Test-Driving My Restored Dream Car Ended In DISASTER (NOT MY FAULT)



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    After restoring my dream car, my old 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, we decided to drive it to the start of the Dustball Rally - 700 miles away from our starting point in Dallas. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go as planned.
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    Published on 3 days ago



      Hey Freddy, (This is Zlatko lol) It was a pleasure rallying with you guys. That Tire was a pain in the butt to find! My co-driver John and one of the Dustball photographers (Jerry) drove to about 4 different tire shops with none of them having anything in stock. The Tire shop in Santa Fe only had one left, not even a pair to match, so we snatched it up right then and there to make sure you guys could stay in the game!

      1. MrEuropeanTv

        Svaka cast brate. Much love ❤️

      2. LEGIO XIII

        @Andrej Vesel Pozdrav brate!😁

      3. Andrej Vesel

        Pozdrav iz Slovenije Zlatko! :D

      4. F1LIP

        @LEGIO XIII Wow, nmg vjv da si bio u njegovom videu

    2. bernardthefourth

      Metal stems always.

    3. mikeeyyss

      Michael Reeves... Classic...

    4. Donis GamingPortal

      Freddy: "The tire rubs a little bit, On Jared's sit." Jared: "The tools are on my side" Fready: "Yea well go with that." LMFAO

    5. Brent Conley

      Guys its been way too long since we heard anything, I hope it went well.

    6. Hehe!

      Cool car I guess, get some money and fix it up properly.

    7. KÖR BA

      Makes me sad panda :(

    8. K5 Guy

      Blown tire = DISASTER... i was hoping it was actually a disaster like a destroyed wheel bearing or broken suspension arm.

    9. Carlos Reyes

      At the beginning of the video I was like, Freddie you forgot to tighten the bolts again... it's like the universe wants to see this car apart.... I will say tho, I love the car, I joined this channel because of this car and it looks nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

    10. Vovve

      Friendly reminder, always retighten your wheels ;)


      😂😂 Did you forget to check the lug nuts on you car again? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    12. adam chapman

      I had a vr 4 and I was always putting money in to it. Now I drive a 99 prelude with h22a turbo and love it.

    13. SupraWes

      "A salad is not eating" I was putting salad in my mouth at that exact moment :-(

    14. Mo Go

      Did you change the other 3 valve stems? Nothing like some insurance.

    15. Silly Bands

      i just watched your video of you moving to florida because i wanna move from jersey lol, do you still live there? also how is the car seen out there because i have a eclipse and i love car meets

    16. Nathan Jackson

      that driveshaft....eeeehhh

    17. Danilo

      Greetings for Zlatko .... Imam osjecaj da je sa balkana 😁

      1. LEGIO XIII

        E jesam, u pravu si Ahahahaha...

    18. BUG

      So you needed help from a guy to change the wheel to the spare? That's pathetic.

    19. yamahonkawazuki

      since i am an amputee, i might try that ceramic coating stuff on my powerchair. that pig is a dust magnet lol. price really isnt that bad. but it will have to wait a bit. anyhoo regardless of the issues you have my friend. i enjoy your channel.

    20. Daniel Willis

      "A salad is not eating".. I did laugh at that. Great work as usual. Great car. I would love to do that sort of thing (we don't really have 3000 miles in one direction to drive here in the UK... maybe half that).

    21. EBay Jimmy Oakes

      First the lambo now this. I’m seeing a recurring problem with you

    22. IdealSound & Performance

      3000GT VR4 used to be my fave / dream .. then I got a MK2 Supra .. got much more open to cars after that.. still would love one of these..but with popup lights yo.

    23. SketchyDJM

      The 3000 is looking beautiful.

    24. Bucks RC World

      i know people hate stickers, but this car looks good all decaled up!

    25. James Maroon

      A full floating drive shaft.....LOL

    26. noAIMnoSKILLnoKILL

      "look at that thing" Dude it's called a DeTomaso Pantera

    27. ScottyToGo

      Yummm a little suede taco

    28. Xander C

      late 80's..... car , really .....

    29. Austin s

      Please fix everything wrong with this car soon. I had a opportunity to buy one for $900 that hit a deer. It drove perfectly but I didn’t wanna go trough the trouble of doing body work on the front fender and door. Been kicking my ass

    30. Ching Chong Paddelwong

      I am thinking of restoring a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000gt that has been sitting in a ditch for 8 years should i go for it??

    31. south9563

      How you going to put a 500 dollar exhaust sytem and upgraded intercoolers but jb weld an oil pan and not change those u joints and carrier bearings lol love your priorities bro!

    32. Michael Saucier

      Not changing the valve stem is such a rookie mistake, I'd be pissed at the installers. Always loved the VR-4. To think this was from a company that makes nothing even remotely sporty now.

    33. FRESHPRINCE505

      Santa Fe New Mexico I live up here waste of time

    34. Brent Conley

      So pumped for the next Video!!! I Really want to know what happened!!!

    35. Reggie Reginato

      They could have changed the tire valve - occasionally there are bad batches of them....In fact, it happened to my previous car (had 4 from a bad batch installed). I caught one before it let go and had it changed. Another other popped while I was driving it wreaking the tire, and had the rest changed to play it safe. It's frustrating.

    36. KevTech Source

      Same type of concept stuff that sell at staples called liquid armor for glass phones

    37. Handy Man

      BootLicking commercial.

    38. e man

      Dude! Yes! Adversity makes for a memorable rally! Can’t wait to see more! 👍🏾👍🏾💯

    39. Creazioni di Realta

      That's what they all say....

    40. Sat S

      You nearly did this to the lambo....

    41. Damien Hobbs

      At 11:30 the slow mo on the balanced tire the rim looks bent. Might be a vibration there too.

    42. Austin MacLellan

      So let me get this straight, you couldn't do anything until a good samaritan stopped and put your spare tire on for you??? Niether one of you know how to change a tire and you run a car channel............😐???

    43. Budget Tech

      whers the kids youtube? lol no shoutout

    44. peacesjp

      You stop in Santa Fe home of some of the best places to eat in the USA and you have Taco Bell that’s just wrong :(

    45. Erick Garcia

      That car will not survive in Puerto Rico, we really have bad streets and roads 😂

    46. peacesjp

      I’m in New Mexico if you need help

    47. Ted Hosmer

      20 yr old spare lasts longer than Michelin pilot sport 4s

    48. tyler238

      2000 miles my ass😂😂💀

    49. The Not Dumb Podcast

      Het Freddy, whats the song at 7:18?

      1. The Not Dumb Podcast

        It's not in the description

    50. tommyfyeah

      cool rotas....

      1. tommyfyeah

        DMd you on instagram

      2. tommyfyeah

        @Tavarish ok i havent followed this but lets do it. adams open house this weekend ill be down in the GTST lets run

      3. Tavarish

        Let's do it

    51. tommyfyeah

      race me

    52. kMizo whats

      Can't do it anymore! Between the sponsor part of the video and all the F-ing commercials! Come on Freddy!

    53. Marc A. W.

      Unbelievable. Tyres like this and a rubber valve/outlet... What kind of firms are doing work like this? How can you ignore things like this, basic safety equipment? In German metal valves are mandatory for tires with a speed index like your ones.

    54. Barry Schorel

      When you have to put, not my fault, in the video title. It's probably your own fault.

    55. JOE

      @Tavarish -it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up some emergency valve stems that install from the outside for the car tool kit,shop etc. You can find them on Amazon from a well respected & reviewed source. They flat out work. Not a common problem,so catching a leak early is important,for obvious reasons..save the tire,complete the trip.

    56. Average joe PT

      Fred dont mess up my dream car.

    57. Ven Cz

      VR-4 are so damn underrated and sexy

    58. Sammy Nichols

      I was driving through a grocery parking lot and my tire rides broke. My wheel came completely off. I slides across the parking lot. It was scary.

    59. Ian R

      #DDE strikes again. DDE Touches car. Car proceeds to cease working.

    60. M W S

      When I started driving I always wanted one I thought of the 3000GT as a poor man's Ferrari for people who didn't know they might think it was a Ferrari.

    61. M W S

      When I started driving I always wanted one I thought of the 3000GT as a poor man's Ferrari for people who didn't know they might think it was a Ferrari.

    62. Tyler Stafford

      Oh the irony of mismatching the tires 😂😂

    63. M W S

      Unless the tire is stock size, I will take one of the rear tires off put the donut on the rear of the vehicle and put the rear stock sized tire up front. You should have put some POR-15 on that corrosion. The stuff is like liquid powder coating. Pretty Bulletproof and it will slow down if not stop the rust. Just remember to cover bare skin or you will be wearing it for days.

    64. Christopher 1995

      hi in from NJ need to ask u a few things please reply back god bless brother

    65. Joshie Doom

      Replacing carrier bearings and maintaining drivability is key. All show no go isn't the way to go through life. it's one thing zoomers and millennials have to realize in the car scene. Still an amazing car though. Reminds me of a ws6.

    66. Shabazzabayomi

      Let's you know that their are good people in the world.

    67. Alex Mendez

      Every car the same car happens lol

    68. 2fast4all

      So its like a RK road trip for modern cars.

    69. TRSHxHobo EmeFan

      someones watching michael reeves, i see

    70. Rick Harris

      After that intro, I feel really bad watching him ceramic coat the whole car. :(