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    Odell Beckham Jr. is heading to Cleveland. Will Brinson cannot believe how badly New York handled this transaction. Jason La Canfora breaks down why the Giants decided to make this move now and

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. DaBoss101

      Who here after they got Daniel Jones?

    2. Arnold Davis

      Giants need a quarterback Eli is done with

    3. Richard Huzzey

      WHO CARES!

    4. C Pearl

      It's good the Giants don't know what their doing......CLEVELAND DOES!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Mammy Bluegum

      Who cares about the damn negro football league

    6. Monster Mousse

      Giants havethe work horse Barkley. I would take him and his attitude anyday over baby Beckham.

    7. Ryan Daniel

      Paper Champions.

    8. Keontae Carter

      Of course they don't, as well as everybody else who's ignorant or irrelevant, No Spamming thank you :').

    9. Yoboijr

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    10. Thats no Moon!

      Fuck I'm so sad

    11. Fed up with Fed

      This dudes a Jackass...what OBJ...can't play in little old Cleveland...Hey D bag...maybe he DOESN'T MIND coming to Cleveland!.....What get can't leave libtard land...NYC...Screw you...why would he want to stay in NYC?....why?...who would?

    12. Kris Silver

      "The Cleveland Browns... Where players go to die"

    13. Akuzy .Romiro

      Who else feels bad for odell

    14. josef mengele

      it aint gonna improve there chances, they'll need a lot more than just that flashy spook to win a ring.

    15. Michael Bryant

      Why do that boy be wearing a toilet rug on his head?

    16. AmenHotep III Dlion Lord Harewood

      Cleveland will do even better this year. Baker should be more comfortable at QB and now they have a gient with something to prove.

    17. SlapMyBass3825

      I was reading this hoping it wasn't click bait. I am now laughing uncontrollably

    18. N V

      This was not a dumb move... Beckham was a highlight reel, but when it came to crunch time. He didn't perform..... he was a distraction...... we just signed Golden tate which is a solid receiver and are talking to chris hogan.... and we have a first round and 3rd round pick..... I would rather have a bunch of SOLID , HANDLE BUSINESS PLAYERS, THEN A HUMAN HIGHLIGHT FILM THAT IS A TEAM DISTRACTION.... this all from a GIANTS FAN...

    19. dēaþ

      This could potentially be a HOF offensive lineup.

    20. IHen

      nobody gonna say anything about how they just said odell was property of the browns?

    21. William Livingston

      Get rid of OB Jr but keep Eli Manning STUPID Eli’ s prime was 11 years ago Odell’s time is NOW Except the Yankees NY sport organizations are fucking stupid.

    22. David RIley

      He’s overrated and needs to shut his mouth and just play football, but that won’t happen and he will fail just like everyone in Cleveland always does

    23. Dennis Norris

      Dave Gettlemen he did it in Carolina with Steve Smith

    24. zster 08

      Are they really saying “Property of Cleveland Browns”? It’s PLAYER. Not property.

    25. Ricky Jimenez


    26. TheBest Me

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    27. Maniac Rider

      The Giants got the best deal. Good riddance. He's way overrated. He is poison. Browns fans, it's gonna be ugly. Sorry.

    28. Tpjuvi Philly

      Hopefully he can do something cause he’s been cold since 2014

    29. JGAA

      You're an idiot...

    30. David Cartagena

      so we lost champions league and odell leaves worst bday ever

    31. Paul Kinkade

      He's a cancer. The team will be better off emotionally and financially.

    32. Jim Berkau

      Giants are seriously trying to trade Eli but NOBODY wants him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃🤣🤣

    33. JJ G

      Always funny how these un-athletic talking heads who never ran or coached a team in their life are such experts. Odell is a very talented player but he is a Cancer. He will wear out his welcome in Cleveland soon enough.

    34. William Allen

      Guy had one lucky catch.. big fucken deal! Other than that he just helps the giants suck!

    35. That dude Joe

      Browns are gonna kick ass this upcoming season


      Wtf they thrash?

    37. Antonio Moreno

      Property of the Browns?

    38. Jon Snow

      Good riddance - he was toxic. Congrats Cleveland - now you'll still be 1-15 but with a lot more drama and tantrums.

    39. mlzanercik

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    40. Kaitlyn Gautreau

      OBJ in brown. Lol ugh

    41. Jay Rel

      He's property??? Like WTF

    42. B-RAD !!!!!!


    43. Joshua Louks

      Giants got a steal.... OBJ is going to pull an Antonio brown both of them seem like they only care about their stats and money giants can rebuild proper now

    44. Mad Max

      Giants had enough of his bad behavior. Was he really injured at the end of last season? He was trade bait back then, they just waited for the right time!

    45. 13samfootball

      Lol they got rid of a little dramatic princess... They know exactly what they are doing.

    46. John Mauceri

      These guys are so sad, go Browns😂

    47. William Rice

      The Patriots put up an offer to trade for odell but that's when Dave gettemen said we didn't sign him to trade.

    48. Clydes Winfield

      Welcome to the Land Odell ! May you turn this Mutha out! Lol.😂

    49. Captain Flat Pills

      How is dying your hair blonde not cultural appropriation?

    50. RETUSAF1995

      I have been a NYG fan since 1962, i'am glad he's gone. Made some great catches but also dropped easy ones. No more acting up on the sidelines as a gay pirate.

    51. ammcd2012


    52. Phillip Deeznuts

      Odell needed this. Eli can’t throw for shit and is no good for Odell. Eli is just gonna feed Barkley and have another mediocre season

    53. AugustLeo807

      Cleveland is feeling dangerous 😏

    54. Sheldon Cooper

      Browns picking up all the garbage

    55. Anthony Rodriguez


    56. PrometheuzReturns

      but Cleveland tho?!?! Yuck....

    57. T-RoY

      We actually got quite a bit for him tho. It sucks that hes gone bc he so explosive and good but...he can be too much of a drama queen at times.

    58. Family life

      Dude has a attitude problem 😤 shitty locker room guy nobody wants to be around him

    59. Brian Grim

      Why they trying to make Odell look like a sex symbol in the thumbnail

    60. Christopher Fair

      Hunt has a hella suspension coming, though. I mean, Browns are still loaded without him, but talking like he's a day one starter isn't legit. Chances are good he'll lose all next year.

    61. Eric P.

      Glad he's gone. Giants should have never given him the money, they should have tossed him last year. They are now starting a new tear-down of the team which should have happened last year. We now need to consider a QB who can carry the team for the next 10 years.

    62. Gonz Wouldgo

      Keep the females away from erik kuselias. He likes to “talk” to them

    63. Comment King

      Bakermayfield and Odell about to be best duo in NFL

    64. tyranttz kk

      It's worth hes cocky little fudger

    65. Jake 8267

      tHe gIAnTs DOnT kNoW wHaT tHeYre DoINg...’ Yes they do. They just dumped locker room cancer and got something for it. They didn’t win shit the last two years with dancing queen Odell. Not like they’d win their division this season. Adios queen

    66. Dan Rode

      Another moron yapper

    67. intalek305

      As a Giants fan I like this deal. I'm sorry, but until you get an offensive line, you don't know what you have in your offensive skill players or QB, you will throw away good ones and keep bad ones because their performance will be far less tied to any clarity in their individual performances the weaker your offensive line. This is one of the main ways bad teams stay bad. You need an offensive line to be able to accurately judge your skill players. The Giants seem to be getting it that they will need to fill out their foundation before it matters who their stars are. Eli is not washed, he hasn't had a good O-line since his 2nd Super Bowl win. The Giants proved then, and even before then, that you could win with a great foundation even without "star" skill players. We won with Stephon Baker and Ed McCaffrey, Mario Manningham, Victor Cruz, David Tyree....they are going back to the way things should be. With Barkley as their new, un-opposed shining example of what it means to be a Giant. I don't even really think Phil Simms or Jeff Hostetler were "stars" either, just good players. Unfortunately, Kerry Collins just...wasn't...good.....even he almost won. Hopefully they use a 1st draft pick on one more lineman. Then we will be able to see if Eli is still capable of winning. If you expected Eli to be doing more behind this line the past few years.....I don't know what made you feel like that was justified thinking unless you completely ignored the need for it because you are one of these guys who thinks skill players are the only thing that matters in the NFL. Why did anybody think the Giants would be any good the last 2-3 years? Boggles my mind. No O-line. Truth is, it is the skill players who are the LEAST valuable. They are a dime a dozen. Maybe not the Beckham's of the world, but would the next Stephon Diggs be that much worse if he was actually on the field playing more games than OBJ does? Because you can get a Diggs in the middle of the draft....What you can't get, are elite level offensive and defensive linemen. And this game is still won and lost at the line. On both sides.

    68. Melvin Castillo

      When experts all agree. You know the team made the right move. They are idiots at best

    69. MacDonald Grazette

      Giants owner is an idiot..They've never been the same since they fired Tom.Coughlin who gave them 2 Super bowls..They're still trying to build around a 38 yr old mediocre QB..Dummies


      *CLEARLY!* 👓

    71. gvi341984

      Browns wasting entire salary cap on single player? That's the old browns

    72. Raheem Amir McDowell

      weird. that announcer is strange looking

    73. The highest of the high King

      These racist white boys sitting up here talking about this man is the “Cleveland Browns Property” what kind of shit it that!!!!

    74. JZC Gaming


    75. Isaiah Martin

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    76. BGz GamersVoid

      He cries and complains in NY, let him cry and complain at Cleveland

    77. kennedy clough


    78. P- MODE

      Yo everyone that’s hyped about this check out my juice and obj highlights ᴵᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ʷᵃⁿᵗ

    79. Mary Jones

      But Browns knew what they were doing!!!!!!!!! Another GREAT player is on the team and ready to get it done!!! Go Cleveland, we ARE ready for FOOTBALL!!!!! A team with TRUE grit! These two guys are total LEPTONS! Smiles to Cleveland from a TEXAS girl!

    80. nyc nyc

      Thank God they got rid of this jerk. He's a scrub.

    81. Mr Swamp Gass

      Haha, he didn't even know he was going there.

    82. Dr. Clean

      the comments were at 666 😭 *Fixed it* 😁

    83. Judge Dredd

      As a Ravens fan, I’m jealous.

    84. Judge Dredd

      Hahahaha the giants suck

    85. Tha Game75

      This Will guy is even dumber than Jason, unbelievable

    86. Tha Game75

      Giants are a better team because of this

    87. Tha Game75

      Jason is a idiot

    88. Don Mhny

      Both of these idiots said Property of the Cleavland Browns. OBJ should smack the piss out of these two when he sees them

    89. Kevin Campbell

      Heard rumors that Giants would be willing to give Arizona a second round and fourth round pick for Josh Rosen if Cardinals take Murray. Is this just a media rumor? Would be a steal for the Giants. Rosen is next Aaron Rogers

    90. #TEAM TRUMP

      Browns don't need him ..we really don't

    91. #TEAM TRUMP

      Receivers don't win super bowls they just don't look at new endland

    92. iCarly Fanboy

      Good replacement after what happened to the Cavaliers

    93. Kal Campbell

      why havnt they gotten rid of eli yet? u would think they keep a young number 1 receiver to have for a new qb unless they concerned about to big of personality til put with young qb

    94. Trump2020

      The giants are shit

    95. Barney Tuffle

      I'm glad I'm into other hobbies. I just don't see how this is appealing lol

    96. Mike 2234

      Wrong. Gettleman's old ass doesn't know what he's doing

    97. Effing the Ineffable

      The Giants just put themselves in the lead for Rosen.

    98. chris

      Will either team make it to playoffs?

    99. Andrew Michaels

      I want everyone to help you become rich! Peace!

    100. nsilentnite