The Best White Castle Slider Recipe On YouTube | White Castle Cheeseburger

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    On this video I will show you how to make an authentic White Castle Slider. Enjoy!
    Check this out:
    Cast Iron Griddle:

    Published on 6 years ago


    1. Ballistic BBQ

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      1. dennis seaborn

        Wonder if you can make Krystal slider hamburger? Thanks.

      2. Dennis White

        Not sliders they're hamburgers period.

      3. Dennis White


      4. Stinky Piece of Cheese

        Do you shoot your food after you cook it?

      5. Mark C

        ..nice job .. love these videos ".. cheers

    2. Jules

      Not sure how I feel about the bread touching raw meat .....

    3. Michael Thomas

      Forget all that, I made Beyond Sliders that Blow Away everything else I’ve seen on US-new. All I used was Beyond Ground salt pepper onion and my secret buns. Forgot the beef folks, you don’t need it and it’s not good for you or the environment. Been vegetarian for 3 years now and never looked back.

    4. Chris

      The first bite was less than amazing according to your face.

      1. Mike Wright

        Chris good catch Columbo!

    5. steven mike

      i hate when people add shit to hamburger meat. been line cook for a long time and 100% fresh ground beef is always the best. you dont even need salt or spices trust me. it the tastiest and simplest way. you want a different flavour just add different sauces to the burger at the end.

    6. lakes2003

      Good vid keep em coming!

    7. Grabngo Concessions


    8. Attack Falcon

      Great job, it is so refreshing to find a video I actually learn something while watching it.

    9. tutie

      I've never tried white castle....i'm in east tennessee so here we have Krystal's. I worked at krystals back in the mid 90's cooking these little burgers 25 at a time. I would cook sometimes 2,000 a day during day and early evening shift....the pickles came by the 5 gallon buckets, we would mix the onions by the 5 gallon buckets and the meat and cheese came in long packaged blocks-(kinda like a square tube package of saltine crackers)....all pretty simple and soooo good when they were fresh off the grill!

    10. Dena

      I have stainless steel straws. Thanks for the recipe!

    11. dan sloan

      Geeeez, too much fucking talking! Couldn't watch anymore!

    12. Mad Mike0082

      Mustard only or your a phony.

    13. jim mayors

      Where can one find dehydrated onions?

    14. Eric Von Dumb

      YOU NAILED IT!!! Since I understand your vegan watchers... I only eat meat from vegan animals! Keep those menus coming. THX

    15. Middelfick Redhorse

      Why didn’t u make the holes before u froze them 🙄

    16. daniel wallerstein

      ok after the swiss army battle tacticle intro with the survival machete, logistics map , military grade aluminum kevlar sheets, the hobby shop titanium weopons grade tube shaft and the slide rule with the digital thickness meter with GPS and Wi Fi.. we finally figured out this is a hamburger recipe .. hate to see this guy make fries probably shoots potatoes through a gatlin gun to cut the fries!

    17. jenita35

      He lost me when he put mustard. But I'm going to try it . Making it tonight. I from the BX. I'll let you know if its official

    18. Brian Farley

      Awesome video! Thank you for this!

    19. Kent Drummond

      WHITE CASTLE has the WORST burgers out there. Soggy slop for DRUNKS!!

    20. DeputyStryker

      Is Krystal burger's basically a white castle burger? Maybe if Krystal burger's are different than white castle burger's maybe you can do a copycat version of a Krystal burger

    21. Ruby Wood

      No mustard that is a Krystal burger. White castles are steamed with the grill lid down.

    22. Jus- Sayin

      I'd use my oven. Probably

    23. Sparkey Jones

      I've seen about 10 US-new videos, all demonstrating different techniques for making these things. You'd think at least one person who actually worked at White Castle would come online and provide the exact recipe. Or, maybe they're sworn to secrecy ;)

    24. Mariah Costello

      Good job

    25. John Peragine

      Hi. Welcome to White Castle. Would you be interested in the pureed peas value meal with your burgers? As a cook for many years it tears me up how people will do anything to screw up a good thing. People have absolutely no business being in a kitchen. Thank you for making the burgers correctly. 🙌🙌🙌

    26. Robin Gillen

      Murdered it with dehydrated onions, ya... You'll have the worst stomach ache and shits with that many dehydrated onions and heartburn Nice try

    27. Bill K.

      You forgot the beer...

    28. Kevin Kelley

      Mustard on a white castle DON’T do it. That’s some kind of midwestern bastard burger. I was brought up on white castles. Traveled to queens to get them till they opened one up in commack. Never and I mean never dose mustard go on a burger.. it’s a Long Island thing but it’s like a religious thing to us.

    29. David Kittrell

      I'm still praying that white castle will open a franchise in Atlanta!!..its just not the same when you have to go to the freezer at your nearest Wal-Mart

    30. Alisa Ellis

      "Bottom Bun, Top Bun" lol

    31. splibb

      Wow, you really lost me with pickles and mustard

      1. splibb

        @Rick Sanchez None I've ever been to

      2. splibb

        @Ballistic BBQ I appreciate your effort, it's just not the way I would do it. To each his own. Pickles and mustard are such overpowering flavors. Seems odd is all, no offense intended.

      3. Ballistic BBQ

        I go through a crazy amount of trouble trying to nail the cooking technique and I lost you because of pickles and mustard? Have a good day.

    32. Me 93 117

      Great video.

    33. Mighty_Mattso

      I've done this before, and I can tell you, it's way more trouble then it's worth. Just make a juicy cheeseburger!

    34. psycold

      I'm bored and looking through your videos and I just realized this is the one that got me into your channel. I replicated this and loved it and have tried to make every recipe you've posted since. I love you man, not in a weird way, just like in the way my neutered dog humps my cat.

    35. Gloria Dunn

      Your recipe looks exelent. I am now craving some of those burgers.

    36. typeviic1

      looked like extra onions

    37. real news

      He trying to make it seem like baby is a abomination, but he will feed his baby the shit. then this dumb muthafuka listing to white Castle, like they going to tell him the truth lmbooo at stupidity. stop trying to copycat and just make yo version dodo brain.

    38. Vinnie Pazienza

      there's something slightly retarded about dehydrating onions and then rehydrating them. surely... ... ... just use onions?

    39. Sharon Palmer

      I love White Castle. Thanks

    40. Keith Minnion

      I grew up on these, handed down from my Dad, who ate these in his early years (1930s). "Buy 'em by the sack" indeed.

    41. Beth McHugh

      I would think that metal pipe would be hard to clean

    42. nmfd72

      Nice video, I add a little beef broth to meat as does White Castle (but they wont tell you that)!

    43. Garry Hammond

      Thanks Greg! We are all forever in search of that perfect 'whatever'. Be it burger, rib, wing, steak, chop, or anything else. Your super vids keep giving all of us great ideas! - Thanks!

    44. OrchidIslander

      I grew up in Indiana and have family in the Midwest. For the past 16 years I've been living in Hawaii with no intention of again residing on the mainland. That being said, White Castles are one of the few things that I regret leaving behind. I will definitely try your recipe and approach. Well done sir!

    45. wildernessman

      If you want exact this recipe is great. If you want even more deliciousness try this. Dice fresh onions and fresh jalapeno peppers soak 30 min in a bowl of beef broth with a bit of dry vermouth this is flavor. Sweet Hawaiian rolls. The onion pepper broth brine is delicious flavor Hawaiian rolls more insane flavor. After removing from griddle Top the burger with American cheese over the cooked onion jalapeno pepper more delicious flavor top bun and eat man they will be soooo much tastier than a traditional white castle slider. It's all about flavor. YOU MUST TRY THIS Omg its insanely good. Worth the work.

    46. Julian Smith

      The White Castle sliders are the perfect game day food for watching college or pro football with a cold beverage and I made those same sliders for the Superbowl my guests loved them

    47. Andrew Lee

      started off as a WhiteCastle...turned it into a Krystal at 9:18 ..LOL! very excellent video regardless. gonna try it soon.

    48. A willoughby

      If your going to put mustard on it at least use what White Castle uses and put Dusseldorf mustard. Other then that they look great!!

    49. jescollo

      I made these last night. It’s awesome except for the bun stacking. Once the meat started to thaw, the bottom bun started absorbing liquid resulting in soggy unpleasantness. Next time I do it I’m forgetting bout the holes and just flipping them one. Also leaving the bun as is or grilling them with butter. Definitely no bun stacking nonsense

    50. toby Golding

      blaw blaw u talk 2 much!! they look like flat sliders// must be related to McD'z s i took away some the name like Americangreed took away all the meat

    51. Richmo 6

      Nope'... Two dill pickles cheese and ketchup. If you're going to to it,... Do it right man. Dehydrated onions?,... Seriously. Try real onions with beef broth. Now you're talking.

    52. Miklo German

      Like your attitude brother man and the part when you said "SHUT UP DOG" freaking hilarious good stuff though man and tried the same how you did right down to the sara leee bread and dehydrated onions.

    53. roger shirley

      Best video on how to make white castles. I live out west ,you can't go get the buns at WC. If I live close to white castle I would just go get the original.Im going to try this Thanks

    54. The Gallery Backyard BBQ

      Greg awesome video. thanks-

    55. dannybflat

      Just "Guys" Watch this Channel?

    56. Michael Mathers

      yeah, shut up dog. cats rule

    57. Black Hawk

      Can't figure out why 9 instead of 8? That would be half.

    58. *Ruh Roh*

      The truth about White Castle is this.....I used to stuff myself with White Castle bacon cheeseburgers, jalapeno burgers, onions rings, chicken rings, & french fries. They tasted great. Then about an hour or two later I was ready to commit suicide, I felt so sick. Then came the diarrhea. Three or four huge buttloads of scalding-hot liquid feces - OMG it was miserable, squattin on the bog with such horrible cramps. I'd swear I'd never eat at White Castle again but I'd go back & do it all over again a couple of weeks later with exactly the same results.....

    59. rachel Long

      U nailed it I worked for White Castle there awesome .

    60. HomeValue Glass

      Yes, you are the man. Those look beautiful. I will deffinately do these in a mass quantity for my family

    61. fishroy1997

      3:09 - Steamed Hams?

    62. pagansforbreakfast

      Awesome! I'm gonna do this.

    63. BBN Scratcher

      Lol didn’t flinch! Shut up dog!! They look tasty

    64. james cruse

      Holes in White Castle burgers are formed, nut cut, so no loss of meat.

    65. Paul Kirkman

      Love the "Shut up dog" I love your video. Thanks. I am hungry now !!!

    66. mucnagow2

      Just made these...again. They're good EVERY time. Thx

    67. Fazooly Says

      Nice effort real onions ,light beef broth, pickles,ketchup and cheese ,salt and pepper to the meat mix ..nice job .

    68. Kenneth W. Lovette

      Were there man!.

    69. Doug Harker


    70. Mark Boyer

      A hell of a lot of trouble for a burger.