The Service Dogs Helping Veterans With PTSD



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    A CHARITY is giving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers a new lease of life by pairing them up with service dogs. 1Pet1Vet, based in Kankakee, Illinois is a non-profit organization that specialises in pairing and training companion and emotional support service dogs with military veterans, to cope with the effects of PTSD. The charity was started in 2013 by Afghanistan veteran Joe Trainer Jr.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. HMB PANDA

      What happens when they die do they get new ones that look alike

    2. ipsurvivor

      Some of what they are describing sounds like comfort or support animals. A service dog has to be trained to perform a task or tasks that mitigate or is related to qualifying disabilities. Snuggling when the guy is stressed is acceptable if the dog is trained to do it every time the guy is stressed. If it’s just an instinctual thing then it probably wouldn’t be. I think the video could be slightly more technical in this regard. For example... Indicating that Nola had been trained to rub against the guy when he’s stressed. Snuggle would probably be acceptable as long as it is a trained act and not just an act of human/pet bonding which many pet owners experience with their pets when they are stressed, Other than that the video is pretty good in bringing out aspects of PTSD that most people aren’t aware of.

      1. Mia Kosem

        By “snuggle” he might have meant deep pressure therapy possibly, which is a task for psychological disorders such as anxiety or PTSD.

    3. jimmyhatts

      Bless you all involved

    4. carolineg

      honestly this channel deserves so many more subscribers

    5. Brandon Calvilo

      Love it!!!😍

    6. TexasGirl Rocks!

    7. french Thai 🙏🙏🔁🔁🆕🔞

    8. Peter Jones

      Gives a whole new perspective on life,being needed and having a friend .Priceless ! LuvYAH

    9. Hannah Doris

      The video turned out great!! Im so happy to be a part of this amazing program!💙❤

    10. Kristen Brown

      Love this!!!!

    11. AN MEDIA

      What if you scared of dogs

      1. ipsurvivor

        Main Street Boxer - especially if you are a big person. A six foot eight male who weighs 280 might have trouble finding a dog that can physically support the person if physical support is necessary. Miniature ponies/horses tend to be bigger and stronger than dogs.

    12. Rhonda Smith


    13. Jayden Buck

      it warms my hart :)

    14. Plague Doc

      Had a friend of mine who was a war veteran...although he volunteered and trained to go help. He was in africa where there were alot of gangs/rebels stealing resources that were sent out to the poor parts. One of his guys down there who was one of his best friends while there got shot right next too him and bled out in front of him. Was very anti social once he got back, was a new guy really. I would basicly force him to go outside and walk with me cuz he wouldnt leave the house otherwise. Eventually I talked him in to babysitting my older sisters dog during one weekend. As I knew it would force him to go outside and also be social, although not with another human. Once the weekend was up, he told me he wanted a dog. Now about two years later and he has no big issues with anything and remember him crying thanking me for giving his life a purpose again. I'm not a crier but god damn does that take alot from a strong man like that to say that while in I sure as hell teared up. Think alot of these guys just need a purpose to do things. They feel somewhat empty. A dog can really enhance your life, even if u dont have PTSD. But maybe have a hard time being social, going outside and so on.

      1. Arwen Bernard

        Plague Doc I do help my dog, he's my best friend. When storm are around we cuddle and watch movies. He hates "A Dog's Purpose". He helps me too and my kids. Right he's a fuzzy pillow for 13 yr old son who has a sinus infection.

      2. Plague Doc

        +Arwen Bernard I think as a friend it is your duty to help out when needed. I know he'd do the same thing for me if the roles were reversed. Dogs truly do alot, he now owns a dog which is his best friend and is with him 24/7. He does have a slight issue with getting anxiety if his dog is not around him. But he's allowed to bring him in to his place of work which is great. He's slowly working towards leaving his dog at home while he goes grocery shopping to get rid of that anxeity. Which I also help him with since I have anxiety aswell.

      3. Plague Doc

        +Lu Kaplan He is. He's working full time and back to normal, also got himself a girlfriend.

      4. Arwen Bernard

        Plague Doc thank you. You, sir, are a true friend. You stuck it out and helped your friend who in very much need of help. I have lost a few friends to my battles and their own. My dog helps me not just with my PTSD but my seizures and other health issues. You took the time to listen and stand by your friend no matter what.

      5. GodIsReal

        God bless you

    15. Pawanjit Kaur

      Why would u dislike this video?

      1. Claude Alpha

        The only reason I can think of is envy for not being able to or not having a dog like that.

      2. TheProtean Girl

        same question i had!!

    16. Official Keona Jordan Music

      This is amazing!

    17. *Ana* :p

      I haven't watched but I know it's great

      1. Amy Grezlik

        Ayla Lps wA