The Koenigsegg CCX Was the Ultimate Supercar From 2008

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2008 Koenigsegg CCX was the ultimate supercar -- from a decade ago. Today I'm reviewing the Koenigsegg CCX and I'm going to take you on a tour of the CCX, and show you what the Koenigsegg CCX is like to drive.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. IDontBelieveInPenises

      There are 1.3 million people who are capable of stealing this car now.

    2. Eric Rogers

      Great review Doug.

    3. William Church

      Doug, the kind of guy that gets in a car by starting with one leg and then sliding in.

    4. vipul bhanushali

    5. JxckC

      KOENIGSEGG CCX: The worlds most expensive calculator.

    6. Peter Sampson


    7. zelly delacth


    8. mm 2018

      D..armstadtium O..smium U..nunbium G..allium

    9. gao jun lee


    10. Shwoop

      Did anyone notice that plain ass sedan just casually drive past him I bet that person felt good

    11. Alex

      The masterbattery cutoff switch?

    12. Geometry Dash BluesBoy

      1:56 It's 806 HP by the way, love the channel Doug!

    13. Adam Zimmerman

      “Koenigsegg Circle of Life” *laughs at his own joke

    14. SGT Austin

      Doug the type of guy to be featured on fake taxi and review the car

    15. Goreon

      Doug is the type of guy to reveal all the secrets in the car, so the thief can steal the car.

    16. delbroox

      Is anyone annoyed by the fact that he didn't put the key in the crest-shaped storage pocket in the centre or is it just me?

    17. Luke Gastelum

      29:15 - He’s definitely getting head from the car

    18. Canadian Thomas

      what an amazing car. CVK is a true hero of the car people. love that guy.

    19. Braden Regular

      There’s only 2 in the western hemisphere

    20. Nils Esaias Wide

      Well,the crest is all over the car.

    21. Courtlandb27


    22. JWGFoto

      This car has Doug on his knees!

    23. JWGFoto


    24. Aaron Beck

      Can ya f$$k in the back seat when sh!t gets real ..... nope .but while shes busy with that extra long shifter to make up for your lack of being is the main selling point of this car Down shift and grind the clutch to give er a good buzzzzzzzz if she's a pro gold digger

    25. Joost de Bruin

      Dun fact, the door sill is actually the fuel tank. For weight distribution it is places around you.

    26. Nidish Menon

      Doug is a type of guy who bites his nails while staring at a women

    27. King Jay

      well you just told us how to properly steal a ccx

    28. EmerseD

      I didn't saw the roof! Where was it?

    29. teletypewriter

      the central console circle with buttons is so weird and unusable... it seems an old telephone with rotary dial.

    30. alv R

      That’s the most beefy car door hinge I’ve seen

    31. Josh Nickles

      I HATE how small those things are. The only one that’s good is the REGERA and it is the greatest car of all time

    32. Sundar Pichai


    33. al simmons

      how can a car with 1k miles be in such an bad condition?

    34. Dsc Rac

      Can you please describe a car without "ultimate" and "supercars" in your upcoming videos?! Just curious☢️

    35. CHAKLA _

      No that is a entity xf

      1. Angel Arellano

        CHAKLA _ yes or entity XXR

    36. Rich Wech

      The wheel nut tightens one way, the other piece seems to be a secondary securment for the nut and tightens the other way, there's two different torque specs listed on either component, (600nm on the nut and 250nm on the other piece)

    37. josuke higashikata

      Didn't they make 3 models of that car oh wait nvm that's fast and the furious

    38. Huy Bunchhay

      You promised to show how the roof is installed, Doug!

    39. Gd Vega

      Doug is the guy who smells toilet paper happily before wiping

    40. xD SniPeZ FBR PrO MLGxxzzzxxx !

      Overflod Entity XF

    41. ummmwhatnow

      Doug's the type of guy who should #SaveTheManuals!

    42. Dominic Galante

      This man talks about their logo like bigfoot

    43. ZionHillCalling

      4:49 those seats really do not belong in a car that costs more than 20K

    44. Da Fuq

      Manual gearbox FTW!

    45. Jacob Fulmer

      I thought he said it has a convertible roof...does it not?

      1. Jacob Fulmer

        +Paul Jr. Harrington oooohhhh. Thank you :)

      2. Paul Jr. Harrington

        Jacob Fulmer It does. It was in the trunk.

    46. Mario Mukaj

      Fast 5.

    47. Karthik C

      This video is useful for koenigsegg owners who forgot to start their car

    48. T M

      Doug the type of guy who needs knee pad badly 6:28 he needs one for everyone of his videos

    49. Nick G

      Doug is the type of guy that pee with his pants all the way down while holding his shirt all the way up and talks to everyone that comes in the bathroom!

    50. ytteman

      The first of the 4 buttons to press for start doesn't look like something Koenigsegg put there. It was probably installed by a previous owner.

    51. Yahelps App

      Lost and Found

    52. Dirtyd23

      That starting sequence is about the dumbest shit I’ve seen put in a car. I guess just putting in a key and pressing a button wasn’t cool enough for rich people

    53. Reckless entertainment

      Why do all of the buttons in the center stack look like they’re from a high class hotel elevator lol

    54. Jesus Arechiga

      Roof goes in the trunk? Ah I see, this a modern Honda Del sol

    55. Takauchi Nishika

      I wall ride this car while against a rubberbanded r8

    56. Florian Walter

      Love the exterior, but man, the interior Looks like it was developed in the last 2 weeks. Looks like a Renault Twingo toy car of the 90s.

    57. jeremy kinman

      I would take off the engine compartment cover and leave it off

    58. bobby griz

      "Not that a car thief could figure out that starting procedure, uhh oh yeah i just told them" lol

    59. Blake Hausdorf

      Do a ford gt40

    60. Matthew Voller

      I just noticed the door handles and air vents look and function exactly like my 2001 Audi TT.


      The exterior looks current for '19, while the interior screams late 80's. 😂

    62. mercoid

      8:40....”little storage pocket shaped like the crest” It seems apparent that that’s the cubby for the key. Am I mistaken??

    63. Jaski Kiiski

      I like that nm subtitle.

    64. TheDeekins Nice

    65. Patricia Smith

      8:05 you mean a six pedal transmission

    66. Patricia Smith

      6:22 it has a six pedal transmission

    67. James Garvey

      Love love love love love love!!!!!!!!!!

    68. Q- Bert

      Center console looks like an old rotary phone

    69. Q- Bert

      I like how the inside of the rims are “break dust brown” so you can’t see the dust

    70. Paul Jr. Harrington

      Few may know this, but this CCX is chassis #044, which is actually tuned to 980hp, from 806hp stock.

    71. wa2804

      4:12 Doug's the type of guy that clearly hasn't parked his AMG station wagon straight between the parking lines

    72. SkunkQC

      transmission is easy to operate, its why you cut all the shifting parts. Cmon men

    73. IRON59 _

      This car did not age well

    74. Adonis Costa

      Hey! I was catching up on your videos and I just saw THIS car at the RM auction on Saturday. Surprised to find it was the actual same car, not just another CCX. It went right past the block at $850K, I don't think it met the reserve though. While I did see it, I wasn't able to get as close a look, in person, as I was through this video!

    75. Turn

      No sir, that is an Entity XF common mistake

      1. Angel Arellano

        Oh ok

      2. Turn

        Angel Arellano wooosh as in the joke goes woooosh over your head mr. sir

      3. Angel Arellano

        Turn whats r whooosh

      4. Turn

        +Angel Arellano /r/woooosh

      5. Angel Arellano

        Yes that means koniossgeg

    76. Dave Jr

      I just can't listen to this fuckn guy OMG u just want him to shut the fuck up he's making me want to smash my phone.

    77. Dave Jr

      Does this big fuckn dumbass goofball fit in this one.

    78. Dhyan Mohan

      19:48 That cap should be for the right front wheel.

    79. kolby4078

      Doug DeMuro the type of guy to drive a convertible without sunglasses.

    80. Rusty Dusty

      Is it a W124/W201 windshield wiper on a million dollar supercar? :)

    81. JakeLionsWorld

      29:44 Dougstep

    82. jellycoding

      Of course it is a cool's made in Sweden.

    83. ArioKenBuddha

      Doug Demuro: The type of guy to let himself get passed on the highway by a Toyota Camry from 2008 when he is driving an 806HP Koenigsegg CCX from 2008.~Lord AKB:)

    84. kittyscrubber

      How to you open the doors if you have already shut the power off to the battery cutoff and the windows wont roll down to allow the open the door?

    85. A V

      Ever since I watched the stig crash a ccx I've wanted one

    86. Thompter S. Hunson

      I had this one but I've sold it. That automated window was too much for me.

    87. James Wheeler

      take a shot every time Doug's voice breaks.

    88. wikichris

      3 pedals are like the 3 seashells; no one has worked them out yet

    89. Tyler Melendez-Duke

      So if I happen to see one at say a car show and the door is open all I’d need to do is the start sequence and drive off? Let’s hope someone leaves the door open and the immobilizer off

    90. ElementsMMA

      He cannot possibly be this dumb. I know he is focused on making videos but cannot tell if he is trolling with getting in the car and not knowing the key goes in the perfectly shaped holder.

    91. Steven Rees

      All proper cars have a manual gearbox. It makes you a pilot rather than a passenger.

    92. RyTrapp0

      The vertical windshield wiper isn't for s00per d00per aerodynamic improvements - rather, horizontal wipers develop a terrible habit of flopping around due to buffeting at triple digit MPH. Although, I'm sure it is ever so slightly more aerodynamic, but that's more of a secondary effect of the primary reason. Also, the wheels came from Dymag(and still look absolutely FANTASTIC!) - the ORIGINAL aftermarket carbon fiber wheel manufacturer. As can be seen, it's "only" a carbon fiber barrel with metallic center, so they were never really considered to be like "THE carbon fiber wheel" - what everyone truly wanted was a 1-piece CF wheel, like we have today from both Koenigsegg and Carbon Revolution, the supplier of Ford's 1-piece CF wheels. Great review though - I've been waiting a LOOOOOOOONG TIME for this one!!!

    93. bigal1701

      Hehe, the satnav is exactly the same as in my Ford Falcon! :)

    94. Joel Brooks

      Doug! being a car guy you should recognize a Regular STACK dash. 😝

    95. catfisher420

      The hood release is the same as Volvo's, funny stuff.

    96. Gossip

      10 years old and still looks better than Toyotas new BMW Supra.

    97. Gossip

      To really enjoy a Doug video, turn the sound off.

    98. Y.A.K

      Back to my reality and push start my Honda City

    99. Battalon

      28:24 You are surprised? Oh well

    100. join the fist

      you have to get your own rag! that's a rip of!!