Target Holiday | Cyber Monday Doorbusters



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    Shop this Cyber Monday for huge savings. We've got hundreds of Doorbusters on TVs, toys, and so much more. Starting Sunday.
    Sam Smith ‘I Feel Love’ Listen now

    Published on 6 days ago


    1. GingaN1nja_

      As a Target worker who hears this song about 4 times a shift, clicking this video triggered multiple convulsing spasms, and a fiery desire to expel vomit. No stars, would not recommend

    2. Matthew

      I know what you’re all thinking and the answer is: Bots

    3. Jeremy Fell

      Came here for Big Bang Theory clips, got sucked in to Target ads.... Btw, what da hell is that lil guy with a wheel for a body??!?

    4. A.I. Privilege

      I love me some Target, but trending page?

    5. Kany

      Target paying youtube to get on the trending page

    6. Cee Cee

      Please tell me that you all realize that this song is original to the GREAT Donna Summers?! #icon

    7. Captain Chlamidia

      Oh man I cant wait for these deals.

    8. Mo K

      How do you get 17 million views and only 10k likes and 600 comments. Seems like a bunch of bots to me😂

    9. Tramaine Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." -Niccolo Machiavelli TERRANCE OUT

    10. Tyler Rathbun

      Why is this on trending?

    11. Bay Area sports fan

      Trending with only 600 comments?

    12. ItsM3Mariska

      Wow great job

    13. Brian Roman

      I lowkey love this add

    14. Lucas Martin

      Why is this on trending?

    15. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      💓 unbelievable 💓

    16. 100k subs without any videos

      No one: Literally no one: US-new: lets get this trending

    17. Hafiz


    18. Hafiz


    19. Hafiz


    20. Hafiz


    21. mohammed abdo TelOo

      The question is how this video reach 17 M and why still treding ?!!!

    22. Caleb H

      It’s Tuesday, why is this still trending

    23. Frank Castle

      Targets still exist?

    24. Surgeon Of Death

      How much target paid for this to get so many views?

    25. PandaVault

      No one cares

    26. Raistlin Majere

      trending tab= Paid promotions tab

    27. here for the tea


    28. Sam Shane

      I work at target and the song playing in the background literally plays a million times a day.

      1. Poop Poo

        God, I'm so sorry

    29. Handstand Fam

      Can anyone please explain to me why this video has 17 MILLION VIEWS?

      1. here for the tea

        Handstand Fam and only 576 comments???

    30. Lord Primus


    31. NukeDukem 614

      Trending tho

    32. Spc000 000

      TRENDING ????? I thought my brain was acting stupid again no it really is TRENDING ....for what

    33. Croatian_Sensation

      Having this same song play every 2 hours was such a genius idea :) i think we should make it play every 30 min instead :)) Everyone loves this song so much :))) I simply can't get enough of it :))))

    34. Ji Hu

      It’s trending because Sam Smith new song ?

    35. Q.H.S

      I feel love

    36. Sabrina G

      Why is an ad on trending

    37. 27johnrick

      This ad got 15M views!?!

    38. Myname Jeff

      Why is an ad trending.

    39. Francisca Mesones

      Me imagino como se deben de reír cuando leen los comentarios que les pongo.pues no hay otra solución ustedes nos ignoran en la manera que no ponen los capítulos que uno quiere mirar.mesones

    40. elena rocha

      Wow 😲

    41. ninjarafal

      Who wants to buy some views?

    42. Soccer Boss2323

      Guys my girlfriend broke up with me she was perfect and awesome. She is the best what should I do. I’m 14. Edit. She was cheating on me with another guy. 🥵😓😰 I’m crying so hard rn

      1. Thinkofsomething

        Move on and get the cyber Monday deals only at target

    43. Christopher N

      I was going to buy some stuff today but when I looked in my app my gift card was gone!

    44. Nate Higgers

      *comes to find out why this is on trending* *leaves still wondering*

    45. Random Person

      When US-new Algorithms are so broken, a 15 second ad got on trending

      1. Bay Area sports fan


      2. Lord Primus

        How much money would I have to pay you to fart in your mouth?

      3. itsDinkd

        An ad is still a youtube video. This ad/video has 16m views. Its trending due to target paying out the ass

    46. Death Dealer

      Wind through trees

    47. Adoring Fan

      I work at target and I’ve counted. They play this song 12 times in the span of 6 hours. Ridiculous.

    48. bodom11716

      How does this have 14 mil views with only 500 comments...

    49. Kaitlyn Rossman


    50. Ellie Evans

      I love how I first heard I feel love by Sam Smith at Target a couple weeks ago and now it's even in this ad. The video is so short I didn't even notice where that song got stuck in my head at first 😂

    51. Stevie Chong

      No link in the description box tho?

    52. liz

      i fuckin work at target now i gotta see em on the trending page too?

    53. badbitch 1

      I be going thru stuff with my family, and when I speak on the situations, nobody believes me when I be telling the truth 1000 percent. I get it now. Cause I can't tell who's lying and whose being honest.

    54. Katie

      Why is this on trending.. and has 13 million views.

    55. Wayne Szalinski

      You can't punch a six year old in the face on cyber Monday.

    56. Brian W

      howis online a "door buster" there is no door?? morons... just stupid.. glad i have not shopped at Target for years, just such a loss on how the world works.

    57. Mike Sather

      Umarex hammer

    58. Nelson

    59. Joseph Voto


    60. Yoububer

      Is my last post fire

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    62. freshdirty27

      Target needs to bring back the “crazy target lady” her commercials made me want to shop at target...stupid market move on the Target 🎯 higher up.. good job idiots 👍🏼

    63. AJ L

      Conspiracy Theory 2019: How does an ad get on US-new trending?

      1. Lord Primus

        They fart in US-new corporates Mouths

    64. WKZ On Tech

      Door busters means it’s at the door not online... Cyber Monday is online.

    65. Ambrose Opara

      Eze bongo...foriegner

    66. Jesse Miller


    67. Gerald Childs

      Target SUCKS.

    68. Retail Store


    69. bleach

      The song is the reason this ad is trending