The bird channel's first award

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    See what our emus and other birds have been up to since our son was born. And we got a ton of mail! Check out what US-new sent us…
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    0:00 11:41 Loving Caliber - Scared Of Heights
    1:46 Windshield - Looking For You
    4:21 Ramin - Don’t Cover Me
    6:06 Ooyy - Too Fast
    8:52 Lama House - Cotton Spheres
    From Epidemic Sound (
    OUTRO: “Sunrise” used by permission from The Center State
    See the music video we made for the song:
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. White House on the Hill

      Enjoy the baby Isaiah gif from this episode: Thanks for hanging out with us!

      1. Colm Cummings

        Class kid class family.good life style.hope you get your own place..good luck from lreland 👌

      2. Karrieann Olson

        MIGardener woot woot Michigan!

      3. Jessica S

        That's also my reaction when someone tells me that we need to do the dishes... 🤣

      4. Allysa Hodsdon

        That was perfect lmboooooo

      5. Fre James1

        White House on the Hill hi just wondering will you ever get quail

    2. Tim Adams

      Congratulations that's great you guys are awesome love there new house

    3. tiktok11150

      Who's idea was it to have an Easter Egg hunt on top of the graves of those before you? "Church Place" sponsored no doubt. Nice looking award. Love sent that you continue to have success with your channel in support of your beautiful family.

    4. I-Jehan Abro

      I am so happy for you that you got silver award and I pray you will reach 1million subscriber Who need that they would had a golden award like😍😍😍😘😘😘💓💓💓👍

    5. Miggy Parocha

      Well-deserved and deserves alot more

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Miggy Parocha - we appreciate it!

    6. TRaV M.R

      Already 233k in a month! Dude you’re growing faster by the second!

    7. Sherrie Peril

      Awwww the cutest baby i ever seen :)

    8. My Little Dog Shoppe South Park PA

      Congrats on your US-new Award. You have brought so much education and happiness to so many of your viewers. Thank You.

    9. Flario


    10. Kya Renée

      Your genes are so strong , all of your kids are duplicates with different colors

    11. Abbas do’s all Magic In the way

      Bamboo is boy and the twins are girls

    12. Ariana Bedford

      Oh wow, I didn't know you live close to my hometown Kansas City, MO, this channel is golden! I love how you care for your animals, I am an animal lover myself you make me want a whole farm of them too! But I might just only stick to a greenhouse only and a few animals. I don't know what I'm going to do with the chickens, I don't eat meat or eggs. God bless your family! :)

    13. Deborah Nance

      Ya'll make handsome boy's

    14. D Lindsey

      oh my! he's only 3 days old and that alert and engaged? just ... WOW!

    15. TzeenyTziny

      He's so cute!!!

    16. Elizabeth Daniels

      I get a big kick out of seeing your cat hanging out in the hen house

    17. Annie Blue Gacha Studios

      My name’s Annie too

    18. Isaac

      Cool we have the same sunglasses

    19. mausue1

      I just saw this video. Y'all are awesome. So congratulations on your award for your 100,000 mark.

    20. ShougBanz

      Nice!! Congratulations He’s way too adorable with those bunny ears!!

    21. eyla0824

      Congratulations. How precious

    22. Cashagon

      You take such good care of your birds.

    23. Sandra Borg

      Oh what big eyes he has . All the better to see the emu's with aha

    24. Yuuki

      Just subscribed ! 😆 Love your mini house farm and videos

    25. Gwen Nakagawa

      Ugh, I love the whole family! Praying y'all would be healthy and happy 24/7 ❤️

    26. Hussan Butt

      omg those chickens looked exactly like mine and then you said they’re from the same hatchery i ordered from

    27. Sam A

      This channel is a breath of fresh air, I cannot wait to get chickens in a couple of weeks. Congrats on the award !!

    28. Amy Rhime

      Becky looks a lot like Jessica Martin-Weber of The Leaky Boob. Are y'all related?? Love the channel!

    29. Barrel racing Squad

      I love Murray Mc Murray! We've ordered 4 batches of chickens from them

    30. Eva Loller

      I recently came across your channel and I absolutely love your content. So wholesome and lovely. You guys have really inspired me to do something important with my life plan. !!

    31. Megan Pettus

      I live in bonne terre mouserie

      1. Megan Pettus

        And can I have a shout out my real name is Trenton Megan Pettus is my mom

      2. Megan Pettus

        Close to st louis

      3. White House on the Hill

        +Megan Pettus - where's that?

    32. Adrian Playz

      I just found your channel by accident, I was looking for backyard chickens videos and found you. beautiful families you have, love your channels keep up the good work, got another subscriber.

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Adrian Playz - thank you for watching!

    33. A Glaves

      Something that I find to be a testament to you all is that here it is April 30th, 2019, one week after you posted this video sharing the silver plaque you earned from US-new for 100K subscribers and I take a peek at your current number of subscribers to see it is 175% higher at 275K. Every moment of this video is filled with love and purity. Not just towards your own family, but towards your viewers, your sponsors, your suppliers, your animals the earth and life itself. This video is as authentic as the previous one I watched on your channel, each of the comments I read between you and your followers and it completely explains why so many people who found their way to your channel found themselves subscribing, sharing pleasantries and felt inspired by your family, farm and filled up your P.O. Box with love of their own. All my best to the whole family (animals included, of course)

      1. A Glaves

        ​@White House on the Hill You are welcome. I think it's important to uplift one another however we can. Sometimes it's as easy as smiling, telling someone sincerely the wonderful qualities you see in them or expressing empathy when things are difficult. BTW, if you have a list of potential names for the twins my suggestions are Clover & Celandine.

      2. White House on the Hill

        +A Glaves - we really appreciate the kind words... thank you for letting us know!

    34. Ana Luísa Fernandes

      Found out your channel today! i love it! :') Great work and best of luck with everything!

      1. White House on the Hill

        Ana Luisa Fernandes- thank you so much!

    35. Samuelquinn Burbridge

      Congratulations! Really well deserved, can't wait to see you guys reach a million

    36. eyelashes 05


    37. Cady Longoria

      How do you not have a lot more followers???😱😱I love this

    38. Tina Marie Howe

      Well deserved congrats......he looks too cute....God bless

    39. S,H Mosawi

      i like your vedios ...thanks

    40. Amarillida1

      I am one of your new subscribers living in Greece. Thank you so much for your videos, you are awesome in every possible way. Wish you guys all the best and congratulations for new baby, he is the cutest little boy! health and happiness to all of you :)

    41. Larry Pierce

      Gosh, it's been awhile since I wrote something on here. You're kids are growing, you have a baby, the EMU you have has grown a lot! You've increased your chickens, got ducks. I think you have a new cat, too. Congratulations on Isaiah. Glad to see all of you. Glad everyone is doing so well. You do have a large fan base now. My goodness. So popular.

    42. Alacia Renee

      You guys have had three of the same little boy 🥰 so cute

    43. b*tchass

      Omggg aww you kept the emu!!

    44. Nina Nicolosi

      Omg Bamboo is getting so big and the emu house is turning out so cute! Congrats on your award you guys!!

    45. Tiffany Ramos

      👒 The baby hat's are to die for! 🎩 Absolutely Adorable, and they fit Isaiah perfectly!💜

    46. Pixel_universekid

      Congrats! Question, Do you wash your birds?

    47. Marcello Bomfim

      Love you guys! Keep up with the good job! 🙂

    48. Harley Quinn

      Haha omg when you said We hatched out our peasants a week ago and had our baby Izaiah 3 days ago. I thought you said you hatched out Izaiah for a second. Lol!!

    49. Ali Worrior

      Aww the baby is so cute

    50. Gacha Girls

      Name them Brownie and Blondie:)

    51. Gacha Girls

      He is sooooo cute

    52. - moonbin

      bamboo is growing so fast!

    53. gamer bros

      Can I buy some hatching eggs

    54. bill felton

      I think Bamboo is a female cos she dances a lot as a chick male don’t seem to

    55. Jelena Kostadinović

      I am so glad I stumbled upon your channel! 😍 Such a beautiful family! Wish you all the best, kisses from Serbia!

    56. Jennifer Guzman

      This is my new favorite family 😭💕

    57. Joy Morton

      Bamboo loves her daddy.

    58. gamer bros

      Can I buy some all black chicken eggs please

    59. Dekuzon

      Muito bom...

    60. xXLuna_PlayzXx *Luna Of The Moon*

      I live in Asheville, and I adore your silkies! Me and my mom tried buying some, but either they were males, or they were too far away where the owner lived, :(!

    61. Valencia Woods

      My name is isaiah

    62. 120 Acre Wood

      Great babies!

    63. John S

      Just became a fan on this channel and I live in NYC. I am glad these videos take me back to my childhood when we used to have chickens

    64. marc brags

      4:29 I fall down uwuuu so cute😍

    65. Maxine *

      Congratulations on baby Isaiah, and the award. I love how Bamboo was dancing around 😊. God bless your beautiful family 💕

    66. Shellie McEachern

      Congratulations on your sweet little boy!

    67. Shoaib Ahmed

      You have sweet family ❤️ as like my dream life you have... Love from Pakistan sindh... God bless you .. 😘

    68. Debra Martinez

      You should name one of the emu Kyle like the bird on Up.

      1. Debra Martinez

        Oy. Yes. That is correct. My memory is going wonky. Thank you for the correction.

      2. jaystacular


    69. Erick Alberto

      @whitehouseonthehill I like how this channel its relaxing positive vibes to your family keep making memories with your family blessings 🙏🏼🙏🏼