Testing "holographic" face masks (couples therapy: what he really thinks of me)

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    I don't care much for self-care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Alyssa Goodel

      Has Cristine ever used a sheet mask before?

    2. Alyssa Goodel

      Cristine I'm 23 and my acne as an adult has been so much worse. I blame adult anxiety. I also ended up. With a bunch of dietary issues. Not fun at all.

    3. Marian xie

      i was biting into a cherry tomato when beyn poured out the serum... there is now tomato all over my screen...i need to stop eating food while watching you guys. its a chocking hazard haha

    4. Patata Salata


    5. Jackie Patterson

      Hey you should try spa scripts bedazzled facial peel off masks....they all have holo glitter in them....and they are legit holo 🥰🥰

    6. Libby Thorburn

      I’m British and every English accent offends me

    7. d

      doing a British accent isnt offensive because theyre white tf they gna be offended for 😭 asian case is different

    8. Alexandra's Awesomeness

      I see holo taco on the bottom row on the left


      Who’s here after holo taco 🌮💿💿💿💿🌮🌮🌮🌮

    10. Alex N.

      14:50 song name?

    11. Jasmine Kennedy

      Her British accent is very offensive jk love her really💕

    12. Cassie Marie

      cristine hardly any british people talk like ur accent 😑

    13. kronacy

      Every video that Simply Nailogical makes, helps me laugh from the recession that Ontario is in right now (Sept. 2019) because the job market is ruff and forget.

    14. muntaha taha

      the british were major imperialists and colonists. they abused other countries labor and resources. only a total of 22 countries were NOT invaded by britain. white people in general oppressed people of color for not appealing to their standard of beauty- ie. hooded eyes and yellow skin. they were mocked, exiled and stereotyped for many years( some still are) so to mock a british accent *shouldn’t* be offensive. however mocking a chinese accent is.

    15. Alex Mitchell

      I have a holo notebook

    16. Mako The seawing

      I’m giving it a one out of star

    17. holland lynn

      2:29 no we couldn’t omg I love Beyyyyn 😂

    18. Bumknuckle

      This video is crackhead hours for Ben

    19. Natalie Province

      Oh my god christine. I’m so ashamed in myself. I just bought false holographic lip gloss and now I’m very disappointed as to why I bought it.

    20. Brianne McAleese

      the holo-light of my week was getting mildly stoned and watching this video

    21. Harper Hammond

      ben saying "DINNERTIME!" made my whole day 13:33

    22. Inconspicuous Charr

      Silly Cristine, you can't do 100 layers of face masks, Trisha Paytas already did 100 layers of facials

    23. Willow Dunstone

      Why do I feel like you should of watched troom troom with the face masks on 😂💖

    24. Min Kayla

      Why does 15 year-old Simply Nailogical reminds me of Brooke from Dance Moms?

    25. Malchu

      i just noticed this at 130 in the morning very tired that the camera zooms out right as you are putting the sheet mask on it as if it is trying to avoid it lol

    26. Donna Schramm

      0:30 Fans before Holo Taco came out: Wait! What?!?!?!?! Fans Now: SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HOLO TACO! AND NOW WE KNOW!!!!! At least I felt like this watching this video again. Lol BTW Cristine you are my favorite US-newr!!!!

    27. Smol_b34n

      Is zyler okay? He seems unusually chunky...

    28. Sullyvan arnold

      For once my kitty didn't leave me when I laughed!

    29. cool fall

      Yes do 100 layers of face masks

    30. *UniversalxDrawing* :D

      No one: Cristine: *hates the 1 actual holographic face mask*

    31. elijha grey

      You ready Bey let’s go get em

    32. Camryn Miller

      why does cristine llok like lindsey lohan in the young pictures of herself

    33. Candy Princess1

      13:47 Ben..... no

    34. Angie Martinez

      I LOVE how clueless you guys are about masks. That extra serum is quite important. lol

    35. Sabana Amador

      4:03 honestly her singing with the music 10/10

    36. Ethan Li

      face ma-SKSKSKSK


      Holo Cristine! Ive had bad acne back in junior high cuz of sweets and shit but now Im doing way better because i know what i can handle. LOVE YA CRISTINE AND KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!

    38. Savy J

      100 layers of holo taco 🌮 💿 🖐🏻

    39. damsel in distress

      You guys are so adorable!!!!

    40. Laila Tabrizi

      Ben: What do you wanna go do? Wanna rob a bank? Ben: Oh, I’m like Nacho Libre 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. Hectic Osawa

      Im all wet, can I come in?

    42. Liberty Gall

      17 minutes of Christine eating fake/real holo face masks

    43. Flippy Floppers

      I really like the cat clock colors today

    44. Gayle Darlington-Shaw

      Me: oh wooooow, 😱 that’s probably the first time someone doing a fake British accent hasn’t utterly offended me... Cristine: my British accent does offend British people... Me: oh sh*t... 😶😶 guess that’s me told then! 🙈

    45. Meegan Garrity

      Simply Nailogical? Subscribe. Want tea? BEYYN. Itchy? Fake holo. Hotel? Trivago.

    46. Amtul Muqeet

      Is it just me or is the thumbnail changing every week or so?

    47. Champagne Wishes

      The way the serum poured out made me so incredibly uncomfortable.

    48. Ellie J

      Anyone else thinks she looks like holly Marie Combs or is it just me? 😂

    49. Casaundra Jacobs

      Cristine, when you said you think your skin is getting worse with age i felt that

    50. Amber S

      I love how much he genuinely thinks she’s hilarious 😍❤️

    51. Amanda Noe

      I got an actual couples therapy ad before this where people were like “our marriage is falling apart” so...

    52. JJ gamer13

      You should make a anyway meme

    53. Lois Deborah

      i think when you don't have acne and skin problems as a teen you get them as an adult, i've read that somewhere

    54. teen banditø

      why are Ben and Christine actually my parents

    55. Cynthia Chatfield

      11:36-11:44 Thank me later

    56. maya sinberg

      Christine at age 15 aka ‘fetus simply’ kinda reminds me of Lindsay Lohan in like 2003.....😂

    57. Brianna Girouard

      Cristine: “ I’m giving this a 1/*” That made me laugh so hard

    58. Silvia Sikrityyy

      I love the way Ben looks at you❤️

    59. Moza Ibrahim

      I feel like Ben is really smart

    60. Almayasa Almuraikhi

      Cuz its green right OOooOoOoOOOoOOOOoOooo

    61. Lucy Olson

      zat is the first time iv properly seen beyyns face iv only seen his arm handin christine coffe

    62. Marina Mizell

      Cristine: "that's like squeezing the last bit of juice out of a human" Me: yeah....wAiT wHaT?!

    63. spearmint audios.

      "working on something behind the scenes" 👀👀👀👀 *_holo taco intensifies_*

    64. Jason Voorhees

      Do 100 layers of nail art!

    65. k8

      "i'm all wet, can i come in?" HAHAHAHA i literally had to pause the video because i was laughing so hard i couldn't see

    66. Ella Lloyd Trotman

      1:03 meme that face please

    67. dancaas

      I’m watching the part where the holo mask went into her nose in a loop and I’m fucking crying omg someone take this away from me I might die🤣🤣🤣

    68. Putty Man

      How didn’t you try holo bath bomb sand thing it will be your best bath experience I guess

    69. Winter's Game

      My teacher had acne in his 30s and 20s rather than when he was a teenager. There’s nothing wrong with it😃

    70. Georgia Collings

      I have dermatillomania (an illness where you compulsively pick your skin) and even when my nails are quite long, they are weak and flakey and my cuticles tagged/bloody/infected because I can’t stop picking at them. But watching these videos has really helped me and inspired me to try and look after my nails and use the techniques I learned in therapy to stop picking.