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    This Episode: Everything that we made jokes about happening, happened.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Gacha_bitch12

      If there talking about a box jelly fish then it would’ve spread much faster

    2. Ğaçha Shādøw

      That lady is an awful lifeguard..i cant believe she said he was faking about feeling short of breath

    3. ellen decatania

      why are all you guys saying that everything is gonna kill you in australia i mean i am not dead i have been here my whole life also a bit racist and i dont think air can kill

    4. MHA fans over here

      Omg I was so nervous good thing he's ok 😅😳

    5. renegade

      Is it bad to like or good to dislike because u are liking that he almost died 😓

    6. Real Biome

      It’s been like 2 years and fitz hasn’t posted what happens to him plz tell me

    7. Blue X

      bruh wdym not clickbait ;-; CLICKBAIT DUHHHH you didnt even cry when your friend was bout to die bruh "notclickbait" lies

      1. Kat Tuan

        I mean the picture is but their friend could have actually died because of the type of the jelly fish that could have stung him

    8. Shu YT

      I got a green whistle when I snapped my arm in half

    9. itsjustClarissa .O

      Coke back to Brisbane I want to meet y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. AnimalGaming playz

      Welcome to my world Everything in Australia is dangerous Like if you live in Australia cus I do and Iv never been criticaly ingured by animals in my country

    11. Jeremy Husebo

      6:53 COCKATOOS!!!!!!!!

      1. Jeremy Husebo


      2. Jeremy Husebo


      3. Jeremy Husebo


    12. ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ

      Were abouts u at in australia bc im in tasmania

    13. Ryleigh Miller

      Me, as an Australian: "The reason no one from Australia dies from any of our dangerous animals is because they like to go for the tourists instead because they don't like non-Australian DNA in their home."

    14. Greyson Rosser


    15. silver scape

      Dude is the biggest pussy I've ever seen...

    16. xXSHANNYXx

      welp at least it wasnt a box jelly..... this time.

    17. Gina

      Oh my gosh. These comments are pissing me off. That woman was NOT being rude. It's her job to make sure people at the beach are okay, and you can't blame her for asking, she just wants to know. "You aren't faking it now are you?" (or whatever she said). She said it in a polite tone, and she was just asking to make sure because she was concerned and wanted to fully make sure he was in need of medical support. Stop saying "omg she was so rude for asking that." She was asking that question in a polite and concerned tone. Chill out.

    18. Kathleen Hurt

      I hope he is ok. 😞😪

    19. leela anime

      I feel sooo bad 🙁😕😔

    20. Stirling Hadfield

      I live in a place called Wollongong and I’ve got stun twice

    21. Stirling Hadfield

      I was there but when there was no jellyfish

    22. Atom_0shArk 370

      I got stung before not bye a deadly one but it’s painful

    23. emo

      THE GREEN WHISTLE . sorry i used to watch like hours of australia’s beach videos where the lifeguard does things and stuff because i was in love with sharks , and whenever they inhale it i stg its the funniest thing

    24. XxNutella GachaxX

      Only a year since I moved up here you went to Brisbane 2 months before i moved there

    25. LGBT Club

      Elton:Cute birdie Me: ITS A NOT A BURDIE ITS A RAINBOW LORAKEET (gay burd)

    26. Freeskiing Vlogger

      Fuck you

    27. Xd Mexican6271

      That MOTHER FUCKER that said he was faking it should be fired

    28. Deanna Hernandez

      It’s honestly sad that they have to put “not clickbait” in the title


      Not trying to be rude but I really wanted to come into this video from my bed with my fucked up hair and slap the fuck out of that lady you don’t ask someone if they’re “faking it” or assume it like it’s a life or death situation...she doesn’t seem like someone who can be trusted with patients if I have anything blunt to say it’s that she needs to be now...I hope that even after this video that nothing else happened like way after the fact that fitz could have died stay well guys

    30. jeremy jimenez


    31. Delina Sparkle

      G'daay mate welome to aussie land you should also go to hervey bay because that is where meh live

    32. Jonothan Barbic

      We do call them thunder storms

    33. Tianna Black

      Okay No A thunderstorm is a storm with lightning thunder and rain An eletrical storm is no rain

    34. Lucia Volker Smith

      no we call it a thunderstorm

    35. Leonardo Maldonado

      60% of the coments are about that women saying are u faking it 40% of the other comments are about fitz joking around

    36. Zx.Bub_T Pewdiepie is CHILL C:

      You had to add Not Clickbait because people know you click bait a lot.

    37. Veronica Hart

      He knows what he's talking about when it comes to this, as a beach life guard they NEED to know what to do when a jelly fish sting happens. Thank god that hes okay.

    38. Basic Jorvikian

      I have lived in Australia my whole life ( 15 years ) and I have got stung 5 times and I suvived

    39. Georgia Snell

      ummmm….. we do not call them electrical storms ok they're just thunder storm in aussie country ok

    40. Katy And Foxy Along with Max

      Oh nooo!

    41. ISmellLikeAfrica

      that looks like heath

    42. Chy Taula Dougherty

      Omg pleasseee come back to Brisbane or Auckland New Zealand

    43. BhewyBookies

      "come on are you just faking it" gets bit by blue ring octupus "come on man stop faking it" dies " why are you faking so hard"

    44. Alexis Da Ponte

      As someone who has a lot of family in the medical industry (even a resporational therapist) for that lady to say “come on ur just faking it now” was incredibly poor bedside manors and due to it being a breathing issue, should not be taken lightly. You should never tell a patient they are “faking” it’s rude and can be dangerous!

    45. CassidyRainbow

      wow if he died... he would've died on my birthday... ):

    46. Oofer Squad

      Did she really say “are you faking it?” WTF

    47. Naomi Annn

      I almost cried...not even kidding 💛

    48. Pugs IOS

      Wow that was so rude

    49. Greta Jordheim

      Wow Elton that outro was interesting. 😂

    50. james capy

      I thought that was Corey

    51. Katy D

      When that lady had the nerve to say " your just faking it now" I got so mad I wanted to slap her through my phone screen.

    52. AishGames YT

      Eracunji oof I’ve always been scared of them

    53. Aimee Latta

      that bitch, oh now your just faking. hmph sis imma kill you if you disrespect Fitz again 😜✌️

    54. Lauren Byrne

      I’m so hope he’s ok

    55. film wreck

      you guys in Melbourne

    56. Fortcraft Gaming

      Wait heath?from david dobrik???

    57. Omnipotent Beast

      is that heath

    58. Daily Life

      Thank god he is ok

    59. The Happy Worm

      5:29 Awwe I felt so sad : (

    60. Greyson alexander

      they joked at the abandoned city and everything they joked about came true. they were followed and probably would have been killed had they stayed longer. they need to stop joking

    61. hockey ninja 23


    62. Amelia Gavoli

      I can’t believe the life guards said are you faking that’s kinda rude

    63. Ava McQueen

      Elton: fitz you look dead Fitz:... Fitz: I almost *was* dead ELTON

    64. II zEnzY II

      The lady is just annoying how she said "ur just faking now"

    65. Andres Herrera

      Was the green thing a boof?

    66. Samantha_579

      Omg Heath hussar❤️😂🤪

    67. Alysha Miller

      That rainbow coloured bird is a lorikeet n the white ones with the yellow crest (top of the head feathers) r cockatoos

    68. Ashleigh Hurley

      in Australia we do say thunderstorm I've never heard of an electric storm

    69. TheLegitPinky1

      Seth from David


      if your thinking of the one I'm thinking its the box jelly fish