The $100 Perfect Circle Challenge

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    Can you draw a perfect circle freehand?
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SilentViper

      Dude I haven't written or used a pen or pencil in such a long time

    2. Savannah Trimble

      I thought that the catch was going to be they shouldve used the compass bc it was sitting there the whole time

    3. Jennifer Birdsell

      Next challenge - stop the clock when you think X amount of time has passed (like 2 or 5 mins)

    4. Ahmed Al Adraj

      That blonde girl odly looks like emma watson 🤣🤣 4:03

    5. QuiteDecent

      Cash money 💰 Do the perfect square challenge now!

    6. Enrique John Cunanan


    7. Dante

      I can’t believe no one connected the two xs then turned it into a plus sign then drew the circle in 4 segments lol

    8. ben johnson

      Dude my art teacher in highschool prepared me for this why wasnt I invited

    9. sw

      Why does he remind me of Jake Glyenhall haha

    10. Knowledge Science

      I seen before someone doing a perfect circle you just need to put the marker in top of your index and middle finger and with the thumb in the middle of the paper starting in the bottom like a clock wise starting at 6 o'clock.

    11. 우서준

      I really want that blue shirt with the dog for my boyfriend, he watches that podcast so much I finally can understand what the random letters "MBMBaM" stand for 😭

    12. Iconic Reviews 956

      PURPLE CIRCLE Challenge !!😂

    13. RockON100040

      I can’t draw a perfect circle, but I do listen to a perfect circle. \m/

    14. MARCUS

      Just using may hand as an alternative compass and pen holder and rotate the paper while my ring finger is in the center and normally holding the pen

    15. number15burgerkingfootlettuce

      *"im asian"*

    16. Jada Tolley

      Why did you say bad words little kids watch this

    17. sara summanen

      I'm asian !!! Holy shiiii that is so funny

    18. Eiona vlogs & more

      Him: that’s a b+ its fine Her:...... I’m ASiaN......

    19. Boi she THI C C C C C

      I’m asian Lele pons: Am I a joke to you?

    20. 8bit DinosaurBark

      My dude looks like David spade

    21. kawaii drawings


    22. Taeyeon Jjang

      Can I stand and make Kevin move? If i cant turn the paper, I'll do the moving

    23. Mintette

      not to flex but as an artist, this seems easy

    24. Aryanna Beall

      I would have won

    25. Leyah Smith

      "It looks like...B-" "That's passing!" "I'm Asian.."

      1. Woosh me Then read my description

        Leyah Smith GOLD

    26. Joseph Zeltner

      Do you think he’s going to claim that income on his taxes

    27. Fathya R. Djati

      you should hold your breath to draw a perfect circle

    28. Itx Olive

      *Moms spaghetti*

    29. ariel thanks

      I would’ve done the left, right and bottom part as points from the length of the top and middle point and then added more dots and connected them

    30. JameroQuai Dagani

      I am the 1k liker

    31. Buggyboo 2006

      Is it possible yep watch most artists

    32. Benton Circle

      My last name is Circle

    33. megan davis

      why did buzzfeed repost this

    34. Gabriela Murguía

      One of the best videos

    35. Spencer Lee

      This is how many times they said Perfect circle challenge l l ⬇️

    36. brett cameron

      Why did I enjoy this soooooo much ahaha

    37. Stop motion Master’s

      Ur poopy

    38. Soup Time Now time

      “How do you think you did?” “It looks like ahhhhh,, b minus” “Oh that’s passing!” *whispers* “I’m Asian”

    39. bran

      i love kevin idk

    40. Hanna Lebuse

      _“You don’t have a physical bank? Do you keep everything in your mattress?”_

    41. Im Breach

      I swear the dude in the blue shirt with the dog was on chris hansen

    42. Cepha

      well, the men did better I guess

    43. Ian* Teo

      1:48 Eminem's song ref

    44. Yo it’s me autismo / waffle

      6:00 that noise though 😂😂

    45. Summer Marsh

      I would use my hand as a ruler.

    46. Shahariar Hasan Shimul

      can i send you a video showing how to win the challenge by anyone..... cause your system is flawed and i could really use some help with the 💰

    47. Rannie Palatino

      Well nobody is perfect ☺

    48. Name: N/A


    49. Gacha_ _Pineapple

      Help me

    50. jessica churchward

      Does Kevin remind anyone else of Robert Downey Jr for some reason?

    51. Ok Guy

      Perfect circle made with 1 finger Me: o

    52. Avon Boi

      where´s Maynard?

    53. syah syah


    54. Roxyyy !!

      This sounds like a Mr.Beast challenge

    55. Freya Linkin

      I would do dots and then connect them

    56. Shawn Murals

      Dude with MBMBaM shirt

    57. KZ Laud

      Dot around till u make a circle then connect the dots 🤔 easy win $$$

    58. koitawar

      spongebob wuld win this

    59. GalacticAdventures - Minecraft,Roblox and More

      i can make good circles in one try :o

    60. skye

      ok but Tara's was BEAUTIFUL

    61. Gabrielle Mundane

      Gosh Kevin is so handsome!

    62. Michael Streich

      A Perfect Circle is also an Awesome Rock band!

    63. Nabila Kusumaningsih

      "im Asian, B- is not acceptable" 😂😂😂

    64. Madison Callahan

      “Why are people having trouble with this, it’s three words” 😂

    65. Tken Sbns z


    66. Меркуцио Третий

      O H B R E N D O N

    67. Anna McDonald

      Wow....moms spaghetti My new response

    68. Alunaria

      I’d draw it as close to the x as possible

    69. Dameon Valdez

      Dont hesitate and keep your palm on the paper

    70. Satisfice Light

      This is how many times they said perfect circle challenge ↓

    71. theDaRkMarC 19

      Are we just gonna ignore 3:20 ?

    72. Maarten

      3:23 😂😂😂😂

    73. Jesse

      4:15 I'm 16 my reaction like if funny

    74. Xeno Phobya

      I was gonna say, just rotate the pape.... O...k... nvm...

    75. Nancy Karina

      When I was in middle school I couldn't draw a perfect circle so my art teacher told me "If you can draw a perfect circle then you are probably a psychopath" and to this day (I'm 21) I go by her words. I'm no psychopath! She was probably trying make me feel better but I honestly took her words to heart and even repeat that phrase to my family and friends when their circle sucks.😂

    76. Mukhriz Mazlan

      I would ask if the paper could be folded. Folding it into a pseudo cone with the centre origin as the tip. Drawing the circle as curves gradually across.

    77. fla la

      Just tried drawing a circle in notes on ipad... its *actually* difficult to draw a good looking circle! 🤯🤦🏻‍♀️☹️

    78. Stoic Outrider

      I was expecting MJK...

    79. Alex Linders

      Just put your hand in the middle and twist the page...

    80. the gaming oreo

      Love the guy at 1:00 I'm Irish btw

    81. Kri_ kuu Beats

      Winner should've got 360 dollars

      1. Sara LouisXClementine

        Clever 😂😂😂

    82. Tagataro Lian

      well , i can make the circle , but no one will give me the money ...

    83. Alyssa B

      My science teacher actually can do a perfect circle!! Im so jealous!

    84. Ben Spook

      That’s not how you use a compass

    85. jasmine

      devin really be out here wearing an “anxiety queen” shirt like it’s some sort of trend...

      1. Ice Dawg

        @jasmine yeh dude idek

      2. jasmine

        Ice Dawg you’re going way off topic but okay lol

      3. jasmine

        Elena Cope that’s nice to know

      4. Ice Dawg

        @jasmine yeh but no one ever complains when people make jokes about cancer, or aids, or other illnesses way worse than anxiety and that's fine? There are reportedly 3 million or more cases of anxiety disorder a year, the fact that many people suffer from it is the only reason some people take it so seriously. It's pretty annoying ngl, let people make jokes who the hell cares.

      5. Elena Cope

        It’s merch from Kelsey Darragh who has an anxiety disorder and part of the proceeds go towards the National Alliance on Memtal Illness. It’s to raise awareness and funds.

    86. ExOTiiC_V1P3R -

      Up the Irish

    87. Pezeretta Darling

      This is how many times the said perfect circle challenge. 👇🏾

    88. Khang.N 54

      I can draw a circle but smaller

    89. RaGE ZMG_77

      I would have just drew a square

    90. Retarded Boyz

      “Opportunity comes once in a life time” “Moms spaghetti” 😂😂

    91. MexicanOnGames

      Im dissapointed no one tried measuring the radius through a reference point from the middle to the outside point with a finger or the marker cap and then drawn a bunch of points along the outside with the measurement and then just connected the dots.

    92. Zac James

      buzzfeed staff: “i can hold a pencil therefore i am an artist”

    93. ExecutiveShrimp

      Soooo it's more like: "The best circle challenge"?

    94. Jandrea Marquez


    95. brittany venegas

      I would fold the paper in half unfold fold then in diagonal to get eight points then get the distance from the outside to the inside make little points around connect it ,or I would put the paper in the middle of the table stand up use my finger as a compass and instead of rotating the paper walk around the table

    96. SeeJainRun84

      I would eat it

    97. big C

      I can do that sir

    98. Nova Wolf

      *I’m Asian* Oh god this is *awkward...*

    99. TIN CANWAN


    100. hey b0ss

      Hey guys I have a lazy eye that you can see up close and on camera