THE GLOVES ARE OFF | Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua | The Rematch 👊

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    Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua come face to face ahead of their epic rematch in Saudi Arabia on Saturday 7th December live on Sky Sports Box Office.
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    Published on 7 days ago


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      1. terry hayes

        Nice one I'll try that one

      2. republican infidel

        @terry hayes Haha, a website call allthebestfights : boxing section will have the fight for free or straight after the fight . mmacore is a good 1 too, for big fights( boxing as well)

      3. terry hayes

        republican infidel do you have to put your account details to be able too stream because I have no intention of doing that for the fraudsters to RIP me off when I have to get a few quid out of the cash machine there's nothing in there because someone has had my pants down lol I don't know if you have any but I've had that many things I've surposed to have won iPhone holidays cash you name it I've had so many things telling me to put my account details on so I can receive all this great things I've won even though I haven't entered anything to be able too win they must think I have just landed in a banna boat

      4. republican infidel

        Mot a hope il watch it for free, streaming is quality these days

      5. Noggsy joggsy watches

        AJ is full of it just like morgan Freeman

    2. Darren Calvin

      As a man from England my heart is with Joshua but the way he got beat last time am really not sure 🤔 good luck to both of u and may the best man win 🥊

    3. Deborah Glaves

      Anthony Joshua is fit.Yes I would💓

    4. Hugh Oxford

      Good luck Andy... from a Brit.

    5. andi.rebecca

      Why are they sat on the chairs the wrong way round.. ?

    6. Peter Shields

      Never trust a man who says he is a nice humble guy - it is pure contradiction to judge our own humility - it is a quality only others can judge us on.

    7. Lubo D

      before this interview I wasn't sure who would win but now I am 100% sure. Andy "The Gods Destroyer" got this battle again.

    8. Mr Maker

      Ruiz seem like such a kind and humble person

    9. RealSilvius Anton

      What’s the intro song name ?

    10. NICKPE

      The way they’re so calm makes it even more tense than if they were cussing each other out

    11. Jack Rooks

      If I farted in the ring it would knock them both out.

    12. Kannsen

      Thanks my VPN !

    13. Tom Foley

      Ruiz is a boxer Joshua is a pretty boy looking for respect an admiration

    14. pwcool

      Good luck Anthony but you look scared man!

    15. the 3 team family

      It's hard to see AJ like this. It's like his legs are still shaking from the last fight 6 months ago

    16. rybackracing

      You've got to give respect to both of them to sit face to face and answer these questions, some pretty tough and soul searching. Got to say AJ looks uncomfortable though.

    17. Tom Foley

      Anthony Joshua to me is a poor man's Frank Bruno an seems to have to much of an ego which ruins him as a boxer,

    18. Shaggy Rogers

      “I’m one of the bosses” respect

    19. Mroriginalpb T

      Ruiz looking at him like he's a snickers

    20. Valdis Strauts

      Andy will win again..sorry Anthony,but you are too nervous.

    21. Darnage

      Come on AJ

    22. Harry Young

      There’s only one talking from the heart the other is probably still selling crack to kids in Watford! I would send my address but don’t fancy getting 🗡 on road💰

    23. Elephant Gunners

      AJ how many bricks can you lay in a day?

    24. DJ MGTOW

      AJ. has dumb lifeless eyes.

    25. Freddie _49

      I want Andy to smash AJ up

    26. Music Corner

      Ruiz always looks like he’s trying not to laugh

    27. Da Rowdee One

      3.14... Check it guys. Anthony's frustrated about something. Why did what Andy say ruffle him a bit? I think this is one of the best TGAO's I've seen tbh... Body Language can give away alot...

    28. AK

      Respect to Joshua, losing the fight to Ruiz has clearly really damaged his confidence and happiness in general, but he’s tryning to keep strong. He needs this win to restore it

    29. AK

      Who’s gonna win? Like- AJ Comment- Ruiz 👇🏻

    30. Adam Hawker

      shuck hands thats respectx

    31. Bonwren Taylor

      Two nice and humble guys, but can't help feeling Ruiz will win the rematch........despite wanting Joshua to win..

    32. james napier

      2 humble guys

    33. Luke Haworth

      I'm english but I think I want ruiz to win. The guy seems super down to earth and so happy to be where he is. It will be a shame who ever loses considering how respectful these guys are. who else thinks boxing is amazing at the moment?

      1. Hugh Oxford


    34. Chunk Norris

      what is that background tune ive heard that somehwere before

    35. Blue master Kieran

      Two great blokes, I predict Joshua to stop him within 7

    36. andrew obrien

      Joshua is gonna get smashed

    37. top dogg

      I really like Ruiz. Cool guy.

    38. Joe Blogs

      I think AJ is not mentally up for it

    39. Some Won

      Ruiz is a boxer.. AJ is a gym instructor.... Ruiz is mind gaming Joshua in a passive aggressive way in this interview.. don't be fooled, he's smart

    40. harry lame

      AJ is getting banged out again. Stupid to have this fight in Saudi!!

    41. Farzad Jahanfard

      If you can hate Andy you are possibly an Alien

    42. 123macks

      No quit sure y did your last flight

    43. 123macks

      Aj is a bum he’s going to get done again fact

    44. sam 55

      Aj: I'm not a quitter Ruiz: I think you quit Aj:😔

    45. Shaun Jordan

      Reminds me of rocky and apollo

    46. Aldric Bailey

      AJ looks glazed

    47. B

      joshua is in trouble, if ruiz lands one solid punch on him hes gunna mentally breakdown and lose again

    48. steve hughes

      I'm not sure AJ is fired up enough but if he sticks to his boxing he can still win

    49. Alfie Hodgson

      The interviewer can stir shit real good


      Name of the song at the start? Thanks 😂

    51. Pengelly

      God, I honestly want both of them to win. Genuinely some of the most down to earth boxers out there

    52. Nemisis Finder

      If Ruiz lands a good shot behind Joshua's ear again. Will AJ be able to take it?

    53. Baron Apthorp

      Sky UK your FAKE

    54. G G

      Wow wonderful interview. I love you Andy When you lost,you were down for a minute, you stop boxing for few months but you got your head back straight and you came back stronger. Nice message for Joshua.

    55. Eric George

      Fascinating stuff. I think the ring walk will tell us all we need to know about AJ's state of mind on fight night!!

    56. Alex Dalex

      Wow! AJ got so much better! .. at his ability to use SO many words and eventually still say absolutely nothing LOL

    57. BAKER 13

      Joshua: lets hype it up get my ass kicked again and make 66million.

    58. kevoy blake

      these comment are what the sport is all about🥇 that being said people are saying they see defeat in his eyes. To me they look familiar looks like a man trying to hide his shame & murderous intent... but that's just me.

    59. KeepFit Daddyuk

      Joshua is Gutted to the Core!

    60. KeepFit Daddyuk

      Joshua is Gutted to the Core!

    61. Anthony Jackson

      God is a boxing fan? And he had money on Ruiz?? Naughty gambling God 😆 Let's be clear.... THERE IS NO GOD

    62. Seb Gehtola

      these people said that fight will be in UK .. lets all wonder why its in DUBAI hmmm

    63. Kurtis Taylor

      andy ruiz, get on big win buys a mansion, bligned from head to toe, aj worth millions, has a shit watch and still lives with his mum in the house he was raised in

    64. legend27

      sorry but Joshua is overrated he will be dropped again and he will be finished Joshua looks depressed as fuck

    65. J M

      I want Ruiz to win

    66. Neil bingham

      I wanted Joshua to win this. But he's mentally weak, you can see it in his eyes. Ruiz is winning this.. No issues

    67. C Ahmed

      Ruiz real champ...

    68. Tony Hall

      No losers in life here, both great Gentlemen, let’s see who is the best fighter on Saturday 😎😎

    69. Caoimhin Scullion

      Feck sake AJ you quit on your feet, and the ref saved you twice during the fight 🥊💥

    70. Matthew Starr

      I don’t take the easy route seriously you just say that josh ha you had it easy just look at all your previous fights joke ..