The NEXT Great American Farm Tour

One year after The Rhodes’ family brought the Great American Farm Tour through our farm, The Hollar Homestead makes a visit on their epic journey across the country to find their forever homestead.
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Justin Rhodes meets Hollar Homestead:
Justin Rhodes visits White House on The Hill:
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Published on Year ago


  1. The Hollar Homestead

    Man, that is our story and you still made me tear up. Thank you so much for capturing and sharing it!! We had a wonderful time with you all, and really appreciate your encouragement!

    1. 5N Farm

      I hope you travel into Oklahoma. We have a place in SEOK.. Very rural. Land is inexpensive. Very low property taxes. Low cost of living.

    2. Mrs Farm Alarm

      @White House on the Hill I cried when they left. I am still crying 😢

    3. White House on the Hill

      +The Hollar Homestead - you guys are doing an amazing thing. We gotta spread the word! But seriously, thanks for being our friends. We miss you already.

  2. Jastra J

    That is one scary kid

  3. Terri Rushford

    I loved the look on "Baby Holler" when he was introduced. I can so relate! I was in my 40's the last time I saw my mom before she passed and was introduced as her "baby". Both of your families are people I would enjoy meeting. There is a bit of envy here.

  4. Designsby RareBeauty


    1. White House on the Hill

      +Tammy Halbig Designs By RareBeauty - thanks!

  5. plain speaker

    I just love them

    1. White House on the Hill

      +plain speaker - we appreciate it!

  6. Marjolein

    Respect for being so open. I love wathing your video's. Greetings Form Holland

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Marjolein Christ - thanks for watching, Marjolein!

  7. Ashley Johann

    Well that was nostalgic! I haven’t been to kaleidoscope since I was young!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Ashley Johann - it had been a long time for us as well, I loved elementary school trips to there!

  8. Caylee William

    Awwww I loved this and I am from kansas and plan to go to college at K State! Also Missouri is great I am living there! So many fun things to do!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Caylee William - I grew up in Kansas (Jake) and now we live in NW Missouri. Good luck at K-State!

  9. Katie Bug

    @ The Hollar Homestead ...WOW you guys are stronger than most..made me tear up a little but I definitely get it. To realize you are not stuck and to get out and try something new and wonderful and sometimes not so glorious adventure of a lifetime. Think of all the different life skills your kids get to learn...with you not some boxed up classroom..

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mstres Vamperilla - one in a lifetime trip they're on!

  10. KitKat Chocolate

    Can you do a video on red faced ducks because I feed 3 that live in our neighborhood and dont worry I dont feed them bread

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Alexis Nordbrok - red faced ducks? Where can we get those from?

  11. Cactus Goats

    I love your channel!! I live seeing all if your pets and animals! I really think you should have a million subs :D

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Evoch gapple - super kind of you. It's certainly a dream! Thanks for watching!

  12. Farmhouse Teas

    Love, love love ❤️ it's so sad there are so many families that would live and work together if they could. So much sacrafice to do what they did! Hubby had to go back to work a month ago while we keep on working the tea. It didn't grow as fast as the savings shrunk. I've been trying to talk hubby into moving to Missouri 😂 mostly because he has been wanting to go back home to Wyoming. Land is so much more affordable in Missouri! And better homeschooling laws ❤️

    1. White House on the Hill

      +St. Fiacre's Farm - I hope it works out for you guys, you are a great success story!

  13. Watercolor Addict

    What about your peacock eggs

    1. White House on the Hill

      +HungryHammy ID - we'll update in the next video

  14. Super Girls

    Wow I came across ya ur videos and my parents have a similar living in since I’d have so much space to have to have what ever you want I live in the city but I’m getting tired of it I’m so ready to leave have something different thank for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Super Girls - thanks! We were in the same position at one point.

  15. Brodie Reacts,Games and more

    Love your vids ❤️

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Brodie Reacts,Games and more - thank you!

  16. Ashlyn Alingh

    They should try Kansas

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Ashlyn Alingh where I grew up (Jake), and I agree!

  17. Mad Max

    I have a bard rock chicken named Penelope, or clucky

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mad Max - great name!

  18. Our Cabin In The woods

    I am so happy you two made the choice of family. it is so important the kids will always remember this. i'm so glad we move out of the city and more country here in OK. Life is good.

  19. Mischa Brandon


    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mischa Brandon - still a few weeks left to go, we'll update in the next video

  20. Debbie Ibrahim

    Honestly that is how god meant for us to live, off the land and to barter with one a other....rather than be consumed with money and earning it... Living off tbe land gives our lives meaning and people must have been so much more happy in blesses folks....and i wish you all the best!!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Debbie Ibrabim - well said, Debbie!

  21. Debbie Ibrahim

    I am so happy to hear rhis storry..there is so much more to life than work..we work work work to pay for food and wood that makes our homes...along the way we lose ourselves...its so nice ro see the. Ew generation working to change you guys wish i would have done the same...good luck..xo

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Debbie Ibrabim - thank you, Debbie! We definitely wanted to change the direction we were headed. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

  22. ArrowRidge

    ahh who's chopping onions in here? What a neat story! Definitely will check them out, you guys did an awesome job on the video!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +ArrowRidge - thank you very much, guys!

  23. Phillip McLary

    What a story. We are a lot older, but i think this a message everyone can relate to. I hope to do something like they are trying.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Phillip McLary - awesome, Phillip!

  24. hardenfivegh

    Nice to meet you Holler Homestead. ! I’m still in Ca. My kids are teenagers now so our exit plan has become a bit more complicated, but I get it. Congratulations on your journey!

  25. مطبخ ام حسام

    جميل وروعه😍👍👍👍

    1. White House on the Hill

      +مطبخ ام حسام - 👍🏼

  26. jimandmarsha

    We love White House on the Hill AND The Hollar Homestead. We're subscribed to both and watch all of the videos. God bless you all!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +jimandmarsha - thank you, guys!

  27. 50 shades of green

    good morning to you guys !! tow big heavy weights together, ""the next great American farm tour"" !! thanks for this amazing v-log !! hearing there story made me cry like a big baby and smile at the same time, thank you thank you thank you

    1. White House on the Hill

      +50 shades of green - very kind!

  28. Lisa Booker

    What an AMAZING family. Just beautiful. TFS. God Bless ~Lisa

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Lisa Booker - thank you, Lisa!

  29. The Grateful Sunites

    That is a small space! Makes me feel like I can totally handle the downsize we are doing. You guys are rock stars!'re cool too Jake.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +The Grateful Sunites - haha! Thanks, Jen!

  30. Stephanie Wienert


    1. White House on the Hill

      +Stephanie Wienert - thanks!

  31. Chick-a-Woof Ranch

    We've enjoyed the Hollar family since before they left Cali... great video!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Chick-a-Woof Ranch - thank you, guys!

  32. M StMor


    1. White House on the Hill

      +michele stan mor - thank you, Michele!

  33. Mahealani W

    Oh my gosh what a cute little family I love'em... Already subscribed 😊 huggs💜

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mahealani W. - thanks, Mahealani!

  34. Wendy K

    It was so nice to meet The Hollar Homestead. May God keep guiding you. I just subscribed to your homestead.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Wendy K - nice, Wendy!


    How are the peacock eggs doing? Are you going to make a update video like of you candling them?

    1. White House on the Hill

      +MIGUEL AQUINO - yes, we'll do that soon

  36. Jacky Waldon

    I definitely will be following the Hollar Homestead. What a encouragement they are too many. Love still builds a bridge and you can make it through anything. This family has proved that.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jacky Waldon - thanks, Jacky!

  37. Pia's Permaculture Edu

    Very informative. Glad you are taking the leap to preserve your love & life. Good on you. Suggest: Mushroom production... easy, profitable & healthy; in any state.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Pia's Permaculture Edu - well said

  38. Our Life At Hidden Meadow Farm

    It’s neat when your already a subscriber to both channels. We get to see both sides of the coin. From each channels perspective. I’m glad I don’t have the task of choosing where to land. Tim @ Hidden Meadow Farm

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Hidden Meadow Farm - The Urban Homestead - I agree... not sure we could do what they're doing right now. Starting over somewhere new would be really tough!

  39. Samantha Flanagin

    Truly amazing I can feel their love for each other!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Samantha Flanagin - I agree... it was pretty cool to see.

  40. jdawgs place

    I love you guys...and the hollor homestead too

    1. White House on the Hill

      +jdawgs place - thank you so much!

  41. JilleyTN

    Jake, you've got skills! Great video. I follow this family on IG. Nice to see them at White House on the Hill. :)

    1. White House on the Hill

      +JilleyTN - awesome! Thanks, Jilley!

  42. Trent Nelsen

    We just bought 6 acres in Northwest Arkansas and are getting our homestead out together. You might head south from there! Good luck and safe travels!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Trent Nelsen - thank you, Trent!

  43. norma mccomas

    so precious

    1. White House on the Hill

      +norma mccomas - thank you!

  44. Rocking C Homestead

    Going to have to check out the Hollar homestead channel.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Rocking C Homestead - right on!

  45. Dagmar King

    Oops, spelled their name incorrectly. "Hollar Family". Sorry.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Dagmar King - all is well

  46. Dagmar King

    Wonderful video. Wonderful of you sharing their story. I've just recently been directed to your channel. I love it. Blessing to you and the Hallar family.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Dagmar King - awesome, thank you so much!

  47. Rick Mitchell

    WAIT! The twins are oldest? But seriously, their story is so inspiring. Rather than give up because of their situation, they changed the situation.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Rick Mitchell - the boys all look alike, right! Well said, too!

  48. bowlmeoverva

    Good story. Thanks for sharing!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +bowlmeoverva - thank you so much!

  49. Tom Boyle

    It's nice to see a couple prioritize their connection.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Tom Boyle - definitely, too many people give up on each other when the going gets tough.

  50. 180° From Average

    Great job with this video Jake! Now I want to see all of y'all again! ~sarah

    1. White House on the Hill

      +180° From Average - thank you, Sarah!

  51. Udder Charms Farm

    What a great story!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Udder Charms Farm - thank you, we appreciate it!

  52. Sue Boeck

    WOW. that’s all I can say. Good for them

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Sue Boeck - I agree... pretty amazing story

  53. Jean Richards

    Love, love, love this video. Your editing is phenomenal and really drives home the point/mood. I'd never heard of hollar homestead before this and I appreciate you giving them the time and helping share their story. It's a powerful one. What a blessing they decided to share their life together instead of taking the more traveled road. Both of your families are beautiful and I appreciate the glimpse of life a different way. Blessings to you all.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jean Richards - thank you, Jean! We really appreciate that!

  54. 180° From Average

    Ahhh... now I miss you guys again. ~ethan

    1. White House on the Hill

      +180° From Average - get a room 😀

  55. Debra Murray

    Great video

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Debra Murray - thank you, Debra!

  56. ben jones

    Very well put together

    1. White House on the Hill

      +ben jones - thank you so much, Ben!

  57. Jessie

    Both of your families are living my dream!! I will get to travel like that some day I willl!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I will definatly have to look into their US-new!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jessie - awesome, thanks, Jessie!

  58. Little White Dory

    Wow, great family, if you need RV space on Long Island in NY gimme a call, I would gladly let you stay here, water, sewer, WiFi and fresh eggs daily! Just help pick some veggies and weeds while your here. Great historical sites for home school excursions. Wm. K. Vanderbilt & Fredrick Bourne mansions Fire Island Light House & beaches. Have fun! I'm subscribed now!

    1. The Hollar Homestead

      Thank you so much for that!

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Little White Dory - there you go, Hollar's!

  59. Stringfield Ridge Farm

    Have been keeping up with their journey. They are precious! So glad they are looking for a perfect place before they settle. MO is a great state - we are in western Kentucky so lots of similarities as SE MO - Good Luck Hollar Homestead.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Stringfield Ridge Farm - sounded like they were headed that way soon!

  60. Kohelet Yael

    heart felt story.. it reminds me of when G-d told Abraham to leave his land, his people and all that he knew.. and so that he would go where a holy land would be promised to him. May the hand of G-d bless the Hollar homestead with a land that will be holy to them, that will be fruitful and prosperous, with good people and peace.

    1. The Hollar Homestead

      Thank you Kohelet Yael!

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Kohelet Yael - agreed! They are definitely being watched over!

  61. Romawoods Woodworking

    What a great story!!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Nick Johnson - I agree, Nick!

  62. Brandy Gallegos

    I think for most people just picking up and starting over isn’t easy, leaving family behind and some aren’t financial able. Like you said, in some regions just the cost of 1 acre is ridiculously over priced. I’m in Florida, and for .18th of and acre is 30k/50k . I wish you luck in journey to your forever farm.

    1. Brandy Gallegos

      The Hollar Homestead good luck on your journey. @white house on the hill, I found your channel through living traditions homestead . You both are right, hard, and not for everyone. I made the move but stayed within Florida. No financial freedom or homestead, but I do garden (BIG garden 😂).

    2. The Hollar Homestead

      It's definitely not easy, or the right choice, for everyone. But we knew in our hearts it was right for us!

    3. White House on the Hill

      +Brandy Gallegos - oh, it's definitely not easy for anyone... they made quite a life-changing decision to go for it.

  63. Homestead Wannabee

    Another couple choosing the important things in life - family. Blessings ~

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Homestead Wannabee - so true!

  64. Mrs Farm Alarm

    What a great video friends! Such great memories and friends are being made.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mrs Farm Alarm - thank you, Ashley!

  65. Mrs Farm Alarm

    Eventhough I have heard their story, it still gets my eyes a little leaky everytime I hear it.

    1. The Hollar Homestead

      My eyes are leaking too!

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Mrs Farm Alarm - good! It's a powerful one!

  66. Mrs Farm Alarm

    What a cool place that is!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Mrs Farm Alarm - 😉

  67. Joshua Wilson

    Bless y’all for putting family first, you will be deeply blessed. Praying you find that perfect place!!!

    1. The Hollar Homestead

      Thank you! ❤

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Joshua Wilson - thank you so much, Joshua! Probably for the Hollar's, but we'll steal the blessing 😀

  68. Farm Alarm

    Good times with good people. I think they will choose Missouri ☺. You did an amazing job showcasing their story. Well done *Chicken* *Man,* well done. 👍

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Farm Alarm - thank you, sir. I hope they do!

  69. The Cynic

    The east side of the state is much better. Anywhere down hyw44 Or around Jefferson city.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +The Cynic - they were over on the east side first... now they're headed south I think

  70. John Harris

    My family did the same but a smaller focus. We knew we wanted to be in the Appalachian mountains and be in the south. We wanted not to be in a hot area that required air conditioned living. We settled on 30 acres near Boone NC. We are at 3500 ft elevation. The hottest it has gotten all summer is 86 degrees. Nights are cool. . The neighbors are great and the homeschooling laws are great. Best side benefit is there are no mosquitoes. We love it!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +John Harris - pretty sweet spot you found there!