Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!

Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

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    Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Danny Duncan

      Big thanks to Chris Chann obviously for helping me all those times and thank you to everyone else who believed in me and made this video possible. Shit like this makes me very happy so I’m glad I’m able to do it ❤️ also thanks for sponsoring the video

      1. Luca Iacono

        Danny Duncan you’re a G

      2. Izcyy

        Danny Duncan thank you for making me cry man 💙 that’s sad and life’s rough💯 one day I’ll find someone to believe in me 💯✊

      3. kneega

        Every super hero got their own weakness

      4. Ajay Daugherty

        Danny Duncan you are a legend bro you made it🙂🙂🙂

    2. RocksInCats

      Guys remember, its ok to cry. I didnt cry for 6 years and the time i finally did, I felt so good after.

    3. Daniel Carson fortnite


    4. Jesus Zaragoza

      The bald dude with a beard is my co worker 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that’s freakin crazy!

    5. Plush Milk

      I dont know why but when you cried i just laughed. Maybe cause you mess around alot🤔

    6. James legendary 8ballpool

      Bro the whole video all i heard was ohhhh my pussssy😥

    7. rasky 21

      What the song at the endp

    8. Brian Dover

      This is an incredible video.

    9. yordi vallecillo

      Jesus Christ seeing you fucking cry, makes me cry. This fight here motivated me.

    10. cozyshep

      anybidy else wondering why danny got this mf chris on the casting couch?

    11. YvngBoi Snaggy

      Wow. I’m speechless 🖤💪🏽

    12. Cooper Roy

      Fuck you made me tear up

    13. Anthony Samaniego

      fuck you for making me cry man 🤧

    14. Pagrator Tersot

      Ok i was gonna make a joke at first then i watched the whole vid and decided not to. This is what true friendship is all about. And thats not a joke.

    15. Jack Graham

      I just saw a new Side to Danny...

    16. Papershredder27

      Earned my respect bro your a savage Danny

    17. Yexto

      You’re the best Danny 🖤

    18. V870 Batslayer

      Holy fuck. I never seen Danny cry

    19. 6ix9ine

      Why the fuck am I crying

    20. Android User338

      3:10 I thought he was laughing

    21. Coles Infiniti

      Damn. Thats some real ass friendship right there. Shit like that is hard to find.

    22. Vincent Bunkers

      Bro the legend u fucking rock!

    23. Georgi Gonzalez

      Danny Duncan is living proof of “Started From The Bottom Now Were Here”

    24. Skeet 22

      I felt this bro

    25. 97VobraOwner

      I found your channel during a low point - you bring me up bro - and Im not a child ( just a kid on the inside ) thanks for what you do. Cheers.

    26. Gregory Centeio

      I don't understand why this has 1k dislikes???

    27. logan Mccomb

      Danny's back story is pretty sad..

    28. Yung Luc the Sauce god

      3:19 everyone in the comments-PUSSY

    29. Suav0Time

      I thought he was laughing at first

    30. qofi

      Danny knows how lucky he is to be in the position hes in now and i love it. I know for a fact that he would be happier in a 5$ outfit and be able to do what he does now rather than be the richest person in the world and have a shit ton of money

    31. later skater


    32. A-Dizzle M-Shizzy

      Danny:cries Me:say sike right now

    33. Dank Meme Master

      has to make me cry

    34. honcho Joe

      This shit made me cry yo

    35. Ahren Mclean

      I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating

    36. Ahren Mclean

      did anyone else feel bad seeing Danny cry?

    37. BearArt

      Danny Dobrik up in here

    38. hulaf

      Bro I’m fucking crying...

    39. tom ham

      Damn this was touching

    40. Tom O'Neill

      Love you bro

    41. ap31

      Danny is a prime example of how the jokes you make, whether appropriate or inappropriate, say nothing about your true character. All the angry facebook moms need to watch this video.

    42. S.b Galaxy

      Danny is really the nicest sweetest kid..

    43. Astro-_- Khxotic

      3:02-3:21 made me cry bc I had never seen Danny cry like tht ever 😖


      Be the best you can be, we only live once!

    45. Abby

      its 10pm and im crying over this video :')

    46. ytmYeti

      How could someone ever dislike this

    47. Grace Biondo

      What song is playing at the end??

    48. EM1HUGO

      danny FUCKING duncan cries? not going to lie that hit right in the feels no joke, hell yeah Chris Chann !!!!!

    49. Sad Vibes

      Next video: buying a mansion for the guy who let me stay at his house for 4 months

      1. Ben detto

        Sad Vibes close, just paying off his rent for a whole year 😅

    50. Roberto Gomez

      Crying like a botch

    51. Majin buu

      6:50 shout out to my fellow RuneScapeers

    52. David Garcia

      I literally watched one of his videos and I never knew you knew him!! That’s crazy what the hell

    53. Drew Coggins

      Seeing Danny cry made me tear up so much Jesus... can’t wait to meet you one day man ❤️

    54. Jude Pollock

      We all love you Danny

    55. Noel Munoz

      Why do people hate danny so much like he’s doing good stuff online and there tryna take his shit down for no reason like let danny be danny

    56. gavin stosser

      I live for these moments Jesus you the man bro fuck yea

    57. Kyle

      When you get a used car for Danny Duncan, the world might not change, but for Danny Duncan the world will change.

    58. ThatOneMexican

      6:51 Chris: I can play runescape on this

    59. OG vL

      The first time I've seen someone so happy cry


      I love people who remember this sort of stuff in their life when lifes really shitty and you get something that changes your life forever

    61. schemetv


    62. GoingRare

      Broo when he cried I got almost in my tears

    63. RoNy164

      Is this the start of a casting couch movie?

    64. Tyler Williams

      2519: Awww man I can’t buy a country 2523: I love you bro!

    65. Tyler Williams

      Like if both of them should be rich and won’t have any problems and live a long and happy life

    66. VLONE EDY

      When i feel unmotivated i come here 😭

    67. Roberto Bertoletti

      That happen to me

    68. Manny 1245

      You know they made love that day

    69. M.B dwt

      When daddy cries we all cry😥

    70. Vtec49

      This guy has a big soul, for any of you kids struggling never forget Danny or the way he did it. Always remain humble, stay away from drugs and have a laugh when you can. Remember to stay in school to improve your chance of getting jobs here and there while remembering your dreams and If you're lost in college or highschool not knowing what you want to do after you finish it. Live in your soul and never in your mind, because to survive in this tough world you have to remain humble and courageous not a fake person full of ego. Always stand up and keep walking, all of it will come to you. Call it faith, hope whatever but remember to have it because it will be by your side when you feel completly anxious or alone. Go to nature go skate run whatever just don't cave in your little room till your 30's. Life is bigger than any of us might understand. Peace out