The Auction Corvette's Roll Cage and Parachute is COMPLETE! + Jet Camino Update!

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    Finally, now we can be a little safer with ol Ruby!
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Crapplefratz

      I've been watching your series on Ruby, but to see an El Camino that's going to have a jet engine!? I dreamed of building that car when I was 15 (which was 39 years ago)! Can't wait to see it run when finished!

    2. Steeler Nation

      Pro fab is insane

    3. Richardo Mendez

      “That’s a 275 60 15”. Like whaaaaaa????

    4. Drizzy Williams

      I wish i could afford a RWD V8 American sports car.

    5. Jacob Carter


    6. CFTO bangforbuckbuds420

      1. CFTO bangforbuckbuds420

        Ideas lol seen it thought of ur rig

    7. MrGene3497

      You guys are awesome, even my mom watches, she is 80years old and was in the hospital for a little while when she got out one of her first questions was "do we have a new Cleetus to watch?" Keep up the great videos and be careful.

    8. Country Fried

      He was going to give it away until.he caught the C6 bug lol

    9. Travis Miller

      i was workin while listenin to this n all i kept hearin was "ooow" ooooh" " daaam dude" "whaaat" "OMG" "daaang" "whaaat" :P

    10. James Davies

    11. Wildturkey10121

      I want mullet please put your jet in something else!!!!!

    12. Team ECOTEC

      Cleetus is going to break the Guinness world record of drinking and getting Mountain Dew.

    13. Colter Rodgers

      I love the fact that all of your cars have been bought as a mess around toy and they turn into serious race cars 😂

    14. Shofner The Redneck


    15. Adam Blaknovski

      You could build a large airbox in the passenger compartment in the Jet Mullet, and feed it air from the base of the windscreen and various other places, the front of the car for instance and even through the roof, that way you can have balanced aerodynamics left/right for high speed

    16. chris vance

      I sincerely mean this Garrett, when you go days without loading the video some of us think the worst now I'm not on your Instagram I don't use it and I don't really keep track of you on Facebook I don't use it but when you do this I feel like something bad might happen cuz Leroy just getting faster and faster. You better respond to this comment cuz I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    17. Teve Tanders


    18. Andrew Gail

      how come Ruby's roll cage took like a week or two or something like that but the jet car's cage has already taken a couple of months and counting? makes no sense to me

    19. Eric Negron

      Cleetus where you at with the new vid?

    20. killzzme1

    21. meatman1985

      If I learned anything today its that ProFab is the place to go......Looks AWESOME

    22. bkhaja89

      Now if you could just figure out how to run your cars on bartle skeet and close the circle...

    23. Devin McGauley

      "these truck motors love boost!" 3 blown engines later...

    24. Tomi Hietala

      I just found your channel. It was nice to watch your first 7 sec video first and then follow the story with Leroy. The fastest way to learn is to make mistakes, but it's expensive. Cheers and greetings from Finland.

    25. BE THE BEST !¡!¡!¡!

      Yeetus cleetus "holy shit this is still a meme" completus

    26. Lance

      Need new content quick!!!!!

    27. CHAOS 710

      Hi guys what is your other channel's name where you open your mail

    28. So Fresh

      When are you going to build the mini bogger 3000 into a ultimate awd monster

    29. John Kearns

      Cleetus... Your upload game has been weak these past 2 weeks.

    30. motomoto moto

      3 days since last video

    31. emery elles


    32. Andrew Larson

      where are youuuuu?!???!!!?

    33. Glenn Cox

      Track action please???

    34. Taylor Ray

      I wish people understood the difference between a youtuber trying to get a car back together in a couple days, vs someone spending months doing it. Obviously you're going to have more issues when you're just swapping an engine in and out in a day and sending it at the track, than if you spend weeks going through and doing another engine, but if you didn't people would complain you take too long.. can't win. Keep up the junkyard swaps. Get an Ly6 and show people what's up. lol

    35. lexer 21

      Hurry up cleetus we want more content!!

    36. N Hodgson

      We need an update here, ASAP! I can't wait to see what's next on this Freedom Train!

    37. ZSTRODE.

      Why didn't they paint the rear end on the rocket car? :ď

    38. JBURNZG

      "We're gonna have to give some of this away at tx2k because that's a hell of a lot of mtn dew"

    39. Casey

      It better have twin turbskies !

    40. Cody Davidson

      Just give up on the junk yard LS motors an put a coyote in it lol

    41. Nic Droscher

      We need more dale truck and bring it to Summernats 2020!

    42. Hunter Barr

      47 on trending

    43. Brenton K

      Get Rid of the jet, Leave the El Camino it like it is. Maybe put a screw type blower, supercharger, 5sec 1/4 Big Block Hemi, just as quick as that jet.

    44. Ed Rannou

      You should make a video of all the different closed captions for "Cleetis Mcfarland You Tube Channel" in the opening. This one is "Please Confer", one of the closer ones. Some are absolutely hilarious.

    45. 20vTouge86

      Would have been really great to see a timelapse of the Jet Camino build. Think you could set something up in ProFab?

    46. Placeholder

      remind me to never visit hunday


      Put this in Leroy please 😱😱😱

    48. MSH FrankyPlug

      You arent going to tx2k right?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        No. The next event that they're going to is Street Car Takeover in Kansas City, Missouri on April 6th.

    49. Jason Frazier

      Go get a 6.0!! If you do another truck motor! At least they have a good reputation of holding up. Lol

    50. Kyle Dag


    51. Ynot Drappehs

      How do they paint or powdercoat the roll bar in the car. Or what is used to do that?

      1. cj wal


    52. SliipzHD

      What a beaut, with that t-bar looks sick af, you should get a toyota supra project, they’re cheap in england and get one imported, even jap imports 💪🏼👌🏼👍🏼

    53. IllusiveElk 255


    54. MomLifewithKay

      Let me have a box of Mountain Dew too haha a

    55. Slaughter Z

      I need some profab in my life

    56. Greatest Ever

      new story, cleetus and the crew gets diabetes

    57. amber or tommy Bowling

      Awe man it looks so good from the back!!!

    58. Haley Cain


    59. Haley Cain


    60. Nathan Countyrman

      Carbon ceramic breaks on the jet Camino

    61. Jaidyn Shayne

      Send me a box of mtn dew to Australia 😋

    62. scott kulick

      The cage is Sweet !! Let'rr Rip Brother! :-)

    63. 4GsRacing

      why in the shizzz you putting rottela tractor motor oil in a race car\

    64. xXNednilXx

      Been using your channel to bribe my son to finish his supper and do his homework. Keep up the great channel

    65. Victoria Syverson

      Legit question from someone who doesn't know about cars: I understand the purpose of the roll cage/roll bars, but I've never seen one come up above your head like that? I know your strapped in but is there a possibility of hitting your head on it if you got in an accident? Just curious

    66. David Owen

      Cleetus has US-new putting his channel in the trending section, and large companies sucking the dew out of his d*ck; good for you guys!

    67. johnathon henderson

      When are you going to do a package opening thing on your second Channel because I know you have a ton of fan mail

    68. Michele Zhang

      British prefer trains .... Bonnie died in a nice car.

    69. Michele Zhang

      How about an ornate European version? All that aside... I wouldn’t mind watching men race in Russian Lamborghini’s 😂

    70. Scott Mason

      Man if you ever need a shop hand.... The more I watch the more I should've stuck with it. Dealership life kills the passion...

    71. riley pearson

      Wow sorry but the engines just keep blowing quicker and quicker ... it’s getting old quick what’s going on ??? Seems kinda odd

    72. Retro Longplays

      Auction Corvette for the win.

    73. Janarious Warner

      This is nuttey

    74. MN StreetSpeed

      I spotted some Minnesota's own viking performance coilovers

    75. Travis B

      This is worse than blew balls! We want 3.0!!

    76. Mark Mooney

      Hey Cleeter...who listens to the radio at 150mph on a 1/4 mile track? That engine sounds better than any radio ever could!

    77. Morris Jason

      I want one

    78. zer0saves

      Should have the seller over for an update

    79. Brandon'svlog

      Y’all should do a diesel powered race car.

    80. Brandon'svlog

      Y’all just need to have a second engine at the ready for ruby. 😂😂

    81. mlzanercik

      (Christ Witnesses to Nicodemus on the reason why people want to stay in their sins and not accept him as their Lord and savior and as believers, you have to produce works/Fruit to show that you have saving faith in God. (Matthew 3:8)

    82. Erica F.

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    83. Ted Pollard

      I was going to Autozone to get my breaks, but now I'm going to Advance Auto Parts

    84. BelowAverageJoe


    85. Buck Early

      Ruuuuby! Don't take your love to town.

    86. Mike L

      Bummer about the oil pressure good thing they are junk yard motors

    87. Paul Aguirre

      so ruby is basically full race meow...may as well put an order into texas speed already....

    88. CraftGaming97

      Just send it till it locks.

    89. Dwight Eisenhower

      Annoying AF

    90. mike boots

      I like how you keep the paint the cars come with 😎

    91. Joe Chin

      Paint the next engine you guys get in all Mountain Dew colors. The heads, block, intake manifold, turbo, everything

    92. David Williams

      Is the Elco going to be piston and jet powered?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2


    93. Matthew Pendlebury

      you should have your own racing game app

    94. Rj Graham

      James get the toolbox

    95. Jim and Cherie

      What about Cooper does he get to drive Ruby too? Her certainly deserves it.

    96. Dexter King

      James bond approved

    97. RazorFlix

      How much longer until Ruby doesn't have body panels anymore? 😂

    98. M Shu

      All Corvettes and CTS Coupes have manual latches on the inside.

    99. Андрей Баран

      WHO ARE YOU ?? 1-Starter YUTUBER 2-BUSINESSMAN 3-PERSON 4 BEAUTIFUL 5-zadrot 6-SMART (AJ 7 are lazy (aya 8-SUPER HERO 9 rich 0-YUTUBER (MILLIONIK)13

    100. МАСТЕР TV

      Sooper men!!!