The Bedrooms Of Children Around The World



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    From the book by James Mollison
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    Credit: Dario Lo Presti
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    Published on 4 years ago


    1. Harry James Potter

      I love my bedroom now

    2. Weicky Zhang

      Damn it my warriors are down in the nba finals as I glitched 2k19

    3. Michelle Provencher

      I wish I could take in all of these poor children. I may not like children that much, and my room may not be big enough to accommodate all of them, but no one deserves to suffer as much as these children have. They'd enjoy playing with my cat.

    4. LOL Surprise

      I'm really crying right now cuz like the four year old girl had a rlly nice room and then the others who were in terrible condition had really bad bedrooms soooooo four year old girl is SOOOO spoiled and im crying right nowww

    5. Good Morning Music

      Please be sensitive if you are thinking of sharing a video like this with kids. Not all kids in the “first world” live well and have nicer bedrooms than the ones in these videos. Seeing something like this can trigger emotions you may not intend. And the background music is odd.

    6. Sanjana kamal

      one of the best songs of lil dicky

    7. ajla halilovic

      Ugh I hate spoiled kids like Jazzy

    8. Jovanna

      1:23 he’s sooo beautiful

    9. Klementina Batina

      0:57 that is coooool

    10. Manuel Haro

      lucky. some kids bedrooms are outside

    11. Nigel Marvin

      Sometimes I wish I could adopt some of the kids that are poor, so they can live a better life

    12. Life With Lucy

      Those 4 year olds rooms tho....

    13. Cady Blanchard

      This made me sad because there are so many people out there with rooms, like in developed countries, and kids who have everything they could dream of, but then there are kids out there who don't have anything. We should make sure all the children have at least a middle class home situation, but we dont and now all these children are dying and the population rises and our resources are depleted. I don't think we should industrialize the world, but we should at least make sure every family has a livable home.

    14. Божидара Чемширова

      1:39 You can feel and see the pain on her face.

    15. Kyrie Jr


    16. san antonio mom

      If they were really their rooms it would be pics of them in them

    17. Lulita Rosalinda

      Kaya,Japan looks so cute bug spoiled she looks like she had plastic surgery on her face to look like a Japanese doll 😂oh wait Asian kids look like that sorry

    18. Yee Yee

      Alex cute tho

    19. Mackenzircon

      I’m glad I am in a bed.

    20. cian o connell

      I use to live in Rio de Janeiro I moved to Ireland when I was 2 so I know how it feels

    21. _Kouger 5555_

      I feel really grateful that I have a roof over my head, a lot of kids can’t afford that luxury in some countries

    22. Douglas Knudsen

      I grew up on a little called Ebeye in the Marshall Islands. I grew up sleeping on grounds outside with a sheet because my house was too small for 3 families. My family was so poor, we mostly ate rice. I was adopted at the age of 8 by Americans. Blessed but never will forget where I came from and won't take life for granted.

    23. Mehreen Asim

      ....and we still complain

    24. Funpenguintime Roblox and more

      Awww, the boy with the goat though

    25. The Best Donut

      0:31 ok is she a pageant queen or something

    26. NipChip

      0:30 yea she is the most spoiled girl

    27. Nishan Gurung

      0:40 he sleeps out side?!?!

    28. psychokid_ yt

      I'm spoiled 😭😭

    29. Oksana Chandler

      Give them 1000000 money!

    30. Emma Hassler

      I feel so spoiled right now

    31. benzema karim

      Kaya looks like a doll

    32. Best freind city !

      Aww the girl was crying this is why we should all be grateful for what we have!❤️❤️😭

    33. eden carter

      The third one u can tell she’s a spoiled little rat

    34. Hannah Ruddle

      I feel like a spoiled brat after watching this

    35. Cool beans

      awh it sucks how nothings really helping them (nothing big!)

    36. sravanthibharath

      God jazzy is damn spoiled.....

    37. ElenaNicole011710

      Same!😩 I feel so bad

    38. Autumn Wilborn

      I feel sorry for some of these kids 🙁

    39. Rblx Gaming!

      I’m thankful for everything I have, and I bless these poor children to have a brighter future.

    40. Lisa D

      So sad😞

    41. Caity QwQ

      1 word 2 things 3 things 4 you I'M CRYING NOW

    42. Tsuyu Asuu

      Maybe instead help The kids

    43. hanbys77

      1:01 that bot look like the scout from up

    44. Jinhopekook Bias

      0:54 WOW I need that

    45. Ben Hostetter

      I cried

    46. BOB The Body Builder

      i close my eyes

    47. riley hopkins

      0:31 so spoiled

    48. KandK Gaming


    49. Weird is The new popular

      Some of these girls are spoiled brats so they have these beautiful rooms and some kids are so sweet and nice but they have a poor family and they have not the nicest rooms

    50. Unicorn Cat

      Kaya actually means rich in malay

    51. Bye Felicia

      Plz tell me this is fake

    52. Mena Toda

      0:28 everyone is saying how Jazzy is spoiled but, it's not her fault it's her parents fault.

    53. Spongebob guy 47

      1:01 ITS RUSSLE!

    54. ItzSkiyee

      *I. Am. So. Spoiled.*

    55. クリーム桃と

      My bedroom is my house because it has no bedroom or living room xD

    56. My Pet Cheetah Jason

      1:20 makes me really appreciate what I have in my life

    57. Hi 123

      I feel so bad because my family lives in a nice big house and I want them all to come and live with me 😭😭

    58. vvit

      0:52 how that damned girl sleept??

    59. shakanna takarangi-rongonui

      Some kids are sad and one girl name jazzy and kaya get every fing and that makes me fell like crying.😠

    60. Puppo3944

      But jazzy room me dammmmmmm

    61. Forealtwins fo life 1516

      I hate the thumbnail

    62. XsparxLY

      Im watching on my bed

    63. Christalina Hser

      I’m cying

    64. Koalarsky

      0:58 that looks comfy in a rustic way. i like that!!

    65. Dominique Weathers

      Shameela is crying poor baby omg

    66. Zachriah Miore

      I just want to give them my money is was born in a rich family but I have a heart so have my money take it

    67. Mcjunkin Family

      How can I help them

    68. Alok Shekhar

      I cried to all of them, and the rich ones I cried of jealousy for when I was a child

    69. Andrew Demos

      Jazzy rich

    70. Amna Rizvi

      I want Jazzys one !

    71. Christopher Arthur

      Sooooo fake

    72. Mizzfaltragon Aj

      I feel bad for all of these kids who cant have the chance to sleep in a good bed ..

    73. xay

      This just shows how fortunate we are . People shouldn’t complain about how small their house or room is , when there are children around the world that don’t own either .. it’s heartbreaking tbh ..

    74. Rosy Alice

      Kids or people think they are rich but they are not rich thy are lying(kids)

    75. Heather Marshall

      I feel jealous for a few but wanted to donate my house for some.

    76. Zainab Kashwani

      I’m tearing up right now

    77. grape

      This is so sad can we hit 50 likes

    78. Caity Wylie

      Jazzy's one scared me the most (0:29)

    79. Euan Hill-Wates

      0:27 jesus

    80. Zoe Rayner

      jazzy and the japanese girls were too spoiled

    81. Alexis Richards

      Ew I’m so spoiled :(

      1. Alexis Richards

        And no I’m not saying “ew” to all of these beautiful children in saying “ew” because I’m so spoiled.. I mean think about it your using technology that cost more that most of these kids whole room costs 🤧

    82. RandomGamer :3

      I I thought my room was bad

    83. Bozica S

      How you know?

    84. Justin L

      Uhhhhhh y are we looking at peoples rooms

    85. Cat Paws


    86. Rayne Hicks

      I sleep at the top the house not the door but you knkw

    87. SleepY _YT

      How do u know these kids

    88. Nguyen Nguyen Duc Vien

      Anonymous 😢

    89. Gabriela Balingao

      2:03 😥

    90. Shadow The Wolf

      I wanna donate alot of money!! :3

    91. Maddy. The local

      Ugh Jazzy why lol

    92. statrf roblox


    93. Amelie Animation

      00:30 SHE'S FOUR?!

    94. Student Christian Flores

      I feel so bad for the first one

    95. Rosanna Sanseverino

      Oh no

    96. JC The Bean

      1:05 is that the boy from up, I think his name is russel

    97. Jakayla R.

      Rlly jazzy?

    98. Neft

      Jazzy`s room just wrecked me ;-;

    99. Amber Johnson

      0:58 that's like how my room looks like I don't have anything fancy put on it