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    Me and Antonio Brown decided to surprise some youth, high school and college football players after their games. It was lit.
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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Your name here !

      12:21 AB (my friend) who repeated the joke Dee (me) who made the joke

    2. Mason Liles

      Is it just me or does Antonio brown look 50 in this video😂

    3. Melody Thomas

      You should come see lansing eastern and sexton play

    4. xx_thunder_xx -fan-x

      Every second: blurr blur blurrrr blur blurr

    5. Dr. Maude McGill

      In Mississippi

    6. Dr. Maude McGill

      U should come to our high school we are ranked number one in the sate

    7. gagan mand

      when is the 'ten toes down' album droppin?

    8. SpexcialGary

      Can you please come to our school to teach our kicker how to kick we lost the oia championship because our kicker missed 2 game winners and 1 for the win and it might be a vacation cause I live in Hawaii and go to Leilehua High School

    9. Declan Dela

      And they #1

    10. Declan Dela

      I went there for camp

    11. Juan Mojica

      14:44 those will be annoying ass hell in a game

    12. Michael Petteruto


    13. Will I Cube

      How do you feel about the new NCAA Rule of players allowed to be payed? Given that’s the reason you had to stop

    14. OceanShaud

      AB High AF!

    15. Jarrod Lewis

      How many people want to see Deestroying get his scholarship back since its legal to profit off your name now... Hit that like button

    16. Owen Grube

      Who’s here after the ncaa allowed players to benefit from their name😂😂rip destroying

    17. Cooking With Dave

      Go try out for tha pats they need a better kicker

    18. Jesus Tiznado

      Go to a mater dei game

    19. Alex Cabral

      Go back to ucf and get that kicking opportunity back g!!!

    20. Elizabeth Kelly

      To do it

    21. Elizabeth Kelly


    22. Elizabeth Kelly

      Tell anotiontio

    23. Elizabeth Kelly

      Tell antion brown to do it

    24. Jonathan Ferguson

      My team Saint Anthony beat acquainus in the 2016 division championship


      Chicago bears need a new kicker they take anyone good like you

    26. CaptainCookems

      Bruh my guy Deestroying made it on the news in a good way bc of the college athletes getting paid thing

    27. chronicle beast

      Deestroying go to college now!!!!😁😁😁

    28. Glitch_Heavy

      Hey you can go back to college now

    29. Mohab Galal

      Do they just made it possible in the NCAA to made money from they’re likeness or fame/US-new!!!! Edit: nvm it is happening in a couple months, but if u see this look into that maybe a college team will pick u up idk tho just saying

    30. Nubzy Rubzy

      Race Tyreek Hill

    31. RESIST_ClayHawk34

      Dee does not read comments or else he’ll heart his

    32. Mercenary 1914

      ...y0 where you at homie? Do a video on your thoughts with the new ruling on college athletes being allowed to get paid for their likeness and shit.

    33. Zechariah Ledezma

      Can you go to brady Texas

    34. JBRAD

    35. Jylen Bruington

      You are so funny

    36. Chunky Monkey

      You should try out for the patriots because of their kicker situation

    37. Socceronur 03

      NCAA screwed you over

    38. 1 THOHT Productions

      So what do you think about the NCAA finally changing its stance on student athletes being able to earn money from their likeness?

    39. Mason West

      Come visit Murrieta valley highschool in Cali. We got the #1 receiver in the nation. @taliqbrown

    40. clown moment

      destroying come to New England we need you man

    41. Adam Christmas

      NCAA is now allowing student athletes to make money off of their names. Can’t believe this affected you just a few years ago.

    42. BerZerk

      Aye go to the Louisville male football game this Friday against Manual it’s one of the longest rivalry’s in the country and is going to be super crowded

    43. ColdAmore

      Dee i know u not gonna see dis comment but dis video "nfl best fan interactions of the 2018 season" dis man wife looks exactly like ur gf no kap 1:34

    44. Faze Merchant

      Come to Tupelo Ms on Friday watch them play

    45. Samarth Vohra

      Come to Bartram Trail (14th in the state and 2nd in class 8a) vs Raines @ Bartram Trail November 1st at 7pm

    46. Ttv Bot

      7:04 I thought that little kid caught that 😂

    47. Xzavier Sanchez

      Come out to Cali palma high vs aptos at palma

    48. Streaker World

      Who else thinks deestroying should be drafted to the xfl 😂😂💙

    49. Nate. daboi

      Aye deestroying I hope you see this,so the biggest game in Ohio is Massillon vs McKinley and its one of the best rivalries in football there has been so many players that have gone to the NFL who have played in this game,this year the game is played at the pro football hall of fame and is on a Saturday it would mean a lot for you to come and be a part of this game its crazy the whole stadium is going to be filled with fans

    50. Easy Money

      Nigga post

    51. Maddox Whittaker

      do a Michael thomas be like

    52. ChaseElliot 07

      Hey man I love your videos I have been watching for about 3 years and I would love if I could come visit me soon because I need some help. I want to be a field goal kicker or a quarterback and I am a little bad and rusty and next year I am going to be in 7th grade tackle. Please come I need some help.

    53. Creamed Kern

      Yo you wanna talk about ten toes down. That catch by Williams just now in the Pack game was insane. I thought Rodgers threw the ball away. Crazy shit bro.

    54. Kiera Curry vlogs

      Destroying you make me want to grind everyday push my self to the limit pls ready I will follow in your foot steps

    55. BFC Austin

      Best kicker on the way to the league. Go follow my TikTok &austinhearn5

    56. Mustafa Kamil

      Its amazing how far you have got I remember subscribing after you came on my recommended with the wide receiver be like vid. Its so cool that now you have more than 2 mil. Your 🔥 🔥

    57. Derek Schmitz

      Hey destroying is some of your music in Spotify

    58. Israel Mendez Torres

      Detroying can you come to one of my games on Saturday let bull frogs 8-0 never scored on tx

    59. Awesome Nicky42

      You should do a Patrick Mahomes be like

    60. Matt H

      Nugent just missed a field goal that I could have made and I’m 47 years old. That being said get your resume ready and go try out for the patriots. Belichick didn’t seem pleased.

    61. Yo SlixZ

      Man doesn’t know how to say Colonel

    62. king ty

      I remember you and king Troy blood brother channel

    63. Latonya Robinson

      Play in the NFL

    64. Talon Borden

      Come play for the colts our kicker is old and he’s missing a lot every game we lost is because him


        Talon Borden bears need some big time help a good kicker would be great

      2. PhantomFreedom 28

        Or the bears GO PACK GO

    65. Isaiah Jamison

      Yo dee play for the bears

    66. Joseph Fraire

      Could you be a kicker for da bears Kicker just missed game winning field goal

    67. Jacob Matthews

      Deestroying should go to the XFL

    68. Hank Hall

      I follow you on tiktok now

    69. Joshua Woods

      Yo dee the falcons kicker sucks right now I would go try to be recognized

    70. 23 Inthapatha

      That girl keep yelling your trash annoying af