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    The two blonde emus are a month old now. Here are the results from the DNA gender results…
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    2:40 8:19 Mindme - Just Don’t Get Enough of Me
    4:38 Mindme - Choose
    9:14 Velvet Moon - Call the Reinforcements
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Zeb Khan

      Tasha nasha

    2. Deez_Newts

      I like the name Lüca, (l-oo-ka) I'm not sure were the name's from, I think it's germanic, but I don't know.

    3. Puffins

      Spoiler * I knew the second emu would be an emu because the wife kept say "she" LOL

    4. carlo jose

      I cant find a video of yours returning the birds inside their cages :D

    5. who put you on the planet?

      10:08 when you poo and water toch butt

    6. ASMR slime vids how to make slime

      Uni kinda rhyme with emu or alora

    7. Abby Williams

      Name one of the blonde emus Bambi 🙂

    8. Bird Lover

      Cashew as one name like if agreed

    9. lisa nardone

      Blondie for the older one, dew for the younger one.

    10. Thatweird Girl

      Blossom and buttercup

    11. Talia Khardaji

      Blossom and bonsai !!

    12. Anna and Sierra Krenz

      Juniper or aspen

    13. Aussie Gypsy

      Lol I saw a ginger cat come out of the chicken coop lol must of snuggled up to them lol.

    14. Justice Hackworth

      Rose, sunflower, snow, winter,

    15. Birgit Harrer

      Amber, June, May, Kylie, Hanna(h), Olivia, Venus, Lizzi, Bailey, Courtney, Domino, Ellie, Nekro, Melody, Holly, Lou, Violett, Luna, Lilly, Charlet, Charlotte, Zoe, Iris, Katharina, Kathy, Anabel, Snowy, Caitlyn, Merkury, Greta, Jasmin, Chiara, Nike, Lotti, Amabel(le), Lillia(n), Mena, Mila, Anja, Nina, Maja, Sophi(a), Emerald, Rubinia (pls do not question.. :)),T(h)abea, Marlena, Isabel(le), Paulina, Lea, Jasmin, Pia, Annika, Stella, Josephine, Johanna, Finja, Nora, Celina, Victoria, Ronja, Jessica, Elisabeth, Valentina, Liv, Kiko, Fabienne, Wendy.... Hope you like Them...

      1. Nikki Doiron

        holy names

    16. Jessica Long

      Honey and lemon

    17. Samantha Moseley

      I say two females one blonde male

    18. Kathryn Harvey

      Laverne and Shirley

    19. GrinsendesDingens

      10:36 You said "she" two times while describing her 🤭

      1. White House on the Hill

        +GrinsendesDingens - whoops 😀

    20. Kellan Murphy


    21. OverInfinity 0

      “Bamboo’s gender hasn’t been revealed yet” 2 seconds later “Comon girl”

    22. Geniecorn 2212

      Birch maybe

    23. Revsforeves10 Rocks

      Cashew and honeydew

    24. Kristin Marie

      Should put a go pro on being there

    25. Devonna Townsend

      Tofu for the small one

    26. Alex Sinclair


    27. armaan pets

      You are mental

    28. Shanice Gordon

      I’m still stuck on how free your sons are I love it ! He stuck that meal worm right in his mouth ! Lol

    29. Manuel Gonzalez

      she spoiled the second blonde emu. she kept saying she lol

    30. bun bun books


    31. James Clemens

      Bamboo is a boy 😝

    32. eko

      Name one raven

    33. Haylee McMillen

      fanboo and clanboo

    34. Kirsten Nicole

      Willow and Aspen

    35. Don Henry

      i love u. i love your amily and kids

    36. Lisa McWilliams

      Y’all are so blessed! ❤️🙏🏻

    37. Lisa McWilliams

      Lol I just love Bamboo 😂❤️

      1. pistachio nutmeat

        I know hes sooo cute

    38. Lisa McWilliams

      I love the names you chose for the kids!❤️❤️❤️

    39. that alabama guy

      Maybe sequoia

    40. Olivia Selma

      Aubrieta is a pretty name it’s a purple flower and another nice name of a flower is wisteria

    41. Tallest Purple

      Names suggestions : mango, peaches, bannana

    42. DE Town

      Lemon or apple

    43. Boxhead 0703

      If bamboo is a boy you should name him Timmy or Tinny 😁😁 it could be for the remembrance of Tin man the chicken 🐓🐔

    44. Ubaidullah Irfan

      Marco and Polo

    45. Mandy Haggard


    46. Sudha Jaiswal

      Just love your videos!!!!! Keep uploading such videos and doing this great job. Thank you for what you do.

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Sudha Jaiswal - thank you very much!

    47. Owen Weibell

      Maybe you could do Rue and Sue, they both rhyme with each other, bamboo, and emu! Great video wish that I had an emu :)

    48. Zahira lopez

      I honestly like Babu and Baku.Say Bamboo Babu and Baku.


      Love ur videos Pls increase frequency of ur video by 1 or 2 Love from INDIA 🇮🇳

    50. Iris Giles

      Thank you for sharing your journey 🙂

    51. 4 team edge JMJA

      Bamboo is a boy

    52. Juli Star

      you should name them Tufu and Pim!

    53. Truc Truong

      10:30 D: BETTER RUN! Me: 🤣 LOL!

    54. nicky crowe

      Cashew, sushi,willow,star,moon,honey drew and sunflower

    55. Spencer Sterling

      Congratulations on healthy sleepy Isaiah! And two blond girls! I love the mealworm colony! This is new for me! I used to watch videos on keeping dermestid flesh eating beetles by the Brain Scoop museum channel. That’s an awesome idea, keeping a colony for the feathered fam.

    56. S Kreg

      Petunia and Violet, or Willow and Aspen

    57. Lisbeth Ureña

      Magnolia and Lily

    58. lil oof


    59. Kara Linell

      Pearl and Opal

    60. Dominic Gorman

      I say name the two oak and maple or and tree

    61. Cameron Klinedinst

      Meemoo is a good one

    62. IAN HENRY

      Name one ash and blossom

    63. Asxad Xoomro

      Don't your kids go to school?

    64. Cate

      10:34 "SHE'S a little bit smaller, She's a lot more white, SHE doesn't have as much colour on HER.. So, what do you guys think? Is it a boy or a girl" 😂😂😂

    65. Savvy Organics Farm

      Female! More chicks to come! Awesome.

    66. The Rich Life

      ZOOLU, DELFU for hubby is being funny.. Hayu

    67. Cat lam

      Poppy and Clover!!

    68. Stephen Giguere

      pull or awesome art from the box "ooooo bubble wrap !!""

    69. KP KP

      I Love cashew and rue or Maple/treacle