Teen Vs. Adult: Breakup Survival Kits



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    "It's about making the dirty beautiful"
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    Avalon Warren

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Alaïa Audrey.

      The worst time to have a breakup is when you start your period

    2. Pand a

      “Chicken nuggets and tequila”

    3. Hextien hilden

      If i had a brake up i need .icecream .chary pepsi .a bead to sleep on .suffanimel to cry to

    4. Mal

      wow if Avalon and Tom Holland had children they would be so cute and beautiful

    5. Kieran Eizabeth

      here’s what i would put in a kit: face mask all your fav candy a nice comfy hoodie slippers fuzzy socks candle my netflix password

    6. Anvi Gupta

      I don’t need a kit.... I don’t date

    7. Mia Fox

      Avalon sounds like Rosanna from Nerdy Nummies

    8. Ciaran Gold

      Her voice is going through my head

    9. Isabella Salamey

      Jay Kubz Scout-Walking Dead: I need to protect Clem at all cost Me: I need to protect Avalon! God she so cute and her voice i just adorabal! Break Up KIt Chocolate Pj's Blanket Postmates Movies Makeup Starbucks Face masks Ice cream Computer (so I can binge watch shane dawson) lol Best Friend Best Guy Friend

    10. Erin Gilmour

      God Just me or is Avalon just perfect ya know

    11. chim chim

      My break up kit Candy Chocolate Icecream Tacos Water Face mask Gym card Binge watch kdrama Listen to bts 24/7

    12. no ani

      the teen looks 40

    13. Your Mom

      Comment Section 90% = Avalon 10% = What's going on in the video

    14. Norman Freeman

      Avalonns sounds like the female version of mickeyyyyy!!!! I LOVE HER💔😥❤

    15. Zarith Sophia

      My own breakup kit is: Face and hair mask Huge pillow Striking clothes Chocolate Buffet cuppon😂😂

    16. Malak Khaled

      Avalon sounds weird really weird and annoying

    17. Ella Potvin

      Avalon needs to be a Disney Princess and voice her 🥰❤️

    18. Tanner Testamayse

      Avalon so cute

    19. Amanda Sierra

      I can’t tell if Avalon is just putting on a fake voice but if she isn’t then omg I absolutely adore her. I could listen to her forever! She needs to be a Disney princess ASAP

    20. Pretty Nici

      I loooooove Avalon!

    21. Lia Zo

      I love Avalon’s voice

    22. poppy pop pop

      avalon sounds and looks like myrna morgenstein in Rhoda

    23. Sally Raheem

      I love the teenager so much

    24. Alexandra Ball

      Oh she's so CUTE

    25. Ivy Maki

      Somehow jazz rocks a black lip without it looking werid

    26. Syd The Kid

      No one: Avalon: the boy I’m currently dating loves poo puri!!

    27. Boba Popss719

      My version of a break up kit: • 6 pack of beer • Sushi • A pack of cigarettes • Milky way bars • Cute diary • Disney DVD • A picture of my celebrity crush • Candles • DIY kit of some sort • headphones • A good book 😊

    28. Boba Popss719

      Avalon is just so cute!!

    29. Anhelic101 Angel

      Avalon is so precious °^° does anyone know her insta..?

    30. Victoria Burton

      Where did ava get her outfit

    31. Gaming Uni!

      Chicken nuggets and tequila I am dead xD

    32. Aizawa

      Bruh send me one plz, i got dumped yesterday

    33. Ciara Boone

      The teen voice is so freaking cute

    34. Zoeys Zone

      *i’d definitely need flamin’ hot Cheetos*

    35. ïtšÿûrgûrłpûppï 12 ・w・


    36. whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do

      I love😍 Avalons voice SO MUCH!!!

    37. Put Gerard back

      omg I love avalons voice

    38. Berra Atasoy

      Whats wrong with her voice

    39. Keagan Davis

      i would love to find Avalon in target

    40. malaina belle

      i actually love avalon. like she is the best.

    41. Aimee Landry

      3:09 When Avalon said “NO!” to the lady on the intercom I died 😂😂😂

    42. anexce brown

      Avalon sounds so cute.

    43. yoshida y

      Avalon looks the same age as Jassmyne, cuz Avalon make-up makes her look a lot older. But her voice is super cuteeee

    44. Maren


    45. Allison Sue

      Omg her voice is so high😭😭😂😂

    46. Morganized Morganizer

      I feel a lot of *_third wheel energy_* from Avalon

    47. Nadia Yang

      2:35 “this makes me think of the boy that I’m dating, he loves poopery.

    48. alivia xx

      Avalon is such a sweet little fairy I love her oh my god

    49. Kristen Hall

      Avalon is so wholesome, it makes me smile

    50. 12345 _g_b

      My breakup kit 1. Get a boyfriend to break up with

    51. Joana Gu

      The girls voice is like rossana pansino and the laugh just like herr😂😂😂

    52. Jessica Lawrence

      I lovvvvve her voice

    53. The Real Water Sheep

      Okay Avalon is actually adorable

    54. Farida Al sukkary

      Avolan has a very cute voice that sounds like Elmo

    55. Piper Hughes

      Why does she remind me of Rosanna pansino😂

    56. Team Unicorn

      Avalon reminds me of Rosanna Pansinno

    57. Alicya Roy

      Avalon voice is so cute

    58. Saniya Marie

      Avalon is adorable 😊😊

    59. Wolfie Playz

      “And then take that coffe and BOOM!!!” Lol that me favorite part

    60. Mimi ladies

      Avalon is so cute!

    61. lil asian boi

      if avalon ever goes through a goth phase... KILL ME.

    62. Morgan Andersen


    63. Bubble Galaxy

      Y is Avalon's voice soOoOo cute ❤

    64. Youth Army

      How old is avalon

    65. Billie eilish Stan

      Avalon kinda sounds like Rosanna pansino

    66. A c

      Avalon reminds me of rosanne from nerdy yummys

    67. 25k subscribers within 35 days challenge

      Avalon is sooooooooo cute🌈 She's the daughter of a unicorn and a Disney princess🌈💗

    68. xGachabee X

      Omfg her voice is so adorable 😭

    69. Drunk Sisters

      Avalon is too cute! I can’t...

    70. Cate52

      For her age Avalon is tooooo wholesome for this world lol