The Future of FaZe Jarvis



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    I love you guys. See you all in the next video.

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    1. THUNDER

      Count the letters in the hand 🤚🏻🌫🌫(letters) ☝️☝️ Answers 2 4 6 Reply

    2. Tharealplaylist

      1:19 when you switch from fortnite to minecraft

    3. Giovanni Lopez

      It’s like the Logan Paul I’m sorry

    4. Mexas

      u got banned on a game (despite playing ANY OTHER GAME) on which u can create another account and u make a documentary that not even veterans make

    5. Smash_It

      This is such a cliche and terrible trailer about he’s life 😂 this reminds me of Logan Paul when he made that apology video for he’s mistake

    6. Daniel Goodwin

      Unban him he still has a career ahead of him unban him he’s still a kid bruh he just wants to play fortnite plz epic

    7. Mitchellg Gray


    8. Unknown_RedChan 407

      Guy sounds like he survived the Holocaust

    9. Epicname Fortniteacc

      I am Boing to críes bacause you are so cité a dos best consolé player vive some ❤️❤️❤️ love ❤️❤️❤️

    10. Giovanni Mena

      What is the sad music in this video call

    11. Spudinske

      I only heard about this guy when he got banned but some of y'all be commenting like he spit in your food or something lmao

    12. VLOG4LIFE

      Kid acted like he got paralyzed and now he does this

    13. Patrick J Mims

      He's legit been waking up every morning and playing video games and he's been doing it for us. 🙄🤔 Wow. The courage and dedication it must take to wake and bake and play video games all day ...his is a seventeen-year-old not realizing that life goes on. I kind of feel for him cuz he doesn't seem like a bad dude but just the fact that I'm watching this video and know absolutely nothing about him/fortnite; certainly, is major proof that he'll be okay.

    14. Killklaw

      Why won’t he just make a new account

    15. JIIA

      *faaze* really

    16. Cold Fr1dge

      You push your fingers on a keyboard and mouse for a living stfu

    17. Cold Fr1dge

      Grow up

    18. AKAFSGEditz Y


    19. nipi

      mate you just got banned in a kids video game its not like you just got rescued from a kidnapper

    20. Euiqx

      did anyonelse gets goosebumps watching that 😱 see ya intill you return your defently a legend ❤

    21. Bluez Gaming

      He could just make a new account right?

    22. CraZe

      You are acting way too dramatically even Pewds didnt make a whole montage when he hit 100m ssubs

    23. Rubxx

      He got banned from a kids game and he made this

    24. Jenae X

      All this over a game

    25. Buster

      Man said fahzay

    26. Luke Brooks

      He must be foo at cod

    27. ItzKrxptic

      Just make another account like tfue

    28. Fernando Garza

      I am here for you

    29. BlueLepord Gamer

      Kid acted like he is under deep depression Over dramatic

    30. PillowFighter

      Dude. You cant play a video game you used to enjoy. Your making it sound like you went through depression...

    31. BOSS BROS

      Fortnite = life for jarvis WTF

    32. Wafflesleep

      chill it’s just a game acting like he cured all diseases from the world got 5 years in jail

    33. Gmog Gang

      he sound like he just got diagnosed with aids

    34. NPR- FATAPOW

      Jus play creative destruction

    35. SAM G

      Bro they should've banned faze kay

    36. Sekyon


    37. lazanya boy


    38. Zeid Bou hassoun

      Me: if i was jarvis i would play fortnite without nobody noticing FaZe kay:jarvis you are banned for life not allowed to play fortnite FaZe jarvis: what do you mean

    39. Trejo Brothers LV

      Am sorry I got something for you don’t worry 😉

      1. Trejo Brothers LV

        Fortnite will be back

    40. FaZe Deku2.0

      F u Epic games

    41. XDGAMER7

      everyone he just made a big change in his life from streaming all day to being able to see what life is about and that is a big change he is not being DRAMATIC

    42. William Nicholson

      This reminds me of when Tyler1 got banned from League of legends

      1. RoadTo100Subs WithNoVids

        He didnt even wab about any shit unlike this kid lol

    43. Prayer Gillard

      dude sounds like hes returning from rehab

    44. Carlos Ferreiro

      What some of you guys don't understand is that his career is over. He spent countless hours providing content for you and lost it all. It's his life man understand that.

      1. Pack -A- Punch


    45. OSCRACK 67

      Café con pan

    46. Ranki Dankie

      I need the song in the montage

    47. Ayah Chakour

      Play roblox

    48. Gregory Mobley

      He pulled a Logan Paul

    49. XxPERCxX 30


    50. M.G 504

      Never give up there’s a lot of games

      1. M.G 504

        Joey Carroll jajajaja

      2. Joey Carroll

        M.G 504 nah please give up

    51. The ShadowSniper

      Ohhhh that's a good video i liked

    52. Minn Thant Ko

      the man sound like thanos when gamora dies

      1. peqh

        Minn Thant Ko unable to detect the funny

    53. Serene Cherukat

      start playing apex

    54. J -quiz

      Jarvis: im not playing battle royal again Minecraft: u sure?

    55. Palermo

      Maaaan u just got banned on fuckin video game :DD

    56. Violent Heart

      DUDE ITS NOT EVEN A BIG DEALL. Fortnite s is just an ass

    57. Pencil

      Faze kay: You're insane jarvis! Faze kayv2: Youve Changed jarvis!

    58. TM

      This dude sounds like he just got banned from a video game & is trying to turn his life around

    59. /

      1:05 "FAHZEE JARVIS"

    60. ramithebeast 7


    61. Toxic Qwjt YT

      Jarvis actually made me start controller and when he got banned it was sad

    62. Armando Glowacki


    63. free nurk

      1 like to epic games unban jarvis

      1. Dave Harow


      2. Pack -A- Punch


    64. Daniel Asasa

      Why is man acting like he just survived a battle with cancer

    65. V0ID_ Shade

      Epic screwed up your future

    66. Etorah

      fahzay jarvis

    67. KouKz

      Say F for fortnite

    68. 3 Rockk

      He act like he a whole criminal, you cheated in a game. You still got 2.2m you good yo.

    69. Abdul Haseeb

      He not in faze anymore??

    70. Jaime Pareja

      Get a new account lol