The SECRET to Turkey Hunting! | Iowa PUBLIC LAND Gobbler!

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    Aaron tags his first Iowa turkey of 2019! Tips for hunting toms that don't gobble.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Donald Gates

      Great quick hunt.

    2. Michael Williams

      Hey guys!! Congrats from Canada. I got my first Crown Land (public land) turkey today. I got in to hunting last year (better late than never) and I have to say public land birds are smarter than the average for sure. Thanks for posting all your hunts, it's extremely helpful !! Cheers guys

    3. Harold Callahan

      They sometimes come in quiet like that. When they get in sight I would pur rather then cluck or yelp. I never get tired of the videos on this channel - You feel like you are right out there. I flinch too- I had two toms come in to me - I shot at the one on the right and the one on the left went down - hey a tag is a tag

    4. Donovan Stockton

      Anybody with a dang Tehtred cap gotta be a good hombre! Ya'll vids are top shelf quality and what not I'll tell you what!!!!

    5. MNwild14

      Aaron and Greg make it look pretty easy. You boys are tearing it up this year!

    6. Idaho 2nd Gens

      I like to get them to periscope for the shot too, it gives a great target, the base of the neck and head. Great advice. That way there is no shot in the breast meat and they go down and stay down. Those long shots tend to put lead into the meat that I hate to bite on. Using a decoy also helps position the bird for a good close shot too. All that helps with a clean kill and good table fare. Way to go Aaron, fun to watch you whack'em.

    7. Can’t get enough Outdoors

      You guys remember Ted millers deer hunting episode? Terminator scenes, that’s how my gobbler seasons going! Getting beat up but it’s still a lot of fun!!!

    8. Rick Helms

      Hunting turkey the right way now. Educational watching you men, thanks a lot. Always wondered why others loved spring season so much? Never called from fear of screwing up. Never run and gun either. This is the first year I have limited out. Been hunting for forty years plus. Hope you men have some fall classes.

    9. Eddie Palmer

      What ammo are you guys using ?

    10. Eddie Palmer

      You should know better than to trust the weather man ! I don't remember how many times during the 2018 season I didn't get up because " It'll be raining before daylight " . This year the 2 birds I was able to talk into giving up were between thunder storms ! I look forward to your videos , keep it up !

    11. Alex Betts

      Incredible footage! Y’all deserve everything good that’s coming your way. Been subscribed since the beginning.

    12. MrBowNaxe

      Way to go Aaron! That was textbook. Can't way to see your collaboration with HUSH and BRO.

    13. Samuel Brito

      Same tactics I used to get my bird this year. Minus the decoy good job out there guys.

    14. Dylan Ohlde

      hi, Aaron can you come to Palmer, KS to hunt with me on my dads ground. You can hunt in the morning or evening. In a video you can say some thing to me

    15. Mike King


    16. Jim Powers

      my old 870 Express cost me $188 God Bless ya brother!!!😉👍

    17. bs431980

      Aaron do a turkey vest dump & you guys should discuss your preferred loads and chokes for your 12 & Zach n Teds 20’s

    18. jim boice

      Great late morning hunt. Congrats Aaron!

    19. Adam Warweg

      we talk about using land topography to get in side the turkey bubble all the time...we always say if you can get under 100 or even 80 yards b4 you call at them or see you then your chances of being successful in that bird coming your way go way up. At least in our experience at the C&S shop

    20. ffWAyne Yeadon

      Have you guys done any Osceola turkey hunts ? Im surrounded by them where i live . Id love to hunt them with you . Fall archery is the only chance untill next spring.

    21. John Lockwood

      Awesome hunt fellas, great to see how it really happens and comes together on the fly...

    22. Daniel B Whitson

      May 7th is my late brothers Bday! I didn’t get a turkey that day, but I did get one of the coyotes who has been chasing my turkeys off! Glad more people had success that day!!!

    23. Curtis J. Pace Jr.

      Get the heck out of here :) . That was a good looking bird. Congrat Aaron.

    24. Kill String Outdoors

      Great video! I slammed one last week in a similar situation. No gobbles, came in silent to the right of me. Did a quick swing and it was game over! Cant beat that rush!

    25. Valley Grown

      Taking pointers for doing my own hunting videos y'all make it look so easy would love to see an episode where y'all show what you do as far as camera work self filmed and with camera guy Gregg lol appreciate everyone of yall

    26. Gene Marciniak

      Great hunt! Nothing wrong with sleeping in! Thanks for sharing !!!

    27. russ clewley

      Great video, nice hunt.

    28. weekender38

      Sleep late and just go out and kill one. Why get up early lol?

    29. Todd R

      Aaron and Greg, great hunt! Man that just came together. You definitely had a good hide going where he couldn't see you!! Thanks for sharing another great one and continued awesome footage!!

    30. redrider general

      Turkey sandwich, Turkey allaking, Turkey tacos, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey..... bet ur kinda tired of eating turkey.

    31. Luke Thomas


    32. Justin Babcock

      Great job fellas!!

    33. Jay w4zxt

      I’ve really enjoyed this season with y’all. I think we all feel like we know you guys.

    34. Lucas Huff

      I’ll take a black eye any day too bust a big Tom. I shot one bout 18-22 yards this year using my Benelli M2 field 21” with 3” Federal 3rd Degree. It laid a thumping on my jaw but I got the Tom. Great footage, congrats on the kill.

    35. Gums11060 0hara

      Way to go another bird down awsome video later thanks 🦃🦃🦃✌out

    36. Darrell Logan

      Short, but sweet. Congrats, Aaron. Awesome camera work, Greg. Thanks for sharing.

    37. Minks Minks

      Congrats on 112k

    38. Minks Minks


    39. Justice Fall

      Great hunt and video! Love it when it all comes together for the kill! I don’t want turkey season to end!!

    40. Jurist

      I knew as soon as you were going to re-position that that bird was going to show up😂.

    41. Jeremiah Wilson

      And sometimes it all comes together just like that!!!! Those kind of hunts come few and far between, but make it all worth it. Congrats on another bird and great video!!!

    42. ozell

      Great job ..

    43. Elon wanders

      That tree looks like a dead ash?

    44. Elon wanders

      Love the show!Try dressing in a pile of corn camo.Have your buddy Throw the sheet over ya.Your decoys will pin down the corners, on a windy day.True story,works well with deer also!

    45. Bryan Reed

      Great job guys. I used to get the 12 ga uppercut to the cheek bone until I put a red dot on mine. Might save you some agony Aaron!

    46. The Real Life Hunters

      Great Hunt! Gotta love the unexpected in the turkey woods! Whats the secret to turkey hunting? Step 1 - Go turkey hunting, even if you slept in a little lol

    47. WisconsinDorkTrip

      Great footage!

    48. Terry Hurlburt

      You two work so well together. Nice hunt. You made it look easy!

    49. Joel Munson

      That tip could possibly be applied to getting a woman! Get just inside their bubble so they come looking for you! - A.W. The Wise...

    50. Caleb Sharlow

      Try to shoot a turkey with a bow

      1. Elon wanders

        Try clubin them with a stick,one ya whittled from a dead ash,last late doe season.true story,made a fire with wood chips.

    51. John Bennett

      Nice job guys! Can't get enough THP.

    52. Josh Koch

      Lol congrats! I shot my turkey Monday mid morning. He never gobbled either, caught me off guard too. I was able to spot and stalk him while he was bedded in a hay field. It was a nice 4 or 5 year old. 1 1/4 spurs

    53. theguyinmaine

      I find learning their routine, picking a well traveled bottleneck and patience works for me, especially the fall season when decoys, calls, mean nothing to them, they could care less.

      1. Elon wanders

        Lol..thats life in the real 🌎 I got chickens just to bring in the varmints.A few years back had to different mothers bring kits in the barn,they would only stay a week or so.Never bothered the chickens.Hell i was feeding them dog food.Puppy chow,im not kidding.I only gave them a little,like twice.I learned alot from them.

      2. theguyinmaine

        Saw a fox trotting through the woods today with a free range chicken in his mouth, had to laugh, people saying it's cruel to pen up chickens. Bet that one wished he was penned!! @Elon wanders

      3. Elon wanders

        I go after them like a coyote.

    54. Stan Dryden


    55. Robert Mashburn

      That was really great hunt and as always I really enjoy yalls hunts. Great job guys !!!

    56. Michael Ramage

      Congratulations Arron you always say something about the kick I know how you can solve that get you a Beretta A400 extreme it’s a fine shooting gun no more kick

    57. Earl Massey

      Good Hunt Boys

    58. Zachariah Heiss

      Nice upgrade on the wheels aaron

    59. Aaron Hall

      Congratulations Aaron. Greg awesome camo set up at the end of the tree. THP another great video!

    60. James Marshall

      Great hunt guys. That's about as easy it gets when everything goes right.

    61. J Reeves

      Camo patterns, calls, shells, and decoys are all trivial compared to the importance of position and woodsmanship

    62. Craig Kilburn

      You guys make this look to easy congrats on another bird.

    63. Can’t get enough Outdoors

      I couldn’t even see Greg! Congratulations Warbeard!!!!!

    64. Ignacio Bernal

      Good job guys

    65. Scott Harrington

      Talk about a flash hunt!! You gotta love it when the plan comes together. Great footage, congratulations Aaron. P.S. I would ask for a new pair of swampers for Christmas, yours are looking mighty sad. Thanks for all you guys do!! Best show out there.

    66. rick baker

      Put a nother notch in the ol 870 did it one ote time it seems i see that same gun in other friends hands good job as allways out a here

    67. Curtis Sheffield

      Right on Aron position means everything

    68. Jared Stockstill

      Congrats, Aaron!

    69. Mike Feaster

      Congratulations Aaron!!!

    70. Theresa Hutton

      lets GGGOOOOOO!!!!