Switches are Clicky; Here's Why

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    Click clack I was taken aback. Wonderin’ ‘bout those switches of light, yeah.
    Let’s find out what the point is of all that clacking, shall we?
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Brown Zheng

      I lost it at "1500 watts, infact"

    2. Sean O'Brien

      You should here the click when every light at the station is turned on or off for a turnout

    3. rtyzxc

      Still, there is a switch inside a relay, so the contacts will eventually wear out. Is there any mechanism to make a switch without any arcing? Also, when I played airsoft, the big problem was wearing out trigger contacts, and the magic solution for that was a mosfet circuit. How do those work?

    4. GTA MODS 4 FREE

      me:why youtube is red youtube:yes

    5. sn0w music

      2:40 so maybe my outlets aren't broken but my charger for my mac doesn't have an on/off switch, what am i supposed to do?

    6. David Ray

      New argument: "Why can't you use a light switch like a normal person?!" 😂

    7. Mortus Evil

      I hate plugs in America. In Australia, our plugs have switches on them. American plugs are just always on.

    8. McCaroni Sup

      But what do I do about the joycon drift?

    9. Heccing Chloe

      my light switch doesn't click.

    10. Ollie Rowan

      we have one of the old light switches that you mentioned in our dining room. it only has one light attached to it. I’ve never really liked it that much and now I know why it is so much different than the rest of the light switches in our house

    11. C137

      Thank you for spreading information , i discovered your channel from the heater and aircon .

    12. SkyWolfAlpha

      Ok, so after watching this I had to go around my place clicking all the light switches. They're very disappointing. Not only do they not click (they do indeed thud), but if I do it slow enough, I can hear it arcing. They're old, but also probably cheap and not likely replaced in a least several... decades? They're that super attractive tan-yellow color. On white walls. Somehow they found one that LOOKS as old as the others, but it has 2 USB plugs in it.

    13. Eric Codecire

      I had a lamp for a while that, if you got the switch in the perfect place between on and off, it would shine very dimly. It always felt like it was bad for it, but I could never come up with a good reason why, so I kept doing it for fun.

    14. George Lukas Silva Gomes

      switch is a small device that transfers data packets between multiple network devices such as computers, routers, servers or other switches. ooor that thing in bdsm

    15. Brendan Siemers

      no mention of mercury switches smh

    16. ooglek

      I purchased an Intertek YLPT-94 power strip at Home Depot in late March 2019. The switch on the power strip made a nice click when turning from off to on. But when turning from on to off, a small amount of pressure would separate the contacts, just like the "bad" switch in the video. I could see the arcing through the red clear switch material with barely any pressure! I'm shocked (bad pun) that companies can sell switches that are unsafe and a potential fire hazard, in the US or anywhere. This is the last time I'm going to cheap out on electrical devices of any sort. This one is going in the trash. Why are uncertified electronics legal to sell? Low standards are likely causing humans harm or death.

    17. The Purple Ender Eye

      1:55 made me jump

    18. Marco g

      Simple sound design

    19. Robert Craighead

      I like the quite switches.

    20. lonelyPorterCH

      well, now I know^^

    21. WyrGuy2

      As my father always called them (an Old Skool Electrician) and what I was taught in apprenticeship training (~45 yrs ago! 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️🥴) is that the spring loaded ‘clicky’ switches were always referred to as ‘SNAP SWITCHES’ for the exact reason you explained, they snap open, they snap closed. The ‘silent’ switches (used in high end houses etc) were the mercury bulb type like the bi-metal mercury bulb thermostats...

    22. toot

      "...but that's beyond the scope of this video" I never thought I'd hear those words on any of your videos.

    23. Christopher Smyth

      I've always wondered why our traditional switches make a dull thud, but the ones in the basement make a loud snap.

    24. Retroscape Gaming

      1:47 Professional Driver, Do not attempt. LOL

    25. kadmow

      lol. show me a mechanical switch that doesn't need debouncing when used in any (Ok pretty much all) digital applications. Debounce only takes one line of code in its simplest form. (just write in a pause before its position is checked again.) Funny I come across this video as I was working on (thought experiment) a simple, fail safe switching mechanism to break extremely high current circuits (hundreds to thousand(s) of amps at 500-1000V DC) - to make it work best takes a really quick spring (and possible a resistive ramp, coupled with a hefty flyback diode..

    26. Suraj Jain

      nice informative video..

    27. Boom

      Ultimate satisfaction

    28. eyeball226

      Appreciate the shoutout to our ridiculously safe UK power sockets!

    29. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

      Tactile feedback is something too overlooked nowadays.

    30. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

      Great to watch a video on clicky switches while repairing a clocky switch. To go more into detail: The one on a flashlight that is basically like the one on a ballpen. One of the sheetmetal contacts broke off due to a cheap plastic housing and needed some bending to sit right again.

    31. Dark Stranger

      Why do American light switches switch UP for on DOWN for off? Yet device switches are opposite?

    32. chow

      Who else thought this guy was Captain disillusion without the facepaint?

    33. Anadia Shark

      I hate how many British people tell me off for clicking the switched and been told by some i should use 2 fingers, one on each side to close it slowly.

    34. im1who84u

      I remember back in the sixties there was a type of wall switch that was called a "mercury switch" and it worked completely silent. It had a small glass bulb in it kinda shaped like a tic tac. On one side were the wires that needed to be connected to turn the light on. On the other end, was nothing. Also in the bulb was a blob of free floating mercury. The tic tac was able to be rocked or slanted so that the mercury would either be connecting the wires or on the other end not connecting the wires. I wonder if that system arced. I don't even see those sorts of wall switches for sale anymore. There's probably a good reason for that. Here's a photo of one I found on Google. www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1242&bih=568&ei=NaVcXaSaBuLn_QahhKi4Cg&q=mercury+wall+light+switch&oq=mercury+wall+light+switch&gs_l=img.3...2641.13172..13977...2.0..0.92.2075.28......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0j0i5i30j0i8i30j0i24.7pickB9HXsM&ved=0ahUKEwjkiPa-7pLkAhXic98KHSECCqcQ4dUDCAU&uact=5#imgrc=jt7abAmEXuUC0M:

      1. Nathan Shriver

        Those were usually used as tilt switches.

    35. Luke Henry


    36. Joseph Weimer

      No one: Absolutely NO one: Like REALLY, no one: This guy: Why are switches clicky? Here's why.

      1. A Doggie Boi

        Joseph Weimer lol

    37. AnDreIceCold

      Question: Isnt vacuum perfect insulation?

    38. sparkb

      Nice wiring on that outlet

    39. Noah Sprinkle

      Every time one of your videos pops up in my feed it's something I never knew I needed to know but it's always enjoyable. You do good work, man.

    40. Teresa Ellis

      I never knew light switches could be an interesting topic to talk about. Cool. :) And my son now knows why he managed to fry a hair dryer switch, and I know how the hair dryer broke. :P

    41. MalcolmCooks

      thanks for acknowledging the superior safety of british plugs

    42. Michael William Dale Francis

      “(Switches click) because you’ve been lied to” Had to contort your narrative pretty heavily to justify that click-bait, didn’t you? The video was great, otherwise.

    43. A B


    44. Andrei Maria

      4:13 "Everything conducts electricity when you try hard enough"

    45. Ramon Palacio

      Why are American (and English I think) switches so different from the European ones? That's a question I always ask myself whenever I watch an American program...

    46. hafy day

      *Specimen* and *sparks*

    47. Bradley Whais

      A perfect vacuum is a perfect insulator.

    48. DragonWolf5589

      I like how you says "very a a fe" and show a UK plug.. One thing I find interesting is USA is 110volts UK is 230-250volts lol and heaters here use 3000 Watts not 1500.. There's been few tins I switch something off at the wall and the socket sparks as I forgot to turn it off on the actual device. So even a switch has big sparks as when you plugged out the heater.. Except when you pull a plug you pull away.. When the switch sparks your hand is a till on the switch and BAM you get shocked

    49. MC_Matze

      why did it have to be fortnite on the switch? why

    50. Michael Moorhouse

      Some of the first light switches used Mercury and wires dangling in them as the contact 'switch', circa 1880. As Swan (UK) and Edison (USA) had invented the light bulb but no switches - how to control them? When Lord Armstrong wired his house called Cragside, in Northumbria, UK* he used Hydro Electric power (DC) as the source but had to invent a light switch. His solution was to convert some vases (yes: think flowers + water) to contain mercury and have a wire that made contact into a pool of Mercury to complete the circuit. * Cragside is well, well worth a visit if you visiting the North of the UK: it is an amazing Hi-Tech Mansion by Victorian standards with all sorts of innovations such as central heating *_Wow_*, hydraulic lifts, fire alarms, electric lights etc. - Armstrong was the Elon Musk of his day being a Lawyer initially but then specialising in Hydraulics (most famous achievement: London Bridge opening mechanism, see various TV programs). Sadly the vases and light-switch-setup are not on display even as a recreation/replica; they seem lost to history. Source: www.buildingconservation.com/articles/cragside/cragside.htm and personal description of the curator in the Lounge (?) Drawing (?) Room when we got talking. Disclosure: no affiliation to Cragside or its owners The Nation Trust; a paid full price when I visited earlier this summer.

    51. The Restoration of Dr Who

      are you running out of ideas?

    52. Norman K

      Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! Switches are Clicky; Here's Why Because there's nothing out there. It's stupidity. Stupid people mingling with stupid people. Let them stupidify themselves. I've never been bothered with the need to rush out into the night. I hid in bars, because I didn't want to hide in factories. That's all. Sorry for all the millions, but I've never been lonely. I like myself. I'm the best form of entertainment I have. Let's drink more wine!

    53. ObsoletePowerCorrupts

      6:15 You're welcome. 12:15 Moves subject to "Relays".

    54. Kyosukedono

      Next week's video: water is wet, here's why! Week after: cows go moo, here's why! After that: butts go poo, here's why! And after: I can't get a normal job and have to whore myself to people on youtube and adhere to their backwards standards for half a penny, here's why! Finally: adblock makes my stomach rumble, here's why!

    55. Ryn’s Room!

      Now I feel bad for balancing the light switches between on and off as a kid

    56. P37R1X

      Your effort trying to be ElectroBoom! almost worked!

    57. Guillaume Globensky

      I used to press switches and jam them halfway with my hand to kind of dim the lights as a kid. I know now it was really dangerous haha

    58. Nons ツ

      Kids with cherry blue keyboard switches *allow me to introduce myself*

      1. Antonio Salvatore

        You rang? *clicky Clacks furiously*

    59. Rob Hoard

      The speed of the dis connect is very important.

    60. Rob Hoard

      The speed of the dis connect is very important.

    61. Rob Hoard

      A switch is under greater load dis connecting a load.

    62. TheDodgyLodger

      I had a light switch go out this weekend and now I know exactly why. This explains everything as it was about to go out and now doesn't make an audible click at all and doesn't function.

    63. dugroz

      When I was a kid there was a light switch in a storage room in our church - the switch was so "clicky" (and internally must have prevented arcing) that you could toggle it and step away for 1-2 seconds before the light would switch off. Fun was had.

    64. Marc Abbaticchio

      Would you consider doing a video about CB radios and how they work?

    65. Vince Black

      Well put together video

    66. Paul Philpott

      Superb! Hysterical meets educational. Such a seemingly simple subject totally revealed in a fantastic way.

    67. CrusherOfSkull

    68. hobbified

      1. Because there's a spring in there to provide a positive force keeping the switch in either the "on" or "off" position and not in between where it's liable to arc. 2. Because it makes people happy.

    69. 100 subs with no vid

      *a 15 min video about the sound of a switch*

    70. Disturbed Pyro

      A Switch is a flexible wooden stick your mom would........ummmmmm NO!