The Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo



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    THIS Florida prison has a furry little secret - a zoo full of alpacas, birds, alligators, a lemur and even a sloth. The farm at Stock Island Detention Centre, in Key West was founded by accident in 1994 when the prison fenced off an area underneath to protect a gaggle of ducks that kept getting injured while crossing the road between the jail and a golf course. Now the prison is home to over 150 animals, ranging from the original ducks and farm animals to alligators and a ten foot python. Jeanne Selander, who manages the farm, takes four volunteers from the prison to help care for the animals and maintain the farm.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Rock Dracula

      I love alpacasssssss

    2. Rock Dracula

      I have never seen someone happy to be in jail

    3. TheKeithvidz

      know i came across on fb couple years ago - i praise this program.

    4. Chance Kuehnel

      Who drops off Sloths and Parrots on the side of the road? 😂

    5. heymisterderp

      Proud of Jeanne! What a beautiful idea and a heartwarming video. I hope they get some donations. Proud of these inmates too. Big respect!

    6. Eunae Kim

      I noticed that there are security cameras that are not turned off at all! That means that there is no way to secretly harm any of the animals, even if you are the most subtle person in the world!

    7. Nigan

      animals are a good givt from god

    8. Jim dela Cruz Vera

      i think Zookeeping is one of the best job in the world.

    9. Apex

      Taking care of and forming a bond with animals is probably one of the best rehabilitation activities for prisoners. You re-learn you don't have to be hard all the time and get back in touch with your human side.

    10. hllo hello

      But someone noticed that the animals got a lifetime sentence this is not funny

    11. Hugh Mungus

      1:21 Omg he's doing Blue Steel

    12. Canon Kingsley

      We bought a zoo 2.

    13. SammyDuo

      Patrick seems a very cool guy i hope hell be out in prison soon

    14. CollegeKidASMR

      the irony of someone in a cage taking care of animals in a cage

    15. Morgen Dufseth

      this is perfect for inmates so they can like distract their mind and work with animals! this should be a thing for prisons!

    16. _Classifiedz _

      It’s all cute and nice until a sicko fucks a goat

    17. Michael

      They're feeding the lorikeets dry food? They gon die

    18. xradelox

      My local animal shelter actually uses inmates as workers. I think they have like five at a time. It's a county run shelter and it's tax payer paid so it makes a lot of sense. They do most of the manual labor so the staff can accomplish other things as well. There's no way all the daily chores could get done without the inmates. It's a program that helps everyone involved.

    19. A Tem

      every jail should have this if possible, its good for their mental state.

    20. Thomas Coursey

      This should be a program at least in one prison in every state this is great

    21. Sychrari

      This type of programs should be allowed to prisoners with good behavior and less lethal crimes. eg:frauds or scammers

    22. Skeletøn

      ...I wanna go to jail.

    23. Jl2Da Max

      That one guy is hot. When’s he getting out?

    24. Fanawb Productions

      Waiter: how is the food? Me: 0:22

    25. Pinky Paw

      I love this ❤️❤️ awesome idea xx

    26. DarkAssassin KB

      Didn’t know we were arresting animals now Cool....

    27. Alex & Ben Gaming

      Officer: your times up Inmate : I wanna stay Officer : no your free Inmate 'slaps officer' Officer : now your staying

    28. Lyrical Baby

      Goes to show that prison inmates arent always bad people

    29. Simply Sims

      I really think this is so sweet, that instead of sitting around, wasting their life’s away, they take care of animals.

    30. Jake K

      Best prison ever

    31. Zach Pissios

      Breaking News!! Florida man robs convinence store so he can go to Florida Zoo Jail But seriously, can we PLEASE get prisons that do stuff like this!! The prisoner's may have done a goof but they learned through stuff like this!!!!!

    32. รัตนาภรณ์ เอ็ดมันดส์

      Looks better than most zoos so take my money

    33. A M

      An inmate charged with bodily harm seems unfit for a position like this. If he abused a human being who's to say he wouldn't do so to an animal? I don't care how good of an inmate he is. They should be a bit more rigorous in whom they allow to care for animals.

    34. Gerald Roy Panter

      very good video

    35. Chelsea g

      Patrick is hot 😍😍😍😂

      1. JxJxJxJx

        aaaaaaand this is why we still have criminality😂

    36. Sophia4B

      Such a sweet story

    37. Sloth InPocket

      Plot twist: the animals were brought there because they were wanted criminals


      *People in the comment don't understand JAIL vs PRISON. They are different. Your extreme bad crimes end up in Prison unlike a petty small crime*

    39. David Flores

      Bro that lady was petting a badger through the whole video

    40. Smitty’s Son

      If I go to jail I would like to go here

    41. YTTHOMAS

      He's bad guy, but not bad guy

    42. Asakura Joe

      So she's petting a honey badger? That gangster honey badger???

    43. Team Posion

      The lama at 0:24

    44. Arthur van Essen

      I love snakes 💚🐍

    45. Dubstequtie

      It's really good that they're doing something like this for the inmates AND the animals! I can't help to find the similarity of an enclosed human helping enclosed animals a little.. interesting. Not saying they're animals cause animals are inevitably free, like humans, but when they get enclosed is when they need to be aided to have a better safer life, and its kinda like a "I help you, you help me" deal. It's interesting.

    46. Hendi Kaf

      at least a good way to humanized people in jail

    47. Linda Doucett


    48. Lil Ennard Gaming

      Why Does the police allow this?

    49. Jo Jo

      I truly believe God is alien who has been in prison who take care of us like those in this animal farm

    50. bad vibes

      this made me so happy. more prisons should do this!

    51. Karina Rebollar

      This should happen more so animals can be safe in more places

    52. Joe Russian

      Ummm is she holding a skrunk?🙃

    53. Dande lion

      She is so right. I think every jail should have an animal farm and let the inmates experience love with the animals. Most people especially young adults made the wrong decisions to do the wrong things because they did not grow up with the love they needed. To be able to give love and received love is the best thing and the most important thing in life. Love is the only thing in life that will heal everything and anything. I wish the two young men in this video all the best and success in their life when they are back to the real world.

    54. Supreme 1

      That moment when he said this is thotiana Me: BUST DOWN THOTIANA!!!!!!

    55. Reina Arana

      Man they have the animals I was not expecting them to have a bull

    56. Reina Arana

      Its so cute how the pig pushed its bowl It knew when it was lunch time

    57. Reina Arana


    58. Zac Gaming

      Now this is the best way to get images to behave. It teaches them and also they make friends and get to let their stress of.

    59. Hailey Young

      Noice I got a cocktaeil too ((Or however you spell it

    60. Rexy Instagram

      Once there is a zoo they start to get nicer

    61. Maria B.D


    62. Reiko Tanabe

      This is beautiful This is better than a Show Show makes the animals do things And the animals do it to not Starve >:(

    63. M

      What happens to inmates who are in there for making love to animals are they allowed to work in the zoo?

    64. dayna lynn

      I really like this idea!! Amazing

    65. sunscreen

      “the animals don’t judge. they don’t care that you’re wearing an orange outfit.” i love that

    66. Mina Ashido

      This makes me happy many prisoners have depression because of being inside and seeing them outside gets there hopes up and enjoy life

    67. safethunder 216

      Bluefaces pet

    68. retard

      I don’t care how you try to spin it, you cannot argue that the experience of caring for an animal will not turn these men into more productive and responsible members of society.

    69. Pupper Puppet

      I kinda wanna know why they were even sent to prison in the first place 😐

    70. Lyliany Ocasio

      Bust down TATIANA!