The Bella Twins Become Total Divas in Kevin Hart’s Cold Tubs | Cold as Balls Season 3

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LOL Network

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    Two tubs are better than one. Kevin’s in for a surprise when The Bella Twins take over the cold tubs to talk about their historic wrestling careers, and the crazy path that started with Hooters - and ended with them fighting Ronda Rousey in a WWE main event.

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    1. nkosinathi ngema

      Can you smell?!

    2. Дмитрий Беляшов


    3. Leo Lloyd Calhoun Jr.

      He say CoCo Beware 😂🤣😂😂😂

    4. E6963

      Please traducion legend , Brasil !!! 😁😁😁

    5. E6963

      Hoooo , show !!! 👏👏👏

    6. Dice Flawless

      0:57 Its a Trap! Abort! Abort!!!

    7. rajesh biswas

      who want rock in the show..?

    8. Albeto Hernandez


    9. Prince Praghyey 10

      Sexy Twins man.

    10. bryan pereira

      Damnn ngaceng cukk

    11. Striker x

      I couldn't focus. Their boobs were distracting all the time

    12. James Young

      Cold as clams?

    13. Antonio Martin

      You lucky Bastard!

    14. The Truth

      Love them both but Brie > Nikki.

    15. Marcus Richardson

      All the small things😭😭😭

    16. Trey SaVge

      All the small things 😂😂😂

    17. nathan poop

      ronda rousey left 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🗡👌🏻🐨😱🔫💒🥽💵

    18. harry davies

      Kevin livin my dream...

    19. Declan Michaelson

      kevin shoould always be in the small tub sence he never gets all the way in

    20. Ekambir Singh

      Do one with the freak

    21. Anna S

      Get Roman Reigns on CAB next!!

    22. Michael Mitchell

      They fine!!!

    23. Nicollon Lewis

      Respect to BamBam! Performs with the WWE as Otis and also has the time to be on these episodes.

    24. l

      Kevin Hart no da risa 👎🤢🤮😴😴

    25. Angela Enrick

      I love kevin Hart, GREAT comedian so funny..and Bella twins are so beautiful...

    26. 08healing

      Why do the thermometers look like weiners?

    27. King Jorge

      Hahahah Christian man who uses gods name in vain😂😂😂

    28. FEARED STRAW267

      I have a question for you how tall are you?

    29. Kavion Tuggle

      Was that just otis

    30. JAY BIRD

      I am trying to put 2 and 2 together here. I mean I love this show, but has to be a reason for the views on this compared to the views on the other videos!?!? I just can't quite put my hand on it

    31. M o m a n t a i

      is that gaben? XD

    32. zykeveyin malone

      The thumbnail looks like a Bangbros or Brazzers porno.

    33. Mayeh Ceesay

      Baby girls

    34. A V

      Is that real ice? Boy!! I’ll be peeing every 2 minutes!!!!

    35. Diamond Kaay

      Funny Asf😂😂😂

    36. Jeremiah Rucker

      They secretly hate each other

    37. BananaJoe

      it was taking Kevin all of his will power to not get a hard-on while sitting in that tub butt first

    38. B. B.X


    39. Lisa Faucher

      Haha that was too funny! Kevin you crack me up. Love the Bella Twins

    40. Fonza Relly

      I'm sorry but they got a big head and big face for a woman.

    41. k temperance

      He didn't do no research on the guests He just wanted to see them in a ice Tub. Everytime they tried to really get into who they were they'd "Q" a distraction. 🤦🏽‍♀️ smh do better Kev but they do look good. It took me forever to figure out those weren't the basketball sisters


      BR ..

    43. Noahkai Walker

      I mean, you can share with me Kevins wife: OH HELL NO

    44. Ibrahim Khan

      I've never clicked so fast. I mean just look at that cute small bucket of ice water.

    45. t iz

      i am basic man i see boob and i comin

    46. Daniel Rodriguez

      0:57 You’re welcome 🤪

    47. lienka scoop

      awkward asf 2 tubs

    48. Rickey Branch

      Dammn they tall

    49. Rogerquan Hicks

      O.o baby baaaaby and then I start thrusting bro stupid lol

    50. Rogerquan Hicks

      Bam wtf what is this

    51. nate B

      12:17 "hey booknit" 🤣

    52. StonerJayBoy SJB

      Hooters sound like a name for strippers

    53. StonerJayBoy SJB

      That black kid tho

    54. Queefland Brown

      Nikki: You can share with me J. Cole: She my number one I don't need nothing on the side..

      1. uncle drewtastic!

        Bruhhhh 😭

      2. algsmoove


      3. Stephane Mujomba

        underrated comment, even more underrated artist

    55. beat benderz1


    56. Armando Garcia


    57. Roxie Hannah

      Bam funny AF

    58. MrSpacelyy12

      💀😂😂Kevin is a clown

    59. Cxhfz Yt

      Am i the only person who didn’t know who they were

    60. kobe lebron

      White and black hand had some buisness

    61. Daniela Martinez

      So what I'm also a mother to a newborn she's so needy

    62. Angel Tenorio

      Mr you can’t see me and Daniel Bryan still tapping the twins ???

    63. Obadia king

      jo kevin big fan of you

    64. PanthersFan123 more girls on the show. Only women. Now i know this was all a stunt to just bring in views and revenue. But you’re Kevin Hart you don’t need that. Completely immature and unprofessional. I was cringing the entire time i was watching it. I know High School girls that are more mature then that.

    65. Lena Ngo

      Lmao i cant stop laughing so bad 😭😭😂😂😂😂

    66. Sxfin 10

      john cena wants to know your location

    67. Alex Declet

      Twin laugh @3:12

    68. Amarullah

      Are these deleted scenes from the movie Fool's Gold?

    69. Alex Conde

      Wow you are off today..

    70. Omar Limon

      They’re so bad