The Snake Man | TRULY

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    Getting bitten by a venomous snake is the stuff of nightmares, so why on earth would people choose to inject themselves with deadly venom? Welcome to the bizarre world of The Snake Man. Steve Ludwin regularly injects the deadly venom from his pet snakes. He is one of a handful of extraordinary ‘venom addicts’ who believe it helps them look younger and prevents illness. But could this practice be causing him real damage? As well as seeing Steve inject snake venom that would easily kill others in matter of hours, and trying to understand why he does it, we will look at the science of this baffling experimentation and trace the history of the practice back to Ancient Egypt and beyond.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. MMD Stella

      I felt bad for the snakes tbh.i used to own a viper snake i raised her since she was about only 2 months old her.i got her from my moms friend who sayd one of her viper had a baby and the baby was rejected by the mother and sometimes the mother tries to attack the i spent alot of time with the snake and gave her a large enclosure and after school i always hang out with her for about 1 hour. Shes dead now because of old age of 8+ years old. Thats exactly why i felt bad for that snake! How would you feel if u have poison for selfe defense and then that poison is sucked out of you?

    2. Nicoline Hovmand

      I thought, I was crazy for not being afraid of snakes, but this is a whole new level of bonkers~

    3. gaurav paul

      I am really terrified of snakes I can fight off a lion without fear but I can't stand infront of even tiny snakes don't know why.

    4. Dog Doodle Dandy

      Amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles are unique structures in the brain tissue that are suspected to be involved in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease. ... Amyloid plaques are clusters that form in the spaces between the nerve cells, whereas the neurofibrillary tangles are a knot of the brain cells. Exactly how does snake venom prevent those from forming? This guy is whacked!

    5. Pedro Alcântara


    6. Lilli L

      If your imune system get's too strong it will start to fight against itself

    7. Tiffany Burchett

      Not smart at all. Seems like a attention seeker

    8. Beast BoardsYT

      Wow pls just sub for no reason to me

    9. A man

      Mans on a suicide mission shooting up a new drug

    10. You Can Heal

      I've seen a documentary on him before - years ago. All I could say was "how is he alive?"

    11. Gavin1130

      LMAO, @ 37:00, you gotta love the d&ck measuring contest!!! Nothing would’ve made for a better ending than to see the 3 of them running around the garage attempting to envenomate one another from their bite! LoL

    12. Tido Bass

      Yeo this dude is off his rocker just chillen shooting up that crap

    13. Demonic Kitty

      It's nice to see he is still around. I've seen the documentry that Vice did on this guy, it's nice to see another company do it again.

    14. Virasman

      Snek man

    15. pockies

      All 3 of them in that garage, it's so crazy how much of junkies they look like. It was like he was disappointed he didn't get a chance to put more venom in himself and struggle to breath.

    16. pockies

      You can tell he's definitely addicted to it.

      1. A man

        pockies hahahaha

    17. Super Nova s

      Three bros chilling in a basement Shooting up snake venom

    18. Yukia Hitsugaya

      35:02 "That's gonna be awhile"

    19. Yukia Hitsugaya

      I love this.

    20. Undercover Potato


    21. Lacy Jinks

      Would be interested in the value... but also wonder if he is simply sensitizing himself to the venom so if he has an allergic reaction he would die even quicker.

    22. magickalmermaid

      Snake Blood! The New Tiger Blood! lol

    23. magickalmermaid

      He may have a great idea but there needs to be a much better control system in place!

    24. magickalmermaid

      So He's Also A Mad Scientist??? lol lol lol

    25. magickalmermaid

      ooooo snake man, Not Smart!

    26. god of demins


    27. Alex Lopez


    28. Alex Lopez


    29. ilovemydogs9 AJPW uwu

      o FrUcK OwO -> uwu -> OwO

    30. dani4720 dani4720


    31. billy elli

      Hi love snakes

    32. Friendly Patato


    33. Ameera the best 04

      Hey 👋

    34. TRTL-Kun

      This is an old video

      1. You Can Heal

        I know that's what I said. I saw this years ago.