Testing "holographic" face masks (couples therapy: what he really thinks of me)

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    I don't care much for self-care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Harmonee Chudy


    2. Jewel Welch

      I have the unicorn glow hologram mask

      1. Jewel Welch

        It's not holo but it is very drippy

      2. Jewel Welch

        Is it actually holo

    3. ShadowDragon Productions


    4. Nicole Stewart

      Cristine: would you still love me if my skin galled of? Me: would you be alive?

    5. The_Blue_Wolf

      I just click on the video and a game app showed up...it was a nail art game...uhm cool ...

    6. Lianna Chabrier

      I was drinking my tea when I was watching this

    7. Inga H.

      I think it's always like that with straight couples. The guy is into the girl's appearance first and then gets to know her awesome personality, while the girl always judges the guy's personality first and just kind of gets used to his looks

    8. tropical team

      You should use a peel of face mask and stuff for you body self care on you nails

    9. Sabrina Mitchell

      Ur not alone Christine when I was a teen my skin was perfectly clear and nice but now at 25 I get acne and blackheads way more

    10. Abigail Thimothy

      Does anyone know where Beyyyyn works?

    11. Sierra Luchmun

      These two bounce off each other so perfectly.

    12. bernadette rodriguez

      Noooooooooooo why did you not do that other peel off face mask with the unicorn on it

    13. Nexus Vast

      15:41 “a one out of sturrr” i hate myself bc of how much I laughed at that.

    14. Jade jade

      Bet everyone regrets those “nail art” comments now.

    15. your worst nightmare

      *you have small lips* -*Ben*

    16. Chizzy Wizzy


    17. Royale High

      Anyone Here on January 25th 2020?😂😂😂

    18. brat682

      Cristine, if you ever wonder if Ben loves you, all you need to do is watch this video and your drag queen video for proof. So cute. 💜💚💙💛

    19. goldonshine

      You should make holo clothes like socks maybe

    20. Chloe Koons

      Cristine, you’re supposed to kind of massage the sheet mask on your face so that it stays on

    21. Lizzy- -chan

      Simply is waiting for her next tea

    22. bambikittybambi bamboo

      At 1:52 it sounds likes zyler is meowing

    23. Tatum Hontz

      Ahhhh I can’t take it my stomach hurts 😂

    24. Bonnie Ford

      How many cat 🐱 clocks ⏰ does she have ?

    25. roach girl

      ben is actually so funny lmao

    26. Cristea

      hi zyler😻😻😻

    27. lizardpeoplepoetry

      ben shouldn't be afraid to love cristine without skin, because if you're missing ALL your skin, you ain't got long to be loved lol

    28. Ella Miller

      Me getting made fun of “tHaNk YoU”

    29. Lea Davies

      I bot to face masks and the one claiming to be holo was not and the one claiming to be silver was holo

    30. Kayleigh k

      Christine: you’ve never been under the covers??? Me: THATS WHAT SHE SAID (Kill me know Lol)

    31. Psych RN

      I wanna know where Cristine got her earrings.

      1. Psych RN

        Nevermind found it.

    32. Jaclyn LaRoche

      I remember the commercial, Ben!

    33. Chøsen Machi

      this video was created on June 15, 2019 B.H.T *Before Holo Taco*

    34. Hope W

      I’m screaming, when Ben said “extra serum!” *insert waterfall* just the panic of it spilling everywhere 💀

    35. crazy ferret lady

      #simplyrelateable yup, in my late 30s now and my skin is actually worse than when I was a teen, it's ridiculous! The oil, the spots, the dryness, urgh......

    36. Arty Muffin 10

      I’m British and your British accent doesn’t offend me maybe I just can’t get offended easily I don’t know

    37. Arty Muffin 10

      👁 👁 👃 👄

    38. Kaelyn Doherty

      Simply second count of not talking: 4

    39. Emma Lindsey


    40. SunnyBoo

      I died when ben went "wAAAAAAAA-" while wearing the holo mask xD

    41. Wawaa

      Admit it we love the voice of 1:01

    42. Aria Gachea


    43. Grace Huffman

      I’ve always wondered why her videos get disliked

    44. Leviathan Lamothe


    45. Demon Pigeon

      I watched this while wearing a holo facemask

    46. Elena IllyDragonfly

      My sensitive skin would fall off with all those face masks. XD My skincare has 7-9 steps at morning and evening, every single day... not relaxing at all XD But sometimes I -torture- I mean I make my boyfriend wear face masks because it's funny. But that lucky smartass has a flawsess skin, he just needs some hydration and to avoid alcohol on his face (like aftershave) because it just dries it more. How men can put basically perfum on their freshly shaved face, OUCH!!!! Good self care for us is reading a book in the same room in silence and petting our pets with a good cup of tea. That's it, heaven! XD

    47. Merbear 25

      Cristine you should do another vid of trying things for your cats

    48. holo itsme


    49. Madi Overton

      Simply: Acid? I like acid. Me: Same, simply, same.

    50. Charlotte Freeman

      “I’m all wet can I come in?” - Beynnnnnn 2019

    51. Lily Xoxo

      I am all wet you can come in Me:😂wtf

    52. Weeabo Gatcha

      Ben: what happened to the taxe money Cristine: walks in with a fuck lode of face maskes

    53. Oxiclea N

      Packaging: I dew care “Gets ptsd from the nail polish remover cream

    54. Luca Beard

      Did you know you're not a frog?

    55. Antaya Fairless

      I love how when she was showing her US-new pants and holo slippers Ben had to talk to her like a dad haha

    56. Emma Linde

      1:19 Ben looks like he has regrets drinking the juice 😂

    57. Angela Pamula

      To much tea

    58. Bri's Vlogs

      Me: sees zyler My brain: chonky

    59. Annimon

      "I'm giving it a 1 out of star" 😂😂😂

    60. Kay's Macaroons

      10:36 It's drippin' love love, droppin drippin love~ (Only the real ones know what I'm talking about)

    61. Ixzy

      *What about I Dew-N’t care?*

    62. Juliette Froment

      1:01 she looks like shes about too sneeze!!!

    63. Jacqueline Green

      @11:37 had me cryyying laughing 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Jennifer Coffman

      You should do a vidio where you recreate a nail peely but beyyyyyn tries to recreate it

    65. Rachael Ruder

      stress is why 100%


      Bad Beyyyyyn Joke : 13:49

    67. Ariane Chouinard

      My bf and I are so much like Ben and cristine that it became an inside joke between us 😂 I always get him to stop stupid things like that with me (face masks and self care), he’s exasperated in front of my (way to big for what I actually use) nail polish and makeup collection (and he started jokingly say he’s gonna build me a shelf like cristine, which I am taking way too seriously!) and he laughs every time I’m in awe of holo things 😂 he says my Christmas gift will be just a bunch of holo paper (which I’m definitely not mad about 😏) I’m definitely an introvert like cristine, although I can look “extrovert” when I’m with the people I’m comfortable with (which is just a handful really 😆 including my bf) Also, we don’t really fight, every once in a while we have an argument about something dumb like I imagine these two are 😂 and we both love tea!! Anyway, I just thought it was funny 😂

    68. rosebud100623

      There's a wedding planning app that plays on US-new. I always seem to see it on Simply's videos.

    69. Emu

      Beyn: "I feel like it doesn't take much to impress me. You know? Like 'oh yeah! I feel a little moisturized!' " Christine: "I feel like that's me in relationships." Beyn's Brain: "You feel a little moisturized???" Christine: "It doesn't take much to impress me." Beyn: "OH!.... Oh!?"

    70. emo elmo

      i actually have a holo face mask tho. it's just a charcoal mask with a LOT of holo glitter in it but it is the WORST face mask to use EVER. it took forever to dry and is extremely painful to take off. more than normal masks.