The Hardest Part of Door Shopping

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    The Hardest Part of Door Shopping. Long days on your feet, having different tastes than your spouse, unhelpful for doors can be really challenging. But you want to know what the hardest part is? Watch this sketch!
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    Cast: Jeremy Warner, Natalie Madsen, Stephen Meek, Dalton Johnson, Tori Pence, and Aaron Fielding
    Director: Mallory Everton
    Producer: Luiz Malaman
    Line Producer: Tess Kelly
    Writer: Jeremy Warner
    Editor: Trent Woolford
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    The Hardest Part of Door Shopping

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Studio C

      So...what's on the other side of the Door to the Unknown? 🤔

      1. The Plot Thickened

        A world where there are no wars, no world hunger, gender equality, no racism, sexism, homophobia, no crimes, no poverty (people now live within today’s middle and upper class which will have the same worth)

      2. Kira Boyd

        A land full of variations of Big Bird.

      3. J-dog Phillips

        A free cooler

      4. Darragh Mchugh

        People how eats there Kit Kat without brakeing it.

      5. Molly Bravo


    2. Emily Geib

      Awww man! My stupid cooler allergies! Now I’m just gonna get a mini fridge!

    3. Piper Allard

      Oh no! I have a cooler allergy

    4. the deathcloud

      where my cooler

    5. o-o iheartyou

      Why do I get the feeling the monster is Tori...

    6. shadowdragonomega

      The Hardest Part of Door Shopping I know right. This happens to me EVERY time I go door shopping and quite frankly I'm sick of it.

    7. rutger5000

      The hardest part of door shopping is knowing if it's a real door or a real fake door.

    8. Aesquawkea Truesdaloo

      *That’s a weird looking furry ya got there*

    9. Ana Sofía

      The music tho is gonna give me nightmares

    10. Piece of Cake

      i want my cooler xD

    11. Chickennugget lover 673954


    12. Rodel Jagad

      the bottle of lighter fluid lmao

    13. Sarah Stanley

      That was the weirdest thing I've ever watched

    14. Thaddeus Chavez

      I need my cooler

    15. CZ_ace1

      I need to feed mah babies

    16. Kitty 129

      So.….where's my free cooler?

    17. Matthew Williams

      Cool portal

    18. The Gamex

      I dont like how jeremy now has a beard

    19. Dinomax Productions

      1:36 how did he fend it off that easily with a broom, owlbears have challenge ratings of 3 Or maybe Jeremy is a wizard

    20. Elena Eslampour

      So I kinda need that free cooler otherwise all my ice cream’s gonna melt so..

    21. Kayleigh DEZNUTZ GOTTIE

      When they sit down the door behind Stephen is great looking

    22. Michael Griffin

      Where is my free cooler?

    23. Lolo Belle

      Oh wow! I didn’t expect this title to be that literal 😂

    24. Brooklynn Wood

      who played as the chicken. . .thing?

    25. Roman Mac

      Jeramy needs to keep his mom in that portal.

    26. Jasmine Lee

      What was the white dome in 2:30? Was it a diffuser? It looked a bit out of place.

      1. Jasmine Lee

        Jeremy Warner wow thanks for responding

      2. Jeremy Warner

        Jasmine Lee it’s an old iMac g4

    27. Mary Lois Carroll

      Do I actually get a cooler if I subscribe? 😂

    28. Dirtbike Psycho

      I can’t believe I hadn’t subscribed

    29. JackieFriday


    30. arctic wolvz

      We all know the bird thing is Stacey XD

    31. Marry me namjoon or I’ll marry you

      Where my free cooler bro Lol jk i subscribes four years ago

    32. Block Games YT

      This was disturbing

    33. derp33squid

      I saw the bird come in/out of the portal. I think it's a furry dimension

    34. rylie dayton

      It's so funny how Natalie has no idea about what is happening right behind her!! 😂

    35. Ben V

      Where was this filmed?!

    36. 0bn0xi0us

      Was anyone else really confused?

    37. Parker Han

      What the heck did I just watch?!

    38. jackoer

      where is my cooler ?

    39. Kelfoi

      They all left :(

    40. MLBFAN- TextingStores

      So were do I hit u up studio c for key free cooler and dog survive vest 🐶😊

    41. gangstaKatten F. D. J.

      I think this is the first time I’ve ever wondered how in the world this came to exist.

    42. Geekie gamer

      i subscriped give me my free cooler... and service dog leach

    43. Maddi Rae Russell

      I have that same shirt Natalie's wearing lol.

    44. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

      I couldnt skip the ad before this because it contained my childhood It was a PBS kids app ad

    45. Waffle - Navy

      Can I have my cooler now? I don't have cooler allergies.

    46. Hannah Ellis


    47. SchattendragonflyPL

      I was sure after he showed the cooler, he woudl say something like "fine. but now GIVE ME YOUR LIVERS! " ;)

    48. Everest •

      I'm.... still waiting for my free cooler and service dog vest.... Even though I've been subscribed ... for 5 years.... I still get one though right...?

    49. Emanuel Salagean

      I want that cooler

    50. Fail Tube

      I would just like to state on the inter webs that Steven looks like a young Elton John

    51. Fire Bros

      So the original cast ended up not leaving at all?

    52. Toki

      this awfully reminds me of furries PFF

    53. NoProblem 23

      Ahh... I am allergic to coolers. ☹️

    54. Nicole Sihler

      Do Kyle's birthday or Kyle at a job interview or Kyle doing sports or worst bus driver or worst barista or worst electrician

    55. GavWrecker

      Still waiting for my free cooler. It’s been 2 days and still have no sign that it’s coming. No email or anything. I’m disliking, this is outrageous. jk lol

    56. C. W. Johnson Jr

      Is that Korie in the chicken suit?

    57. Arro's Art

      What did I just watch lol

    58. jog foof

      You guys should do a skit where its "harry potter class reunion" like if u agree

    59. Chloe Guerre

      wheres my cooler??? 😂

    60. Fiona M

      So I was told I would get a free cooler?

    61. Samantha Keegstra

      When it said Door shopping, I thought it meant window shopping

    62. Ya so cute I love this channel Boi

      Where did you get all those doors and who played the weird moster

    63. spotted panther


    64. mastersleib

      The ending was so great :D

    65. MoomMoo Maddie

      WHO WAS IN THE SUIT??? Jason?

    66. chain kick

      Great sketch, Jeremy!! 😂

    67. Wolf-E

      I subscribed but please don’t give me a cooler I have cooler allergies. LOL


      thats pretty creepy...

    69. TacoCrisis

      Sooooooooooo Where’s my cooler and service dog

    70. Mia Potts

      Don't get me wrong, still love Jk Studios and Studio C, but don't you think they are running out of ideas? Leave a quick comment to share you opinion!

    71. KanKeaKakes

      Yo is it just me or does it seem like Tori is in that costume

    72. Copy Rose

      The Hardest Part of Door Shopping, what is a door?

    73. The HoneyQueen

      Oh heck I want a cooler

    74. Zach Meeds


    75. hoastbeef

      I used to be a door to door Door Salesman. But when I knocked on people's doors, I realized they didn't need one.

    76. Derpy Shark

      Make a sketch about breaking the forth wall in a cartoon

    77. Laura Livingston


    78. Bryon Self

      Studio C is trending!! Great work guys!

    79. Kristen Teagarden

      My reaction to this video: "what was that??" 😂

    80. Edward P. Shikles

      But...who was the bird/monster?

    81. Forrest Hassell

      U trending

    82. Ethan Choi

      Don't get me started on window shopping.

    83. [MG] Smasher

      I didn’t understand the whole cooler thing...

    84. Paul Johnson

      Can someone give me a breakdown on why this is trending?

    85. Olivia Kresno

      That’s freaked my out a little

    86. Angela Nadauld

      I hope everyone is having a great day.

    87. Caitlin Cunningham

      That was different

    88. Annabelle Mesecher

      Congrats on 39th on Trending!

    89. Casey Wellington

      *TRENDING!?!?!? GUYS WE MADE IT!!!*

    90. Manaus125

      Umm.. Where can I get my free cooler?

    91. Peridotmuffin 575

      I thought Steven was going to jump in and on the other side was Canada

    92. Kung Fu

      Studio C, the sketches seem to keep getting weirder.

      1. Michael Adenusi

        Kung Fu that’s the point


      Can't believe it's on TRENDING!!!

    94. Mr Crabbyface

      I work at a door and moldings retail shop and this is funny af lol

    95. Ldbeastmode 06

      Who do you think was in the costume? I think it Whitney

    96. Paul Meyer

      Am I the only one who noticed the Pi number in the calculator? ^^

    97. Chainz

      this was filmed in my home town of Springville!

    98. Fish & Chips

      Love these people. So funny and talented, and i have watched them for a long time. Keep it going guys!

    99. Theater Nerds

      nice job

    100. cpl 2b

      wtf is this