Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

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    The Crew is joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. froZn991


    2. Dankster The Wolf

      Was I the only one who noticed that first movie was all green screen?

    3. ZEN

      The swirly slap move is a martial arts style Iko practices. Pencak Silat

    4. mBlackThunder

      This is so freaking interesting, brilliant entertainment! More of this please :D

    5. Justice Warrior

      The problem is that the vault really looked like CGI because of the overdone visual effects!

    6. YourAverage Normemer

      im just confused...make them react to jackie chan stunts

    7. Clown World

      How the fuck is Niko a stuntman?

    8. Jose de J pez Figueroa

      You have to check out hardcore Henry!

    9. Thomas

      Just ruined batman for me haha

    10. Алексей Урбант

      >Hollywood stunts >Raid... Wtf guys? Don't insult this great movie with such comparisions

    11. Patrick Pari


    12. FTC Nix

      So you're stuntmen or VFX artists or what?

    13. Deno Junior

      Best stuntman jackie chan

    14. EdwinRmz45

      Please do Batman fight scene (with the bad guys/terrorist/whatever) of Batman vs Superman

    15. drjameselliott

      Wow! This is the first time I've seen this channel. What a really cool and awesome video! Bravo!

    16. Oz-

      Every jackie chan movie?

    17. gigas81

      Thats why Im not a director. Because that bank vault in Fast Five would've been an actual bank vault being dragged around and causing real property damage

    18. Tiago Lopes

      you guys should do a collaboration with red letter media about seeing stunts performance in those B movies ... it would make my day ...

    19. Hakisnubis _

      The raid is a great movie

    20. Brown Pir8

      Tony Jaa's The Protector. Stair case fight sequence.

    21. bb ww

      Do the Oldboy corridor scene plz

    22. Bruce Leckie

      Do the captain America stunts!

    23. Stirling Alexander

      same shirts on 3 dudes though... why....i hope you own more shirts...

    24. tenerife sea

      React to more of The raid 1 & 2 please!! they have a lot of better stunt scenes like that and the actors usually play all the stunts themselves🔥🔥🔥

    25. Arman Hunter

      I have but one question. Why is your tittle "stuntmen" when you only have 1? Jk I really like all three episodes of your stuntman reacts videos. Thank you.

    26. The German

      more please !


      Driving a classic car feels like a boat and much more difficult than modern cars which almost drive themselves. That’s why I find the chase in Bullitt to be superior to any of that cgi junk that the Fast and Furious have put out.

    28. Vinay Tanwar

      Me trying to enjoy the scene ... - AAAAWWWWWW

    29. Hung Giap Van

      Yo that FF vault and john wick scene are insane had no idea about it

    30. Indraneel Bhat

      Eric Linden seems to be such a cool laid-back and humble guy.......are all stuntmen this way? Respect!!! Also is Nico the guy in the John Wick "nerf" video?

    31. Alevtina Mikhailov

      Please get a bigger sofa now.


      Can you react on Jackie Chan stunt?

    33. Happy Feely

      React to the final fight in kingsman the golden circle

    34. SauBärMann

      Please react to "Revenge of the Warrior"

    35. Artwork by Christopher Cayco

      HAVE TO do the last fight in The Raid 2 (kitchen fight). They tore that shit up, so it would be fun to hear what Eric has to say about it.

    36. chris schall

      You guys should do the plame jump scene from Iron Man 3.

    37. SirSchlock

      Correction: stunt*man*

    38. Rizal Ariffin

      React to Jackie chan old movie..u will be amaze 😂

    39. Isak 1103

      Doug score ??

    40. Sidharthaa

      Can you do the corridor scene in oldboy

    41. Drunken Muppet

      Damn US-new keeps recommending me this channel. Please stop

    42. Sultanate of Sulu

      The Raid

    43. DevilBlackDeath

      Wow I still hate the Fast and Furious movies but I've got a ton of respect for those who designed that stunt now at least !

    44. Rahul Roy

      US-new · metalfacedave 0:24 The Man From Nowhere - Window Jump Nov 11, 2011 This is a great stunt, atleast I think so 😀

    45. Jorge Ocampo

      Stuntmen React to "Top 10 craziest Jackie Chan Stunts That Almost Killed Him"

    46. arya gailea

      Yup the raid is on of best movie from indonesian or not

    47. Kevin Callaway

      That was one of the best videos I have seen on youtube. Thank you.

    48. Valentin Rain

      They should review Jackie Chan's stunts

    49. Zach Sharp

      I love the stuntman react just as much as you guys with visuals. Keep up the great work.

    50. pedro sucumula

      React on MI rogue nation, the scenne where Ethan Hunt is captured, Ilsa throws him the keys but he could reach the lock so he just climbs the post. How did he do this?

    51. Toi

      Definitely right about John Wick being stunt porn. It is a beautifully made and those are some crazy stunts. Hope you guys can give feedback on that long ass fight sequence in the third chapter. Where John fights the two small guys in the glass room. There was just so much broken glasses and that whole scene was amazing.

    52. Ade Rahmat

      4:29 in the next day, every molecules on my body hurts Eta teh baal anying di sunda mah haha

    53. Adam

      You guys need a larger couch to handle all this beefcake.

    54. maestro ace

      React to hollywood And basically video start with indonesien film fight scene😂😂😂😂😂😂

    55. Ishaq Niz

      John wick stunts the stuntman

    56. mikah ong

      Please do the kingsman films

    57. Victoria Random

      Doug Demuro is the kind of guy to appear in every other random video, and for more click the description below to check my column on where I made I list of the top ten random cameos of Doug Demuro.

    58. RS1

      I was a stunt double in a bukake movie... 😐 not my best stunt.. But its a living.

    59. Josh Stamey

      The cliff to pine tree jump from the first Rambo movie is one of like to hear him break down

    60. elyjah02

      the daredevil hallway fight pls

    61. Nenjles Wibisono

      John Wick and The Raid is like a real stunt porn.. :D 🤭

    62. SeriousMrKarate

      Can you guys react Korean Action Movies The Man From Nowhere 2010 and The Company Man 2012 Confidential Assignment 2017 plz?

    63. Kosal Seak

      STUNTMAN* React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

    64. Joaquin Carrasco

      I would love to see a breakdown of the chase scene in B13 (District 13)

    65. Brady Gearheart

      Came for The Raid.

    66. king Quan

      Do the man from nowhere

    67. MYM

      Please also breakdown Atomic Blonde fights scene. Thanks

    68. MYM

      Can you please breakdown Jackie Chan scene for me?

    69. Brian Chen

      ip man 1,2 or 3

    70. Sandy

      Next time you guys do one of these clips, It'd be awesome if you do the final fight of The Man From Nowhere, but just make sure it's the Korean audio one because the English dub is horrible.