The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron



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    JonTron Remix by Tom Ryan

    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Papa Putin

      John I think your curriculum was different cause I learned all of this but thank you

    2. P1kes

      1:33 the real story....-head twiches-....this gona be good XD

    3. Chillin'

      Jon please for the love of god make more of this type of shit. It's so damn good when you just let loose in front of a green screen about shit you like.

    4. Erwin Schrodinger

      3:50, good guy editor, not trying to accidentally all over a bunch of people's phones.

    5. Clout Gang

      My ancestors were the first pilgrims they came on the mayflower.

    6. Hope Sunshine

      I am never sorry that I clicked on a JonTron video 😂😂

    7. Aggrobiscuit

      First Jontron vid I've disliked. Please stay away from history bro. All history is propaganda.

    8. andrew gay

      love this content.. not too over produced just jon being himself being funny

    9. PrzemyslawKarol

      6:42 As Polish guy , who lives in Netherlands: Why every american "butchers" Dutch Language ? I can guess that first two words you mean are "hoofd"( head) and "dorp" ( village).

    10. Assonification

      i can'thelp but think JonTron is just Timon's older brother.

    11. Stalling Set


    12. Undying Zombie

      You mean about Raid "insert exact script every single youtuber that advertises it reads" Shadow Legends? Wow, I would love to ( not ) play it! ... The fact that you are doing it too man..

    13. Weiss Mackinnon

      "Why have they got it in a cage?" -Jon Motherfucking Jafari, the man who lost a rock

      1. The RNG Goddess


    14. SweetBananaDigital

      I learned most/all of this in AP US History, but I was too busy worrying about the AP Exam to retain most of it.

    15. Rusty

      Whats sad is the only ads I'm getting on youtube is Raid Shadow Legends and this weird app that looks like tinder for kids. Edit: I also get this meditation advertisement now.

    16. Timothy Hightower

      There is a 3rd flex tape with a glass boat

    17. Liquid Mike

      I really like the new video, but Jon looks a bit dead in the eyes

    18. nicholas catania

      It was FLAVOR AID !!!! Stop besmirching kool aid.

    19. TheRakuba

      I uhh... did learn about jamestown in high school...

    20. imaagamer

      Actually we do learn about Jamestown in school

    21. TheMusicUser

      1:55 Oh ok. JonTron is now Jesus.

    22. Ian Brown

      This comment is sponsored by raid shadow legends

    23. A Gang

      I learned about James Town before The pilgrimages

    24. Fokii

      I appreciate how he didn’t want to set off everyone’s Google assistant.

    25. UnderSparklesSpell

      I was born and raised in Plymouth, Massachusetts! Bring the white claw and I'll hang with you guys ^_^ you rock Jon! plymouth rock ;)

    26. Gamerboy Sky

      No I know about raid shadow legends Because no one will shut up about it

    27. s vh

      God content. Your effort shows

    28. TheZombieZone

      Fuck tho Mike Bloomberg, you interrupted Jon mid-sentence

    29. Bruhseve

      Hes got that ken bone look

    30. Nick Rat

      that wasnt bad. the ad intro... that was bad... but i skipped it anyways. happy holidays to u jon!

    31. RAMBIT

      When he said the separatists, I was expecting the trade federation theme/droid march from The Phantom Menace to start playing

    32. gtoss chddy

      The clothing he is wearing reminds me of Harry Potter when he faced Voldemort for the second time.

    33. Matt

      0:58 you're welcome

    34. Brayden Settles

      Teach about the crusades next

    35. StayAu79

      Thank you for censoring the "Okay Google" my Google home sits right next to my TV.

      1. gtoss chddy

        I'm a fan of green screen jon

    36. Parkyt

      I am going to get my history teacher to show this

    37. Small child Eater

      As an Australian i have so idea what the history is behind thanks giving and or what it is, so I’m just gonna assume this is all true.

    38. lajyo

      Do they not teach this is school? I feel like they teach this in school.

    39. Senpai DoomGuy

      I'm so glad I grew up with this: *Insert old classroom history video.* But damn this is good too: *This video.*

    40. Noah satan

      i liked this channel better before it was sponsored by raid shadow legends

    41. Will Thompson

      In Virginia schools, they bash that Jamestown shit into your skull for years

    42. Rins vanderEem

      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    43. Gary Busey

      The best jokes you make are the ones that you had the idea to say but couldn’t quite pull off in execution. Like the never leaving the Dutch alone bit and the corn thing.

    44. Arcrasis

      Late, but vid starts at 1:00

    45. Comedy Sketch

      Ksksksksksks I see the ring ;w;

    46. Meaningbird

      Hey Jon great video but are you ever going to do a video about The Legend of The Titanic.


      was that a Motley Crue Pentagram


        from shout at the devil

    48. Notorious SMALL

      Living in Virginia in history the only thing u bassicly hear about is Jamestown

    49. Jonathan Joestar

      The new joestar jontron joestar

    50. Warren Fletcher

      I'm a fan of green screen jon

    51. Vennom Scandi

      plymouth is pronounced ply mouth

    52. Chopperino -san

      Hey hey hey we must not forget a certain greedy crazy Catholic monarchy that was definitely making things difficult.

    53. James Cockerham

      So this is definitely all incorrect FYI lol

    54. Sheng Long

      keep doing whatever ur doing on this channel jon, its good shit !

    55. Awkward Aardwolf

      Lol I just learned this in history and watched a VERY DETAILED 3 part series,I like this version better.OH!And I also learned about Squanto

    56. Felix Hofinger

      Leiden means Suffer in German

    57. Felix Hofinger

      Imagine having an american eagle on your shirt and shitting on the first americans

    58. CaptainRetro

      Why does the narrator sound like internet historian

    59. adam bosak

      i want some flex tape

    60. Sleep-deprived Alien

      love how the dutch music aggressively starts palying whenever he brings up the dutch.

    61. ExtremeAndy

      I’m a sophomore in high school and I would like to point out we are learning about Jamestown now

    62. Keegen Bigelow

      He showed my little town of Holland Michigan at 6:28 YAAAAAAHH DUTCH DANCERS!!!

    63. TheVioletLightning 013

      So what you're saying is they were clankers? Hope those Natives knew how to watch out for wrist rockets.

    64. Gekke Gabber

      Godverdomme Jon. Je beledigt mij ongelofelijk erg.

    65. Reece Riccardi

      Gobble gobble

    66. GamingHQ

      "but fuck you eh" yeah nice way to talk to your subs bro.

    67. GamingHQ

      Video starts at 1:00.

    68. The xd pors dabers

      React to The Dragon Prince memes

    69. Frank Trazo

      Thanks JonTron for giving me background for the Salem chapter of Fate Grand Order.

    70. Michael Rodriguez

      Not only do I remember Jamestown, I remember DinoCity bro.