The Creepy Crawlies Helping People With Dementia

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    AN ANIMAL enthusiast is helping the elderly with dementia by visiting care homes with snakes, tarantulas and cockroaches. Kris Freeman is the owner and founder of Tropical Discovery Workshop, offering interactive and educational wildlife workshops to schools, parties and nursing homes across the UK. Kris, from Wiltshire, is passionate about animals and surrounds himself with them daily - living with approximately 400 of them in his home.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Soj

      Really weird to have these animals in oddly small boxes ... he just has them lying around his house. Does seem a really friendly man, but he doesn't give the luxury animals deserve.

    2. Alexis Ikerd

      Perfect therapy

    3. Swnsasy _

      Now this is freaking awesome!! I would have never thought of this...

    4. Mere Mortal


    5. seaweedhoe

      This is so sweet

    6. Roxieandme 457

      Bring me a reptile please

    7. Patrick Lowery

      I would love to be you

    8. Shaloria

      I am SO...SHOCKED...bless their hearts, I would NEVER have imagined that lil old ladies would be so pleased! That would SO be me, but I assumed other women would probably be scared to death or just creeped out. This was wonderful to see, tysm.

    9. HTown4 Life!23

      I wanna be one of u

    10. mischa ohanlon

      Awweeee its so sad that they have dementia ,they look so sweet as well

    11. Tropical Discovery Workshops

      Thanks Barcroft TV. 😊

    12. Cockatoosmom

      I had my Cockatoo Sun Bear that she loved. When she developed dementia she began forgetting me but till the day she passed she always remembered who Sun Bear was A true connection between the two

    13. Soph

      4:56 so cute omg that melted my heart

    14. Caroline Mickle

      Amazing πŸ’–πŸ€—

    15. Faronthefiddler

      Good man.

    16. Cricket

      He's awesome!

    17. Moisture Maiden

      Great mini documentary. What a great idea, good on ya! 😍

    18. Sibelle S

      Lovely! Wish I had his job☺

    19. Arin Spanond

      He’s a really good person

    20. Juan Estrella

      But most of these cages suck

      1. Tropical Discovery Workshops

        Juan Estrella you mean the transport boxes? These are not their cages. 😊

    21. Juan Estrella

      All animals even spiders, are NOT creepy crawlers

    22. Juan Estrella

      Hi have a beardie, her name is Pebbles.

    23. Aditi raje

      amazing work.

    24. Classy Juanito

      This almost brought me to tears, good job! Keep doing it!

    25. KaiAquila

      I'm not implying in any way, that he is somehow neglectful to his pets, but how exactly do you care for 400 animals, even low maintenance ones on your own? Or does he have helpers we just don't see in the video? Great programm in any case.

      1. Tropical Discovery Workshops

        KaiAquila my pleasure. 😊

      2. KaiAquila

        Thank you very much. :)

      3. Tropical Discovery Workshops

        KaiAquila well, tarantulas & scorpions are fed & spot cleaned weekly, snakes fed weekly or monthly dependant on specie, cleaned as & when needed, most bugs fed daily, stick insects weekly, frogs every night... You see its spread out depending on the specie but all are checked daily regardless. 😊

      4. KaiAquila

        Good to know, thanks for answering. How much time does the care take each day?

      5. Tropical Discovery Workshops

        Hi KaiAquila As this is my full time job plus 2 volunteers there is plenty of time. 😊

    26. Amari LovesYou

      I wanna go there they said they use birds I love em I'd like to be there when in older

    27. Evie

      Very surprised, what a great idea!

    28. Stitchmeup

      Kris I LOVE YOU!! Keep doing what you're doing, you're an inspiration to us all!! Thanks for the upload Barcroft

      1. Tropical Discovery Workshops

        Aw shucks Stitchmeup, you make me blush. 😊 Thanks for the lovely comment.

    29. panda bb

      This brought tears to my eyes

    30. panda bb

      Omg this is way too sweet

    31. Raihana Rosman

      My grandmother is currently in a nursing home and she's terrified of snakes but I find this truly amazing!

    32. Jason Patton

      hell yes that is great info and inspiration thank you

    33. MyNamingSkills


    34. Die Rasselbande


    35. Melanie Kotze

      Sorry no snakes Other animals okay

    36. Edie Koller

      Bring me a cat a dog or a bird please!

    37. Edie Koller

      I do not mind the snakes or the lizards but NO WAY Jose for the insects...

      1. Edie Koller

        Forgot to mention I love turtles and frogs too!

    38. Victoria Shockley

      I want to do this one day. I have always been that odd ball girl who loves "creepy crawlings" I agree that there not as scary as everyone thinks.

    39. B. Ellen Lininger

      Such a unique program. I love it!

    40. Briseyda Camacho

      I dont like insects because they are iscusting 😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😨 trust me

      1. Tropical Discovery Workshops

        Briseyda Camacho Aw, they speak really highly of you though.. 😊

    41. no Idea

      This is soo wonderful I'm like in love with this idea .......and yes I should marry it lol πŸ˜‚

    42. maggie smith

      Why on earth would anyone want to pet a cockroach ?

      1. Zoo Fan

        maggie smith because they are living things

    43. RapidRambo

      As soon as i can afford my own home Im buying small animals and creating micro environemnts for them to live just like this guy

    44. Melanie H.

      I have arachnophobia so... no. But reptiles... YESSSS.

      1. Keety Cat

        The Shining Reshiram I LOVE REPTILES! WHOOOOO!

    45. Mech Frza


    46. Malony the Pony

      This is amazing! I love insects! Especially the jungle nymph. I want one haha

    47. Kendra Curtis

      this is lovely if I ever get dementia this is what I want people to do for me ❀

    48. Lu Kaplan

      Good for you But I really don't like bugs I'm sorry they creep me out. They trust you though.😊

      1. panda bb

        Lu Kaplan they would trust you too if you trusted them I used to be creeped out by spiders and bugs but after capturing and releasing so many sweet spiders and one crawling down my leg to get to the floor from the ceiling... i saw it i turned around and saw it and felt it crawling down my leg i didn't move until it was off but i was so fascinated i got on the ground and talked to it... it seriously listened to me i swear it stood still the whole time i really wanted to pick it up Anyway my point is spiders and other creepy crawlies can be so sweet sometimes despite their appearance ❀ and your opinion could possibly change ! You never know :)

    49. Jhopes Dimples got me jungshook

      I’m early