The $100 Perfect Circle Challenge

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    Can you draw a perfect circle freehand?
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. tophey kantutero

      4:13 Man Even though that's stereotype it Funny

    2. Draw With Beektor

      One of the greatest channels on US-new. Love your videos.

    3. Maya Joe

      Did anyone else think of the perfect circle SpongeBob episode?

    4. jmsenc

      Where is Jackie???

    5. Connor Akins

      RIP to headphone users at 3:12

    6. David Ona

      Kevin is so cool and jackie (shes not here) is so cute.

    7. Marianne

      There must be some way to hold the marker in place like a protractor and then you move around (since you can’t move the paper). Would that work? I don’t know. But I figure there must be some trick to it.

    8. Theodore Bagwell

      Mr beast would make it 100,000$

    9. Rader Clan

      I feel like buzzfeeds running out of ideas

    10. Mojo THC Joe

      Perfect circle challenge.. Am sorry what.. Perfect circle challenge.. My earphones..

    11. Nadjahar

      I keep coming back to this Video cause I just Love it. So funny

    12. PEDRO -


    13. hey.hi.howdy hello

      "oh Brenden, OH BRENDEN" 😂

    14. Paloma Goldberg

      kevin: you are not allowed to rotate the paper woman: RUDE asjsjsj I laughed so hard

    15. Arroile Nehtsirk


    16. Genuine Lynx

      *OoOoHhHh BrAnDoN~*

    17. Kelli Loera


    18. Dog Lovers


    19. Dog Lovers

      Lol 1:50

    20. Anne Kapteijns

      I'm kinda sad that Jackie isn't in this

    21. RO Style

      I think maynard got inspired from here

    22. Hello Hello

      I can't stop using "free balling" as a phrase after watching this video.

    23. Patrick Renz Alla

      1:48 loose your self by eminem hahaha

    24. Fajar Aprian Usman

      Alright, send me the paper & leave that $100 after

    25. Julia Greifenberg

      I love how you‘re not allowed to turn the paper BUT you’re allowed to stand up and walk around the table 😂

    26. Rosie

      I had a maths teacher who could draw a perfect freehand circle like every time with a smooth single line it was actually incredible

    27. Debbie Castillo

      Good content using almost no props. Respect!

    28. MinSoo

      I want to do a stop breathing challenge and i'l' give the winner CPR.

    29. Jasmine Liu

      buzzfeed got nothing on mr beast and zhc

    30. Corry_Tiel 101

      Honey, it's called using a compass

    31. _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_

      "oh Brendan OOOOOH BRENDAN OOOOOH"

    32. _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_

      They shouldn't had do it with one long line they should had do it with little strokes of lines to make the circul, that's how I do a perfect circul

    33. HappyyMiley OIII

      “Its a b-“ “Well ya passed sooooooo” “Im asian” Literally me

    34. Tha4thLetterr

      Tara should have won. Brendan's was too jagged.

    35. Shimmer XOXO

      "Oh, I missed it" I died 😂

    36. Blanks

      give it to me ill win it instantly

    37. Sandra Howlter

      This is such a simple video and I like it

    38. Sandra Howlter

      Kevin is just such a mood. I love this guy~

    39. Ozone zone

      Wkwkwkwk Mantap.... Dr semuanya....ini yang menantang.....

    40. mickavellian

      Why does the mature gentleman reminds me of Robert Downing Jr?

    41. mickavellian

      a famous painter (can not remember the name) had not submitted one piece of art to a famous gallery in Spain. The opening day and after the gallery was packed the maestro shows up and he's besieged by the exhibit heads. "Maestro we have no works from you sir!" Maestro " I know bring me a black canvas and chalk " The maestro stands in front of the canvas takes off his coat and in one perfect motion draws a circle in one motions he steps back and places a dot in the circle. Picking up his coat he moves away and as he leaves he says " I am sorry I am late with my work, do forgive me" and he exits Then someone calls out "THE CIRCLE MEASURE IT!!" It was a PERFECT circle and the dot was exactly in the center.

    42. G mator

      omg whos that beautiful girl name???😍😍😍😍😍

      1. G mator

        @Blue Panda the anxiety queen one

      2. Blue Panda

        G mator all those woman are beautiful, so which one?

    43. G mator

      tara should be the winner

    44. El heladito Derretido

      "I'm asian"

    45. Maurice H

      5:58 HAHA !

    46. Maurice H

      Nobody absolutely nobody : Kevin : you can’t rotate the paper . Everyone : awwwww 🤬🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Kristin Mehaffey


    48. Jacob Bloom

      After all those videos of Jackie reading him to filth it's nice to watch Kevin having some sadistic fun

    49. marya _

      Kevin: One of the most hilarious people still at buzzfeed.

    50. Aiden Tellez

      He never said you couldn't use tools like a compass. Easy money.

    51. Lia Pryce

      Fun video! That edit at 6:00 made my day for some reason. 😂

    52. heather alarcon

      Her “Anxiety Queen” shirt is giving me anxiety....

    53. João Colaço


    54. ggukiestreat

      If you can’t rotate the circle then just rotate yourself oh my god

    55. cheezpuffg0rawr

      There was a math instructor at my highschool that could draw a perfect circle every time. It was crazy!

    56. Miguel Velázquez

      WAIT A MINUTE, this isnt a reaction about their new album

    57. smallchoiceaccumulate

      😂😂, when she said she's asian and minus is unexceptable, can relate. 😂😂

    58. Khaleesi Targaryen

      I've totally could've done thisss man

    59. Naoki Gaming

      kevin from home alone lol

    60. wharsmetoothpicson

      Being Irish Brendan just imagined he was drawing a bird's eye view of a pint glass.

      1. wharsmetoothpicson

        @kimmry Irish football shirt though and nobody is wearing one of those if they're not in some way Irish

      2. kimmry

        wharsmetoothpicson he doesn’t even have an irish accent. He’s barely irish.

    61. Underwater Coastline

      Do I look like Giotto di Bondone to you?

    62. John MEEP

      Just put ur elbow on the Paper then grab pencil then round the Paper thats great but not rotate oof

    63. Fyurex

      eh brenden is all crooked though, i really don think he wins

    64. J Kay

      yoooo shoutout to the guy wearing the mbmbam shirt xD

    65. fungifago

      Kevin, Maynard wants to know your location

    66. kirby march barcena

      My hands get shaky when I tried this

    67. chres barrett

      What a rip you’re the art guy and didn’t even try the challenge ??

    68. Isabella RUIZ RODRIGUEZ

      Kevin should have invited Jackie....just saying

    69. Steven McCaffrey

      I would’ve made a mark on my hand with the sharpie where the midpoint was and the radius and use that to create a series of dots to eventually create a perfect circle. Takes an hour who cares because you’re getting paid at work plus it’s a 100 an hour haha

    70. Leanne Vo

      two of them that i know are tasty producers nice