Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

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    "Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Jilly Milly

      It happened... Troom troom got tik tok 😱

    2. Kari0520

      Gonna go buy some rubber ducks now

    3. Leslie Amairani Michel Fernandez

      Cristine to Ben: "would you like a blow?" Me: 🤭😏

    4. Haley Mills

      are they purposely infusing their videos with cristine-isms

    5. Janeeyyy Parrilla

      I love how. Cristine and ben. are so amused by the bubble's

    6. The Pretty Lily


    7. Luke

      sooo im 12 does that made me able to watch? :/

    8. Hailey

      she said 'they've got ads' and i got an ad on this video

    9. Gime Lando

      i actually thought that in the minute 5:32 she was gonna say "Ben´s nails"

    10. Sarah Adair

      I kinda feel like that video was based of Cristine...

    11. Catherine the cat Queen

      But I am a kid..Im 9

    12. Hollie Stanhope

      Started working at David's Tea. Oh god, I recognize that mug

    13. Regina_Phalange8

      us-new.com/online/video-VyY2PzCOd8k.html Simply here’s another nail vid from troom troom

    14. Hamilton Fan Girl

      1:14 "They've got ads" immediately gets an ad

    15. Nathalie Mercedes

      I can't believe i just watched this

    16. *ximena Perez*

      You should test out the go glam nail stamper!!

    17. Jess Rose

      Troom Troom is really trying to impress Cristine

    18. Amber S.

      This is HYSTERICAL! I love it!!!

    19. Triangles Too

      dude...your channel is for children though... your median age of viewers determines this - you might want to be careful with declaring improperly.

    20. thefriequeen

      CHRISTINEEE YOUR ON US-new REWIND😁😁 P.s. sorry if I spelled your name wrong

    21. Lacey Pilkington

      i have made me a pealy bag and i am getting a peel of bascoat and holo toco

    22. Piley Hohn

      fun fact 😂😂 the bubble nails was the first video i ever saw from you and i thought you were crazy like i was very very confused

    23. Rocio ;D

      "Why she laughts like a baby?" 9:50--**Laughts like a cute baby**

    24. Nica Rox

      I.... I feel like Troom Troom did this video on purpose solely for Christine.

    25. Rebecca Rogers

      I love how she says “Ben, wanna blow?” I dieeeeeeddddddd

    26. Luna Better

      “Mmm don’t mind me I’m just mmblocking out the haters” troom troom watches vines lmao 😂

    27. Ian Salmond

      facebook.com/BenPhillipsUK/videos/536816373566456?sfns=mo For you to try lol

    28. seham aga

      mom i’m scared i’ve reached the weird part of youtube

    29. Cassandra Chavez

      That foot utensil thing grossed me the HELL OUT, MAN

    30. Madeline Bruno

      I have been waiting for this exact video ever since I saw the troom troom thumbnail

    31. Casualkoi

      I don’t have trypophobia... but those nails make me extremely uncomfortable 😣

    32. Orchid Afton

      I can see the head lines " *crazy nail bitch blows bubbles through her nails* "

    33. ouji

      i cant believe troom troom fucking necromance'd the MMM BLOCKIN OUT THE HATERS meme

    34. Rain Wolf 409

      4:29 sorry i didn’t see you there I was just blocking out the hater

    35. Faye Griffiths

      Right after Cristine said “They’ve got ads”, an ad came up for me hahahahahahah

    36. Sabrina C

      will you be making gel polish soon?? i cannot wear regular polish but LOVE play rose and would love for it to become a gel formula!!

    37. Journay Woods

      Ayer she said “ThEy GoT aDdS” an add came on lmao

    38. annistyn warner

      Omg I love you

    39. Moonlighter Galaxy gacha

      0:00 this part so wha- Me: so what you do on the weekend you know blowed bubbles threw my nails Her:so what you do on the weekend you know blowed bubbles threw my nails you know it was fun Me: almost got it..

    40. Dominic Gibson

      Lol you’re funny

    41. dopple gamer

      Well, I disagree with what Ben said about how the new system will show/expose how many youtubers are "Only doing it for the money" since a lot of people have this as their primary and only job so if they left youtube after recieving no money (or even the threat of being sued) it would make alot of sense.

    42. Savannah Carrizales

      i know im a kid but i love your videos

    43. A&CFOREVER

      She should do polish mountain with her NAIL POLISH!!!!

    44. Brianna Green

      Subscribed already but here from the trending page

    45. Bunsley T.

      That red 😍

    46. Pigeon Keeper

      The spoon one is just a remake of that one vine

    47. thecarolinelinnae

      Troom troom Ben with the wig looks like Mia from Pulp Fiction.

    48. Valeatrah Lyn

      Idk if you've linked it in a while but that nail lamp you used to post in your description is no longer listed. RIP me, I never bought and now I don't know what lamp to get.

    49. Phet Pham

      Ahem iTs nOt a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

    50. Tia Spamzz

      Nothing better than watching a grown woman blowing bubbles with her nails

    51. Raven Merchant

      I had a braces party today At the orthodontist I am brace freeee

    52. that girl celestce

      They were wearing the same coloured shirt ben and simply

    53. V

      9:38 cowboy kent rollins?🙀

    54. kylie Lax

      I thought this was gonna be a gay guy..I’ve never been so disappointed.

    55. Ra Nia


    56. Cj Brophy

      I think that kid friendly youtubers should be put on US-new kids

    57. Sarah Hardin

      They are matching! These two are so cute!

    58. Geeky Musician

      I feel pity for the guy in the video 😂

    59. KorilD

      It’s so nice to see you having fun doing something silly!

    60. sparky sparky boom boom boi

      time for a tea party dazzlers were u at

    61. Autumn Rose

      Pls stay 😢

    62. Zofia with a Z

      "BuBbLe BeN"😂

    63. Tamemes 2000


    64. my name

      6:33 that's what she said

    65. i miss yoongi

      i’ve gotten so many ads about gel nail markers, please try them!!!

    66. Zoouu TiXXSHIeR

      Honestly, couple goal

    67. James Brooke

      2:40 Christine finds out about bens affair

    68. Calli-ann Fitzpatrick

      "Tea party" Cristine: I LOVE TEA

    69. epic gaymer

      "She is beyond help!" LMAO they say it so happily I feel like they know how rediculous their videos are at this point and now they're just having fun with it

    70. Naomi Holmes

      Omg I've been waiting for another video like 'tis again