel pr

      I have a puffer fish

      1. We are all just trying are best

        Cool! What is its name?

    59. Thanasis Tsir

      So youre telling us that these fish can die with any siple discomfort . Alright im good with that

    60. Jake Whisenant

      Dude looks so much like KYR Sp33dy who just so happens to be from Wisconsin

    61. Tori Sparkles

      My sister has a 55 gallon and it’s about a hr away hit me up if you need it

    62. Keep it Natural

      Is that coconut fibre for the substrate?

    63. xxx bulldog

      Ok that came off weird... I love your channel and I think your awesome ❤❤❤

    64. xxx bulldog

      I love you❤❤❤

    65. William Moroz

      Puffers kept in captivity will eventually need their beaks trimmed. It's a simple procedure should take less then a minute. I trim my golden puffer about once a year now, once every six months when they where smaller. And that with a heavy diet of shell fish. To anyone who wants a puffer they are fun but do your research and be prepared to do the maintenance.

      1. William Moroz

        PS love the vids, also don't mind the typos.

    66. Someone S

      I wish 2+2(did equal a )=potato

    67. Frik Frak

      The people here are on some bs. Green spotted puffers do better on full marine setups.

    68. Service Dog In Training Chopper

      Why is the tank so yellow?

    69. Tyngchinchilla Chang

      *Coral 12g youtube formula*: 1. Buy fish 2. Make a video about The truth about "bought fish" 3. 0:42

    70. Hector  Mendoza

      I have a 50 gallon tank I don’t use anymore

      1. Frik Frak

        Where you live

    71. Antonio Destefano

      Are you going to convert them to full salt water

    72. Freddy HH

      you need more plants for the puffers, they like to hide and explore

      1. William Moroz

        My puffer ate all my plants, except the moss. They really do like plants.

    73. BriannaDays

      Yeessss Culver's, I live near Wisconsin Dells so I eat there all the time

      1. Corinne Silentsky

        I live nowhere near there and I still have Culver's :)

    74. Stella K

      burn ronald

    75. gungang Underwood

      Bugs bunny fish with mad teeth and a pop belly like an alcoholic. Antisocial behaviour. What else mmmmmmm cute

    76. Taylor Beneke

      i've wanted pea puffers for a while but im worried ab the cost... maybe ill start up a snail breeding tank and just feed em home grown snels. :)

      1. Frik Frak

        Pea puffers are freshwater.

    77. Ethox Maxwell / Toxic Lemonade

      You have to upgrade the tank pretty soon I have both Green spotted and some pea puffers in two 35 gallons with other fish (except the green spotted one's they murder everyone) but that depends on the fish itself

    78. Tom Jenkins

      You inspired me to get some pet fish.

    79. Tom Jenkins

      Godly video man

    80. some bodY

      My Puffers refuse to eat shellfish, no clue what to do...

    81. Brittney Adams

      Puffy dog is getting swole

    82. Andrea McFarland

      New subscriber You have great videos. I love your puffers! 🐡

    83. kathryn hill

      I have Oscars.. They eat my burnt beef from my burgers... We feed them beef hearts too lol

    84. The Plant Therapist

      Wait a minute. Is that a dorm? How would you move out all them tank stuff?? 😱

      1. Rachel Marie

        Just bag the fish up and drain the tanks🤷

    85. Lelouch

      Song ?

    86. Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS

      Test your water every day. WATER CHANGES are going to be a part of your life.

    87. Peggy Thomas Executive Director PUFFER CORPS

      Green spotteds are totally fine together. I've got 4 125 gallon tanks with about 12 6" adults and a bunch of growth stunted from walmart. they get along fine. Find links to my video's at

    88. Freiberg gaming

      12g put some alive clams and oysters in it

    89. Hina Aamir

      Hey. Bro. That. Are not. Telegent. Fish. The. Oscar. Are. Telegent. Fish

    90. Tgm wills

      Just found your channel totally enjoyed what i have watched so far🐬🐋🐟🐠🐡🐙🐚

    91. Alisa R

      Just found your channel! Nice vid! I have GSP too they’re amazing pet.

    92. Tina's Reef

      Love puffers

    93. Paige B

      Dude I just discovered your channel today and your videos are amazing. The editing has me cracking up over fish which is something i never thought possible. Also happy to find out youre from Appleton! Im only about 2 hours away near Madison. I subscribed in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work :)

    94. Philthy Tanks

      My GSP loves freeze dried krill and snails, actually he likes everything.... but those work well for his beak

    95. Yessenia Torrecillas

      You’re literally the cutest 🙃🙃 Loved the video btw!

    96. epicat 2.0

      you live 5 min away from me i live in appleton to by the university

    97. MFT_Sauce

      I’m from iL and I fuck with Caulvers

    98. Spookylady

      You have beautiful eyes

    99. BetterTelevision

      if it doesn't work law and murder 0:44

    100. David Davis

      On the cheap I have a figure 8 and a SGP . Set up a trumpet snails tank crack them open toss them in the tank, and watch the hunt. Pond snails have a softer shale they chomp them right up.