The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human



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    AN ADVENTURER has found the perfect travelling purr-tner - his house cat. Adventurer and filmmaker, JJ Yosh, resides in Boulder, Colorado with his black cat Simon. He adopted the feline two years ago, and they have been travelling together across land and water ever since - with Simon normally nestled in his backpack.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Shotguvnor

      That cat does not like the water, He’s literally chasing the kayak 😂 Really cool experience and beautiful cat though

    2. TheSweetfang1

      i wantttt a cat like that!!!

    3. R R.

      BEAUTIFUL cat...aww so cute. Matter of fact, owner is cute too! lol.

    4. Cat House

      Unbelievably!! what a cool cat!!! 😻😻😻nice video, super cat !! Thanks I have a shelter for cats, there is not enough time for everyone.there are many abandoned cats in Russia😿 I invite everyone to my channel 👇🏻😽

    5. Gold Animal

      My cat arrived at home after spending the whole.summer in the Woods! So happy. Gps tracker is underway also lol..!

    6. XxNoodlesxX Are Awesome

      How is your cat so sweet my cats are turds

    7. Adventures of Boudica


    8. mary sullivan

      Have you gone camping with your cat? If so, how do you present the cat from clawing or biting the tent and putting holes in it?

    9. Shadowkat 360

      It’s always better to have a friend. My aunts cat (rip) used to be my nanny cat, she lived with my family because my aunt used to live in an apartment. Yes, she would help keep me out of trouble and even teach me how to hunt and sneak around like I was her own kitten, since she had none of her own. I actually used the hunting skills she taught me in a variety of human/nonhuman things, and when I was 6 I ended catching a live mouse, and I kept it alive, I showed the cat first and she just looked at me with the biggest kitty grin on her face, then I showed my mom and she just screamed, then the cat put a paw over her mouth to shush her. 😂 One of my greatest achievements was making that cat proud to be my third mom. (I have mom, grandma, and cat)

    10. Nathaniel Anthony

      For the almost 200 people who disliked this video: you are a disgrace to this world and you don't deserve to be on US-new.😠 I think this video is great!👍👍

    11. tractortrain77 chicken butt

      What an adventure God bless chicken butt

    12. mooncalf 420

      What an awesome pair! So lucky to have each other and a wonderful adventurous life together.

    13. Itsuki


    14. allyssa nehls

      Ironic. My cat is black too. His name is zatch and i wanna travel with him

    15. Maine Coon

      I really dont understand y people dont understand y we love our pets.. I think they r jelous because they dont get that love and affection which we give to our pets in return of same frm our pets..

    16. Dylan

      What harness is that !

    17. Egidio Ruffolo

      One of the coolest things ever!

    18. All about ATVs

      Hes one of a kind hes so cute

    19. A.unlock Key Coolness

      น้องงงง รักกันดีจัง

    20. Mata Hari

      This cat has a better life than you LOL

    21. saNANANA

      HAHAHA WHEN HE WOKE UP THE GREAT SIMON, HE CURSED THE OWNER,, then his mic pack dropped ackk

    22. Jasmine

      :O if cats could go Scuba diving I bet you Simon would love it 🤣

    23. Fish Tacos

      He wants to eat the fish

    24. Bungle

      Undo the leash if he loves you , You wont need it ......

    25. Zohaib Qadir

      Awesome video... Which camera did you used bro

    26. Allison Colby

      What a precious little kitty! Hes so adorable! I really loved this video. It doesnt get much better than this! The amazing Simon. I love it. Just shows how great the mutual affection is for each other. Very heartwarming and fun to watch. Thank you~

    27. Dean Bliek

      He should be in a glass BAL with a plant inside and grass and air and then you can snorkel with him

    28. Nicholas Braun

      3:07 "Cause he loves fish..." Bruh has no clue that cat wants nothing but to inhale them.

    29. Marie V.

      Its a fact. You have the coolest cat

    30. Christian Sparrow

      3:28 is it just me or Simon really did nod his head to answer the question?!

    31. Leah Hulse

      The best part is he’s a black cat so u will never lose him in the snow

    32. mango

      Get a scuber if u go to an island

    33. Itzelth

      My cat the same 😍😍

    34. choudefleur

      Yeah, Simon would probably love to SWIM with the fish `_`

    35. Alayna Folk

      Must be something with black cats because my black cat loves car rides and out side but she hates water

    36. 254 Walt

      He is literally the real life version of Ash and pikachu from Pokémon

    37. Loading

      It’s gonna suck what the cat dies

    38. Isabella Reighert

      My cat won’t even let me look at him

    39. AshTash :-P

      Me when I take the dog for a walk in the yard

    40. Raquel Dalisay

      You better be careful coz Im gonna steal that super adorable furry feline! 😘💖❤

    41. Roni B

      What an awesome cat!!! 😎

    42. Ph Christy

      That's one cool 🐱

    43. themoviereviewhunk

      This guy reminds me of that music video of Moby and his trusted dog/fox/cat thing

    44. Liv_love. 32

      I can’t imagine how it would feel for him when Simon passes away

    45. Billie Two Fegs

      So happy to find this. I wanna travel with my cat, Ozzy, and everyone tells me that she can't do it. Now I know we can.

    46. Bea Taylor

      I'd like to hear more about he and Simon got together and started doing adventures together.

    47. Crystal Tranquilino

      i love how his special talking voice for his kitty is basically pinocchio from shrek

    48. Drew Chojnowski

      the John Muir of cats.

    49. Gontrand Trand

      Try without the leash...

    50. Jess

      This is so pure I wanna cry

    51. DrgnMage2536

      That cat is living THE life! Just found your channel. Did you get Simon as a kitten? How did you get him used to traveling in the car, using a harness, getting used to hoping on you backpack, etc?

    52. Jered P

      Simon is the coolest 😎😺

    53. Ahmed abd elgaied

      i guess i know the reason of staring @ the fish tank yes of course learning how to dive with them :D

    54. Marisol Resto Vicenty

      Así yo hago con mi gato, ando con el y lo paseo. A él le gusta mucho y es una terapia para mí y mi madre por que no tenemos a mi hijo a nuestro lado.

    55. Julie K Taylor

      He really loves the fishes Next day They all have Been Thanos snapped

    56. benjovi55

      I like black cats. They are fun, funny, have rhythm, and are playful. Just wish they weren't always stealing from my neighbors. Gotta have things locked down.

    57. Quijybo Janklebits

      My cat does the same stuff he sits on my shoulder when I mtb and camp.

      1. Quijybo Janklebits

        My best friend cats name is toby. He swims too but only when we kayak

    58. Jacob Mann

      Bro what would happen to this guy if his cat died. It’s dark. But it’s eventually gonna happen

    59. Upackglitch somewone

      Cats love nature.........omg

    60. The Hooeys

      I was watching with a grin on my face till the cat jumped in the water and started swimming. Then my jaw fell to the floor! What was that?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get Simon? From a SWAT training facility? You're cat is a Marines!

    61. nekkoMaster

      My Dream

    62. Laura Abacaxi

      Who would dislike this? Why? Who? Why?

    63. chaoticdanor

      I was really into this video until you proudly said roadtrips of 20 consecutive hours, what 20 hours? no offense but that's nothing.

    64. Love Zion

      Awesome 🔥👥🔥

    65. Redhead Knight

      Beautiful cat ♥

    66. Setu Lokavid

      the tap water made this frog gay

    67. Sharon Thompson

      I think Simon would love to hang out with “Nathan the Beach Cat” and her new younger sister Winnie. They live in Australia and they both LOVE to swim in the ocean. 😻

    68. Ebefren Revo

      Its nice to be a rich kid.

    69. Celeste Rose

      How do I slowly start doing this? Any tips anyone?

    70. run me over with your car

      I can’t believe I’m allergic to cats. Life really hates me. I still pet them when I see em anyways because how can you not?